City Girls exhibition at the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford

[Voiceover] I was brought up on football.
Even my father came to Bradford City, and I come to every home match. There’s nothing
much that’ll keep me at home! There’s a lot more women in the 30 years since I’ve been
coming, and a lot more families as well. You can bring kids, it’s a family club, and the
kids absolutely love it. I’ve got my grandson, I’ve got two little granddaughters who are
season ticket holders since they were born, and they absolutely love Bradford City. [Crowd cheering] I’m from Bradford, I love coming back ‘cos I love watching the football team, I love Bradford and I love coming to see my family. If you see more other women come here it makes you more
happy to come, you know that you’re all here to support Bradford, and they’re nice people,
and I’m quite happy to do that. [Crowd cheering] I think women, anyway, since the 90s, have just grown stronger with sport. Bradford fans
at the moment – we said it last week – are absolutely on top form. Bradford City as a whole, it’s like a home, it’s our second home now.

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