California’s Assault Rifle Registration Frustration – The Legal Brief!

Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show
where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of
the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we’re talking
about how California required gun owners to register “assault weapons” and then wouldn’t
let them do it. Earlier this month, along with a few other
gun rights groups, the Firearms Policy Coalition, and three individuals filed suit against the
California Attorney General, its Department of Justice, the Chief of the Firearms Division
and various employees. The suit was brought in relation to the recent
bullet button registration fiasco that left thousands of gun owners in a precarious legal
position. In order to understand what happened, we need
a quick bit of history. Back in 2016 California passed a number of
laws in what as known as Gunpocalypse. The Gunpocalypse is here. Americans need to know that this is happening. The laws would not go into effect until January
1, 2017 since they weren’t emergency measures. Prior to July 1, 2018, Californians who had
firearms equipped with bullet buttons before January 1, 2017, had the option to either
register them, take them out of state, or re-configure them as “featureless” — lacking
evil features — by installing work-around compliance devices in order to avoiding having
an illegal “assault weapon”. Simply put, “assault weapons” could no longer
be legally purchased or assembled after December 31, 2016. For those not keeping score, that’s the day
before January 1, 2017. But in order to register a firearm, a person
would have to go to a DOJ web portal and complete the registration process. This is where things start to get silly. Those that wanted to register their firearms
found that California must have employed the same Canadians who created
because the damn thing just didn’t work. Now, there’s a few points that are important
to bear in mind for you Californians. Firearms Policy Coalition stated that some
people might find themselves in legal trouble due to the registration. Why? Because California’s DOJ is using people’s
registration information and pictures to investigate if they had the firearm before January 1,
2017, among other things. And DOJ wouldn’t let someone register a “featureless”
firearm, even if it was an “assault weapon” before January 1, 2017. Merely trying to make a gun “featureless”
using different parts might not comply with the law. Not to mention, the regulations the DOJ has
been creating were only in relation to registration but NOT criminal enforcement. And DOJ still hasn’t updated its “Assault
Weapons Identification Guide,” so no one knows how California’s Attorney General and 58 county
prosecutors will interpret or enforce the new laws. The week prior to the deadline to register,
those who attempted to log onto the system were shut out by technical defects and failures
of the DOJ’s systems. For some, the system would simply “time out”
while attempting to access it. Others were able to fill out some or all of
the required information only to have the system “time out” and fail when clicking the”submit”
button. This resulted in numerous registrations being
blocked at the last second, even though the person sought to comply with the process. One of the individuals in the suit attempted
to access the website over 50 times over the course of a day without any luck. So he was literally trying to comply and California
was experiencing technical difficulties. You know, business as usual. When he attempted to obtain help from California’s
DOJ, he only received automated responses. On July 2, the day after the deadline, he
was able to reach a live person, who explained that it was his responsibility to have registered
by the deadline and that no extensions were to be granted. Another plaintiff never had his email inquiry
responded to. So what do you do when the Government requires
you to register bullet button and then the website becomes completely inaccessible the
week prior to the deadline? You sue the Government. The Plaintiffs’ complaint sought declaratory
and injunctive relief from the court. Declaratory relief is an order from the court
which defines the legal relationship between the parties and what their rights are in the
matter before the Court. In this instance, the Plaintiffs are asking
the court to declare that the state deprived them of due process of the law by failing
to provide a working registration system and that the defendants failed to provide a working
system as required by law. Injunctive relief is a court order that requires
a party to take action or refrain from taking an action. In this case, the Plaintiffs are asking the
court to stop the defendants from enforcing the penalties in the statutes relating to
the registration of firearms until they are given a reasonable amount of time to register
with a working system. Let’s recap this nonsense. FPC and a few other intrepid firearms rights
advocates are suing the California DOJ, among others, because of a complete breakdown of
a system meant to register “assault weapons”. The California DOJ and its cohorts are terrible
at their jobs and no one is able to comply with a law that
shouldn’t have been enacted in the first place because of, “technical difficulties”. That’s it for this episode, if you have learned
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30 thoughts on “California’s Assault Rifle Registration Frustration – The Legal Brief!

  1. Because Califuckya doing what they do best, turn the law abiding citizen into a felon. On the good side Califuckya is out to give free medical, free housing and free everything if you are a felon or criminal and fuck you over if you are a law abiding citizen. So law abiding citizens refuse to register or commit a felony so that Califuckya will accept you and give you free hand outs.

  2. Um,
    Remember operation fast and furious?
    I didn't comply after I got out of the marines, I still won't.

  3. It's "gets". Not let's. Get is a verb, it can't possess anything so there's no possessive form of the word. Therefore, no apostrophe.

  4. You should have added the part from "The Running Man" when Richard Dawson says "We're experiencing technical difficulties!" and the old lady says "BULLSHIT!!"

  5. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  6. Thanks for making the vid, I am also a victim, same shit happened to me for 2 days straight. The form to fill and download pics is a 15+min process and by the time I'd complete the info, the system would time out and restart, or would just crash!! Keep us up to date please. Take care and thanks again.

  7. I love it when the moronic gunnut sheep bleet out, "Move out!". It further consolidates our political position and enables us to maintain vote control over California. You can't run forever. Soon the methods CA uses will be seen as the golden standard for sensible gun control, and any state with a major metropolitan zone will have this legislation in place.

  8. Interesting, so perhaps the same idiots who designed heath care dot gov did the DOJ web site?
    Error! Page not found! I'm still waiting for anti gun anti freedom idiots to define exactly what IS an assault weapon? Ooh! Its black! Its scary looking! It has a pistol grip! When we allow people who have no idea what they are talking about to take away our rights and freedoms without a vote. A revolution is coming.

  9. I’ve honestly given up believing that the Democrats in California are doing this because of “morals” or to make places “safer” if you really think about it and think about how much money you could make of the firearms industry if you play it to where firearms people want are more rare and expensive, and companies are paying lots of money for new ways around their laws. I just believe that they are playing the market and especially young college students who care about others, but are being poisoned because of these democrats who only care about money. As a trader, I honestly have encountered more democratic investors and traders than I have republicans. That being said I can defiantly see how they could play the market by creating these restrictive laws and gaining voters and donators by doing it. I don’t believe these people think that no guns is safer than having guns. I think they could care less about firearms and see they money and profit they can make from it. It’s a really smart idea if you think about it, but it sucks that people who see the importance in owning firearms are the ones getting the smackdown. I hope with the new generation of kids see logic and capitalism and learn how to balance both to improve our country economically and by logically. Here’s to Gen Z.

  10. I'll tell you this if the government gets so crooked they start coming to your house to get your guns ! Flip that page I go totally rogue and and enemy of the state !we the people remember folks we are the government

  11. The truth is your governor took a oath to defend the constitution witch includes the second amendment arrest, impeach or fire your governor on treason if California is invaded by sea you won’t have shit to defend your family you will have to wait for the military to show up wile your family is being rapped robbed and murdered.idiots

  12. The easiest way to deal with this is do not COMPLY. Ignore them and or take them to Court. Stop being submissive

  13. And then theres the guys who are new shooters who bought an ar15 and dont follow this stuff and because of that, they are now criminals then 3 years later they go, i have time to kill and extra money. Time to go to the range then they get arested for posession of an "assault weapon" and they didnt even know unless they guys at the range stopped them. But they might not ahve noticed. With this website not working, they are basically criminalizing gun owners intentionally. Semi auto is not an assault weapon. Full auto is. Same with bumpstocks, cranks, and hellfure triggers. Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure those are banned on a federal level because of the parkland shooting. Those guys are the reason we cant have nice things. They also all belong in an asylum. What's the point of shooting that many people. Every single one of them is mental. One of the first mass shootings was basically law enforcement failing to do their job. The Sandy Hook shooter killed his mother and stole the ar15. Aruora movie theatre, the guy was mental. Also if you listen to how long he shoots, how long the pauses are thats a lmg. He had multiple guns. Why would he pause for that long. Also it takes a long time to reload a 50 or 100 round drum. Want to know the real reason fir the assault weapoms ban. They look mean so we dont want them on the street. You look at the m1A thats even worse. Mini 14. Just as bad as ar15. Guess what. They look like hunting rifles.and are perfectly legal. They have 20 round magazines (had 20 round magazines before magazine restrictions but some states still have them)

  14. I moved to az. And there is no crime. Law abiding citizens have the guns. And I'll tell you like this. I carry a gun 24/7 even leave it outside of school. Criminals die out here.

  15. just had my ar15 (purchased legally) and a ar15 pistol build I made for myself taken from me by the sherrif's due to a warrant to my house because of a motorcycle chase they thought it was me. =(

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