Cataclysm Recap Video: Legendary Rogue (Part IV of IV)

The fight to destroy my father spanned the globe. For a few terrible hours, the fate of the world hinged on the actions of a handful of mortals brave enough to go toe-to-toe with the Worldbreaker. My rogue friend returned triumphant to collect his final reward. But he was in for a surprise… Your eyes do not deceive you. The treacherous Red Dragonflight sought to kill me off. I hope now you see the truth about them. Champion, you have your reward. But there is one final dragon we need to slay. My Prince, we should leave this place, in case they come back to finish the job. Fahrad! I was just talking about you. The final Black Dragon. The one who’s been more hidden than any of them. Your highness. I have never tried to conceal what I am from you. Yes. You rescued me while I was still within my egg, and I owe you my life. But you are a Black Dragon. And you share the corruption of all my brothers and sisters. That’s – not true! Do you deny it? The dark visions? The voices in your head? No, No! I’m in control of the voices. They’re here to help me. And what are they telling you now, Fahrad? What do your dark masters whisper? Kill… they want me to kill you now… oh, why did you have to go and anger them? You have proven too difficult to control! I will NEVER be controlled! The Red Dragonflight has no idea what they unleashed when they experimented on my egg. Hero – strike now! Use your newfound power to FINISH HIM. It is done, friend. To my knowledge, I am the only black dragon who remains. A new age for mortals has dawned, and heroes like you are among the vanguard. I must go now – disappear. Perhaps we will meet again. I hope we find ourselves on the same side… With the last of the Black Dragonflight destroyed, my destiny was in my own hands. I left the assassins of Ravenholdt behind to seek my destiny elsewhere. There are rumors of a new land beyond the mists of the sea. Perhaps I will see you there…

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  1. Do you remeber Malygos, well he was the only Blue Dragon back then and the Aspects managed to save a couple of them by going back into time.

    Or alternativly Wrathion can Capture a female "Red" Dragon to mate with her. (Rape!)

  2. He sadly has been forgotten in lore terms even though he is currently leading a bunch of black dragons and his enemies the ogres have been killed by us lot.

  3. Blackwing was heavilly corrupted by the old Gods a long time ago. Hence why his skin is green, that and maybe because he was the dragon aspect of the earth

  4. No. A drake/whelp is still of Black Dragon Blood… that said, They will ignore his mount, just like they ignored the Corrupted Ashbringer a lot of people got from killing Mograin and looting the chest of the four horsemen from Naxxramas 40. They are shaping a story and you as a player are nothing more than along for the ride — that's the huge flaw with *MOST* MMORPGs out there including WoW.

  5. I doubt Wrathion is the last Black Dragon.

    There must be more out there. Such as Nihil, Sabellian, Serinar, Vhel'kur, Maxnar and Or'kaos

  6. Killing Garrosh Hellscream? The beginning of the return of the Legion (Black Price says it multiple times). This is awesome lore.

  7. We could of killed Hellscream in Wrath of the Lich King, or Cataclysm. why did we wait for panda land before killing him? And what does the legion have to do with the current xpac? It's not like they have a real presence in panda land. Anyone who knows the lore would know that the legion would come back. Pandaria lore has too many contradictions.

  8. I'm speaking from the point of view of the alliance, there are many reasons to kill garrosh. And if you can point to 1 demon with connection to Pandaria, i'd love to hear. Of course you apparently know more about the lore than I do.

  9. I'm glad I quit WoW 4 years ago if the story has been reduced to this (never the strong side of the game anyway).

  10. And so it came to pass that the OP rogues of Cata would venture fourth into Pandaland to realize that they sucked balls. There class, stripped of all power. And finally, balance would be restored. All hail lord raptor jesus.

  11. LOL. Of course, you dislike nuanced and original characters. You prefer when the storyline is simply about X being made of pure evil bent on world domination. Makes sense. It's your right.

  12. Thanks for this video Blizzard! It was a very entertaining watch for those who didn't do the questchain. It would be neat if you did other videos like that, it could lead more people to be interested in the story.

  13. "THE RED DRAGONFLIGHT HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY UNLEASHED WHEN THEY EXPERIMENTED ON MY EGG"!!!………. turns into winged Charmander and flies away

  14. From what he knows and can sense, he is the last. Of course, it would be unreasonable for him to be able to detect them on outlands because the outland is a whole other planet extremely far away.

  15. This was really great, I felt like I missed out on a lot of lore from this legendary quest line and this recap was just what I needed! Thanks!

  16. I no longer trust him either, including with what happened when he found out about the crowning of the new Warchief after Siege of Orgrimmar

  17. blizzard, turning the saviours of azeroth from the cataclysm to a chump class in MOP , had to wait for 4 patches lol

  18. Through i dont like him, disappearance from Taylors garrison was too suspicious to me. Hes fishy. But for good of the dragonflight let him spawn some black dragons….and die.

  19. Thank you for these recap videos. As someone who doesn't play a rogue it helps to be able to get the full story in a way that doesn't involve a ton of chatter from a 13 year old in vent (like most of the other videos on youtube about the questline). Also it's a bit hard to take Wrathion seriously in his whelp form. haha

  20. maybe it was cause I played a rogue they whole time but I didn't get the hate for cata I actually enjoyed it my only complaint is about how people complain it was to easy when at first they complained heroics in cata were to hard I didn't really have a problem till they added LFR but before that it was fine it had a decent amount of dungeons plenty or patch content and some pretty cool raids sure the end was a bit dissapointong but it was far superior to WOD. now I started in BC and grew up in Wrath but If it wasn't for all the nerfs to difficulty after launch I thought cata would have been as good as wrath

  21. One of the greatest quests in the history of wow if they ever bring back Legendaries it should be like this class specific and challenging cause legendary items should be a status symbol that you earn.

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