Char 2C Behemoth Guide – Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC

So, uh, yeah, the new behemoth is pretty freakin’ awesome. As you can see I just soloed three basically heavy tanks there, one landship, and two of the new tanks in this DLC. It can basically two-shot any tank, and if it is a light tank it can one-shot it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. So good at taking out other armour. Now, one of the first things you’re probably going to wanna know about this tank is how the heck do you get it, how the heck do you get the drivers seat. Well, the tank spawns back at your home base deployment, a little ways down the road. So if you see the notice that your behemoth is spawning, you can spawn back at your deployment and run a little ways down the road and try and get it before anyone else. It’s a little bit tricky, and people are obviously super interested in driving it, so you may not get it, but that’s basically what you have gotta do if you want to get into it. Now, the Char 2C has 5 different seats, the first seat controls driving the behemoth and the main cannon. like you would on say the light tank. Then the second seat controls the rear swivel turret, which has got the biggest field of view out of any of the other turrets in the tank. Then seat three is the front machine gunner, so he can basically plough the road for you, and deal with infantry threats right in front of you, while you as the driver can deal with armoured threats. And then seats 4 and 5 are machine guns mounted on the side of the tank, so they can deal with infantry threats to your left or right. It doesn’t have any direct anti-air capabilites however you can take out planes with your primary cannon. though you can’t aim it very high so the planes do really have to dive down low in order for you to get them. The biggest learning curve to driving this tank, especially if you’re familiar with driving other tanks is the turn radius on this thing. It’s absolutely ridiculous. You can get this thing stuck, as I have multiple times, trying to take it down the city roads or in just narrow corridors. This is a tank that probably does best circling the map generally speaking. Most other tanks you can do sorta alright pushing them onto the point, clearing out buildings and stuff, and I did push this onto the point, but it’s difficult and and you really have to plan out your route ahead of time. You can’t just turn this thing on a dime and just back out of a location is an actual land ship you have to steer
it as if it was a ship my guess is that most people on their first try with this
behemoth are probably going to get it stuck and spend most of their time in a
highly ineffective situation trying to drive this tank around like it was a
normal tank once you realize that you sort of wasted your time with the
behemoth once you’re really going to want to try and do better the next time
and that is really keeping this thing out in big open fields and the plains
and rather than taking it into the city now you’re gunners do best when they have
a lot of area around them sadly though if you are circling around a point one
of the Gunners on either your left or right side is not going to have much to
shoot at but the rest of them probably will now because this vehicle is so slow
and has pretty bad maneuverability it’s not necessarily going to be a great
behemoth to quickly push on to a point and capture it like the airship can move
around fairly quickly and get on the different points and cap them down this
is going to be a lot slower I would say it’s the best benefit for the team is
the ability to absolutely obliterate any other armor on the field now if you are
in an enemy tank and you see the behemoth your best bet is to try and get
behind it because this front turret has like what I would say maybe a 200 240
degree turn radius so I can’t see directly behind it so that’s your best
bet that being said the behemoth can
always turn and shoot your tank and if I get one shot into you with the primary
cannon even if you’ve got the heaviest tank you’re going to be disabled one
more shot in you’re dead so it doesn’t really give you a lot of room for error
if you’re fighting this thing in another tank it absolutely obliterates them now
one round the enemy team was totally dominating the air and they have some
bombers up that kept hitting me they kept keeping their distance from me
basically flying so high I couldn’t hit them and they were doing a good amount
of damage to me and they’re able to take them under hemad pretty easily without
me being able to do much about it now that situation of course is only do
if the enemy team is dominating the air if you do get a behemoth and your
tankers decide to spawn in the tank they might want to consider going with the
anti-air variant of the artillery truck as that will help clear the skies for
you and you can deal with the rest of the armor provided that you’re actually
a good tanker and gunner you do still need skills to use this behemoth if you
really like driving normal tanks in battlefield 1 those skills will directly
translate into this behemoth again a bit of a learning curve from the maneuvering
of the tanks but firing the main turret and stuff like that is all pretty much
the same now you may have noticed from a few clips here that’s the primary turret
can be disabled this is done by hitting it directly so if you are in an enemy
tank and the behemoth is bearing down on you aim for the primary turret if you
can disable it that buys you 30 seconds before it self repairs and becomes
available again so that is again another really good tactic for dealing with the
behemoth of course if you’re an infantry say an assault and you’ve got your at
rocket gun you should be aiming for the vulnerable parts of the tank I don’t yet
know all the vulnerable areas I think the big sort of ventilation unit on top
of the tank is a vulnerable area obviously the turret is the main turret
I imagine the back part is as well it’s also possible that the treads can be
disabled also to further reduce the mobility on this tank but I need to test
it out a bit now and despite the vehicle having pretty much 360 degrees of gun on
it it doesn’t mean it can be completely self sustained it’s going to do best
when it’s got infantry support and other armored support it’s going to draw a lot
of fire and that’s going to allow your teammates to take out those targets that
are shooting you from long-range there’s only so many guns on this thing and
especially while it’s moving they’re going to be a little bit trickier to aim
now one cool thing about the tank though especially compared to the way other
tanks work is that because the suspension on it is so incredibly long
it gives you a very smooth ride so generally speaking you should be able to
keep this tank moving while firing the main turret turret pretty accurately and
I hope that goes for the secondary Gunners as
well and it’s kind of important to keep the sake moving so that people can’t
zero in on the vulnerable parts of the tank and just so that people can’t sneak
up on you or get an easy shot in general now when it comes to the cool factor of
this behemoth I think it’s one of my favorites just because this thing can
actually get right up in the middle of the battlefield and you can stand next
to it and just witness its immense size and destructive power standing on it as
an infantry is fun probably not the best tactic out there but just seeing it up
close breaking down walls and blasting away other tanks with its giant cannon
is really awesome and no other behemoth has had this sort of up-close and
personal effects before and I mean sure the armored train can get pretty close
to you or you can walk up to it if you want but it’s on Rails so it’s never
going to surprise you with a direction that it takes this behemoth is totally
off rails totally user controlled and I really got to give it to dice for not
taking the easy route making the vehicles on Rails or controlling them
too much you have total freedom with the char 2c and it just adds such a cool
element to these battle fighting against it of course is always risky but that’s
part of the fun as well the thing is just loaded with turrets so sneaking up
on it is going to be difficult but as infantry you do have the ability to sort
of take shots and change location that’s going to be your best bet when fighting
this thing now when you destroy the behemoth it does blow up in a pretty
spectacular fashion sure it’s no dreadnought battlefield
a pretty sizable explosion definitely visible from an aircraft
anyway I plan on covering all the cool new stuff that’s coming out in this DLC
this is the first map of three that we’re going to get to play during CTE if
you haven’t downloaded CTE and you have premium and a PC definitely go for it
because this is an awesome way to sort of preview of what’s coming up next
as always guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it
gives you a good idea of what to do on your first time that you get the char 2c
you see and I’ll see you next time this is level-cap signing off is level-cap signing off you

100 thoughts on “Char 2C Behemoth Guide – Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC

  1. Why did you not make this video with the "Squad" so we could see all seats. You guys use your group so imaginary

  2. The common misconception I always see with tanking is thinking you can solo stuff. Stick with the main force and support them. They'll keep the storm troops off you and you can give them the fire power to breakthrough. Great video. Doin the tactic this way with the Char2c and your team will roll them

  3. Guys easiest way to drive the Char C2 is just drive through building and dont go around it. (LOL. My sence of humor is on point).

  4. A fucking Idiot got in the driver seat of the Super tank and drove it into the out of area zone, it ended up exploding and having no use. Our team struggled to get past a sector!

  5. I really love the Char 2C but there are so many incompetent Idiots that just waist it and can't handle it a bit and the teammates that just let it alone and don't support it. That's also with the Dreadnought. Never it get's Support. On the new Heligoland map almost never destroyers help it. Behemoths are awesome and could turn the battle in the favor of your Team but there are just to many idiots

  6. Cool idea, but pretty stupid too. I’ve played battlefield thousands of nights, and I’ve only driven one of these ONCE.

  7. So good but on rupture it's vulnerable to at rocket gun assault and a hull down putilov-garford anti-tank configuration on rupture (fisemes) operations beyond the Marne sector 1 Germans defending against the French but in reality it's a French army and US Army 28th division since they have the monument at Chateu-thierry

  8. Imagine if some noob gets the driver seat and starts shooting the most powerful gun in Battlefield 1 at some medic 300 meters away

  9. -Alright, we need something to use just like the brits landship.
    -Giant Baguette
    -nvm, just hungry.
    -no,no, no. U r right, we need a tank. a BIG TANK, THICC ONE

  10. One time I was playing in this tank, and after I got 10 kills my medic class leveled from 5 untill 9. Does somebody know how this is possible??!!

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  12. The last time i drove this thing I destroyed 2 light tanks, 1 assault truck and a a heavy tank. AND I COULDN'T EVEN TURN! OP as hell.

  13. Its too fucking big and slow.

    Once you get overwhelmed by infantry, tanks and planes your dead already.

    If the char 2c has to be effective, infantry and tanks have to support the behemoth. People need to stop treating it like some invincible machine.

  14. It seems a bit silly how it continues to function with all that fire coming out. That much heat would no doupt roast the occupants of the tank to death quite fast.

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  16. My first time driving it I rolled it on its side and pissed off the whole team. Nobody even got a single kill. I felt horrible.

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