California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) – Lead With Prevention

(speaking foreign language) – We’re at a really critical
and important moment in our work to end
sexual violence. Today more than ever,
we are at a time where the nation is talking
about sexual violence. – With making sexual
violence so visible and putting a face
and a voice to it, we are now charged with the
accountability of preventing it. – You tend to think of just
a victim, or just a survivor, and just the individual
that’s hurting them, and we don’t always understand that there’s a larger set
of people who are impacted, and so public health
field, I appreciate that they bring a sense
of analyzing the situation not only from the individual,
but seeing the family, seeing the community impact,
and the societal sort of impact which is really how
we’re gonna turn the tide and change this issue
once and for all. – We really believe at CALCASA that sexual violence
is preventable. We know that it’s
not inevitable. We know that criminalization
will not end sexual violence. Instead, what we need
to do is really look at how we change the conditions,
we change the attitudes, and we create those
kind of shifts that currently allow
sexual violence to exist. – Sexual assault and
violence is very prevalent in the janitorial industry because it is an incredibly
vulnerable workforce. And so what we were
really looking for was a way to not just
deal with the symptoms of sexual violence
in the workplace, but a way to prevent this from
happening in the first place at the very, at the level
of sexual harassment, so that it didn’t end in
rape on the night shift. And so our partnership was
about where do we start, and CALCASA said to us, start
from within, and we did. (speaking foreign language) – CALCASA is intentional about
seeking out relationships with those that are able
to influence change. – Uber wants to be a
part of the solution in preventing sexual violence, not just with our customers,
our riders and drivers, but also in our
communities at large because we know this
is a societal problem. One of the things that
we’re doing is we committed five million dollars toward
prevention initiatives. We have created education
for riders and drivers, and we created
that in partnership with experts like CALCASA. – We have effectively looked
at ending sexual violence by networking and partnering
with agencies and organizations that we’ve never brought
to the table before. That includes the California
Department of Corrections, the NFL, different sport
entities that historically, we’ve not gone there. – Through CALCASA’s national
partnership reliance, we’re working with sport to be able to prevent
sexual violence. We see that sport’s not just where sexual
violence takes place, but also a place that sport
can be part of the solution to be able to end this. – I think that the
biggest accomplishment with CALCASA’s
consultation has been that culture of learning how
to speak the common language, how to respect one
another in that space, and being more trauma informed
and survivor centered. That approach is a direct result of having CALCASA
as our consultant. – I was very inspired attending a three day training
with CALCASA. We’re really becoming
more intentional about creating a culture of
prevention within our churches. Our churches are places
full of compassionate people that can link arms with
other agencies like CALCASA to address these issues. – Our policy efforts
are always focused on preventing sexual
violence first, and then on responding
and supporting the needs of survivors of sexual
assault as well. We did a cost report,
cost and consequences of sexual violence
in California, and when we estimated how
much it cost California, that totaled up to
almost $140 billion, and so that’s why investing in prevention is
really important. We asked for an increased
budgetary commitment from the state of California
for prevention, intervention, and research on sexual violence. We succeeded in securing five
million additional dollars for rape crisis
centers in California. We believe that that’s
gonna make a huge difference and we feel really
proud of that advocacy. We’re excited for next year
to go back and do it again. – Sexual violence
and domestic violence have a lot of the same root
causes around power and control and misogyny, and we understand that if we’re really going
to prevent sexual violence and domestic violence,
it really behooves us to work together reciprocally. CALCASA’s been a
wonderful partner in that. I think we’ve really
pushed one another, we’ve innovated
in different ways, but we’ve done it in a way
that’s been very coordinated to make sure that
we’re advancing kind of the same solutions. – We believe that having a
goal of ending sexual violence in one generation
is really important. We believe it’s important because we have to
establish an urgency, and we have to
establish that everybody needs to get involved today. Not tomorrow, but today, in
looking at the inequities that make sexual violence
possible, and by doing that, we believe we have a
chance of ending this. (uplifting music)

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