Cataclysm Recap Video: Legendary Rogue (Part I of IV)

I was born in the Badlands in the days following the Cataclysm a Black Dragon by blood. Perhaps the last of my kind. My egg was stolen from my mother by the Red Dragonflight. Once they had what they needed, my mother was murdered. They experimented on my egg. They tried to sever my connection with the other black dragons, so that I would be pure. They were more successful than they had bargained for. When my father found out about this travesty he was … displeased. Perhaps you have heard of my father? His name is Deathwing. My story would’ve ended there, with the death of the Red Dragon who created me. But she was tricky, that one. She was burned alive with a decoy in her hands. MY egg was spirited away to the Red Dragonflight. There I was held captive… for a time. This is Ravenholdt Manor. Shortly before I was born, the assassins of Ravenholdt stole my egg from the Red Dragonflight, the story of my deliverance hinges on a most unusual Rogue. Suffice it to say he was a thief of global renown. This individual came to my attention when the Red Dragonflight sent him to infiltrate Ravenholdt Manor and retrieve my egg. No doubt our hero expected to snatch up an egg and steal away into the night. But instead he found something unexpected… me.

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  1. Oh, thats it! I was 100% sure I had heard this song multiple times before.. It sounds very similar to the AoM egyptian theme and I guess thats why I thought it was stolen from there. Thanks for clearing things up

  2. Good ,to know what happend with the dragon ,that quest was bothering me since i completed it in early cata

  3. Yeh…I hate that i can't raid…Got to Pay about 2K ( Wich is hard when you dont have hi Profs,Dont raid, or Quests >_> ) And there always seem to be a rogue whos doing the pick pocket o.0? Realy?

  4. Wow, just finished all 4 straight through. This is so cool. Kudos to Blizz. Is there one of these quests for all the classes?

  5. npnp, btw I told you that the quest will fail if they spot you inside that marker, that's wrong btw. you'll just get another try =)

  6. Very nice, but the portuguese subtitles have a small mistake. They translate decoy (1:24) for "isca", wich means cooked liver… the right word is "isco",

  7. Unfortunately, no. Classes used to have unique quests back before Cataclysm, but that was eventually phased out. This Rogue-only chain was the first time they've come back, hopefully more will be added eventually.

  8. I got my first stage daggers a few days ago, man the 10k for decoder ring and later the near 3k for the landslide enchants have crippled me in funds for awhile.

  9. Yeah, I agree with easymiz. I just soloed Molten Core yesterday, and I heard the EXACT same soundtrack. WoW is awesome with music, man. No need to steal just like easymiz said T_T

  10. There are so many players who miss out on the epic story telling found in hand full of strong quest lines cause of the over convenience of dungeon finder it was a mistake to ever include it in the game. It with have group will travel shrinks the world far to small. At least bring back class quest lines make other classes feel more engaging to learn rather then the next toon you grind out just cause you had nothing to do.

  11. The red ring that appears around the Rogue when he stealths. What is that? Is it an Add-on or a Glyph or a Talen or what? I'd really love to know! :O

  12. You're gonna go ahead and bring that up now? I hope you realize that that comment is over 2 months old. I was wrong.

  13. Maybe I should 2.4.3 all day but Idk where to find most popular server for that version that would be stable and without bugs(well, ofc MOSTLY without bugs). :/

    But until then, 3.3.5 indeed.

  14. Dragons can transform clotes are part of that transformation, every dragon can do that and you only ask if he did?
    Then I guess you think he was born in human form too?

  15. H NO DUMBAZZ he was born as an infant dragon and took and form of a human and was taken cared of te Assassins of ravenHoldt Mannor U FUKING IDIOT

  16. dragons can take shape of mortal creatures. and the clothes are not actually clothes but rather their "skin" transformed, as when dragon go from humanoid to dragon form the clothes are nowhere to be seen

  17. funny that he keeps calling himself son of Deahtwing, when Deahtwing never was is father, Deahtwing killed most of his cosorts when he tried to mate with them and only Sintharia survived..

  18. i never even saw this guy till today in the tavern in the mists….its a shame you have to go through 96% trash to find the little gem quest lines like this. WoW's questing and storyline could be amazing

  19. No, he was born with scales. And all those other dragon parts that baby dragons tend to come with. The humanoid form and the clothes are simply a manifestation brought on by a spell. Basically? An illusion.

  20. Actually, it's the tail end of a bonus track on the original WoW soundtrack called "Legacy". The rest of the track never made it in-game. A pity, it sounded pretty awesome. 🙂

  21. I find the bit where Deathwing shows up at the cave entrance pretty funny… he seemed somehow bigger when we fought on his back at Spine…

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