Business Exhibition, 2016 Canterbury area, Kent

[MUSIC PLAYING] EXPO 16, a business and
community exhibition targeting people in the local area. All types of business and
all types of community groups have been here. And the idea is that we
show how good we actually are in the Canterbury District Oh Yeah We invite you again
to come and join us at EXPO 16. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re Herne Bay
Coastal Community Team. We’re a relatively
new organization. And we work with Canterbury
City Council and Department for Communities and Local Government on regeneration projects. Kent Enterprise Trust helps
people into, or back into, employment through one-to-one
support and training, either at our
offices in Herne Bay or at our community
garden in Whitstable. As a family solicitor,
I spend most my time in the office seeing clients. But I also spend a lot
of my time at court. I’m also a collaborative
family lawyer, which means that we have
a shared commitment not to go to court. And we sit together
around a table, and to agree a financial
settlement that’s best for the family. [MUSIC PLAYING] I work for Kent Public
Health promoting the Kent Healthy Business Awards. It’s a nationally-accredited
program for workplace health and well-being. [TRUMPET PLAYING] It’s great to see the council
and business working together to regenerate the seaside towns. Being out here and about,
it’s nice for people to talk to us in what they
consider a safe environment. I think it’s invaluable to be
out and about in the community. [MUSIC PLAYING] So what Catch I.T. can offer is
a very, very secure professional service at a very
cost effective price. I publish lifestyle
magazines for Kent and Sussex. So we publish a magazine
called “The Index,” and we do a series of
wedding titles as well. A small group of local
businessmen got together. They were interested
in antiquity, and they set up a small
museum and reference library. So all we want to know is,
what do you in CT6 want. We want to eventually get
a committee of 10-12 people so that we can
really go to town. Excuse the pun. I’ve been talking to members. They really want to connect
with other businesses, to do business, to supply,
and also to find suppliers. So we facilitate that. We deal with anything to
do with Apple computers. Sales, service, supply,
anything and everything to do with Apple. We are based at Swalecliffe halfway
between Whitstable and Herne Bay It’s become broader
and broader, hasn’t it? Broader and broader. It’s not about exhibitions. It’s about workshops,
clay, sewing, life-drawing, creative writing, cultural
expansion in Herne Bay. One of the teams
that I work with is the Environmental
Health Team. And they’re trying to promote
awareness of food hygiene standards. I work for a range
of counseling services in Canterbury and Ashford. We have relationship counseling
for individuals and couples. My name is Sarah Ryan. I’m the Director of
Injection Development. We’ve brought with us today
a selection of fuel pumps and fueling injectors. Because we have
1,200 seat, we often get a lot of the big
West End shows coming all the way to Canterbury. Which is great, and its really
accessible for everyone. It’s GradsKent, and it’s a
graduate recruitment website. The aim is skills
retention in Kent. So we advertise
jobs for employers. We have over 7,000 graduates
registered on our site actively looking for work. Today was really good. We’ve had really good
feedback from the exhibitors and the people who have
attended as well that have seen the length and breadth
of what we’re actually doing. And people have actually got
something out of today. Businesses have been
networking with each other and creating business. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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