100 thoughts on “Camping with tanks in my pocket – Armored Warfare: Assault

  1. Sponsored contend is sponsored, but still, I guess even Boris has to eat after youtube demonetized everything. I can relate being poor as shit ^^

  2. Not that I'm annoyed that Boris is getting sponsors but the game is literally a world of tanks clone in every way

  3. sometime i just cant belive how far pohnes and games have come. almost looks like pc and i knew ue3 and 4 are versitile but this WOOOW!

  4. Last time i got involved with clicking links to free games, it was boris video making me go spend more than 480hrs and 3 bucks in Crossout beta

  5. i don't get the problem with sponsored content, as long as the video is actually entertaining, what does it matter if Boris is making a bit of side cash, you got what you wanted, and Boris also gets what he wanted. Its a win win.

  6. Boris try and become the sponsored king of Russian bias for War Thunder. It would be proper yes?
    Sorry youtube is so unfair with you 🙁

  7. Don't keep your mobile phone in you povket, close to you sausage and eggs. The radiation will make you infertile, and we can't live without a healthy portion of slavs … .

  8. I live in a small town that almost no one in all of America knows exists so I grew up in a introvert town you could say
    So yup poor part of Michigan
    The town is called Adrian we used and still are known for our opera house but our town isn’t as a popular vacation place as back then in the 40s
    Also I have small kakadu on bed
    Edit: holy shit I don’t need to tell life story just saying that I have kakadu

  9. less than one year that i bought my smartphone and the game says that it's not compatible with it.
    what the blin…

  10. What the blin, this is incompatible with my western spy device! :'( Boris, you should check out World of Warships on your phone!

  11. It's amazing you know. Smartphones are gradually getting more powerful that even AAA game engines run smoothly on mobile devices. It's amazing how far technology has come.

  12. Ohh phew I thought you where playing world of tanks and nearly puked… war thunder players don't play that crap…. after what happen to hans.

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