Cheap Action Camera Gimbal — Yi Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer Review

100 thoughts on “Cheap Action Camera Gimbal — Yi Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer Review

  1. Great video! I was wondering, if you can setup this gimbal to some DJI Phantom drone models, which comes without camera. Do you think it's possible?

  2. Sir, Could you watch the demo video on my invention, the VIdeo 'No-Shok' Xtreme 3D© and tell me if this Yi Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer will work with my idea? Thanks…

  3. Great review , but that lens flare … Could you tell me if it would be possible to mount a Canon EOS M camera on it with just a prime lens ?

  4. I could SO do with one of these, and will get when I can afford it. Having a limp can really screw up some shots. At the moment so just use time-lapse if I can so it makes the limp-wobble a feature of the shot.

  5. does this gimbal works for drones? im making a F450 drone for aerial photography, and want a nice gimbal like this one

  6. Joy stick or Joey stick? Great video man. Been loving your stuff, excellent reviews and seriously considering buying a lot of the stuff reviewed. Love the fact you actually do unbiased great budget reviews for camera gear. Thanks bro!

  7. I have a Yi Lite waiting for me when I get home from deployment. I'm thinking since I'm on a budget that this will work well for me to do mountain bike videos and some vlogging. Thank you for the thorough review. Would you still recommend it for the price ($99 on Amazon)?

  8. Thanks for this review. I bought this kit as a result. One, possibly strange question which you may not be able to answer, is how do airlines look at extendable selfie sticks from a security point of view? Thanks.

  9. Thank you,this just helped save me some $$$.I didn’t know there was a kit out there.I’m for sure getting it👍🏼

  10. Just picked this up on Amazon for $99 one year later and this is still very helpful and informative. Thanks dude! Great review

  11. Think Media: do they work with GoPro Hero 6? (Yi Gimbal + Selfie Bluetooth) Can I also connect my camera also with Bluetooth?

  12. this is a brilliant review as i just bought the 4K camera , selfie stick/remote, the gimbal and carry case bundle off Amazon to shoot parkour videos

  13. I do a lot of outdoor stuff. Hunting is one of them. I found an accessories kit that not only has the head and chest mount straps, but a wrist strap that rotates 360 deg. My question is, can this gimbal mount and operate properly when attached to any or ALL of the 3 items mentioned above.?  Chest and head straps stay pretty much vertical, but the wrist would be almost at a 45 to the body. Giving the ability to catch those live hunting shots from the wrist, example Bow release. I am imagining that if you mount and tighten the gimbal base in the direction you want the cam to point, then wrist goes into the Y-axis  the gimbal will drop the cams X-Y-Z axis to keep level shot? LMK Thanks

  14. Hi Sean. Great information, thank you! I would like to buy one, but I have a question that will make the difference. Would the Yi Gimbal help maintain a level shoot when I have my newly bought (yaaaay!) Yi 4k+ attached to the Gimbal and the Gimbal attached to a tripod? Specifically, I have a tripod and fluid video head, but its a pain in the neck to keep the photos and videos level with the horizon or landmarks. For example I shoot on the beach with the legs of the tripod in the sand and my Nikon P530 loses its horizontal "balance" against the horizon when I pan and tilt with the fluid head, inadvertently shifting the tripod legs in the sand, not to mention the bubble levels on both the tripod and head are crazy sensitive to get perfect balance and hold that balance in moderate wind. Would the Gimbal maintain its own level and balance with the horizon for photos and video, even when panning and tilting up and down (chasing Seagulls in my viewfinder), once calibrated?

  15. Hi I've got this Yi Gymbal to use with my YI Lite and 4K+ (the original in this video, you put on a selfie stick not the newer one with integrated stick and joystick control) it's pretty good but I'm up against a problem and maybe someone can shed some light on how to get round it.
    In pan and tilt mode (accessible by pressing the button twice in quick succession) you are supposed to steer to pan or tilt by moving in the direction you want to go and the gymbal will slowly catch up and smooth out the movement, it works well to pan and to til but not if I tilt and stay tiled and then try to pan, it just will not pan at all and it's really annoying.
    I've calibrated the gymbal by following the guide in the software too which is pretty terrible but I did everything it said. I tried to update the firmware using the downloadable version and the software tool but it won't complete the update, I don't know if this is because its already up to date or if there is a problem as it doesn't tell me what version is already installed. I don't want to get too bogged down with updating the firmware for this reason but I'm all out of ideas, is it just a shortfall of this gymbal that it can't both tilt and then pan at the same time?
    Thanks to anyone who has some solid useful information.

  16. I like your video. I making travelling youtube chanel. I like to show breautiful places in Cambodia. Please help subscribe in order make more travelling videos. Thank you so much for suscribing. Apprrciate your effort.

  17. I have the original Yi Action camera (green and blue or white) and I just bought the Yi handheld Gimball.. It iscoppatible, no worries guys

  18. It's so nice to see prices come down over time! As of 9-19-19, I just ordered the Yi 4K version (for me, I really do not need the 4+) with the remote control selfie stick and appropriate 64gb card, and now this gimbal is on Amazon for $69.99! with Prime! So I'm ordering that now, can't wait for those SMOOOOOOTH walking videos! Thanks for your review of it (and the Yi 4k itself}, they have both helped me to feel comfortable with my purchases! Subscribed!

  19. Gimbal also gets other cameras from other companies or just yi only, The waterproof case ender inside gimbal or not

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