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Is Sword Art Online having 10000 Day 1 players
really a terrible business decision? Does the MMORPG mechanics in Aincrad really
make no sense at all? How can Kirito hack an admin console to save
Yui, but can’t log people out? So much plot armor that Kirito doesn’t even
die when he’s killed? Why not just pull the plug off of the NerveGear
to save people? Hey everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and today,
I got something different for you guys. Over the years, a lot of you asked me to make
a video, going off against the stupid claims regarding SAO that some big Youtubers did
and I refused that because acknowledging idiocy would bring attention to it and some claims
made by the likes of Digibro and others were so stupid that they didn’t even deserve responses. However, adressing common misconceptions about
the series was an idea that stuck with me. I am one of the active people who already
participates in SAO Reddit, SAO Wikia as well as on Quora to do just that, but a while ago,
I saw a post on Quora that summarized many misconceptions about Aincrad in one of the
most uninformed “Answers” I have ever seen on Quora and looking at the view count of
his post and people upvoting, I can only imagine this is genuinely how many people think and
look upto these kinds of people as a beacon of information. Being the terribly moderated Q&A website Quora
is, this post with all of its misinformation was never deleted of course and was served
to a whole lot people instead, the least I could do was to make a video about it, correcting
these misconceptions for people who are interested, so you know, if you enjoy the video at the
end, feel free to hit that like button so more people see the video! We are aiming for… 21 Likes, way to set
a high bar there… So, misconception #1, “Sword Art Online is
a terrible business, only selling 10000 copies”, well yes, on a very isolated perspective using
horse blinders, that is correct, such a big game with 0 microtransactions cannot survive
by selling just 10000 copies. But me being a normal person who does not
wear horse blinders like many of these haters are, the 10000 initial copies is an extremely
solid choice for a business decision and this ties in with what Sword Art Online really
is. It’s a game, yes, but it is an online game
that pretty much lets the servers handle almost everything, much more than any other online
game of today. Remember the Diablo 3 launch? Destiny, the Division, Anthem? These are server based games that still do
most things in the client. They log you in, offer matchmaking, server
is still required for loot drops, character progression etc, and certain online aspects
are even handled by dedicated servers or simply P2P connection. Despite the fact that the game server handles
basic level communication in most cases, all of these online multiplayer games had significant
issues during their launch periods, much like every other online game due to the sheer amount
of players trying to log in and collapsing the server. When compared to SAO, these actions became
so miniscule compared to other features SAO offers, that a limited amount of initial batch
of players makes incredible sense. SAO doesn’t just log you in, doesn’t just
offer P2P aspects, doesn’t just handle matchmaking, Aincrad is completely handled serverside for
most things, including the rendering of the entire floating castle. For example, this rendering is handled dynamically,
so only the points where players are directly looking at is rendered at high quality, while
peripheral vision and far away locations have low quality, whereas non-inhabited places
are not even rendered. Kirito at a certain point even mentions that
he has suffered slowdowns before in congested public places, due to the amount of high detail
that was rendered. Now can you imagine if there was no limit
on the initial number of players and the servers immediately faced 500000 players on launch
day? Yeah, Anthem probably would be laughing at
the outcome. Even if we disregard Kayaba’s plan of trapping
the 10000 players, a select few players to start the servers rolling is still a solid
decision to avoid server downtime, and building up the infrastructure towards major stress
tests in the future. The connection between the users and the SAO
server is also a huge topic when it comes to Incarnation, but we’ll get there and I
strongly recommend you check my Incarnation video for more info on that. Claim #2, “NG only sold 200000 copies, worse
than virtual boy, biggest flop in the industry”, well… Planes are sold less than cars, are planes
the biggest flops in the transport industry? NerveGear is more comparable to something
like Microsoft HoloLens or Galaxy Fold, a niche device to test out the realm of possibilities,
hoping to attract the interest of early adopters. On top of this, the only first real software
that took advantage of the Full Dive feature extensively, was Sword Art Online, so the
mainstream audience before SAO did not even have a reason to get the device, aside from
the prospect and potential of it. It’s not weird at all that NG did not sell
a lot and in fact, compared to the 50k HoloLenses sold up until 2018, I’d say NerveGear was
fucking killing it. Claim #3, various systems that dont make sense,
poisoning food the author Roy states. Well, Roy, you seem to have forgotten that
SAO has a PvP aspect and if you actively hurt someone, you become a criminal player. But poisoning a player through indirect means
do not change your player status, so poison food is part of the dynamics of the game. Also, being trapped in the game has nothing
to do with being hungry, the game literally has a hunger mechanic, regardless if it was
a death game or not. If you don’t eat for a while, you start getting
debuffs and get weakened, whereas certain food comes with a variety of beneficial buffs. This is like saying “Why do healing potions
exist, it’s only useful if you are trapped in a death game, otherwise just die and respawn”. It’s a stupid claim. Claim #4, the good old “Kirito is a god level
hacker” claim. He hacked into the admin console, saved Yui
into an item, why didnt he log people out? This is such a stupid argument on a variety
of levels… The easiest way to shrug this off is to simply
state an Admin does not have enough credentials to revert Kayaba’s authority to bring back
the log out button. But just to highlight the sheer stupidity
of the concept as a whole, let me show you exactly what kind of hacking Kirito did with
the following clip: It was literally no different than the 7 year
old who found an iPhone at the Apple Store had a logged in facebook account and posted
“Im a hacker lol”. While the anime made it look very dramatic
and maybe the console would not have a graphical interface like the Windows 10 I used in my
clip, it is still very easy to copy over strings, heck, with a code interface, the most basic
concepts one must know is things like “find”, “rename”, “copy” and the like. Kirito just sat down in front of an admin
console logged into by Yui, searched for the string “MHCP-1” and the like to find Yui,
if there was a UI, he simply drag and dropped it into his inventory and if it was just a
code interface, he just used his basic Unix knowledge to copy it over to his inventory
in the worst case. This is not “hacking”, this is literally “How
to use a Computer 101”. If it sounds complicated, you know, not having
a UI, I’ll let you know that it is not as hard as you think it is for someone who has
basic knowledge of programming. Claim #5 here sounds like just a lack of knowledge… The fact that there are no official “classes”
that you dedicate yourself to like a Mage, Warrior, Thief etc in MapleStory, does not
mean there are no roles. SAO has tanks, DPS, Support, various ranges
on the weapon types and even ranged weapons. All of these have various uses. For example, if a boss has devastating close
range attacks, you bring in spears and Polearms to stay out of that range. Against line attacks, you bring a shielder
to block it. If the boss is slow, you bring in Dagger users
to be agile against the predictable attacks. The only thing that doesn’t exist is an official
class description, which allows players to switch their preferred weaponry as they like
which is a huge benefit. Can you even imagine finding yourself in a
situation where a dagger would be very useful but you can’t use it because you are not a
Thief class? That is incredibly limiting. Claim #6: Seed Nexus and the copyright laws! Yes, the most intelligent argument in the
entire convo… Do you even know how Game Creation Engines
work? Unreal Engine, Unity etc? Seed Nexus is exactly that, a base program
you can use to expand upon, that has nothing to do with the copyright laws… I believe this Claim #7 is related to the
Rosalia and the Titans Hand scene where Kirito is absorbing the damage of the players dozens
of levels below him without getting hurt… Because as far back as Episode 1 & 2, SAO
has showcased that Kirito collects an extensive amount of knowledge against the enemies to
be successful against them, heck, he even recognized Illfang the Cobold Lord had different
patterns from the Beta, because he recognized its skill wind-up from mobs in half a dozen
Floors higher. Claim #8 is equally empty because the author
just misunderstands the statements provided to him, which is extremely common among people
who are so close minded and want to follow in the footsteps of Digibro and Mothers Basement. SAO is the first ever VRMMORPG, not the first
ever product on the NerveGear. First off, NG had plenty of software on it. But none of them took advantage of the hardware
features as SAO did. It’s the same concept as the first party games
on various consoles of today. One-Two Switch was a party game that solely
relied on Switches features in a very isolated manner. Tech Demo’s are often boring and people don’t
care about them. NG had plenty of Tech Demos, but the series
is called “Sword Art Online” not “Tech Demos of NerveGear” is it? Ahhhhhh, the good old “Kirito doesn’t die
despite being killed” claim. I can’t blame the OP for this, because the
Anime made it quite confusing for the viewers. First off, Kirito didn’t die and shatter and
then come back. There, he just imagined dying, similar to
how he imagined it in Episode 1. And then when his HP reached 0, he used Incarnation
to remain there for like 5 extra seconds and stab Kayaba back. Incarnation is a very logicly established
concept in the SAO universe. What happens here is essentially providing
so much input to the NerveGear that it just stalls for a bit. Don’t tell me it is retarded, because once
you click on that Internet Explorer icon, your PC suffers literally the same thing,
taking it around 20 seconds to launch a goddamn internet browser. It’s how digital devices suffer. Provide too much to process, it lags. Just keep in mind that this basic incarnation
is quite different from the Alicization Incarnation, again, I recommend checking my Incarnation
video for a fully detailed video on the concept. Claim #10, the game encourages you to be efficient
by going Solo, the only thing that would discourage you would be the fear of death in the situation. This is just plainly wrong. The death game only makes the threat more
serious, but circumstances of being a solo player does not change. Being solo is a high risk high reward strategy. You can monopolize grounds, but you can also
more easily die and lose progress because you are alone, whereas a well oiled party
can progress much more efficiently through the same grounds, with less risk of dying
and losing progress, because they are actively supporting each other. It’s the same concept as every MMO. You party up, you share the EXP in the party,
but are overall more efficient. If anything, the Death Game aspect encourages
risk-loving players more, because by getting more exp, they can ensure their long term
survival by leveling up more. I dont think MMO’s changed that much in the
past 5 years that they are actively trying to boost partying up that much… I know various games provide “bonus exp” for
partying up, but thats just stupid from a design perspective. With more people, you are already more eficient
in terms of numbers, it makes more sense to divide the EXP for progression balance. That’s how most old school games did it. That’s how SAO does it. There is nothing abnormal here. As for the claim that there is no “End Game”,
how do you know? Did you see what happens after Floor 100? No, you didn’t. None of us did. For the duration of the game, “Highest Floor”
is the Endgame itself. It is not unreasonable at all that after Floor
100, there would be some actual repetetive Endgame grind. Or not even that, the way Cardinal functions
as a Quest Generator can easily create more content or events for a new End Game for high
level players. If you are to claim “Floor Bosses are no Endgame”,
yes they are. They are literally “Raids” for 40 people,
that is the definition of Endgame, creating a huge party to chase the hardest content
in the game for the best rewards. The fact that Endgame moves the goalpost further
with every Floor is no different than Destiny increasing the level cap and implementing
a new Raid with every expansion. Claim #11 is again one of those claims that
exist due to lack of ability to pay proper attention. Even the anime mentioned this explicitly,
so there is no excuse. NerveGear has a Battery. You pull the plug, you can keep going. Kayaba even allowed internet disconnects so
that the entire relocation to the hospitals can happen. Of course, if you were to disconnect in the
middle of a field, though luck because your in game body would be massacred by mobs while
you are disconnected and you would die once you reconnect. Draining the battery to ensure the person
does not die is also not an option because the NerveGear was programmed to fry your brain
if the battery reached critical. So in Claim #12, OP claims it is stupid that
only Silica has a familiar or only Sİnon has a Sniper. The latter is retarded, because there are
plenty of snipers in the game. Heck, in Phantom Bullet, more than half the
final survivors were sniper users. In the case of Silica and Dragon Tamers, familiars
are quite useless and are heavily based on RNG. You need to befriend a mob by getting close
to it for a very low chance of actually achieving it. Approaching a mob without any weaponry is
deadly. Nobody in their right mind would grind for
a very rare and useless feature that can easily result in their death, in a death game. So, yes, nobody would go for having a familiar. It is useless, it is not guaranteed, it is
deadly. Those who grinded in SAO, grinded to become
more powerful, not getting a useless mascot. Claim 13, relatively reasonable actually. But yeah, the fact that Klein was living alone
would indeed put him in danger, but that doesn’t mean he is literally alone in his entire life. One of his friends or family members would
easily notify the authorities after not being able to reach him. There are probably people he talked about
having pre-ordered SAO, I speak to my friends when I pre order games. And worst case scenario, he has an entire
guild of people that they planned to play together. They have families too and maybe even guild
members that did not get to purchase SAO on launch. They would notify the authorities. The fact that you live alone, does not mean
you are guaranteed to die because nobody cares or knows about you. #14, relatively reasonable, to a certain extent,
depending on what he means here. In game, he is not an orange player, because
killing a criminal player does not make you criminal, its basic PvP mechanics, common
across many MMO’s. In reality, the entire SAO incident is taken
care of by a specialized division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Kirito’s cases are self defence, and most
of these can be confirmed via in game logs. And Ministry of Internal Affairs kept most
of these information under wraps for a variety of reasons. He is a beater, but that title wears off very
early on in the game. People don’t really care about it once they
actually snap out of the initial shock of being trapped. Back in Floor 1, it was an angry mob who just
wanted more materials from the Beta Testers and were extremely irrational due to Diavels
death. They slowly accepted the reality of the game,
Beta Testers became part of the crowd and the made up Beater persona disappeared from
the minds of knowledgeable players as well as they learned more about the game and more
about Kirito. #15, Kirito’s battle healing skill we see
in Rosalia and the Titan’s Hand scene disappears later. No it doesn’t. The fact that it is powerful enough to fend
off people below half your level, does not mean it will be effective against a Floor
Boss at your level. The anime makes it more effective than it
is for the visual that may be confusing you, but it does not work that fast. The players there are barely scratching his
HP bar, not taking chunks out that gets regenned instantly. And again, we dont really know the conditions
of the Passive Regen. It would not surprise me at all that Battle
Regen went into cooldown if too big of a damage is registered or simply is affected by debuffs
as well, hence why you see Asuna frantically giving Kirito a potion after Gleam Eyes.It’s
also quite dangerous to be at 1HP in field maps, as monsters can easily get a jump on
you, so the use of a potion over relying on Passive Regen is the normal way to go with
the situation. #16 is mainly the lack of knowledge of what
a Beta Test has come to be in this day and age. Yes, it is used for bugfixing and economy
balancing here and there if a glaring issue is recognized by the players, but Beta Tests
of our age are not to test the game, it is to test the servers. A limited time Beta Test ensures the selected
people log in at or around the same times to test the basic server functionality. And yes, it can be used for bug and exploit
fixing, in fact, SAO had plenty of bug fixing from the Beta period such as the player Vendor
Carpet item functionality being changed and the like, but most core features like “Does
the Final Boss function?” is for the QA department to test internally. Heck, it is outright idiotic to expect a game
to be beaten in a beta test. Destiny 1 even did the mistake of allowing
more than a quarter of the game be in the beta test and got huge flak for it when the
main game released and players realized most of the game was something they played in the
beta already. What’s being suggested in this claim of the
OP is mindblowingly stupid. And final claim is very reasonable, but would
not be a claim if the OP actually watched the anime, like… At all… This is elaborated on in Alicization with
Rinko’s perspective, but even in the anime, during Kirito and Kikuoka’s talks, it is mentioned
that Kayaba had hidden in a private unknown location during the incident to not get caught. The police simply could not find him, until
the end of the incident via Rinko’s report. And again, why Rinko didn’t report him earlier
was something they elaborated on in Alicization. Also, he didn’t really “operate” much in the
real world. Rinko already explains what kind of a mess
Kayaba was when she found him and in the end, he copied his consciousness to the internet
anyways, so he wasn’t really all that concerned about “operating” in real life to begin with. And even if he was found earlier, the world
did not rely on him to operate. He was there to play and be a part of the
world, not to rule the world. But yeah, that’s been a neat round up in my
opinion, hope you enjoyed this or found the explanations to be useful. If you have your own concerns aside from these,
do share them in the comments and I’ll reply to them in a future “Cleaning up the misconceptions”
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  14. The thing is with your first point, is that it’s completely okay to have 10,000 people online at launch. It’s okay to assume that maybe SAO would have a trickle effect to let more people in, but what doesn’t make sense is limiting the number of copies sold to 10,000 players. That’s what bothers people because no matter how you look at it SAO is an expensive game to make and 10,000 copies of what would most likely be a 60-80$ dollar game wouldn’t make sense. You wouldn't profit any by making and selling SAO for that amount of money.

    Your second point also makes little sense, why shouldn't the nervegear be compared to other VR headsets? It is still primarily a gaming system even if it does support other features. I would have argued that this is a valid point, but only because there have been large leaps in VR tech over the past couple of years and it’s always hard to predict technological advancements. If you told me right now, that VR has a feature that allows me to display my consciousness into a virtual world then I would gladly buy that device and so would others since, now, VR is extremely popular. I would say that this would have been a fine estimation for its time. However, with current events, the nervegear would be considered a flop just like the hololense you brought up.

    Number three is only half right, poisoning food doesn’t make sense, like, in what game would I want to initiate PVP by poisoning someone? I would just hit them with my sword or shoot them with my gun. Games such as Minecraft have poisoned food, sure, but I have never seen it be used in combat. A bad, but related example, is Fallout 76 who also has a hunger system as well as a radiation system that can somewhat similar to poison, but never have I seen someone try to feed another irradiated food for combat purposes. Having a hunger system is fine, but having a system in which players can directly sabotage food makes no sense and could only make a decent case if the game was meant to be played like real life.

    To be honest, I only have a little experience with code, but what you say does actually make sense, while normally an admin would have this power, I can see Akihiko blocking this ability. Though, I would say it was still sorta dumb for Kirito to not try, or reflect on wanting to try, even if he was distracted with Yui.

    For point five I agree that you don't need a class system in an MMO, while it is nice, other RPG games will mostly have stats that you can level up and put points into so you can decide on your own what you 'role' is.

    Number six also seems to be confused, I don't actually know how the seed works, but if you say it works as an engine then that's fine. What the poster seemed to be confused with was that games like ALO would be using assets from SAO without the designers' permission. There are a lot of free assets for 3D models on the internet, but considering that SAO is a triple-A developed game it would be hard to believe that the creators would let it go for free. Even if Akihiko gave the seed with assets for free, it isn't in his place to do so as those rights would belong to the designer unless there was some sort of contract that says otherwise. But it seems like the seed is just an engine in which case it's completely okay.

    Okay, so, what you said about SAO is completely true and I would say right, but unfortunately, SAO isn't the only game we see him play. We see him play in both ALO and GGO in ways that seem OP because he walks in and destroys people who have experience with the game with little experience of his own. We only see him struggle again in the Underworld which is something he should have been doing since he converted over to ALO.

    Point eight you are completely right.

    You are right again.

    I think what the poster is trying to say is the idea of real death actually happening would scare any sane person from going out and griding levels. Obviously in a normal game death is a consequence but one that can be shrugged off, however in SAO there are no redos. Also in MMOs, especially popular ones, it is common for there to be no endgame, sure maybe the main story quest will be over, but you can still play and the devs can release expansions. In real life, these are things that happen, MMOs are not really designed to have an end, so really SAO is only an MMO by the very definition of massive multiplayer online. However, most of the tropes and stereotypical things that happen in MMOs aren't in SAO making it seem less like an MMO and just a big multiplayer game. If SAO doesn't end at floor 100, as you say is possible, then why would anyone really 'play' SAO, they would just accept their life and forget about leaving the game.

    You are righto.


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    True again, but I would argue a better plot hole is that one of the people attacking Kirito in the scene you used is actually dual-wielding pickaxes.

    You still sort of ignored his statement that there are no real glitches or bugs in SAO, I think in any game it would be common to find at least one or two Bethesda level issue.


    Some of these points are real critiques of SAO showing the flaws that it has. It bewilders me that people actually care about defending some of them because they can't argue problems that actually exist. But doesn't everything have issues, plotholes, errors, etc? Sometimes it is better to recognize those flaws and accept them rather than try to defend it with arguments that bend over backward in order for it to be somewhat arguable. If you like SAO then you like SAO, you should have to defend its real flaws in order to feel comfortable with liking it. I do not say that's what he or others are doing, but its something I notice people do a lot. If you have any problems with what I have said please respond with what you think, I find discussing SAO to be interesting.

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    Ok let me give you the example I saw. The force awakens and the last jedi. Reviewers pointed out that details people complain about are explained in comics, movie novels, cartoons and other media. But the reviewers also said that if the films were actually good they would have included those explanations and the 3rd party material wouldn't be needed.

    Not exactly the same situation here, i don't even know if this guy complaining had this mentality, but my view on the complaints were: "I'm complaining about stuff in the sao anime. Not the novels. If the anime was good it would have explained things."

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  20. Dude, stop calling people who are going off of different material than you stupid, you know I have commented and liked on a lot of your videos, but seriously where dou you get off. Their issues and are legit, if you have to go dig into into novels and wiki's to make a point for another piece of media, that piece of media has failed to portray it well. SAO has garbage protrayal of a game, the writer even admited he knew nothing about games when writing it and it has too many inconsistencies to point them all out, it is memeable, that is why it is a meme.

    When I have watched SAO I had the same or similar questions and the same doubts or laughs as they have, just because you are a fan of something and can justify all of its faults using material unavailable or unknown to what I would assume is vast majority of its fanbase (people who watch the anime) doesnt mean the product isnt just as flawed as many others thing and pointed out.

    They are not stupid, nor are their claims and videos, they are very intelligent people who went and made a video with knowledge of the series that more casusal fans would have, that is why they are so vastly liked and accepted.

    Also, many of your points are still wrong and instead of wearing horse blinders, you are wearing fanboy pink googles. (Just for the first point… that is why companies have many more, than just one server and before you say thats not how it works or whatever, this technology doesnt exist, we have no clue how it would work, there is no reason for them to not have several servers for 10k people each.) 2 Hololens is also a flop and doesnt have a major, state of the art vr mmo for milions of dollars made for it, what even is this excuse 😀 4… do you not see the numbers on that screen? What you showed is nothing like what Kirito is seemingly seeing, he would have had to have understanding of that insane strand of code to do anything, so yea, still a god level programmer seemingly. Once again, you say what is portrayed is different than what actually happened (sure anime made it dramatic, but its so easy) no, this is how it was portrayed, so why would anyone assume that it is easy?
    etc. imo your correction of misconceptions is just excuse made by having a different viewpoint of said issue because of your knowledge of the series.

    6 hahahaha, do you know how copyright system works? Granted no game has ever birthed a game engine in form of a digital egg that can spawn other games, however im fairly certain the company that made the innitial game would have the copyright claim to that, even if it had been led by a maniac 😀 In this case whoever would buy the remnants of the company would get it, I guess the closest we would know of would be the gross dude from the second arc.

    8 close minded huh… eh not even gonna bother with this. Your corrections have about as many flaws as the actual sao anime and games (havnt read novels or manga) but unfortunately its even more insulting.

    10 yea… no.

  21. I couldn't agree with you more can during what you during and don't pay the simple closed minded haters any attention because either they are a insecured and looking for something to hate on or that they never watch the anime much support to you for being the voice of the true sao fans and keeping us updated on what's going on and also providing explanations and evidence to get more people to try watching sao.

  22. Awesome, I love videos like this, the light novels are truly how the story is meant to be told and that is made evident by all the details about the world and the characters that are in the LNs but not the anime

  23. Ugh! I can't believe that you had to make this! When I see every one of these 'misconceptions' that this person posted about, I just wanted to scream at them: READ THE NOVELS AND MANGA CAREFULLY AND WATCH THE ANIME CAREFULLY GENIUS!!!

    For example: The 'Kirito hacking' bit at GM panel under Black Iron Palace in Aincrad! Geez! Hello! Didn't you figure that Kayaba would make sure that he was the ONLY ONE that could log people out without completing the game?!

    I'm sorry to rant here, but what you call 'misconceptions', I just call…Well, it isn't something to be said on social media, let's leave it at that, okay?

    Thank you for making this video and kindly showing that those 'misconceptions' about SAO are just one thing: Wrong!

    Later and best wishes!

  24. Just to add… Kirito was established to be a computer nerd. Building computers, managing to learn of his identity to be actually a Narusaka and not Kirigaya. This supports what Gamerturk said in this video, that someone with basic knowledge of code and computer programming can actually pull this off. Basically try to remember Doki Doki's mechanics. It's really outright similar to what happened in here.

  25. Glad someone is giving a nice thorough analysis on this topic and giving great reasons as to why arguments against the show aren’t as concrete as most say they are. Is the show perfect? Heck no, but it is way better than most say it is.

  26. Thanks, this seems like a much needed video. Saw this Reddit post hating on SAO filled with poor criticisms.
    One of the major complaints (earned several hundred upvotes and many people agreeing) was about how SAO was bad because of misconception #4.

  27. Gamerturk was always my favorite, and now he has cemented his position.
    Great job man! Thanks for sharing this useful bit of information!
    You really showed those haters who is the boss!

  28. Ah, you did it at last! I love this video! Well, in the future I simple can get a link on this video to all of stupid SAO haters! Thank you very much! Good job!

  29. on Klien case,i maybe think the Pizza delivers found him i guess

    he order pizza on first episode right X3

  30. Not sure about whether or not this has been mentioned but What were all of the weapons usable in the original sword art online?I know of swords, katanas, axes knives and polearms but were there any others?

  31. 1-2. Probably Kayaba is behind this, so it will be easy to transfer the players into the hospitals. And I guess Kayaba never think about business and sales, when he made the sao game and nervegear, he's goal is just to make his dream a reality.

  32. About 15.: Kirito didn't react as he get's attact. So it is possible that his HP regeneration only works if he not fight against some others.

  33. The best comments from haters are, that SAO would be a very worse real MMORPG. Can only laugh at them. The most didn't even understand the SAO world and on top they project there little knowledge about MMORPGs and there own stupid things that they like on todays MMORPG. SAO is none of that stupid MMORPG from today and it is no Theme Park, it is more a Sandbox and Sandbox is a niche at MMORPGs because the most players needs a hand that guide them through a game. SAO is a niche game and the most todays MMORPG players are no niche gamers. They run after the hype, but that didn't mean, that this hyped game is made for them. You could saw that 10 years back, when players after 1 months after a release of a new MMORPG hate around them. That was often players that didn't match with the game. And all this "Endcontent" players are not really the goal of an MMORPG, Endcontet was created to hold players busy until true new content came and true content is the leveling phase, no stupid endless Instance running.

    I believe SAO would be a great MMORPG, but not for the masses of todays MMORPG players and that would be good so. The problem is: it would be hard to release a SAO VRMMORPG without hype and hype brings you always also that gamers in, that are on the wrong game. And yes, you can play a MMORPG wrong, millions of players proof that over years. But to be fair, the MMORPG developers made in the last 10+ years also much too many decisions.

    So at the end I must say: I don't want to see a true SAO MMORPG, it can only be pure crap, because of how todays MMORPGs are, how todays MMORPGs players are and how todays publisher/companies are (as low risk as possible, as highest profit as possible).

  34. 12:04 any electronic device that’s been running 24/7 for 2 years is gonna be run-down and can freeze up easily 🤣 not a hard thing considering the NerveGear has to constantly filter through Kazuto’s brain signals to allow vital signals, but not sensory signals or signals to the muscles… Lotta brainwaves all at once could overload the headset’s aging processor, causing the headset itself to lock up

  35. 15:40 the problem here is Death Gun was a sniper 🤣🤣🤣 can’t forget his sniper duel with Sinon, she broke his sniper rifle and he pulled the estoc out of the mangled metal.

  36. 3. Okay so rotten flesh and poisoned potato in Minecraft don't make sense for him apprently 🤔
    4. He doesn't know how emotions and scripting works. And he doesn't know shit about Kazuto Kirigaya lol.
    5. LMAO what? XD
    6. I don't even understand what he said there.
    7. Just like above.
    8. Also, none of other games before SAO were mentioned in Anime.
    9. Off topic but.. Do you think Kayaba's goal was Incarnation? I mean, Kirito does that in every game (because it bases of Cardinal and The Seed), and Underworld even takes that to the extreme probably being the next step of Akihiko's idea (as presumed in novel by his girlfriend, Rinko). By "Incarnation" I mean just what Kayaba once said. I think it goes like.. "Overcoming the power of a system by will alone", something like that.
    13. Novel said that Klein was getting help from his boss in job.
    16. He does have a point here, where are bugs in SAO? We found none, but Yui only.

  37. Awesome video Gamerturk! If you are doing another Q and A I have a few questions to ask. If not maybe just answer them in the comments if you can. Thanks!
    1) Have you read the progressives yet and if so what is your opinion on them so far? I think they’re amazing, especially with the added layers of depth to the story regarding the power struggle of the two guilds and the formation of laughing coffin.
    2) With alicization I kind of wanted to see kirito thinking of or missing Asuna more. It felt a little lacking with him just focusing on his goals with eugeo and not getting anything from him about asuna in the whole two years he was there. I get they have a lot to get through and animate and he was busy training eugeo and fighting everyone but there wasn’t even something small like him admitting how much he missed her or any of his real world friends. It was 2 years for him after all. I think even something small would have been really impactful if done correctly.
    Apart from when he wakes up in underworld and the bit at the very end where he connects to rath on the system console I don’t think kirito’s story perspectives mention anyone irl once, except anger towards rath.
    I know there is the flower scene in swordcraft academy but it wasn’t really the sort of ‘longing to be back with everyone’ I’m talking about. I guess you can just chalk it up to being good old kirito living in whatever world he is in, but still would have liked to see something more. Basically I’m asking if you agree with that or not. Would you have liked to see something similar in underworld?
    3) not really story related but more this-video related. I have a lot of friends who dislike sao and the most common thing i hear from them is that kirito has no personality. I’m actually really confused by this statement whenever anyone mentions it because in my opinion, kirito has one of the best anime personalities I’ve ever encountered. He fights for what he believes is right and wants to protect his friends. He’s shy around lots of people at first because he’s a nerdy introvert, and he’s observant and smart, and uses his knowledge for good. He has gotten a lot of his traits and morals from being stuck in sao, which I think is cool and pretty realistic to say the least. But it doesn’t matter how I describe him, anyone who likes sao is gonna know who kirito is as a person.
    I feel like there’s two main ways of showing personalities in anime (I don’t watch a lot so it’s just from my experiences). You can deliver characterisation verbally, with dialogue and exposition, or you can do it visually with animation and specific scenes. For me, sao leans more towards the visual side as it doesn’t really deal with explaining who people are with dialogue and focuses more on how they act and react in certain situations. Take kirito’s distain for kikouka. No one blatantly says he’s a suspicious/untrustworthy guy (except for kirito way after he meets him) but the way he is shown and how he behaves in certain ways lets you know that this is a shady guy. Kirito can tell he’s up to something bad (mostly relating to season 2 and 3 here) and that he shouldn’t trust him completely. Turns out to be right.
    Then you could have an anime like Your Lie in April, which mostly delivers characterisation verbally, or at least first above most other things. A lot of the story telling is done through character exchanges/thoughts as opposed to showing those things, at least primarily. Kosei has a lot of internal dialogue regarding his past and presently about his friends. When you find out about his childhood with his mother, the audience is told primarily through his dialogue. There are visuals too, but it’s not as prevalent as the verbal storytelling (and I’m trying to use a somewhat good example based on something I’ve seen). When kosei realises kaori is lying about her sickness, you also see that through his voiced thoughts.
    I’m not saying one way is better than the other, just that there will be differences to the level of absorption from the audience. The verbal way, you don’t have to pay too much attention to understand what is going on. With visual you kinda need to. This is the main reason I think haters find sao more dull and boring/blank, whatever they call it, because they don’t pay attention to the visual storytelling or what characters are doing rather than saying. Sao tells a story visually, but it creates a world with its added dialogue and exposition. You need to pay attention to both to really enjoy sao imo. You can enjoy the anime with the visuals, but I remember watching s1 and 2 before reading the books, and I remember so many times a character said something seemingly insignificant, where if you payed enough attention it explained the world/character motivation/foreshadowed something, so well that i was actually gobsmacked, thinking, “wow” or “this is gonna be important later”.
    That was really long and idk if it made a lot of sense but do you think that’s a fair judgement? I’d be happy to clear things up and I’d love to hear your opinions too!

  38. About damn time somebody stepped up against Digibro and Mother's Basement (piece of YouTube shit.) and calling out their utter bullshittery they had. Nicely done, Gamerturk!

    By the way have you seen Mother's Basement new SAO video? I haven't seen it myself but I could imagine the horrible take he may have.

    Edit: I've seen a bit about the video, its the same old crap. At least he apologized to SAO fans for the overboard hate, Or is he?

  39. Alot of the more "why did this happen" or "why didnt this happen" misconceptions are explained quiet well in the light novel series

  40. I can really connect with Kirito in games on the battlefield. I've stayed cool, calm and collected when fighting enemies too in games.

  41. kinda late but I want to agree about hp regen there are cool down on it but when boss fight its really hard to notice…. great video, keep it up

  42. About Klein… well, he said about friends coming over to his house. It's kinda obvious they'd notice something is wrong.

  43. Wow. This video is a real eye opener for me… When I originally first saw SAO, I was hooked, and absolutely loved it. Considered it my favorite anime at the time, and started consuming basically everything related to the series. I even purchased DVD copies of it online (which I basically never do for any anime). But then I started noticing how there was so much extreme hate from so many people basically everywhere online, so I decided to look up what their arguments were by watching the various videos from Mother's Basement, Digibro, AniSins, etc. Plus looked up other people's arguments against the series on forums and whatnot, and I was just hard pressed to refute their claims. I eventually just chocked it up to "Well, I guess I just have really poor taste" and haven't really kept up much with the series ever since. I mean, it's kinda hard to do so when everyone around you is ready to totally ridicule you for daring to like what seems to be considered objectively bad. Though thankfully now days I've gotten a lot older and no longer care about things like peer pressure and shit. So for whatever reason, I just happened to go look back on it for nostalgic purposes, and low and behold I come across this video. This put the whole series into a very different context for me, and I'm glad to see it wasn't nearly as bad as I was led to believe. I'm actually interested to go back and catch up with the series now, so thank you for that. ☺

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