40 thoughts on “Charges dropped against Deep Ellum assault victim

  1. Tired of you all mistreating us?????

    Are you talking about all of white people????

    Because when it comes to crime you're 20% of the population and you commit 50% of all crime!!!!!
    I think we're tired of you mistreating us!!!!!

  2. Dallas Da thanks she should have never been charged because he initiated the contact by slapping a phone out of her hand โœ‹ because she was calling police on him because he walk up on her with a Gun ๐Ÿ”ซ

  3. How is that back window on a truck cost $3,000 Dallas police police department ought to be ashamed of a they self to let him go get a bogus estimate "LOL"

  4. They do any and everything they can to wiggle their way out of every wrong doing that they commit!!! The fucked up part is these judges (white and black) let um!!!

  5. 2:29 that's the face of pure evil right there!…..he's beaten a few women in his life so far, this wasn't the first. All of his ex girlfriends/current girlfriend needs to be interviewed.

  6. That was sickening! He got misdemeanor charges, yet SHE was facing a felony?!๐Ÿ˜‘
    All hell would've broken loose if that case actually went to court. So relieved for her…

  7. We support you Austin Sheffield!!!!

    We know you were set up!!! You were gas-lit by disgruntled female looking for trouble!!!!!

    And we noticed the one sided bias news media reporting against you and smearing your good name in the press!!!!

    Because when black people commit crime they reported and then they bury it!!!! This is discrimination against white people and it's racism!!!!!!

    We also took note on the media fanning the flames of racial strife agitating the community to come out and protest you and condemn you befoe you had your day in court!!!!

    All for the profit of ratings, selling hate and strife for cash!!!!!

    We support you Austin Sheffield!!!!!

  8. Cause she's black they charged him he's white and you can't charge him a white man in their minds the punk should be charged whith more than that

  9. All the people screaming racism need to sit down and actually watch the footage. It is what it is, nothing to do with race. This dude is an entitled control freak on a power trip, laying into that woman as though he's in the ring with an equal opponent, because he was unhappy with where she drove! Pulling a gun on someone over parking is ridiculous, let alone a crime.

  10. I have to say that she has one hell of a chin! No knockdown, and no knock outs. Boy, is she tough! Amir Khan could use her chin. This white guy was so scared of her that he had to back up his assault with a gun in his hand! I think she would have whipped his ass! I bet she scared the hell out of that bartender who she had an argument with! I would say that it was a white bar that she frequented. Any other female who got punched those many times by a male would not have any fight left in her to do damage to her attackers car. I truly believe that punk knew that he could not physically whip her. I would almost bet you that she whipped a white boy's ass before in that club! A lot of those southern women are very strong!

  11. Please do not respond to any negative comments we are better than this, please do not entertain them. Thank you Jesus for dropping the charges.

  12. God is good but dang you have to protest to be able to get her out of this felony charge. You guys are heroes for doing that.

  13. Is there a video showing her inflicting damage on his vehicle? He could have caused that damage on the vehicle by him self n blame it on her. After all we have all seen whites lie n lie on blacks every now n then. They plant things on and frame black people all the time. Smh

  14. Young lady get your Justice by suing that racist county, then handle that felony they're trying to stick you with, everyone knows they are wrong.

  15. Civil war coming soon โ˜๏ธ.. Anybody who's never been to war has no idea how horrific and gruesome it is.. death and misery..

  16. Lmao , so i guess you donโ€™t mind the negroโ€™s killing yโ€™all huh ? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ retarded negroโ€™s

  17. This is racist. You charge the white guy but not the Black women. They 'RE not guilty or both innocent. She broke his window and asult him. and he punch her out..

  18. Congress needs to step up and start overseeing Court's decision on Blacks because it obvious a two-way system when it comes to Blacks and we are tired of this basis treatment

  19. Where are the pictures of her face…no one has them? More to this then we know. They have the 911 call

  20. His charges should also be dropped then..since she started all of it.just another black criminal with the charges dropped…no surprise…

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