Cartier Style and History exhibition: design genius

Maria Doulton: Cartier Style and History is
set to be a blockbuster of an exhibition. At the Grand Palais, some 600 glittering Cartier
objects will tell the history of style and design through jewellery, watches and some
very beautiful little precious objects. This is the 26th exhibition focused solely on Cartier
that have taken place in museums around the world, and adding to the excitement, this
is the first time in 20 years that Cartier has had an exhibition in Paris; in its homeland,
so expect this to be a big one. Laurent Salomé: Jewellery is essential to
love stories. The reason to create jewels is usually love, and Cartier very quickly
– within about 50 years – became known as the prominent jeweller of Europe. The nickname
of “jeweller of the kings and king of jewellers” was given to Cartier at the very beginning
of the 20th century. When Cartier became the great jeweller, of course the best present
you could do was give great Cartier jewels. But it’s always about love, in one way or
another. Maria: Even María Félix’s crocodiles could
be considered… Laurent: Yes, something about her way of dealing
with men and love, and saying, “Be careful.” She had these two crocodiles, which form a
necklace, and then the huge snake also; it’s very frightening, and kind of a warning. But
then you had the panther, which has become a symbol of Cartier as a brand. Maria: That was the genius of Jeanne Toussaint;
she was able to pick up on that feeling that perhaps women were ready for something different. Laurent: Yes, probably Jeanne Toussaint embodies
that completely. She was herself a very free woman. She had a very Romanesque life, and
I think for many of these women, she was a signal that Cartier had something to say.
The panther itself says a lot about what women want to do in their lives; how they want to
be independent, strong and maybe a little bit dangerous. Maria:Looking at these jewels, some of which
are over 100 years old, the colours are still bright, the designs are still fresh, and in
some cases, for some seconds, maybe the impossible has happened, and a moment has been captured

5 thoughts on “Cartier Style and History exhibition: design genius

  1. i had the oportunity to admire this exhibition in Mexico city at EL PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES . AMAZING !

  2. I just wonder, how many gems Cartier used for Panther clip brooch creation. Do you have this information.?

    Thank you!

  3. 0:41 I believe I have seen those earrings in a book before.
    I think they can hook for form a necklace or a tiara!! Versatile!

  4. Thank you for the professional and charming program, it is a pleasure for us commoners to see thease unique gems!

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