Choose Action Over Perfection

Imperfect progress realized is better than
perfection imagined. A perfectly imagined work of art is useless
until it exists outside of your head. And outside of your head it won’t be perfect. That’s the price we pay for bringing things
into reality. A perfectly outlined novel is unreadable until
it moves out of the outline and into words, dialogue, conflicts, characters. And in that form, in those many words on a
page, it won’t be perfect. Some of the words will be wrong. We must sacrifice our ideas of perfection
to get the work into reality. The price of action is the pain of imperfection,
our own imperfection. Our world isn’t perfect. Our work won’t be perfect. The solution? (You might not like it.) Quit whining. Quit hesitating. Quit preparing. Just do it. Sometimes we really do learn from advertising. Nike is right. So is Yoda. Grab those 5 minutes and put them into action. Imperfect, beautiful, flawed action that will
result in imperfect, beautiful, flawed value. Don’t think too hard about it. Don’t focus on the goals of perfection;
instead, just focus on the work you can do today. We’re not good at assessing our own competencies. That’s part of the reason that taking action
is so scary: what if we can’t live up to our own expectations? Most of the time, we can’t. That shakes us up. If I can’t assess my own ability in this
area, what do I really know about myself? Movement forward is progress. I’m of the belief that you can’t really
go backward, even if you try. You can’t unlearn an experience. You can’t keep your mind from percolating,
sifting, analyzing, connecting. Even a movement backward is a movement forward. It’s still movement. The only thing to watch out for is the temptation
to stop moving. You might not go backward, but you can get
stuck for a long time. If you keep a journal, try logging both your
failures and your successes for a week or so. Compare the two categories. Log your movement forward, no matter how small. Perspective matters. Failure teaches. Success follows. Some things simply aren’t worth it. Even an overwhelming sense of obligation doesn’t
change that fact. Let go of the stuff that doesn’t matter. Keep writing or sketching or painting or singing
or designing or building or speaking or consulting, or whatever it is you need to be doing. Keep taking one small imperfect action after
another. Don’t wait until you’re ready (you won’t
be, ever). Don’t wait until it’s perfect (also not
gonna happen). Don’t wait at all.

70 thoughts on “Choose Action Over Perfection

  1. "There is a difference between striving for excellence and striving for perfection. The first is attainable, gratifying, and healthy. The second is unattainable, frustrating, and neurotic. It is also a terrible waste of time." – Edwin Bliss

  2. There’s no such thing as perfection. Only through mistakes can you create your greatest work.

  3. There’s no such thing as perfection. Only through mistakes can you create your greatest work.

  4. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don't apply that knowledge then it is useless

  5. Brother you helped me get over my fear of being in front of a camera, and i have started my youtube channel! Thanks you are my hero!

  6. I have this so often when I want to learn something new… Instead of just starting I am waiting for the ,,perfect time" that is usually never coming🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. If you wait to feel like it, you will never do it. Feelings follow action. Once you do something, you will probably feel good about it and about yourself. There is no such thing as perfection. Even the most beautiful painting or music can always be made better. Just ask the artists themselves. They are their harshest critics. Movie directors always come out with a "director's cut" and even then, they think it could have been better. But they didn't wait for it to be perfect (they'd still be waiting) they just did the best they could at the moment. That's all anyone can do. If you are a perfectionist, cognitive-behavior therapy can be very effective.

  8. I literally have a Sticky Note right in front of me that says " Just create, don't be perfect "
    So I agree 100% , thanks for the awesome video !

  9. Some NOTES here

    1. QUIT whining, QUIT hesitating, QUIT preparing and JUST DO IT: Just focus on the work you can do today.
    2. Keep Moving Forward: You can’t unlearn an experience.
    3. KEEP TRACK OF WHAT YOU DO: Compare failures vs success.
    4. YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Keep taking small imperfect action every day.

    As always, my crazy passion is to share summaries list started doing it on my channel with PDF summaries.✌

    Let's all sacrifice the act of perfection to get the work in action.🙌

  10. Thank you. It is a video I NEEDED to hear.

    As a perfectionnist, I find myself stuck because what I do is not up to my (impossible to meet) standarts. Because of that, I get afraid, I panic, I begin to hate myself and what I created. Because of that, I refuse to simply try.

    Things will not change overnight. But now, thanks to you, I have a video to look at the next time I search for excuses to flee what I want or have to do.

  11. This video is beautiful. It captures the perfectly what I have been suffering from my whole life.

    I am going to watch this video daily

  12. Perfectionism is tricky. Sometimes it hides behind “laziness”. Sometimes it hides behind “high standards” and overachievement. Sometimes it HELPS us. Often it doesn’t. The trickiest part is when it DOES keep us busy in “action” so we feel like we’re making progress but that doesn’t actually take us toward COMPLETION.

  13. This is so true every little thing counts! Instead of saying what you want to do or whining JUST DO IT! I kept saying I wanted to leave my toxic family and become successful. Nothing changed until I actually left went to a homeless shelter and got my own apartment now I'm omw to success. I am living proof of stop talking stop wishing stop whining bc no one is gonna save you you have to just do it!

  14. I am guilty of being a perfectionist. I always plan and always wanted to be in control. Thank you for this. “It is not your thoughts. It is your actions.”

  15. Just do it is right. Say no to perfecto! And just be who you are! Any experience that has happened to you can't be unlearned. So yes, just keep moving on.

  16. You have to DO! Sitting back and waiting on things to be perfect is just a stall tactic. This is what held me back from starting a YouTube channel for so long. Then, I just decided to start at the beginning of this year. My channel isn't perfect, but I am learning a lot, and the channel has been growing. Just get out and DO IT! 👍
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. A daily mantra of mine: ”an 89.5 is still an A”

    This video provided me so much value and is exactly what I needed to hear 🙌 as a perfectionist who is beginning a blog and YouTube channel, it’s important to just do your best and keep going. The important thing is to just be happy with your work, and remember that sometimes good enough is good enough.

  18. This also reminds me of the saying "Time in the market beats timing the market." Just starting right now is much better, usually, than trying to find the perfect moment to start something, like approaching someone.

  19. I suffer a lot from this as I wanna learn web design but I always tell myself that I need to look for templates/guides/tips to make the perfect design that i forgot to start at all

  20. 🔸The price of action is the pain of imperfection
    🔸Even a movement backward is a movement forward
    Valuable wisdom 💛

    Edit: your ideas are having a positive impact over people across the world. So never stop sharing them with us. 💙

  21. Taking control of your life is the KEY to happiness and success. We all start
    somewhere, whether that be at the bottom or with a little help. Ultimately your
    potential is determined by your habits, which will DEFINE Who you are and
    what mark you leave on earth.

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  23. I’ve been trying to write the same novel for the past four years. I don’t ever get past the first ten pages before I delet everything and start again because I’m always dissatisfied with the result.

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