CALL ‘EM IN! • BATTLEFIELD V • Trophy/Achievement/Squad Reinforcements Guide & Gameplay Tips

Hi everyone and welcome to this
short guide on how to get the “Call ’em in!” trophy in the recently
released BATTLEFIELD V. To get this trophy you need to call in two
squad-reinforcements during a multiplayer match Squad-Reinforcements are one of the
somewhat new additions to Battlefield V. But if you played previous titles,
you might remember the Commander from Battlefield 4 for example, who was given similar abilities to call in
supply drops, vehicles or airstrikes. Those call-ins were absent from Battlefield 1 but return in Battlefield V, now given
to the Squad-Leader instead. But the handling is pretty similar: While playing the game, your squad
accumulates points for capturing objectives, reviving team-mates, building
fortifications, and so on. Basically whatever you get points for is added
to the squad score you see in the bottom left corner, next to the squad leader’s name. Once there’s enough points, the squad leader
can call in one of several reinforcements. Since only the Squad Leader
has the ability to do so, you need to make sure this role is given
to you before going for this trophy. To become the Squad Leader, you can either
open up your own Squad from the Squad Menu, get promoted by the current Squad Leader, or get the position automatically assigned
to you when the previous Squad Leader leaves. It’s also possible to actively take the
role from the current Squad Leader by selecting the “Request Order”
command from the commo-rose. If the current Squad Leader does not respond
within 60 seconds by issuing an order, the role of Squad Leader will fall
to the requesting team mate, including all Squad Points accumulated so far. So if you’re the Squad Leader, don’t ignore
those requests and do your part! It’s a good thing to issue attack
and defend orders anyway as it’s basically “free points”
for you and your squad mates. Points you can then spend on a
Squad Reinforcement of your choice. It doesn’t matter which one you pick for the
trophy but if you want to increase your chances of getting enough points twice
during a single round, pick the cheapest one which
is usually the supply drop. Select a spot for it to drop and once you
called in the second Reinforcement, your Squad will be happy
and the trophy shall be yours. And that’s it. So thanks for watching,
have fun getting your trophy and take care on the Battlefield!

10 thoughts on “CALL ‘EM IN! • BATTLEFIELD V • Trophy/Achievement/Squad Reinforcements Guide & Gameplay Tips

  1. I always start spamming the request order button if I see that the current squad leader is in danger and about to die, so he probably won't notice the request and doesn't give any orders and then I become the squad leader :D😈

  2. Nice to see another trophy guide video from you :D. I might pick up this game, once the prices goes down to like 20 Euro (will take some months for sure). I don't like the entirity of BF1/BF5. The setting and interface is not my thing there. I remember playing BF4 day by day, before my trophy hunting journey started. I still got fingers crossed though for next BF to be similiar with BF4/3's interface settings. Not to mention the way the campaign was done. War stories or we it's called. Why not keep it like in previous titles.. Oh well at least its still some sort of campaign *cough, black ops 4, cough*. Overall nice video, just had a need to let myself out, don't mind me :D. Will most likely use this guide, once I actually happen to get the game sometime in the future.

  3. I watched a 15 minute video, the person explained explained it with a cute squid in less time, thank you for the awesome guide!

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