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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel.
So for a really long time you guys have been asking for a closet tour. And for a
really long time I’ve been hiding from those comments. To be honest I thought my
wardrobe was pretty boring. I don’t really have really exciting, interesting clothes
to show you. But the other day I noticed a comment on my Instagram account. Where
someone said they’ve been begging for a really long time and felt that I was
ignoring them. And I definitely didn’t want that person to feel that way. I just
genuinely think my wardrobe is not that interesting. But today is the day and I
am showing you inside my wardrobe. Now this video is actually about the clothes
inside my video. I will do a separate video to show you all my handbags. And
then another video showing with you all my shoes. So if you haven’t subscribed
please make sure you do. Alright starting with my wardrobe. Now this cupboard and
there’s like a mini cupboard to the side of me. That is all my clothes. I don’t
have any clothes in storage. What is in here gets me through the whole entire
year. The only clothes that I have in storage, is actually my ski gear which is
stored at my parents house. So what you’re seeing here is pretty much
everything that I own. And also I’m actually finding this to be a little bit
cluttered and there’s too much here. So I kind of feel inspired too. As I’m going
through showing you things. Find things that I can maybe sell, or donate, or maybe
they are just tired and need to be turned into like clothing or cleaning rags from my
home. So first of all I’m really kind of particular about how I present my
clothes. When I get dressed in the morning, I want to open up my cupboard
doors and feel inspired to put together an outfit. I also want to know that all
my clothes go well together. That I can maximize my outfits with minimizing how
many items I buy. When I do buy items I prefer to invest in higher quality,
versus quantity. I want to buy something that I really love, and I am going to value . I’m
gonna use I’m appreciate. So that lasts a really long time. All right first things
first. I color coordinate my clothing. So for
example. My pants and skirts going from light to dark. My tops go from light to dark.
My jackets go from light to dark and then my heavier kind of leather jackets
go from light to dark. I will also show you through my drawers in just a second.
But I am going to pull out my key pieces which I really love. All right first of all
starting with my Blazers. Now Blazers for me are a fantastic item to have my
wardrobe. Because I can quickly make a really casual outfit. Quite smart. And I
also love wearing a beautiful dress and then throwing on a blazer over my
shoulders. Now I actually have a couple of these blazers. They are Balmain. And it took me a
really long time to actually go and buy one of these. And when I bought it. My first
one which was actually this one. I loved it so much and practically lived in it.
Over time I saved up to buy a couple of other one. Now these are classic colors.
They’re never going to date and they work really well with my existing
wardrobe. But I never just went out and splurged. I slowly worked my way up. I had
like just you know, a witchery blazer. And then I moved on to a Camilla and mark
blazer. Before investing in one of these. Because, to be perfectly honest they are
really expensive. But I am planning on keeping mine for a lifetime. Because
they’re so classic. They never really go out of style.
The next two items i’m going to show you. Are expensive version versus, a I guess more
budget-friendly version. So these are my two only leather jackets. Now this one is
probably about seven or eight years old. It’s from Zara and it is so comfortable.
I never want to get rid of this. I don’t even know if it actually is leather. But
it was so reasonable. This one is one of my favorite brands, Scanlan and Theodore.
Again it’s one of my, I guess capsule color pieces. Light pink, it goes with
heaps of my clothes and color schemes. And it’s also great to just throw on
over a dress. Now this was obviously a lot more expensive than this one. But it
just shows you. I don’t actually need to spend lots of money on clothes. I go with
what I love and I of course, value use and appreciate both of these. No matter what
the price is. The next part I want to show of my wardrobe is actually my tops. Now this is where I try and be a bit more fashionable. I probably turn my tops
over a bit more. Because they do wear out. But again I stick to my color
palette scheme of really classic neutral colors. And then stick to the pink color
or the light blue, that I kind of use to mix things up. Steering away from the
blacks and navy blues and nudes. So again a whole range of different things in
here. These are always fantastic you would have seen me wear this pattern a
lot. It’s the Cecilie Copenhagen. I think is how you pronounce it.
These are so comfortable they’re great. They go in the washing machine and
they’re fantastic to throw on with some denim cutoffs or just some jeans. But
really comfortable and they also make these in dresses as well.
Now this is probably this top this denim top is probably the top. It’s actually
inside out. That I get asked the most about when I wear this in videos. I
bought this when I was pregnant with Rocco so it is five and a half, almost
six years old. And I got from sports girl and I bought it on sale and I’ve always taken really good care of it. And I have worn it countless times. I always get people
ask me where I got it from. So unfortunately they don’t sell this anymore. But just
such a great classic piece. That has never gone out of style even, you know
six years later. Now there are a couple of really special pieces which I love
that are a bit more delicate. I’m really careful and particular with mine
delicate pieces. Because I have dogs, I have Rocco with sticky fingers, I’m
really clumsy. So I don’t buy delicate pieces that often. But I do really love
this. Now bought this in Dubai and it is, I think it’s a self-portrait top. And it
is absolutely beautiful. It’s it is delicate but I love wearing this with
tight black pants or a pencil skirt. And surprisingly it’s actually really warm. But it’s a really feminine a beautiful classic piece which I absolutely love.
Now another really classic top that I absolutely love. Which surprisingly
wasn’t actually too expensive. Because the dresses of this brand are ridiculous
expensive. And it’s a Roland Mouret. And I actually have this in red as well, with
the matching skirt. So this is a really beautiful like cowl-neck drapey top. It’s
really classic it never goes out of style. Again
with black pants, black skirts, jeans. It’s just something so elegant and
sophisticated. That you can wear without showing too much skin. And the back is
just simply a tie. So you kind of show a little bit of skin in the back. And that
is pretty much it. But it’s a really classic style and this for me was worth
the investment. Now for my pants it’s pretty boring. I
pretty much have cream pants. Long denim skirt. Like skirts for work classic, black
pants. That is pretty much it over here. Which is actually looking a little bit
messy. And not color coordinated to my likings. Which I will quickly fix whilst
I’m here. And a range of black pants. Now, I don’t really like owning lots of stuff. But I have some classic leather pants to get me through winter which keep me nice
and warm. Just classic black jeans, the classic blue jeans. Obviously the blue
jeans that I’m wearing. And then some white jeans. These are all pretty
much the pants that I own. Other than two pairs over here. That is it because I don’t
like owning lots of stuff. To me this actually feels like a lot of stuff. All
right for winter time I have a couple of coats. One of which is at the dry
cleaners the pink one, however I have a classic trench. Which I’ve had for about
five or six years. This was an investment piece. It’s a Burberry one, it’s really
fitted. Again really classic never goes out of style.
The next jacket I have actually Tom bought me. And Tom and I have very different
tastes. So I actually it’s weird, I love this and I live in it during winter because it’s
so warm. It’s a Kingsland puffer jacket, navy blue
green. They’re gray inside really comfortable. I wear it with my active
gear, keeps me nice and warm and toasty. Without it being too heavy. Next piece I
want to show you is. I actually buy a lot of things pre-loved.
I have no shame in buying pre-loved. I’ve got so many bargins. Now this jacket
would have oh coat I should say. Would have cost over $1,000 it’s by Camilla and Mark. But I think I picked this up for like a couple of hundred dollars on
online secondhand. Navy blue trench super warm. Hangs off my shoulders goes and all
my colors in my wardrobe. I love this. Alright so in my drawers I keep my
underwear, my t-shirts and my jumpers.And that’s
pretty much it. I like to see lots of space because it makes me feel organized.
And I have like a clarity in the morning when I’m getting dressed. I keep my
underwear in shoe boxes separated. So I keep all my blacks together. And I
wear matching set underwear every day. I’m super particular about that. But this
is a great way of keeping your closet organized, and I guess like separated
with like a sense of purpose. I also have all my accessories like my belts, also
stored in shoe box. So again keeps it nice and neat and organized. In here
again, I always make sure everything is folded up correctly and put in the right
place. It makes getting dressed in the morning is not only easy but it’s quick.
I use these which is what I used to use in my handbag. They’re the mesh bags I now use
them to keep my swimwear organized. It’s great for going on holiday because I can just
quickly throw that into my suitcase. And it’s great because the sand goes straight
through this. I also have a collection of songs which are great for a really hot
summer’s day and Sydney to head down to the beach. Again my t-shirts now,
I’ve started buying Everlane t-shirts they’re ethically sourced and they’re
really good quality. And there also really reasonable priced. So I just keep
everything neatly organized and folded together. I have two pairs of denim cuffs
that is it that’s all I need. Just some basic singlets. And then here is my gym
gear pile. I always keep my gym gear in one pile
again so it’s quick and easy to get ready to go to the gym. All right now
next thing is the last drawer. Is my jumpers. Again I make sure I fold them up
separately. I try and distinguish between the colors. So I need to find something
in a hurry I can quickly see that pink top popping up against the black or the
navy blue. So I wouldn’t keep my you know store my blacks and navy blues together.
Because just looks like one big black dark hole. And makes it take longer to
then find it. So those are my drawers that is pretty much it. Now there’s one
other teeny-tiny cupboard. And that is where I keep my dresses. Okay so the last
section of my wardrobe is my dresses. Now I keep them in a end part of
my closet it’s really small. Having a small closet forces me to be really
strict with my clothes. And stop from doing any excessive shopping. So
again, I keep all my dresses from the light to dark. I have a couple of rule
breaker dresses that go against my color palette. But I absolutely love them so
I’m okay with that. Now I’ll just show you a couple of
pieces. This is a Victoria Beckham which I bought secondhand. Really classic,
really comfortable. I’ve worn this to the races, I’ve worn this on channel 9. I’ve
worn this for photoshoots. It’s just a great piece which I bought from a
fraction of the full retail price. Next is a Ellery dress. Now I randomly somehow
accidentally got invited to a Chanel Fashion Show. I swear there was some sort
of mix-up on the database. Because I don’t shop at Chanel at all. But they
invited me to their show and I wore this dress. It’s actually an Australian designer
called Ellery. And someone from a Chanel actually came off and asked me like oh
what collection is that like last year’s spring/summer collection? Like uh, no it’s not actually Chanel is Ellery. But anyway this has been a great dress
to have, I have worn it so much it’s really comfortable. I used to wear this
when I was pregnant with Rocco and it’s just been a great piece that has lasted
me a really long time. A couple of other really fun pieces. Like this is from Zara
great to just throw on to go head down to the beach, or to a barbecue, or to
catch up with friends. Throw on some sandals or some sneakers like fun easy
dress . Again sticking with my color scheme. With neutrals, whites and blues.
And a little bit of pink, so I love this. Now this is one of my dresses that Tom
hates because he always says I need you to watch out for poachers when I wear it.
But I bought it in London. It’s a Rixo dress. I’ve never even heard this brand
before. But I really love it and it’s such a great slim fitting dress it
doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a muumuu or a tent. Because sometimes when I wear
maxi dresses as much as I love them. I look like a clown. Next dress I bought is
another in London and it’s a Hugo Boss dress. Which I bought for like 60% off in
the sales in Europe. Again really classic pencil, figure-hugging and I have worn
this only twice. But I intend to wear it for channel 9, and hopefully also to the races. But really classic is never going out of style. It’s got a
really nice criss-crossing back. Now this is another one of my rulel breaking
dresses. I would never normally wear patterns are like neutrals and like
nothing too busy. But this has been a fantastic dress. I again I’ve had this
like before I had Rocco so again this would be like six years old. It’s a
Zimmermann dress has got a beautiful gold like bar. It’s got these really
pretty little ties with I think it’s not frangipanis but violets. I
think maybe really comfortable dress. I’ve gone to sell this on the
second-hand economy so many times. But last minute I’ve always like decided no
just wear a little bit longer. So I think I’m meant to keep this dress and keep on
wearing it. But it has aged really well like it doesn’t look tired or worn at
all. Next piece is the red Roland Mouret. Top which I’ve got the matching black
one. I wore this to Asquith. To the races in Europe this year. It’s got a matching
pencil skirt. Again totally goes against my color palette scheme. But it’s nice to
kind of break those rules every now and again as long as you love, value, use and
appreciate it. And then the final dresses are in my back. I’m not gonna bother
showing you they’re really boring. They’re black, they’re blue, they’re green. They’re really classic pieces which I’ve most of them which are secondhand. But
they’re really classic. I’ll show you actually one of them. Because this is
another secondhand dress. I think I bought it for three or four hundred
dollars. It’s a Alex Perry dress another Australian designer. Beautiful zip all
out the back and criss crossing down here. But that is my whole entire
wardrobe that you have seen. So I really hope you’ve enjoyed peeking inside my
wardrobe. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to actually do this. But make sure you
subscribe because, you will shortly see my handbag collection. And also my
shoe collection. Alright thanks for watching everyone.

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