Call of Duty – Modern Warfare The Desert Eagle Shreds In Gun Fight!

rushing hit marker 60 dmg on him there’s
gotta be a guy right here the tire the deagle man
you can lend that hitch is a skill every time the body is kind of inconsistent
though and when you shoot the body can be 1 to 2 shots depending especially ice and with a head fire – please be a deagle and not m-19 some
back left-hand corner sleep dang t me I hear ya
so we’re finding a good teammate this is some candles oh and the headshot m-19 here this well he’s low saying
we’ll be peeking dang teammate stealing all the kills they get a double snipe Oh
double sleep already for it out this frag it’s a decoy oh it’s up to you right I’ll see you
right off to your right I’ll see you all right how did you not see him sniper and
I’m not Neagle eat his buddy left poor dude usually whenever the other guy
leaves I just like to just rush to right down the middle stitch them up proper that’s how it’s
done I like the Odin especially with the Odin
with like that giant silencer on it going for that sniper snipers mine probably to everybody beats me to the
weapons I just can’t seem to get it first oh my god in your face there yeah I love shotguns in this game especially
when you put like the sniper scope on you can get some pretty long shots of
shotguns feel like a lot of people gonna be using that got it again boy almost got me my contact oh I thought I was gonna be
stuck picking that thing up jumping backward shot let’s go to shotgun I pushed up left he was going through
the grenade oh it does going Juke me he thought yeah – point they’re both pushing that way he’s just
thrown ice Oh forfeit I love the mp7 look look at the nice
little trail goes up it off to the right I love this map this night was so fun was it a x50 with stock ooh
things we’d to strafe a little bit come on done son he’s stunned on the right
side that is not a grenade that is a claymore there we go I will not be playing this on ps4 though
when it comes out because I am on Xbox mainly so here and far left Oh God give me it boy gimme it slidin for the win mom’s dead he’s one tap see if I can get them go all right oh I did not mean a Mansell the whole
thing ah should I get the kill before I blew up I
didn’t mean the mantle the entire wall I just went over the entire thing I was
just trying to get up on the egg glitch that’s unfortunate Desert Eagle is my
go-to off the bat fighting popping once and switch concussion free fire
I think I saw one of them over here on him why am i man selling everything I just
want to get up on the ledge nice go oh he use the the man not the man thing
was it Goldman was it called when you leaned over the side nice shot nice shot
ooh hip fired him I’ll try to get execution
for y’all oh nice oh I tried to throw a knife but it said I had to wait one more
second I was on my bed on the record is 75 and 25 now looking
for 76 probably take this I think aside piggy oh that’s a bouncing betty he’s on
my side there we go I think if I leave the party I’ll be
able to hear them skink us nice apparently he was saying

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