Challenge: Finish Journal #6 | Journal Journey

Hi everyone, and welcome to my channel,
the farah project. Today I am going to be sharing a new type of video and it is a
“Finish My Journal” video. So I’m the kind of person who likes to journal generally
and I’ve been doing it consistently -ish for the past 5 years almost. I want
to say, yeah, for the past five years. Since 2014. I’ve been consistently
journaling ever since I graduated from university and I’ve owned a bunch of
journals that I finished. Different kinds that there are Moleskines and Diaries
and different kinds of journals and notebooks that I’ve filled up with my
thoughts and my ideas and all of that fun stuff. Now I’ve reached journal
number six. This one. It’s a Hobbit Moleskine, special edition, limited edition type
thing, hardcover, and I’ve been writing in it since 2017 November. honestly this has been a rough year and the only thing that’s gotten me through it is
writing in my journal. April to August, I want to say, I’ve written in it
religiously, almost daily. Many pages, but since then my writing has kind of
dwindled and I want to pick it up again and I’m sort of determined to
finish it before November comes along. And so this is a finish my journal
challenge for me so by the end of October I want to have a new journal
going into November. I don’t know why. There is really no good reason to do
this. Nothing, no. No good reason. But I want to do it if I write in a page every
single day this month I should be able to finish this section. This is all I
have left. This much. This much of my journal. Already it is the second week
of October and I haven’t been consistently writing so I’m gonna really
need to dial it up a notch. Basically, let’s see if I can finish this
journal before the end of the month. Starting now. So I finished writing in this beautiful
Moleskine journal and it’s bittersweet. I got a little emotional at the end. This
has definitely been my favorite journey journaling experience, I think, just
because of everything that’s in here and the fact that this journal kind of saved
me mentally and emotionally during my hardest times. So this is done
and I’m moving on to a new journal. So the new journal I am going to be writing
in is a Paper Blanks journal this is the William Wordsworth Edition. It’s so
beautiful, guys. It’s got some text on the cover, on the sides, and it’s just
got this beautiful oldsie journal feeling that I really really love. I’m
gonna start writing in it next. This is definitely a little smaller. The space
between the lines a little bit bigger, so I feel like I can get through this a lot
faster. Let’s say six months? Yeah, let’s say six months. Let’s check back in
in six months and see if I’m starting up a new journal. I’ll keep you posted. So
this has been my journal journey so far. Is that what I’m gonna call the videos? I don’t know. Journal Journey. hmmm… So this has been it. I finished one. I’m
starting a new one. Let me know if you guys enjoy this type of video. I’m not
really sure. And I’ll make more. I’ll definitely make more. Talk more about
journaling, because it’s my saving grace. Thank you so much for watching. I hope
you guys enjoyed this video, and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye!

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