COD on a budget – Allied Assault

In its latest release, Call of Duty has returned
to World War 2. Now I got to play it a bit at a friend’s house and really enjoyed it!
Can’t wait to pick it up when it’s on sale, since I can’t justify the asking price
right now. Instead, I picked up Medal of Honour: Allied Assault from a charity shop.
Those of you who played it back in the day might say it’s better than the new Call
of Duty. I really couldn’t say, since back then I couldn’t justify the asking price
and played through the older games on the Playstation 1 instead. But I still understood
the importance of this title. It’s the game that connects the older Medal
of Honor games with the later Call of Duty series. Indeed, a lot of Allied Assault’s
developers left to work on the first Call of Duty, which shipped a year later.
It was interesting for me to play through this game recently. Firstly, to fill in a
gap from my gaming knowledge and secondly, to see how well it has aged.
For the most part, it’s good! Most of the levels are your typical run and gun, with
good solid weapons and plenty of bad guys to shoot. It’s when it tries something different
that it shows its age. And I think it’s best shown with the D-Day
Landings. Back then, this was a ground-breaking level.
The reviews raved about it. At my friend’s house I loved it too- enough to try and make
a dday landing game of my own. You have the build-up to it as you approach the shore.
That ship next to you gets blown up! It could have been YOU! And then the gates open and
everybody in front of you dies. The scale of the action was unprecedented. At the time
you were used to being alone, or with a few guys at most, and yet here you felt as though
you were in the middle of a war, with hundreds of soldiers on both sides!
Guys all around you fall dead. Others are writhing about on the floor in pain. Some
are cowering behind cover, too scared to move! As a child, my mind filled in the gaps and
I became utterly immersed in the experience. Sadly, it hasn’t aged well at all. There’s
hardly any gameplay to speak of whatsoever. Every few seconds, a stream of bullets fires
from the top of the beach towards YOU and YOU alone. If you’re out in the open when
this happens, you die. If you’re behind cover- even rubbish incomplete cover- then
you’re absolutely fine. So, the gameplay involves you hopping from cover to cover every
time the stream of bullets stops. If you’re like me then it takes a few playthroughs before
you figure out the pattern, before which you keep dying and think it’s stupid and unfair.
Sort of like a real war, but with rubbish graphics.
Once you reach the top of the beach, you look back and see everybody else get slaughtered.
You then realise that the campers at the top have all nominated you to rush back into the
open to pick something up. Having done this, they blow through the barbed wire and a horrendous
sequence starts where you have to hop between craters before the infinite enemies respawn.
From there on it’s a simple dash through a bunker and you’ve finished the level.
Like I said, I really enjoyed this back in the day. But this sequence was TOO successful.
Every Call of Duty game had to repeat it in some way, only bigger and better. And although
I don’t think another sequence had the same impact on me, over time the standards for
set pieces has slowly risen and returning to the original is now an utter disappointment.
Now I’d happily skip this level and play the game for the rest of the levels, which
have aged a lot better. For the most-part it’s not too difficult, though the developers
do occasionally slip in a sadistically difficult sequence just when you’re getting comfortable.
And there’s a hellish level later on full of camping snipers which I can’t imagine
anyone would find fun. So, that’s a classic level from PC Gaming’s
past. If you’re craving some WW2 action but hate what Call of Duty has become for
some reason, why not check out how it all began? You might be… surprised.

100 thoughts on “COD on a budget – Allied Assault

  1. Medal of Honor was the first shooter I've played in my entire life starting with Airborne, I just wish they would make another game ever since Warfighter released last 2014

  2. I was only 3 years old when i started playing this game, i loved the infiltration mission in Norway and the other one in a german base later on, i can remember every winter when there was snow, and it was very calm outside, gentle snowflakes falling, i would always play misson 6 or 1v1 on that winter map with my brother

  3. So you are dissing MoHAA because of its age? Graphic engines were not as powerful as today. Boy do I love that game.

  4. I have never played Allied Assault but I did play ALOT, and I mean, everyday I used to play Medal of Honor Frontline. I fucking loved that game.

    (and it included levels that are based in The Netherlands and I'm Dutch so I loved hearing my stupid language in the game in some of those levels)

  5. The key difference is in MoH you get to run out of the boat, while in COD:WWII it interrupts you with a cutscene of you falling into the water only to then be saved by someone, then after that you are forced to see a dead body in front of you in a CUTSCENE with someone performing the hail mary, while in MoH you get to witness this same event with player's control – you get to see the cowering soldiers (as seen in this video) or you can run past them, its in the control of the player, you are NOT FORCED TO WATCH SOMEONE COWER OR PRAYING TO GOD.

  6. The multiplayer was also incredible in this game every fight was basically a one on one duel of who could lean and shoot the the best

  7. How could you have missed this masterpiece :0000
    Loved ur "review" 😉

    PS I still the fact that at the time I didn't know what a crater was and had to die over and over at that dday part until I just asked my dad xd

  8. For the D-day Landing level, there was supposed to be some field guns that you must destroy and clearing out the other bunkers and trenches to finish the level. The assets still exist in game, even the "place bomb here" glow on the guns but for some reason the level ends after exiting the 1st bunker.

  9. Grew up on these games, LOVE them to bits. These old MOH's and COD , COD United offensive and COD 2.. if only games were made like this now!

  10. Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt was one of the best games. When they released the "Breakthrough" campaign extension pack, it was heaven. Sadly once I loaded the game on 2013 and got 0 running severs

  11. such a good game..remember playing it when i was young. now im 18 and it feels so long ago. ive beaten the base game on hard, gotten every medal…such a classic

  12. WWII did the Ohama Beach scene terribly. There's 1 minute and 20 seconds of walking forward 10 feet, and the rest is cutscenes. At least this immerses you.

  13. I wish games today had as good of a soundtrack that Allied Assault did. I still listen to it sometimes, after about 10 years after playing it

  14. "bad guys"? u r not shooting soviets nor their servants americans/brits but u shoot the good guys(in comparison to stalin and company) the german coalition. educate yourself. list of western crimes is much longer than german. also much much more innocent were murdered by usa than by germany

  15. Whoever made that sniper town level should burn in hell, wait no, thats too soft of a punishment, he should be made to play through that level on the highest difficulty.

  16. it's the multiplayer that's fun. i have this game on my lanroom. we don't play it much, but the few times we did, we had fun. it's a camper-y break from all the other action games we usually play

  17. when COD came out it seemed like an overhyped game that jumped on the ww2 bandwagon. i actually still think that. allied assault was better.

  18. This game is my childhood, I was born in December 2004 and I started to play at 3 years old(well, I just pushed some buttons to see that the character moved) and at 5 years old started to play normally and beated it at 7 years old(6 years ago)

    And the moral is YOU NEED TO LOVE IT!!!!!1

  19. The solo playthrough was great in its day. I completed it many times. It really took off when you went online and started playing multi player. It was one of the first online multiplayer FPS games, which ushered in the later era of COD, BF2/3/4 and CS. It lacks a lot of the finesse which modern titles require to be successful, but that's because it was the best of its time. Those developments of finesse and mechanics were introduced to gamers gradually, through the years. When you jump back to games like this, you have to understand that the things you expect just won't be there.

  20. Heyyyyy I actually have that game! (Well, technically, it is my dad's game… But, I guess it is essentially mine now?)

  21. 2:10 "[Medal of Honor Allied Assault is] Like a real war, but with rubbish graphics…" – 2kliksphilip 2017

  22. I used to play this in a clan called Mad As Badgers. We used to play league clan matches. Great times back then.

  23. I have never played that game but I have played MoH Airborne and jesus christ that game is hard. I tried it on hard difficulty and I didn't even get past the first level.

  24. If i hear "Whaowh…. Dun dun dun dun dunnnnnn DUN DUN DUN DUN DUNNN DUN DUNNNN DAA DAA DAAAAA", i know what tf is going down.

  25. it was cool until cod mw1came up with those perks and killstreaks. As single player mw1 and mw2 cool too but later things gone unenjoyable.

  26. I remember playing Allied Assault on my grandparents PC. My Dad got me the game in order to get me into PC gaming. If I never got to play this game, I don't think I'd ever look at video games the same. Allied Assault holds a special place in my heart.

  27. Does anybody know if there's a way to get this game running at 1920×1080 without crashing. The highest resolution in the game settings is around 1600 and even that manages to crash the game for me.

  28. I came to this game when I was around 8, now 14. I've always thought it was really boring, and that was before I'd played any cod game. My other experiences at the time were Halo 1, Republic Commando, and various Nintendo games.

    Pacific Assault, on the other hand, is amazing. I absolutely love that game, it's definitely my favourite historical shooter ever, better than any cod or any other MoH (not as good as most Halos though). It's aged really well because of good game design, it knew it's limitations, so stayed away from massive battlefields, instead sticking to tight jungles. I just hope MoH doesn't make a comeback because in the modern game industry, no shooter could do the old games justice. A PA or Airborne remake though, I would buy.

  29. A weird thing about the sniper level. If you can escort the friendly soldiers though the first part they go from useless sniper targets to godly counter snipers once you get to the tank crew. I remember I couldn't believe it. These guys were taking out snipers left and right before I even saw them.

  30. My dad had it on our PC when I was a kid. I completely forgot we had it yet, as soon as I heard that music I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and it can flooding back.

    Thanks, Philip!

  31. The SD low resolution and chugging along at 20-30 fps ironically made this a lot more immersive, the orchestral soundtrack is also very rousing and still one of the best. Realism was also a new thing in games with MOH:AA being one of the first featuring detailed reload animations, large numbers of soldiers in battles and slow movement set pieces forcing you to think before you made your move as once your spotted out in the open without cover you were likely dead. The multiplayer was also fantastic even on dial up modem, especially the search and destroy mode, as long as everyone played gentlemanly by not choosing rocket launchers for their weapon choice, a hard thing to shake considering so many people came from a background of playing quake 3/UT online. I remember watching Band of Brothers a few months beforehand and being so hyped up to playing this. Call of duty took everything MOH:AA did and improved it infinitely especially with iron sights and sprint, but this is the game that started it all and blew my mind as a kid at the time.

  32. I really recommend you give Day of Infamy a try. Though it's either co-op or multilayer only, no campaign, unless playing with bots counts.

  33. I recently played it through for the first time as well. "Snipertown", as it is commonly referred to, sure is a massive pain in the butt. Right before playing MOHAA, I also played COD World at War. Which was also pretty good, I especially liked the guerilla warfare.

  34. Yo boooyyy how about that river crossing at stalingrad in the original Call of Duty? Or how about that mountain beach climb in call of duty 2?

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