Casualfield – Does Battlefield V (Battlefield 5) Need a Casual Play Mode? – BF5 Open Beta Gameplay

Hi YouTube Darth here like it or hate it Attrition is a big new gameplay concept for the Battlefield series in battlefield 5 You don’t automatically start with a huge amount of ammunition And as a soldier You don’t automatically regenerate health past 30% this has led a lot of people that claim that the game is either Tedious to play or to slow because a lot of people are used to never running out of ammunition And never needing to worry about a medic and they’re not wrong This has been the way of things in the franchise for a very long time. In fact, most people who play battlefield today Probably haven’t played battlefield past the previous two or three iterations What attrition represents is a very different kind of gameplay than they’re used to you’re forced to play carefully and closely with a squad Teammates and know where your supplies are for folks who aren’t inclined to do this It can feel like a sudden and irritating burn. Well, I like the concept. I know it’s not perfect There’s definitely a mandatory downtime while you find supplies. This can feel really unsatisfying particularly in vehicles another sticking point for me is that the controls to activate med kits on PC are pretty awkward pressing and holding the v key is Not convenient holding down the heal key in combat is a very hard maneuver for a single hand That is also trying to maintain the ast W keys So the mechanics of the system are a little rough right now But they could be improved and they very well might be based on player feedback In the open beta but as I said, I kind of like the general gameplay direction here It forces players to switch their playstyle from being unceasing run-and-gun to considering their options Basically the opposite of battlefield one a single lone wolf cannot kill 20 players back-to-back streaks of 4 to 5 are far more likely with the modest pause in between to restock a Particularly skilled player can make that ammo and health Stretch way further if this is starting to sound like a skill gap it is and it’s one of the things I think the battlefield Series has been missing lately, even if the implementation feels a little rough right now getting back to the state of the franchise There are a lot of people out there who are not used to this mechanic and who aren’t happy about it at all They like what they’re used to and that’s perfectly normal for human psychology and there are things about this system that could use improvement for the sake of those folks I think one of the better ideas i’ve heard is that attrition could be split into its own of gameplay Kind of like how previous battlefield titles have had a hardcore mode? Rather than simply shunting it off into hardcore and having the majority of the player base outside of elitists. Forget it exists I have a slightly better idea flip the naming scheme on its head don’t create a hardcore mode at all instead Normal battlefield 5 includes attrition then create a second game-mode titled casual What would a casual mode look like in battlefield 5 well first your health would automatically regenerate to 100% slowly though No need to worry about picking up and carrying health packs with you No need to visit supply stations before going anywhere medic health packs would simply work like they did in previous Battlefield titles a medic itas a pack through a player to start their regen immediately and it would be faster than the baseline region So basically exactly like battlefield 3 4 and what people are used to medical supplies or medic drop creates could simply do the same thing Except it’s on the player to actually interact with those supplies as for ammunition in Casual mode players would simply start with twice as much as they do now or an additional magazine Whatever feels balanced and appropriate for the mode this does reduce the support classes ammunition necessity to previous battlefield titles, but in battlefield 5 They’ve also gained the engineers various abilities So I don’t think it’s a terribly bad hit to that class for vehicles simply have the vehicles regenerate ammunition up to their maximum Again, quite slowly assuming HP regen comes along for the ride this means that they pretty much never need to visit a supply station unless They’ve been in heated action for quite some time It also makes aircraft quite a bit more viable though if battlefield 1 has taught us anything We may not need to have automatic vehicle HP regen at all. So what does all of this accomplish well two things First it gives a place for all the folks that simply cannot stand attrition somewhere to go You can get your run-and-gun fixed without having to worry about game mechanics Much like looking for raid accomplishes the needa right now fix in World of Warcraft Players can just play without worrying about the metagame rapper’s second The casual label clearly pushes the player base into the intended gameplay of battlefield 5 Which is something I think hardcore failed to do in previous battle field titles Partly because I believe that the underlying game mechanics of hardcore were flawed in the sense that they produced inconsistent gameplay But more importantly because it wasn’t considered the default mode players could by and large simply ignore hardcore hardcore wasn’t something that you graduated to it was something that you simply played because you believed it was either harder or you Considered yourself an elite player if it was your preferred game mode great. You enjoyed it Maybe that’s how folks at large feel about attrition right now But I think what dice is trying to do with attrition is more commendable than a hit point shift or disabling a few UI Elements, they’re trying to add a natural pacing to combat uptime and downtime To do so they’ve introduced a mechanic that harkens back to the very early Battlefield days One that separates players who can conserve health and ammunition for fights rather than withering it away Won the reward squads who play closely together players who plan fights in advance or know their way around the map and are more resourceful Again, I don’t think it’s perfect. But the direction feels good There’s a natural intensity that climbs and fights as I run out of one resource or the other. Yes This does slow down the game if I choose to wait it out But it increases the risk reward factor and maybe more statistically I enjoy that it ruthlessly punishes careless players Are you the kind of player who departs from one battle at half health and runs directly into the next? Well, you’re going to lose basically every time and I love punishing them That’s a simple skill gap that does not involve twitch mechanics But merely preparation and forethought logistics at play is not a new concept not even to this franchise It was basically a key characteristic of battlefield 1942 You could run out of ammo or health and you had to rely on teammates or nearby resources to restock This is before console shooters came in and basically repaved the expectations The health was a regenerating resource and ammunition was relatively Infinite and not a resource to be sought now one of the biggest movements and shooters in the last decade the Battle Royale has resource accumulation is one of its biggest and most Important gameplay elements why wouldn’t a modern battlefield shift in this direction? Especially if it’s going to be a core game mode with firestorm if is expected to compete with those titles They have to build towards it and battlefield is not the only modern shooter going then direction Overwatch rainbow succeeds and others all punish players for not preparing or working with a team correctly there is regimented uptime and downtime between flights and a single player cannot expect to carry the entire team is not Improved team plays something we’ve been asking for in battlefield 4 the last several titles your mileage may vary depending on your teammates IQs But again I said the direction was commendable the end result does have some rough edges so this is very obviously a Different kind of battlefield game than we’re used to which is why I think it makes sense to cater to the last decade of taste With a different gameplay mode. That’s where casual mode comes in But I think it’s also important to evolve the game so that it does not get stale something that I think dice has done directionally very well with attrition Implementation they think will get smoother and better as time goes on in the follow ups of the beta I would be surprised if there aren’t some changes to the current implementation Community suggestions of increasing the regen limit from 30 to 50 and including a health pack at the spawn don’t seem completely unlikely Some of the start of life KTM is likely to be removed or reduced For instance every round starting with me walking to the nearest health or supply station doesn’t seem like a long-term winner There’s probably better ways to set people on their path and then require them to restock Rather than having resource accumulation for the first minute of their life Additionally the control schemes for activating health packs could be better as I said It’s pretty awkward on PC right now though consoles may be slightly better with access to the d-pad It still means taking your thumb off an analog stick unless you have some kind of freaky and I’m not blessed with Maybe two game modes are the way to go evolve the base game with attrition, but give folks what they want in alternate No reason not to make both crowds happy Yes, you do split the community, but you had a clear call-to-action to graduate from one of them Just give the previous generation a little nudge by calling their game-mode casual Yes, that’s harsh but it is tough love in this case the games gotta evolve but what do you think about attrition then the gameplay changes to regen in battlefield 5 have you played the beta and are you a Fan of the changes or do you find them lacking? Let me know in the comments below If you liked this video be sure to force-choked that like button If you didn’t like the video give the thumbs down force push and plenty on continue to do battlefield content in the future So be sure to stick around with the subscribe as always. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time YouTube

62 thoughts on “Casualfield – Does Battlefield V (Battlefield 5) Need a Casual Play Mode? – BF5 Open Beta Gameplay

  1. I would rather two titles, One for tactical teamplay (my preference) and One for casual players. This would prevent alienating one player base over the other. Go back to roots and retain true audience (that was alienated when it move full-on casual).

    Create another title for casual players… or the indie titles will continue to fill the tactical void/so-called niche. I would love to play a teamplay focused Battlefield, or FPS on the Frostbite engine. Otherwise, I'm getting my teamplay fix elsewhere. Currently, I'm enjoying Squad.

  2. Attrition system is simply terrible the way it was in beta. The game was a loot simulator for ammo and health, not an FPS. Also the attrition system forces to play super slow, which isn't interesting to play nor watch. Team play is when two or more players communicate and increase their overall effectiveness, not where you have to rely on random team mates to give you more ammo or health. Forcing team play with players who can't play the game (95% of the playerbase) hasn't worked in the past and will never work in the future.

    The game should have normal mode and attrition mode.

  3. I agree that attrition does increase the skill gap, and I am all for that.

    But personally I’ll be skipping this title. For me, the deep involvement of politics and thus questionable attitude and in some cases, insults towards the fan base makes for me, a non desirable title. But that’s just me of course.

  4. i mean, i'm fine with having to scavenge for stuff. it's just that that you can't scavenge stuff from your teammates, so i felt like, on average, my success was more up to my teammates not throwing a health pack when i'm stood there at 3hp rather than me being "lazy and not forward thinking."

    if you could get a bit of meds from enemies you've killed – lets say something that you have to pick up like the bits of ammo enemies drop – that starts regen at a pace similiar to autoregen from previous titles, then i feel like aggressive play would be punished less and you'd get more options/decisionmaking in there. increasing the skillgap, if you will. idk.

    again, i'm fine with having to do things for resources. what i'm not as fine with is having to run half a klick after every engagement to get topped aff at a supply station because my medics don't give a damn. now if i could do something else, say sneak around to get slow regen from dead bodies, that'd be doing something but i wouldn't be gated by the incompetence of the people i happen to be playing with.

  5. A game dictates the mentality of its community. Teamwork is defined and kept relevant with the help of game mechanics and then the mentality plays into it. If you give players the tools to be independent and not rely on anyone else, you negatively impact teamwork. We've seen this BF3/BF4 and it reached a peak in BF1. Battlefield currently has the community that it has because of mechanics like auto regen. Players didn't suddenly say 'to hell with this I'm not going to play as a team.' They realized that playing as a team was just an option. You could easily stay alive all by yourself without anyone's help. If other games can make teamwork their cornerstone and succeed, why can't Battlefield? How long do we hide behind the excuse that teammates are bad so the game needs to cater to them?

  6. They are increasing starting ammo by a mag and increasing max ammo by a mag and starting with a health pack which I think is a perfect place to have attrition, however they should make it clearer to medics and support if a player needs health or ammo of of as they are lessing the amount of supply stations however the only thing is who throws ammo and health in this game?

  7. I heavily dislike attrition. Sure, it does what its intending to do, but does so in a way that is absolutely infuriating in every way, making playing solo (mind you, still in a squad, just without direct communication with squad members) essentially shooting yourself in the foot, expect at best 25% of your average performance when playing with randoms. Attrition COULD be good, I just don't think battlefield has the right playerbase for it. Playing with randoms was already a meme long before BfV came along. Now playing with randoms is just not a way of playing the game, it's just not fun anymore. Unless DICE somehow manages to make squads work together at all times, and somehow make the complete nobheads that seem to play this game competent at at least giving health and ammo, it could maybe work. Otherwise you need tight community servers where you know people to expect any kind of teamwork OH WAIT THEY KILLED RSP OFF TOO GJ DICE.

    So sure, just don't call it casual mode or it will go fucking die. I disagree that attrition is the right way to achieve teamplay, it's just too "by itself" to do that. The big issue is communication. Better communication of who needs health, ammo, backup, etc. But doing that in a 64-man gamemode without creating a ludicrous amount of clutter? Who knows.

  8. You mean… SCRUB Mode. All kidding aside, yes… it actually does. Anyone who truly cannot grasp the concept of Battlefield being a team-focused game that rewards you for playing the objective and for the team…. they should get their own mode which is factored in by their stats. By stats I mean the amount of objectives they capture and defend, the amount of resupplies, heals, repairs and revives, and following squad orders. Not the broken Skill stat. And until they actually hit a certain criteria to play in normal lobbies, they should be restricted to casual only. Is this unfair if say a player who is restricted to the casual lobbies cannot join a friend in the regular lobbies? No. Because the player who isnt restricted can still join a casual lobby, and of course there could be restrictions to how many non-casual players are allowed on one server. Because then the casual players who do not attack objectives and play for the team can aspire to be better and the rest of the lobby can see why they dont have access to the main lobbies and they see an example of how to get there.

  9. Very good darthveda, I like your approach and ideas in this video. As a long time, only BF player, I like the line " the game's got to evolve ". Your style and appreciation and understanding of different points of view is worth supporting. Yeah, casual mode, it could work but I think in the interim Dice will just compromise a little for the release. With the live service model they will be able to make changes back and forth almost immediately. I loved the new Game regardless of it's development being 6 mths behind schedule.

  10. The issues I had with the game were the gun upgrade trees, the lack of semi auto weapons for medic and engineer, and the fact that it was hit or miss with the mechanics to throw ammo and health at a teammate.

    The medic class should be given the option to have the m1-carbine.

  11. Hey man love your content but in this case I couldn't disagree more.

    To paraphrase Marble Duck; good players shouldn't be punished for having shitty teammates.
    Let's be real with ourselves here, Battlefield and its community is night and day right now compared to what it was in the 1942/BF2. The game is now played by games journalists and casual players in general who don't care about teamwork and are never going to if we're being honest. Health not regenerating is a thing in a game like Squad for example. Squad is a niche game for a niche audience, the people who play it fully accept the teamwork requirements asked of them in a match. I've played Squad for a good 100 hours or so and have literally never joined a squad that didn't have a medic or stuck together 100% of the time. In fact I've never even joined a squad where the whole squad wasn't on voice comms.

    Can we realistically expect anything even close to that level of team play in any battlefield game coming up? And expecting people to be in 5 man squads on voice comms every single match is quite unrealistic as well. You're effectively forcing people to play something that, let's be real here, they never will. The end result is that the rest of us have to take time away from doing something useful to go resupply at one of the stations instead of pushing at an objective. Also, Marble Duck points to the obvious contradiction of having supply stations to offset bad teammates. As if DICE themselves knew how awful Attrition was going to be for the average player in consideration with the level of non-existent team play present that they had to add a way to offset that.

    The equivalence with battle royale is a false one in my opinion as firstly, most people play BR solo so the team play element is non-existent, and second, practically all BR games only ever have the scavenging element to them for the first few minutes upon landing. I pretty much never leave the area I landed in in either PUBG or Fortnite without 120 rounds or so for an AR, sometimes 200+ rounds. In general I'd suggest watching MarbleDuck's impressions of BFV to get a more accurate impression of what I think of the attrition system in general. Feel free to disagree/debate!

  12. I think a better solution would be going back to how BF1 and 4 had it: there was nothing wrong with where teamwork was in those games and the problem was the playerbase. You can't force those lone wolf players to play a certain way without punishing everyone since now even players that play their role are slapped with a penalty for missing someone in their squad not playing theirs.

  13. This is irrelevant to the video but does anyone else have a problem with accidentally picking up someone else's gun right before reviving them?

  14. I like the way things evolved and we have a semi hard-core base game (in the beta). Your idea to make a custom game mode is a great one. And when everybody maxed out there guns the real skill gap will be there!

  15. Players will become better if they persevere. Use your brain and play strategically. No more unceasing run-and-gun, no more endless grenade spam. The SKILL GAP is back, the training wheels are off. Get good.

  16. I dont dislike the idea of a casual tag for players who need an easier game but I would add one thing make it unranked, if you want to have the stats and the ribbons and all the guns officially then play the base game like its designed but if you cant hack it then go play unranked casual to your hearts desire.

  17. Always love your commentary, Darth. You have a good insight to these games and it helps me make my decisions whether to buy this game or not. Thanks

  18. I like the fact that running out of ammo/health is a real risk now. I find it odd that the same people complaining about this mechanic are the same people who also shunned this game and bf1 for being to casual, ammo is heavy.

  19. They should keep attrition for the main game modes like conquest and operations but remove it for casual modes like TDM and domination.

  20. Remember when some 3-4 years ago an EA Exec said that: "Our Games Are Too Hard To Learn" … Sadly this is what happens when a publisher forces a developer to 'dilute' their franchise game over time. You get a dumbed down franchise. DICE tries to fix it with BFV but then you get some players that are actually calling BFV a hard core mode! lol oh my

  21. Lets not kid ourelves cos a little red dot is missing over a players head,or we start off with less ammo ammo,is suddenly hardcore-esque ffs. If ppl cant adjust then its theyre fault.War isnt a fukin picnic.

  22. Honestly Hardcore should stay. The higher damage + no radar are stuff I really enjoy personally, plus attrition would just make it more fun for me. However, they should maintain the current style. Make attrition only affect hardcore and Incursions (If it does come back) or even just make the Attrition a preset or option to enable in custom servers. So people who want that casual style with infinite ammo and health regen can have the preset to enable it and set it to varying degrees. Say make it so health regens by 1 point every 30 seconds or give it a larger variety to work with. Other then that, it seems like a odd idea at this time. If they made a attrition mode + the normal mode we are all used with, it might prove it to be alot better taken? Heck, just include it in a competitive mode with a benefit like Overwatch with it's gold weapons.

  23. This whole concept of teamwork is flawed. Teamwork should reward you if you do it. it should NOT punish you when your team fails to do it. Good players are tired of carrying potatoes, and BFV makes it worse than ever.

  24. I don't really remember running out of ammo in the old BF titles. There should be a better way to slow the game down, something that evens out the game's pace rather than turning it into a slog and then returning back to arcadey fast pace. It honest is like that right now. It feels very weird to me.

  25. I will never thought I would say this but I think attrition is a good idea, this keeps certain players from dominating the entire server and give lower skilled, but coordinated players a fighting chance. This is an issue since BF3, worse in BF4 and BF1. BFV beta was a mess, but I think they are on the right track regarding teamwork. Better teamwork wins games not players who go Rambo every time. Yeah this will frustrate CoD kids or player with power fantasy but in the long run, teamwork would be more apparent even in a server full of random players.

    The game has promise, but definitely not GOTY or the best Battlefield game to date as some fanboys believed. DICE has a long way to go in terms of immersion, bug fixes, connection, vehicles, progression system, UI and assignments. And don’t bring the problems of BF1 to BFV please.

    I vote with my wallet on this game largely because of the arrogance and agenda of EA and partly DICE. This is not something I would support with money. Still gonna follow the news of BFV though, because this game will certainly affect the way BF franchise will go.

  26. Even being Tedious, But there should be an Ammo bag having 100 ammo but same as we have to use med kit, but longer time to reload ammo than taking ammo from supplies….and you can also refill ammo bag from supplies

  27. I disagree to an extent. I'll admit that I'm a lone wolf and play aggressively, but I have the skill to do so.

    That said, I think not being able to fully regenerate health will cause more unbalanced gun fights. I feel that gun fights should be fair (obviously unless outnumbered or immediately after another fight, assuming you're not a medic). How do you feel in that regard?

  28. Well, my take on Battlefield V was certainly not a positive one, but let me elaborate why I didn't like attrition or some of the other changes as they were represented in the beta.

    + I didn't like the lack of ammunition, it felt restricting, and many people were not playing support on the team, as most people chose to camp around ammo crates or in a single group. Then again, I went in solo, so that may have affected my experience.

    + I hated the pacing, guns felt a bit too slow to kill, especially the STG. I don't expect it to be as quick as BF4, but I did really enjoy the pacing in BF1, I wish they would have brought that back. Along with that, I also think that the general game pace and encounters were either in your face or extremely too slow. For instance, out of my 20 games of conquest, most either consisted of enemies almost never being there (the map seemed to be too big, even for 64 players) or, my team or the enemy team steamrolling all the way to the spawn and the game soon ending. Maybe these are just beta issues. I'm not sure. I felt when steamrolling occured, there was a lot of camping rather than pushing, depending on what side you were on.

    + Absolutely hated the revive system, if anything should be removed, it is this. That was by far the worst simple issue I had with the beta.

  29. Honestly as soon as player rented servers are up they would institute the gameplay mechanics akin to BF3 and on. I would expect Dice to turn off these options, forcing you to play with attrition.

  30. If I want a game where I need to loot for ammo and health,there is plenty of choices around. Though I definetly don’t want that in a bf. Won’t buy that one

  31. The last two BF games (Hardline and 1) flopped and the way the game is right now it might as well. And I moved on from this series could they win me back, sure. But if this game is their A game, it wouldn't be anytime soon.

  32. Not sure about this title in general not just the questions you raised, I really don't have any idea where BF is going and I'm afraid the producers/developers don't know either, tho I still enjoy bf1 operations from time to time, I keep getting back to bf4 both have a very unreliable balancing system, tho by sticking to the same servers in bf4 I've found some where players actively strive to balance quality wise, servers that are centered around small communities of gamers, for some reason the same doesn't happen with BF1 proly because it is very casual in general, anyway this is IMO a urgent problem to address

  33. No!! It needs a hardcore mode with no radar, no dumb icon above the players heads that makes them visible even when their behind walls, and it needs friendly fire, it’s more like cod at the moment, where you can just shoot and hope to hit some one, no skill is involved, it’s a real soy boy spoilt brat kind of game play, real men play real hard core, not hardishcore

  34. it's already casual AF. I think battlefield V takes the wrong direction anyway. It feels more like a COD brainless run and gun shooteer then ever b4.

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