Clash Royale: Welcome to the Arena, Electro Wizard! (New Card!)

Introducing … Electroo-Wizaaaard *Electricity !* Enter with a ZAP ! *Electricity !* *Electrons !* Two-Timing Two ! Two ! Two-Timing ! Eelectyfing ! Electro ! Unlock the Electro-Wizard !

100 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Welcome to the Arena, Electro Wizard! (New Card!)

  1. Nossa mano que nostalgia desse mini comercial do clash royale. Eu fico emocionado com que esse jogo , ele fez parte da minha infância. Lembro de quando ainda comecei a jogar em 2016, Quando tinha acabado de lançar o jogo, era maravilhoso , naquela época era muito divertido jogar uma batalha amistosa com seu amigo , mas ai vieram os modinhas escrotos da mídia do youtube , mas mesmo assim continuo gostando do jogo, mesmo que tenha saido de moda( só pra quem é modinha).

  2. I thought this was a pirate back then, when it was teased, because back then they didn't show the name of the card

  3. I got a theory about the electro wizard. He doesn't control electricity, he is just a living battery. He can let go the electricity out of him, but it is atracted by nearby bodies. Thats why he can attack two targets in the same time.

  4. I haven't seen the trailer, but I already know that the E Wiz will definitely take down a unguarded king tower singlehandedly

  5. 0:06

    Clash royale channel: Place an electro wizard on top of a minion horde it will obliterate it.
    Reality: E-wiz dies

  6. I remember how I got him in a free chest in new year eve in 2017
    Now i am at 5550 trophies in I have ewiz in Level 12

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