BWC Documentary 2. Do you like Chinese food?

First Chinese meal of the tournament. Chop chop! It tastes Chinesey. I definitely have a Korean palate. But their palates don’t seem to be stopping anyone. Roro and herO are test sampling the dishes. Test passed Dishes are being wiped clean
as soon as they are served. Looks like everyone is enjoying Chinese cuisine. Everyone except one. Rain arrived a day late because of game scheduling casts a glance across the Chinese feast and looks to be in agony. Rain won’t touch the morsels. Rain is really picky about his food. Looks like the exotic tastes of China are just not for him. Maybe his tastes are immature. No! No~ And the next day… He picks one up Sniff sniff Suspicious sniffing Obviously very torn. Puts it in his mouth. Rain remained silent for the rest of the meal. More horses over here. How about Seed who brought food because he was worried? He’s a horse too. I brought a lot of stuff because
I was worried about the food. but this is really good. Ah… The pro-gamers and the coaches
watched the face-changing performance the delicious Chinese cuisine and enjoyed the evening. Yummy!

9 thoughts on “BWC Documentary 2. Do you like Chinese food?

  1. I don't know. My idea of Chinese food is chicken fried rice and lemon chicken, while my idea of Korean food is Korean BBQ and Kimchi. But that stuff on the table there, I wouldn't be able to tell you which culture it's from before watching this.

  2. traditionally, they're both go heavy on the pork ^^ for exemple, the chinese komba (kinda of a pork belly confit) and the popular korean samgyeopsal (pork belly)

  3. That's not really true for Westerners even if by Westerners you mean the Americas… usually Western includes western Europe and Britain.

  4. I understand, do you think the average brit can tell the difference between the food a french person eats at home and what an italian person eats at home? they generaly just refer to both as "european"

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