Can I have sex after assault and trauma? Lesbian Sex 101 – Stevie Boebi and Jimanekia Eborn

Hi guys, I’m Stevie, and this is a disclaimer well, this is a mug, but this is a disclaimer whoo Today I’m doing a video with my friend Jimanekia Jimanekia is a s*xual trauma expert who teaches comprehensive s*x ed ages K through 12 and does healthy sexuality consulting for TV and Film And we’re gonna be talking about how to have s*x after experiencing sexual assault. We’ll be discussing step-by-step ways to engage in healthy sexual activity, protect yourself, and ask for what you need. We’re also going to talk about how to be a good ally to a survivor of trauma. So if you’re ever planning on having s*x with a survivor, pay attention. So, in order to talk about these very sensitive subjects we’ll also be using some very sensitive language surrounding sexual assault and abuse. If you are not in a place to hear this type of language I totally get it. Subscribe and bookmark it for when you are ready, or just come back for the next video. See you then. And since you won’t be around for Jimanekia’s Gems. Oh my god, did I just make that up? Follow her on Instagram. And… now is a perfect time to bring up this video’s sponsor: Better Help AKA an online counseling service, and more specifically, my personal online counseling service that I actually have been using for a while. I really love Better Help because for me I’m looking for a very specific set of skills that a therapist might need. I personally need someone who has experience with trauma and anxiety and LGBTQ stuff, and also non-monogamy. So someone that is specialized in all of those things might be hard to find, might not be cheap enough, might not be able to accept any new clients. If you’re not somewhere where you have access to that like Los Angeles like I am, or maybe you don’t have any therapists that specialize in LGBT stuff, you’re able to have access to someone with those expertise through an online counseling service. And mine just happens to be Better Help. Basically put what you’re looking for, anything that you want to list and it’s kind of like, like an ad, that you post for yourself kind of, but they just match you with a counselor or therapist that fits your needs. And it usually happens like in less than 24 hours, which is really cool. And then you can fire them whenever you want, which is like, my favorite. When someone says something I don’t like I’m like “Okay. Fired.” It takes a lot more energy for me to fire someone in real life. Click a button, “bye, next” And then have a new one in 24 hours instead of having to like go out and search for one myself. I just really wanted to tell you guys about Better Help because it’s been helping me a lot, and I think it could help you. Doesn’t everyone need therapy, but especially those who have been through trauma. Also, I can like call or text or Skype or whatever with my therapist or email instead of having me like go into an office. Love it. So this is technically an ad but I reached out to them because I want every single person to know about this service cuz, I just, I love it so much. There’s a link in the description you can click and sign up and let me know how it works for you. So let’s hear what Jimanekia has to say. So to start off with, how do you know that you’re ready to have s*x after experiencing something like sexual assault or rape? Jimanekia: I think it’s different for everyone. I think everyone’s healing process is different. You have to figure that out for yourself, which means like you have to have gone through different techniques to be like you know what, maybe I’m ready. Stevie: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an ally? Jimanekia: So being an ally is someone that truly understands what kind of world that we’re in, that there is a lot of sexual assault around us and like acknowledging that and also acknowledging that that’s not okay, and that you want to do something about it instead of just being a random bystander that’s just like ‘oh that’s a thing’. An ally is someone that actually continues getting educated continues educating others and also is very supportive. Stevie: Now for those of y’all that like lists… like me… Capricorn: Oh, you rang? Stevie: Right, right, right, sorry for all the capricorns in the room Jimanekia has some lists of do’s and don’ts: Don’t demand to know the details of what happened. Don’t force your opinions or views on them. Do not question why they haven’t moved on from this yet. Do not make this about you. Don’t out them to other people; all survivors are not public. Do not quote things you’ve seen off of movies. Don’t question the survivor. Do not give unwanted advice, safety tips, or explanations. Capricorn: I actually respond better if you tell me exactly what to do so that I know in advance if I’m gonna f*ck it up. If there’s a chance I’ll f*ck it up, I just won’t leave my house. Stevie: I literally hate all horoscopes. This list of do’s and don’ts is super helpful not only for the ally, but as a survivor you’ll be able to see if they line up to those things and so that you don’t accidentally f*ck a pile of garbage. And you want to make sure that they’re gonna listen to your needs and piles of garbage can’t listen at all 8because they have no f*ckin ears, or respect for you. One time my ex, when I told her about my rape, she told me it wasn’t really rape cuz I didn’t fight hard enough. Jimanekia: I don’t know what that means she sounds like NOT a great ally. Stevie: Yeah… So that’s an example of not being a good ally And I had to take a Xanax right before filming this this video is not sponsored by Xanax though ‘kay bye… [BEEEEP] [elevator music] Drugs are bad, ‘mkay? Huge trigger warning and lot of the stuff people have actually said to me: Capricorn: Why are you so jumpy all the time? I’m not that person. [Wrong answer BUZZ] I told you to not even go out that night. [BUZZ] I don’t understand why you keep crying [BUZZ] I totally get it; here’s what happened to me when I was assaulted [BUZZ] Stevie: ya, PS absolutely do not share your trauma story with someone unless you’ve asked them if–that–if you can share it with them. It is so triggering for someone especially if they might not be ready to hear that right now. They might not have the emotional energy to take that on. And to another survivor this is one of the most triggering things you can do. Capricorn: So… the list? So do be open to listening. Be aware of your implicit biases. Do only what is asked of you and not what you think should be done. Know that someone is trusting you. Believe them. [Capricorn takes notes] Help them find resources, whatever type that they might need. Support them and help them do things that make them feel like themselves. Speak up and support survivors when they are not around. Remind them that it’s not their fault and be patient. Clone: I’m sorry. I know things are different is there anything I can do or not do to help support you? [Right answer bell DING!] Hey, this is not your fault. You did not ask for this to happen to you? [DING!] This has been a lot. Is there anything you need from me right now? [DING!] I’ve had a similar experience and I know how difficult and traumatizing it can be [DING!] You don’t have to tell me anything but know that I am here for you, and you’re not alone. [DING!] The last thing on Jimanekia’s list was: Do educate yourself about sexual and intimate partner violence and begin to understand the impact that it has on the individual, relationship, community, and societal levels. If you’re trying to support survivors of sexual assault you better learn how to…support survivors of sexual assault. One great way to do that is asking for consent, always asking for consent forever till you die, thanks. Jimanekia: I think everyone handles, like being a survivor, differently. I think that’s why it’s really important for consent because sometimes they can be like, “You know what, can we just do the thing?” I think that is a different form of consent.
Stevie: Mmhm. Yeah. Jimanekia: I mean if you start out your conversation or your relationship and you’re like, “Hey. I personally would love to tell you yes right now in this moment because I trust you.” and that’s giving the consent to do the situation. Some people are like, “Hey, when we’re doing this position, can you check in? Other than that we’re good to go.” So because consent can be given and taken at any time. So if you need to check in with someone that can just be your consent. But knowing what you need I think is the most important part. Aquarius: Consent that’s like, it’s like permission right? Stevie: It’s exactly like permission. Aquarius: Interesting… I really like to… How do I put this… do exactly what I want when I want it without really involving anyone else in my decision-making or even considering how a might affect them. So how do I still do that? Stevie: You should never have s*x. A really sexy way to ask for consent is to tell someone what you want to do to them and then if they give you the go-ahead like ‘I would love you to do that to me too.’ Then you get the go ahead. Aquarius: Telling someone what I want to do to them does sound controlling enough to still be hot. Stevie: Ugh of course you think that. It’s also important for you as a person who has experienced trauma to talk about your boundaries before you have s*x. So say you’ve been in a romantic relationship where asking for consent wasn’t a huge part of your sexual experiences. How can you start to do that in a way that doesn’t feel unnatural or bad or whatever? Jimanekia: First you have to be patient with yourself because you never know like how it’s really gonna go and you may start to have the conversation and be like ‘you know what maybe I need to come back to this’ but overall you really need to figure out like what your needs are so you can ask for them and having that conversation, it may be hard, but you set it up. So it’s like, “Hey. There’s this thing I’d like to talk to you about.” Throwing it out like in a casual way may be helpful. But also being firm in like what your needs are. But you still have to learn what your needs are but being patient with yourself while you’re doing all this, it’s extremely important. Stevie: As the person who has been through assault and wants to get to f*cking again you have to take on the responsibility of asking for what you need. If you aren’t at least ready to be clear about some of things you need, you might want to wait a little bit before you jump back in. Capricorn & Aquarius: and what if I like to communicate silently? Stevie: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I literally hate all horoscopes. So if you don’t want to actually talk about it, a cool workaround would be for you to tell your partner if I don’t want your head a certain way, I will move your head away. So say you’re a survivor and you want to get into something casual that’s not so much deep or serious or whatever, when and how should you or… Like how do you have that conversation with people or do you have to? Jimanekia: You don’t have to disclose Anything to anyone that you’re not ready to, but when you are ready, I think it’s important for yourself To state like ‘hey these are my hell-yeses And these are my hell-no!’s’ like putting that down in the beginning and Letting them know like what you’re down to do and what you’re not down to do and then also being like, “Hey. Also, can you just check in with me while we’re doing things?” Is really important like holding your space and knowing like what feels good to you and what doesn’t. Stevie: It is possible to be unexpectedly triggered so communication is extremely important through all of this. If you don’t feel safe it might be best to communicate to your partner that now might not be the right time. Literally anything can trigger you so it’s important that you’re having s*x with someone who understands Or as a very least won’t make you feel embarrassed or weird about wanting to stop also It’s kind of hard when you’ve experienced trauma to remember that s*x can be fun like rougher s*x or kinky s*x how do you Start to do that again, maybe after you’ve already done all of the checking in and training your new ally partner Jimanekia: So I think it’s really important to have a safe word, something easy that you can remember something like green red yellow Stevie: Those are good ones Jimanekia: these simple basic ones and knowing What those mean to you and also making sure your partner knows these are your things and what that means. Trying different things and then easing into things that are harder and Still checking in because you’re a great ally now You know how to do consent and check-ins so check in as you do different things like ‘hey Can I tie you up?’ ‘cool like where would you like to tie me up?’ ‘great, I would love to be tied up with my wrists behind my head’ Stevie: You might be dealing with a lot of things that seem confusing and like Jimanekia said it’s normal It’s all normal Jimanekia: It’s normal Stevie: trust yourself have patience with yourself try s**t alone And if someone is questioning your needs ‘bye!’. Scorpio: Hey, hey, why wasn’t I in this video? Thank you so much for watching, thanks so much to Jimanekia for her Brilliance- follow her on instagram- I want to keep making videos talking about stuff like this and all of these video topics are coming from The questions that you guys send me So leave some in the comments about Future videos and things you’ll need to talk about and thanks so much to better help for sponsoring and letting me tell all of you Guys about them if you’re considering any version of a counselor or therapist literally just click the link in the description shout-out to my patrons I’m about to send some more packages in the mail and one of you is getting Ziggy Thank you to Aaron, Alyssa and arena for supporting me on patreon. See you guys next time bye! Jealousy feels like a shockwave over my entire body and little slightly painful tickles in my side Then when it’s super hot to be like yeah, we should crack super hard, but be really quiet about it This says to say happy retrograde, but like mercury is not in retrograde, your coping mechanisms are. You know?

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  13. Hello, if you can spare 1 minute could you please help me get the word out on the cause be simply retweeting this moment/tweet on twitter, you have a far wider reach than I and humbly asking for your help in sharing this link get people informed about #SAAM and ways they can get help, if you decide to here’s is the twitter link below:


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  49. I am a survivor of childhood sexual trauma. Sex has been a struggle for me most of my life. In my last significant sexual relationship, I finally realized that I was WAY more relaxed about sex if it was okay for me to not HAVE to be touched. The pressure of having to be pleasured would freak me out to the point that I would do nearly everything to avoid sex. She and I tried an experiment where it was agreed that I would NOT be touched, unless and until I initiate her sexual contact on my body. So we started out with the idea that I would just pleasure her, and I found that having the flexibility to NOT HAVE to be touched, getting to pleasure her without the pressure of my own, actually allowed me to naturally become aroused without trauma. In other words, it put me in complete control of my body and in doing so, allowed me to relax and enjoy the experience and become aroused to the point that I wanted to be touched.

    Unfortunately, this annoyed my (former) partner and she was shaming about it. However, I did discover a HUGE workaround for my sexual trauma issues.

  50. Hi Stevie, recently became a huge fan of your work and have been binging on your videos. I admire you for a lot of reasons, one of which being that you always (seem to) know what you're talking about. You do your research, and communicate valuable information to your viewers in an entertaining and easy to understand way. Which brings me to my concern over why you're promoting, which, yes, has been getting a lot of youtubers to promote them, but I've heard a lot of horror stories about betterhelp as well. While I'm all for more accessible support for people struggling with emotional and mental health issues, I don't think is a good or safe space at all. Please do reconsider. I know this is an old video so it may be too late but no harm in trying anyway.

  51. I was raped form the age of 8-12 by my brother and then molested at church the summer of my 14th birthday and can't have sex without having flashbacks and panic attacks. I know that it affects my Fiancee, but he's such a champ. We started slow and I've been getting better using exposure therapy and EMDR.

    Also, I had several people say that it wasn't rape because "I let it happen"..

  52. PSA: ok just wanna say that this girl that I’m dating knows that I have been through sexual assault before and she asked the MOST PERFECT QUESTION which is: Is there anything that triggers you that I should know about, so that I can avoid it? I was so surprised (and appreciative) when she asked this and I think it’s a perfect example of what you should do if you’re dating someone who has been raped or sexually assaulted. So, I told her that for me personally, don’t touch my neck. And even if she doesn’t understand why that is, she told me “okay, will do. I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable” and yeah I just want everyone to take note of this :)) (also thank you stevie so much for this video, very needed)

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