Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only The Pain Train Perk?

Fallout 4’s weapon customization system
blows every other Fallout game out of the water. But just like with Fallout 3 and New Vegas,
there are ways to defeat foes without using guns, explosives, or melee weapons. Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only The Pain
Train Perk? Pain Train is a perk in Fallout 4 that lets
you damage enemies when you sprint into them while wearing Power Armor. Because it essentially turns Power Armor into
a living breathing weapon, it requires Strength of 10. The kind of person who dreams of being a train
pays no mind to intelligence, but does put enough points into Luck to get the Idiot Savant
perk which has been mathematically proven to be a superior method of gaining experience
compared to maxing out Intelligence. Endurance is useful to take damage, Agility
is necessary being sprinting drains your Action Points which are influenced by your Agility
skill, and Charisma to get a slight discount on Stimpaks from vendors. With my body almost more than ready, my husband
and I ran to the vault, I did a sweet 360 as I got to the circle in the center, we went
under the ice, I discovered that you can pound on the glass when you wake up to watch your
child get abducted by a sentient box of cereal, and then I woke up. Escaping Vault 111 while not attacking any
of the Radroaches is beyond trivial at this point, I escaped the Vault, arrived in Sanctuary,
got some delicious experience from Codsworth, got the Ur Speshal book to bump my Strength
up to 10 so that I’d be able to get the Pain Train perk when I leveled up, and I began
ransacking every single house I could find for garbage while Codsworth got to work on
our little bug problem. I have no idea how he managed to stay alive
for the last 200 years because he can levitate off the ground and yet he somehow got himself
stuck on a barrel. Or maybe he was just really into Bloatfly
stings. He even said he doesn’t feel pain, so it’s
probably that. I had things to do, so I fast-traveled to
Sanctuary from Sanctuary, Codsworth had taken care of the bug, and I went to town scrapping
every object in every house in all the land within the stupid green boundary. I quite literally spent 10 minutes disposing
of Sanctuary’s trash. I built a few boxes to store my valuables
and was off the the Museum of Freedom because that’s the closest set of Power Armor. It took a few tries to get up to the roof,
but I succeeded in getting a suit of Powered Armor, I let Preston take care of the Raiders
outside the Museum’s entrance, I leveled up, put the point into Pain Train, and went
inside the Museum to demolish everyone I could find. That’s almost true. I went inside without armor to snag the Fusion
Core then left the building and got back in my power armor to begin riding circles around
my enemies. And you know what? Pain Train does far more damage than I thought,
by a lot. All it takes is one hydraulics powered forearm
to the chest and a Raider dies. One hit, who’d have thought? With all the Raiders knocked unconscious,
they’re not dead, this is a children’s game, I met Preston and his gaggle of idiots,
went up the roof, dropped to the ground like an angel death, and turned the Raiders into
train tracks. And just like one of my previous Fallout 4
videos, the only remaining problem here was the Deathclaw. Pain Train does a traumatizing amount of damage
to most low-level foes. But a Deathclaw is not that, so I did the
only thing I could think of that didn’t involve my Power Armor or the person inside
it getting torn to shreds: I let Preston kill it. The Deathclaw can’t get inside this little
building here and it’s right in Preston’s line of sight. All it takes is about 10 minutes of baiting
the Deathclaw to stay near the building so Preston can attack it and it’s health will
be low enough that you can try to run into it, almost get your head ripped off, slam
into it right as Preston lands the killing blow so you reload a save because Preston
doesn’t get to say that he killed a Deathclaw. The remaining Minute man is now on his way
to Sanctuary, as am I because I have things to do. Mainly leveling up to get the Idiot Savant
perk. Once I’d gotten it, Sturges tasked me with
making a few beds. I went a little overboard but in my madness
I came up with something brilliant. Something that would have blown my mind if
I understood the implications of what I’d just decided to do. I’d gathered a lot of wood when I was destroying
Sanctuary. 807 pieces of wood to be exact. That amount of wood can make 403 Fence Posts. Each one gives you 2 experience, but thanks
to the Idiot Savant perk, you occasionally get 6 experience per fence post. Can you see where I’m going with this? You might be asking yourself “Did he really
lay down over 400 fence posts?” Of course I did, what kind of person do you
think I am. It was so successful that it leveled me up
twice. The perk noise kept going long after I stopped
building and let me tell you, that got old fast. But I wasn’t done there, not by a long shot. All around Sanctuary are trees that give 12
to 20 pieces of wood each. And with a smile on my face I ripped all those
fuckers out of the Earth to use to fulfill my twisted fantasies of a world that is only
Fence Posts. This isn’t Construction Adventures with
Mitten Squad so I won’t spend too much more time on this, but with all the wood I’d
gathered I was able to put down 826 more fence posts to bring us up to a grand total of 1,229
Fence Posts. It truly is a sight to behold. With ideas realized, I began heading South
to make my way towards Diamond City. My initial plan was to stock up on Stimpaks
at Diamond City and continue south until I got to The Castle because there are quite
a few Fusion Cores stockpiled in the armory. I’m getting ahead of myself. I turned the Raiders hassling Trudy into slime
on the ground, sold and bought with Trudy, and kept moving until I found myself in the
middle of a Mole Rat family reunion. A small problem with Pain Train is that you
do need to get a bit of a running start which becomes a problem with the enemy is always
gnawing on your shoelaces. After that situation was resolved, my fusion
core was running on fumes. There was no way I’d be able to get another
Fusion Core before it crapped out on me. So I ditched the armor for the time being
and traveled on foot. I can’t attack anything on the road, but
“slight inconveniences that I’ve dealt with a few times before but are still kind
of annoying” is my middle name. Some time later I attempted to help Paladin
Danse with his Ghoul problem. They followed me into an alley and beat me
up, Danse lost consciousness enough times that he probably had significant brain injuries,
and I followed him to ArcJet Systems because there’s a Fusion Core in the reactor area. He did all the work on the way there, and
bravely fought off some of his brothers and sisters until we got down to the basement
where I got my hands on another Fusion Core. I still couldn’t fight back, because of
the implication, so Danse picked up the slack, I might have accidentally lit him on fire
a little bit, I gave him his toy since he was so well behaved, I agreed to join his
club, and I was back on the road. You might think that because I had a Fusion
Core, I’d return to my armor. You would be metaphorically incorrect. My goal was still Diamond City. Along the way I rescued a shopping cart from
drowning and returned it to its family and… uh… that’s about it. I didn’t bother with the Mayor or anyone
else when I got to Diamond City, I went straight for the vendors. Arturo had an impressive 4 Fusion Cores and
with enough batteries to last almost 90 minutes, I reunited with my Power Armor, tried to stop
a murder but stood in front of the wrong person, did the interview with Piper, had a pessimistic
attitude about everything, got word from Ellie about her robotic friend, and was off to continue
my campaign of idiocy. I used my powers as the living embodiment
of Aqua Lad to repair some pipes and squash a few Mirelurks, met up with the settlers
of Tenpines Bluff, kept my ulterior motives a secret, stole their tomatoes, and took on
the Raiders at Corvega Assembly Plant. These are still mostly low-level Raiders,
so despite there being a lot of them, they can be taken down with relative ease. It did take me a little while to figure out
where the head Goon was hiding out, but once I did I turned his legs into Silly Putty,
informed the nobodies of my successful rampage, and got to work scrapping every piece of wood
they had, which was a disappointingly low amount. Any is better than not but it wasn’t worth
the time I’d just spent at Corvega. In fact, I was only able to build another
120 fence posts with my recovered materials. I then talked to Preston about joining the
Minutemen just to let him feel excited for a bit. Like when you ask your parents if you can
go to Toys R Us this weekend and they say “maybe” when they really have no intentions
of taking you to Toys R Us. I finished up the Sanctuary quest for Sturges,
was now level 15, and began heading to Park Street Station to save Nick. After getting into a scuffle with a few Raiders
I bumped the difficulty up to Normal because killing almost everything in one hit felt
too easy. I antagonized Swan, found out that his arm
is a boat and not a mutated tentacle which blew my mind, entered the Station, and introduced
my body to the Triggermen. It was here things got annoying. There are a few issues with Pain Train that
I hadn’t noticed until now. The first is that just like with melee attacks,
sometimes the full speed body slam does nothing, probably because they can block it. The other problem is one I’ve already mentioned,
you need a bit of a running start which is real pain to deal with. Also by this point the armor on my Power Armor
had long since been destroyed so I’m essentially just in a giant shell. I took on the remaining Triggermen loitering
at the Vault entrance, fought a few inside, but largely ignored them because they weren’t
worth the effort. Another problem I didn’t mention was that
sometimes you sprint into an enemy, you’ll here the sound effect, but nothing will happen. They’ll just take no damage. That happened with Dino a few times. But I managed to save Nick and we began making
our way out of the vault. It took a few attempts to convince Darla to
leave Skinny Malone, allowing Nick and I to leave the vault for good, and agree to meet
back up at Diamond City to discuss my kidnapped offspring. He suggested searching Kellogg’s house,
so I smooth-talked Geneva to get the key to Kellogg’s house, found his special room,
met Dogmeat, and the two of us set off into the wasteland to track down Kellogg. For once rather than fast-traveling directly
to Fort Hagen, I followed Dogmeat around while we searched for clues. We had so much fun together. We ran along the train tracks, we killed things,
then we killed more things, Dogmeat killed one of his cousins, he got overzealous and
decided we should take on a Yao Guai which was going pretty well until Preston Garvey
showed up and saved the day. This guy was a phony, so I told him off and
watched him vanish into the fog, never to be seen again. A few minutes later we arrived at Fort Hagen
and I dismissed Dogmeat because I had to do this alone. I knew what was inside the Fort would be tough,
so I postponed the search for my son for bit to journey north to where a set of Power Armor
supposedly is located. Surprisingly this Attack Dog was the toughest
thing I’ve fought so far. You wouldn’t expect something with a handle
to put up much of a fight, but this thing sure did. It wasn’t long before my life became a Disney
movie. In a beautiful forest surrounded by friendly
deer was my exoskeleton in shining armor. I ditched my old armor because I wouldn’t
be needing it, returned to Fort Hagen, and took shelter inside the base because a green
sky is usually a sign that a tornado’s coming. The Synths inside were not at all fun to deal
with. Even the base Synths took 3 hit to kill. The small upside is that when they’re in
a group, I can ram into all of them and do damage to the entire group, provided I actually
hit them of course. I didn’t really need the experience and
fighting all the synths on the way to Kellogg would most likely destroy the armor I’d
just gotten, so I ignored most of the Synths until I was ready to face Kellogg. Here’s a fun fact: You can’t Pain Train
someone if they’re not an enemy. You can’t immediately start the fight because
Kellogg isn’t initially hostile. It’s not really a problem because sneak
attacks are impossible, but it is yet another problem. I took some Med-X and Psycho to prepare myself
for the battle and when it began I was more than prepared. I did more damage to Kellogg in my first few
attacks than I thought I would, but his Synths proved to be a real annoyance, constantly
attacking me and getting in my way, allowing Kellogg a chance to use a Stimpak. Also the fact that I had to wait for my AP
to regenerate in order to sprint and attack him didn’t do me any favors. It took longer than it usually does, but Kellogg
eventually fell before me, I cleared out the remaining synth in the room, ransacked his
brain, watched the Brotherhood of Steel’s blimp arrive, went back to Diamond City, sold
a bunch of stuff to Arturo, and talked to Nick and Piper about what to do next. We all agreed that the best course of action
was to head to Goodneighbor. Doctor Amari agreed to do what she could with
Kellogg’s memories, I took a seat, relived a few memories, talked to Amari about some
guy named Virgil, she told me he was in the Glowing Sea, and I was on my way. The Glowing Sea is a lengthy jog away from
anywhere I’ve been so far. It’s far enough south that Deathclaws are
common, luckily they’re incredibly stupid and can be avoided as long as there’s a
tree nearby. After taking far more Radiation damage than
I was comfortable with, I arrived at Virgil’s Cave, got a rundown on the plan, and left
to find a Courser. My first stop was CIT Ruins where you’re
supposed to listen to a radio signal and follow the beeps. Not gonna do that because that’s boring. Instead I went straight for Greentech Genetics. The Gunners inside were tough, could take
a healthy amount of damage, and were perfectly happy dishing it out as well. The good news is that the building is mostly
long corridors, making it easy, though still time consuming, to take down them all. The only real trouble spot came from dealing
with the guy with a missile launcher. Without the protection of actual armor it
does a lot of damage. But that only made it more satisfying when
I charged into a group of 3 people and killed them all at the same time. Then came the Courser fight. Sneak attacks are usually my go-to method
here, but they can’t be used. Med-X and Psycho can, though. The Pain Train actually did a decent amount
of damage. The biggest issue was his numerous stealth
boys which made hitting him a bit difficult. I pretty much turned myself into a boss fight
by using the same attack pattern over and over again. Charge at him, retreat away from him to gather
momentum, then attack him again. My tactic worked rather well, I got the crisp
from his head, talked to Amari again, followed the Freedom trail, solved the stupid puzzle,
met Desdemona and her lackeys, and had the chip analyzed by Tinkerbell. I then left the church, returned to Virgil
out in the Glowing Sea, got the teleporter plans from him, and had to decide which group
to work with. My first thought was to side with the Railroad. My only method of attack is the Pain Train,
I named myself Thomas after the train engine, they seemed like the logical choice, which
is why I had Sturges analyze the plans. After I build the initial platform, I got
the remaining plans from Sturges, put the entire thing together in record time, and
was finally ready to take the next step. Everything I’ve done has been leading to
this. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Bed World. I would’ve made more but I ran out of materials. Then I tried to make the Steel Chair exhibit
but I reached the build limit. I was still more than satisfied with my work,
so I stood near the platform, got teleported into the Institute, did the holotape thing
for Sturges, met Father, agreed to work him him, met the various Institute leaders, and
got my first mission from Father. I returned to Sanctuary and saw that the Steel
Chair Exhibit was a raging success, I gave Sturges his tape, fast-traveled to the Old
North Church, and began making my way to Libertalia. I interrupted some robot racing and nobody
was happy about it. I retreated to the water but they were relentless
with their onslaught. Once I was free, I met the Courser, he gave
me synth recall code, I tested the construction of a few wooden walkways, and quick-saved
at the worst possible time. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more horribly
timed quick save than this one. I quite literally had no choice but to reload
another save and try again. The 2nd time worked out much better, I made
my way up the Raider’s hideout, used the recall code, cleared out the other Synths,
and told Father that I’d did a good. He showed how much he loved me by sending
me off to war. The Battle of Bunker Hill. Not that tough to be honest. I attacked some of the Railroad Heavies outside
the gate and let the Synths do most of the work to finish them off, the Battle of the
Basement was much more gruesome, I found a Legendary weapon and thought that a Legendary
Item only playthrough might be interesting to try, got some armor pieces from a dead
Brotherhood Knight, listened to how scared the Synths were, used the recall codes on
them all, and almost railroaded my father into an early grave. I say almost because I couldn’t have attacked
him there even if I wanted to. He was less than impressed with the world
around him, as most evil geniuses are, he told me to attend the Directorate meeting,
I tried to sit in his chair but that’s his spot [laugh track], and he informed us all
that he was officially dying. He named me the new director of the Institute,
I dubbed myself King Choo-Choo, and was ready to retrieve the barnacle aggravator from Mass
Fusion. But I knew what was coming, I’d become enemies
with the Brotherhood by teleporting to Mass Fusion, it was nerf or nothing, so I returned
to Paladin Danse after keeping him waiting for several days, we rode up to the Prydwen,
and I got started. If you pickpocket a Fusion Core from a Knight
without getting caught, they leave their armor. If you’re still hidden, you can take all
the pieces for yourself, which is what I did. But I didn’t stop there. I dropped that set of armor off at Sanctuary,
listened to Elder Maxson give his speech, introduced myself to the cast and crew of
the Prydwen, and abused the VATS system to get inside Teagan’s armory and steal an
assortment of items, the most important of which were 4 Fusion Cores. Then I sold most of what I’d stolen to buy
6 more Fusion Cores, only 4 of which were at 100% charge, and began stealing the armor
pieces from the various sets of Power Armor that nobody was using. I had 16 Fusion Cores, 3 backup armor pieces
for every limb, and having just performed the heist of the hour, I returned to the Institute
to relay to Mass Fusion to find the Beryllium Agitator. The Scribes and Initiates are all a joke,
the Knights are tougher, but they’re definitely worth killing as they have armor pieces and
a Fusion Core. I used Allie Filmore as a human shield, the
elevator failed, I fixed it, went down to the reactor room, snagged the agitator, and
things got bad. To escape with the agitator, you must defeat
a Sentry Bot and 2 Assaultrons. The Sentry Bot was worse, by a lot. It’s quick, can stagger you with its karate
skills, and has a ridiculous amount of health. I used the same tactic with it and the Assaultrons
as I did with the Courser and Kellogg. Attack, retreat, attack again. With the day won in the name of science, I
gave the agitator to Allie back at the Institute, interrupted Father’s medical evaluation,
and went to a Graygarden house to solve a little problem. The Gunners outside never stood a chance. I convinced TS Wallace to join the Institute,
recorded a message for the Commonwealth, played the the dials and buttons in the Diamond City
radio room, installed the reactor, activated it, and attended my first Directorate meeting
as the Big Train. Father then informed me that the Railroad
would need to be wiped off the map. For a moment I was confused, dumbfounded even. I told Desdemona that I’d been working with
the Institute, she told me to leave and never come back, but nobody would attack me. Then I stole an alarm clock and as the bullets
started flying, I knew everything was going to be alright. Most of them were easy to send to the afterlife,
they could take a few hits, but nothing crazy. Glory was the exception, probably. I think being shot by a minigun can slow you
down and prevent you from sprinting. Either that or I’m stupid, it could honestly
be either. Soon enough Pam was all that remained of the
the Railroad. I sent her offline with a forearm to the chest,
looked at the mess I’d made, looked at the mess Glory had made, left the Railroad forever,
and informed Father that the Railroad were no more. He told me to let Doctor Li know that it was
time to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel, I momentarily saw what God sees, and relayed
to the Airport. As you’d expect, the Boston Airport is incredibly
fortified with multiple Knights in Power Armor, multiple turrets, and lower level peasants
all over the place. Despite my power armor and the numerous points
into damage resistant perks, they managed to end me. The next time I ate my one emergency carrot
and used the same tactic that I’ve used several times. Then I died again. I wasn’t doing this a third time, so I used
one of my Stealth Boys and snuck into the garage, take out the few un-armored foes who
were foolish enough to stand in my way, and before long I’d reach an impasse. A situation that made this playthrough come
to a grinding halt. See, you can’t Pain Train these generators
to destroy them. I tried jumping off the world’s strongest
lamp to land on the ground next to it since that does some damage, but it did nothing. I cannot destroy the generators using only
Power Armor. I did realize something though, the point
is to beat the game only using the Pain Train perk to kill enemies. You don’t get experience for destroying
generators, they don’t count as enemies, so I pulled out my fists, destroyed the first,
then the second, then the third generator and the Brotherhood prepared to make their
final stand against the might of the Institute. I had to fend off everything that remained
of the Commonwealth chapter of the Brotherhood while an Institute virus infected Liberty
Prime. For a moment, I thought to be a little punk
bitch and leave my Power Armor blocking the staircase then leave to fast-travel back to
Sanctuary to get my other set and use it to block the only other staircase up to Liberty
Prime. This Synth proved that it would’ve been
a viable option. I didn’t do it though, because I was doing
more than enough damage to everything in my path. Even Paladin Danse didn’t stand much of
a chance. It wasn’t long before Elder Maxson arrived
to do his part. I go a few hits on him, but I kept falling
off the railing. I wasn’t there in his final moments to hold
his hand as he passed on, but I was more than willing to raid his corpse and dress myself
in his armor. The Virus Synth finished just as the combat
gorillas started arriving and I was teleported to safety to watch the Prydwen go down in
flames. I then returned to the Institute, spoke to
Father for the last time, and beat Fallout 4 by only using the Pain Train perk. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Fallout 4 Without Spending Any Caps. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything
leave a like. Leave a dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Join the Mitten Squad Discord Server though
a link in the video description. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Never Leave Challenge:
    It can obviously be done in fallout 4…BUT can you earn 1mill caps in fallout 3 without leaving megaton or ten penny? Once you exit 101 you must head to megaton or tenpenny(You can trade and flip items (buy bad conds, repair and sell back, etc.)beg borrow or steal items and caps, no dealing with caravans) and you can never leave until you reach 1 mill caps. Maybe a try on new vegas as well?
    I love your stuff man the commentary gets me every time. Youve inspired me to pick up these games again and have a go at em, i am currently trying a hunting rifle only that includes side questing…baby steps. Keep the awesome coming 🙂

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  4. These "can you beat fallout 4 for with only X perk" videos need to stop. Ive beat the game with putting all perk points into special stats and not taking a single perk before. If i can do it with zero perks you can do it with the overpowered pain train perk.

  5. Nice. I watched to the end. Which … I shouldn't … Fallout 4 (vanilla) is available for "free" on XBOX if you are a Game Pass member so I have it, loved the prior entries (FO 3 and New Vegas) but haven't found the time to play more than like30 minutes of the game. However I have found time to watch literal hours of the game played by others on YouTube … so … yea priorities.

  6. Imagine some dude in power armor going around the Wastes screamin "CHOOO CHOOOO, CHUGGGA CHUGGA CHOOO CHOOOOO!!!" and the only thing he does is run into people (and standing around behind objects… just standing there…) and in the off time, punches down trees to build basic wooden posts

  7. theres a way easier way to get xp by building just spam shelfs in the exact same spot in the house that has the workshop outside of it, it also works with steel shelfs

  8. Go to the robot dispenser junk yard NE of sanctuary kill sentry bot 2 fusion cores and the chest has 1 fusion core plus there’s a magazine there and under the red rocket there’s 1 in there two

  9. And by the robot dispenser junk yard or whatever it’s called there’s power armor and a brown flight helmet in the down veriabird and there’s gonna be a clowning stag

  10. There's easier ways to get fusion cores close to sanctuary, cave near red rocket, concord sewers, robotics disposal ground by setting the sentry bot to self destruct, the drive in theater room near drumlin diner etc etc, this is pretty frustrating to watch considering you're supposedly professional at these games and know all the tricks and short cuts. Not to mention using all the steel and wood from sanctuary to make wooden and steel shelves which can be stacked on top infinite times by spamming the button as fast as you can thus saving time on moving left and right making wooden posts

  11. There's a duplication glitch in Fallout, you can unlimited junk materials with it.
    Another XP thing you did, was exploiting the duplication glitch and duplicating copper to make copper statues, you can put down about 1000's of those, and they give like 30 xp each.

  12. For a legendary only playthrough is pretty interesting though the only legendary peices of clothing are from vault 88 and one from far harbour and charisma 10 would be the best for try to buy legendary equipment.

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    Maybe, but the utter lack of variety makes it suck arse.
    That's why I wish FalloutNV's Classic Fallout Weapons Pack would come to Fallout 4 too.

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  17. I scrap Sanctuary and Red Rocket then can place 1500+ fence posts and 700-800+ steel fence pieces when doing jump ahead runs. I can leave Sanctuary at level 13 or 14. Or a couple levels higher when I scrap the placed items and replace 1/2 of the originals once or twice more if I do not care about building anything at Sanctuary. Good times.

  18. “Hey thank you for saving us from those ghouls…I don’t think we’re going to join though I heard you guys take all of our wood to make pikes and that you’re going to put our heads on it”

  19. Im a bit late here, but in regards to the fence posts, you can get even more XP by scrapping them, (which only gives back half as much wood) then rebuilding them with the wood you get back, rinse and repeat until you run out of wood. Easy levels

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