Commemorating the 102nd Connecticut Infantry Battle of Seicheprey, April 20, 1918

generally Vaughn distinguished guests
past and present members of the first Battalion 100 and second Infantry
descendants of sesh pay veterans if we have any here ladies and gentlemen I’m
George Ripley chair of the Connecticut militia heritage committee and on behalf
of our committee the Connecticut State Library the Museum of Connecticut
history the kinetic and the Connecticut military department I’d like to welcome
you today to today’s event remember he says pray when Connecticut stopped the
hunt I’d now ask you to please stand for the presentation of the colors thank you one hundred years ago in the cold wet
and foggy pre-dawn hours of April 20 the German artillery began a thunderous
attack on the Allied forces assigned to the trenches near the tiny hamlet of
such Playa France two hours later at about 5:00 a.m.
approximately 3500 German stormtroopers slipped around the ends of the civil
trench the sacrifice range of the will and effectively cut off the 350 boys
from Connecticut who were assigned to the most forward trench from the rest of
their evening the Allied forces in the crosshairs were members of the 1o second
Infantry Regiment and the 1o second machine-gun battalion and the Germans
were determined to teach the newly arrived Yankees a deadly lesson today we
today we commemorate the incredible bravery of those boys from Connecticut
who despite overwhelming odds and heavy casualties withstood the attack and with
their fellow soldiers from the 102nd infantry eventually prevailed today we
honor the members of the memories of those young men who made the ultimate
sacrifice to achieve that victory it’s now my honor and privilege to introduce
the former commander of the 1st battalion 100 2nd Infantry during its
2009 to 2010 deployment to Afghanistan Connecticut’s assistant adjutant general
Krieger general Frannie von thank you George and Dave and the entire
committee for putting on today’s program they do some great work and get some of
the documents that were out back you could see over time many of the great
presentations and commemorative events that they put on throughout the years
it’s an honor and a privilege to be here and I’m proud to say that I have served
with 102nd and the iron Mighty iron grays while hundred years have passed
since the Battle of Ches pray those years have not in the least diminish the
courage and heroism displayed by the brave men of the 1o second who are on
the front lines back then nor have the years diminish the experience the pain
experienced by the families of the 81 soldiers who lost their lives during
that battle it is important that we set aside time during our busy lives to
remember and honor those who have went to war for all of us those who have made
the ultimate sacrifice our nation is based on certain fundamental principles
and values that we hold dear and at times it’s necessary to fight to protect
those principles and values to ensure that we endure for future generations
World War one was such an occasion the brave soldiers of the one Oh second from
New Haven and other Connecticut towns and cities face the horrors of war back
then for all of us to enjoy the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy
today the 1o second Infantry is a remarkable unit with a lineage that
stretches unbroken from the earliest days of our state and nation to our
present we are indeed fortunate to this day to have such talented and dedicated
individuals who have been and still are willing to raise their right hand to
take an oath and to be part of something larger than themselves this concept that
we often return to refer to as selfless service and sacrifice we are grateful to
their families who have supported them supported them over all these years
and to the descendants of the soldiers who fought in chess pray who are here
with us today I am honored and proud to be part of this remarkable heritage and
I salute all past and present members of the 1o second especially those who
fought in the battles I spray on this day 100 years ago I can assure you the
fighting spirit of the 1o second Regiment carries on stand forth thank
you thank you very much general Yvonne I would now ask Lieutenant Colonel Frank
Tantillo the current commanding officer of the 1st battalion 100 and 2nd
Infantry to come forward and read an official proclamation from Governor
Malloy state of Connecticut by His Excellency Daniel P Malloy governor an
official statement whereas the hundred and second United States Infantry
Regiment was organized on 22 August 1917 by combining the 1st and 2nd infantry
regiments of Connecticut National Guard and was assigned to the 26th Yankee
division and whereas the hundred and 2nd Infantry Regiment arrived in France for
training in the fall and winter of 1917 and was deployed the tool sector of the
American sector of the Western Front April 1918 and whereas early in the
morning of 20 April 1918 3,000 German stormtroopers attacked the town of Sh a
spray engaging the soldiers of 100 and 2nd infantry and the first major
military action undertaken by American troops in World War 1 and whereas 81
Connecticut soldiers were killed in action as the hundred and 2nd Infantry
Regiment repelled the German attack and whereas the memory of these Connecticut
soldiers bravery and sacrifice has faded into the hundred years since the
accidents a spray occurred and therefore I the annual P Malloy governor the state
of Connecticut do hereby proclaim April 20th 2018 is Jasper a day in the state
of Connecticut to honor the memory of those 81 Connecticut soldiers and to
foster a greater understanding Connecticut’s significant role World War
one signed Daniel P Malloy governor thank
you very much count until only at this time members of the first Battalion
hundred and second infantry will read the names of the soldiers who died at
the Battle of Seicheprey company A private Peter F. Crowley Waterbury private first class Thomas F. Deady, Hartford private Alvie S. White waterbury
company B private Samuel Fierburg Hartford company C
first lieutenant Albert E. Johnson New Haven private first class Ernest C Bell
Middletown private Gek Borus Middletown sergeant Philip J Brady New Haven
private Gustaf Carlson Middletown sergeant Arvid A. Cedarholm
Middletown private first class Earl A. Clark Middletown private first class
Clarence E. Coe East Hampton private John P. Darcy, New Haven private
first class Clinton W DeForest New Haven private Harry T Fitzgerald Waterbury
private Joseph Francis New Haven corporal George gritzback North Haven
private Fred L Hall Middletown private first class James N. Joyce New Haven
private first class Raymond J Kanoff
New Haven private Alfonso lese Hartford private first class John E
Lilley New Haven private Lewis J Londry Hartford private Frank J Mendillo New
Haven private Maryian Milesky Sabre private first class Daniel Romeri
Hartford private first class Ezra Woods New Milford Company D Private
Benjamin L Carter New Haven private first class Ray Demunski Seymour private
first class Elwood D Berger New Haven private
Charles W Darrow New Haven private Charles R Davenport Norwalk private first class
Timothy Driscoll Bristol private John D. Fitzpatrick jr. New Haven private
William H Gordon Ansonia private Alfred J. Hanley New Haven private
Theodore Hesse New Haven corporal Damase J. LaFlamme Bristol
private William Lagasse Bristol private Elmer G. Linden Bristol
corporal Louis Oberman New Haven corporal Homer A Porter West Haven
private Joseph V Pratt Bristol private William J. Shaefer Bristol Company E
private first class Benjamin Kasica New Britain mechanic
Frederick E. Ruckelshausen New Haven sergeant Emil Senger Seymour private
Adam as you were private Albert Adams New Britain private Jay
John S. Cunningham Bridgeport private Stanley Dobosz Vernon private first
class George A. Fairchild Danbury private Joseph TomTomalonis jr. Simsbury
private first class Jacob Tompovorowski, Semour Company F.
private Robert B Remington Hamden Company H private Fred clough
Waterbury company I private first class Jesse M King Meriden private Francis
Barnes Plainville sergeant Edward J Klein Meriden private David F Lindgren
New Britain private Daniel E Murdoch Meriden private first class William J.
O’Brien Bridgeport private William F. O’dell New Britain corporal
Arthur J Paulson New Britain sergeant Joseph Sokovich think you Britain Company k
Corporal Stanley J Shaw Wallingford Company L private first class Henry E.
La Croix Meriden Company M Captain Arthur F locke Hartford corporal Walter G Caul
Norfolk private Eric G hedquist Bristol private John Jay Ryan Torrington
Regimental Machine Gun Company private Nicholas Bernadino 101st
Ambulance Company Wagoneer John Burwell Norwalk 103rd Field Artillery
Private first class Frank P Gordon New Haven
private Roger Wilson Hartford 101st machine-gun Battalion private
Giuseppe Molinari Wallingford I would now ask that everybody standards remain
standing for the playing of taps and the retirement of the colors thank you all so much for coming today
and being with us for this important event thank you for all who participated
in this event and very much appreciate your presence and that concludes today’s

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