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  1. I used to play butterfly like all the time but in higher ranks she just get weaker and weaker and so easy to be outplayed, and once u r weak It would be tough to get strong again.

  2. I'm using frost cape instead of omniarms… what do you think?? I've done easyly a triple kill on master yesterday

  3. Bro just play solo and watch that win rate drop😂😂😂 duos still give you a chance if both of you are good

  4. Enchantments do bring some really underated jungler back to the Meta and some overated ones left. Never thought the day of Butterfly being stronger than Nakroth, Zill, Wukong and Zephys would come and being one of the few counter to Enzo (the other counter might be Kil'Groth). Great video man! Love you always! ❤️(No homo)

  5. Rune + Death Sickle + Revive…
    It allows you to attack with no worries in a Teamfight.
    I love to play Butterfly, this video teach me something I didn't know.

    Few questions:
    •When the game goes late and you lost revive, Which item should I replace it with?
    •The centinel gives Exp & Gold for the team?
    •When you play duo / trio. What role is better to accompany the jg?

    That's all, love your videos Zane
    Greetings from Latin America

  6. I knew u were to make a video with this game play that I saw in ur streaming!!! Really well played!!!

  7. Yo I just came from ML (Mythic 367 stars) and I switched to AoV, rn im diamond 1(lowkey flex 2days into the game). Been spamming murad jg all the time, any tips and maybe heroes that I can spam? I'm struggling carrying all the time.

  8. Did u try curse of death on her? Its like sometimes this Little burn really helps u finish a kill, and 10%dmg reduction is not that much since she is not that tanky.

  9. Hey Zane, what do you think about use shield rune and soul reaver instead of leviathan x devil awakening?? i think it also good but i wanna know what about your opinion on this

  10. I think curse of death suits her better
    Since most of the times you use ult,second & first ability to go for the kill & reset the cool down

  11. Zane I was waiting so bad for this video hahaha
    Fav assassin Butterfly
    Definitely going to try it out
    Now !
    Sorry for the penta

  12. Don't forget to gosu up on 4-5 more junglers so you dont get comfort bans like on AWC bud! Putting up our podcast in a few hours (finally). Thanks again for spending time on it dude!

  13. zane you're supposed to go "ChaUgnAr StEAL mY PenTA kiLL ReeEEeE". what's with that mature take on your support somehow landing the last hit? this is teh internetz ffs!

  14. Hello zane! I am new to Aov and ur channel is good. I asked u before top 3 assassin and u said enzo, kriknak and nakroth but do u think having murad or errol is also recommended? Thank u for ur answer.

  15. With the devil's awakening rune, you should try this combo with butterfly: 1 > 2 > basic attack > ultimate > 1 > 2 > basic attack. Since the rune allows she to reduce skill 1-2 after using her ultimate, this combo should deal maximum damage rather than this common combo : 3>2>1> basic attack.

  16. Awesome video, I love Butterfly ! You said you were using 3 Reave arcanas but I don't see them at the beginning… Do you usually have them while playing Butterfly ? Do you recommand them on Zanis too ? Thanks for the amazing footage as always

  17. Until date I still don't understand what it means that a team is "squishy" can someone tell me what does squishy means? And how it affects the team.

  18. Có tiếng Việt luôn,mà dịch tiếng Việt sai hết,k hiểu chi hết🤣 giống như đang đọc google dịch

  19. Great gameplay. Actually do you use the Arcanas you showed in the beginning? Because u said u have 3 Lifesteal arcanas in that gameplay.

  20. Hi Zane! I just saw your podcast with Mr.Anjay… well goodluck on your journey in vietnam and whatever game you play we will always support you 😊.

  21. I dont know if u know this but conqueror rank in Valiant Server (shut down server now) Bf is actually a meta and the most used jungler besides murad and nakroth. If you have played in that server you will see how monstrous bf users are. I was a master rank there and i played with one of the developers using Bf as middle lane (if you check the profile, his only hero is bf , no arthur no valhein in the favorites and his name is AoV Butterfly)

  22. Ive heard alot of people say if youre going top with butterfly and get the attack speed boots first to clear the minions faster, what do you think about that?

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