Charles White: A Retrospective | MoMA EXHIBITION

Announcer: Live from New York, Tonight with
Belafonte. Harry: My relationship with Charlie, I was
not just an acquaintance. Our survival was dependent on one another. When you look at Charlie White, and you look
at the faces of black people, there’s a serenity. There’s always a strength in his characters. The limbs of the black subject is always powerfully
displayed. Strong arms. When the good fortune hit I got my own space
to command my time on television, I overdid it with a Charlie White. ♪ I don’t want no bald headed woman,
She too mean, Lord, Lordy well she too mean ♪ It shook up television because you never quite
saw anything quite like that, all of this blackness. I bought everything I could of his and I displayed
it and I put it on television. I couldn’t get enough of it. Charlie White had a great champion in me. ♪ Better bow your head, Lord, Lordy, better
bow your head Better bow your head, better bow your head
Hold that line ♪ Our dear Charles. What are you doing now? And wherever you are, Heaven or Hell, make
a space for me.

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