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Hey guys it’s Sarah Jane welcome back to my
channel, today I’m here to bring you a video that I have been planning in my
head for a long time and never actually just got my butt on the chair to do and
that is my completed series and trilogies video! So I’m just gonna jump
right in with the Fever series first of all because why would you not. Let’s just
get it out the way. Now you may or may not have heard about the Fever series
from me because I don’t think I talk about it very much but basically it’s an
adult urban fantasy series set in Dublin in Ireland and it focuses on the Fae.
If it was a TV series it would be made by HBO and if that don’t tell you all
you need to know them I got nothing. Now the first five books of the Fever series
are considered a series in their own right and that’s Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever and Shadowfever. Then we have the two spin-off books but are
still set within the same world which are Iced and Burned these are still part
of the fever series but told from different perspectives. and then the
series goes back to being fever related books and you have Feverborn and Feversong. I only have Feversong because I read the other one on my kindle and I
haven’t got around to buying it yet because that’s just me. If you absolutely
want to complete the entire series then you also have a Fevermoon which is a
graphic novel set in the world which takes place between i think maybe book
three and four I think. But yeah I’ve read the complete Fever series.
I know shock horror. The next book series that I’ve completed is the Shifter
series by Rachel Vincent. This is a six book urban fantasy series and I’m doing
this because it’s actually set on like a Texas ranch,
I think it’s Texas, it’s set on a ranch and it’s not urban but it does fit into
your urban tropes, if you like. Forget werewolves they’re so last year this
series is about wearcats and if that don’t interest you then bye. I’m just kidding you can
stay. So the books in the series are Stray, Rogue, Pride, Prey, Shift and Alpha. This is one of my favorite series of all time it’s an adult series
it has a really amazing kick-ass headstrong stubborn main character
called Faythe who are I absolutely love. Like I said it’s about wearcats it’s
one of my absolute all-time favorites I feel like Rachel Vincent’s writing in
this book series it’s so strong and it’s her first book series
ever so I absolutely love this series. Now there are two books currently out in
a spinoff series for this which are called the wildcats but there’s only
two books out currently so I can’t really say have completed that trilogy
or series or however many books there’s going to be because they’re not complete
yet. And I’ve only read one of them. Come on guys. You gotta get down. I quit. I’ll just wear them shall I? The next
book series I’ve completed is The Mortal Instruments series now I’m pretty sure
that you all know what the Mortal Instruments is about… if you don’t what
rock have you been living under? You know like when everyone knows about
Shadowhunters so then you’re like what do I even say about it?
How do I sum it up? Everyone knows. The Mortal Instruments is an urban fantasy
series by Cassandra Clare it’s all about these warriors who have angel blood and
they fight demons and this – I don’t even know what to say right because every one
know what the Mortal Instruments is! This book series has the Shadowhunters otherwise
known as the Nephilim. We have warlocks, we have vampires, we
have werewolves, we have the Fae, it’s got it all! I’m pretty sure that you guys all
know the order of The Mortal Instruments but in case you don’t we have City of
Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass which is effectively its own trilogy by
itself, but it’s also a series. Then we have City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost
Souls and City of Heavenly Fire. That’s the series that I have completed
now I’m going to go on to the trilogies. The first trilogy that I’m going to talk
about ties in perfectly with the ones that I just mentioned and this is the
info Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. What just fell down? The Infernal Devices is
a prequel series set in London it’s set way before the events of the Mortal
Instruments and it’s a prequel series and I absolutely love this trilogy. To
the people who are gonna say which one do I read first I will do an entire
video on that but the very short version is you can either read these all on
their own first or you can read books 1 2 3 and then 4 of the Mortal Instruments,
read these, and then read books 5 and 6. Ok? Essentially read them in publication
order. The next trilogy that I want to talk to you guys about is the
Unbound trilogy by Rachel Vincent. This is an adult urban fantasy trilogy this is a
trilogy that to be honest with you I’d kind of forgotten about but at the time
of reading these books I absolutely loved them. Each book is told from a
different character’s perspective but all of the characters link up and if I
remember rightly it’s about this city that’s divided and
one man has half and another man has half and they’re like at war with each
other. Is that what happens? These books have a crime a little bit of like a
gangster undertone with the urban fantasy which I really love and the
characters are really kick-ass. Definitely recommend. The next trilogy
that I’ve completed is the Winners trilogy by Marie Rutkoski. The first
book is the Winners Curse then we have the Winners Crime and then finally we
have the Winners Kiss. This trilogy is a YA fantasy trilogy, now what’s
interesting about this trilogy is actually it doesn’t have magic which i
think is a very interesting element to this story and this is one of my most
favorite trilogies of all time. Kestrel our protagonist finds herself at a slave
auction and she sees a kindred spirit in Arin one of the slaves and she buys him
and the Winners Curse is following on from that and the repercussions of that.
Kestrel discovers that the price she’s paid is higher than she ever imagined
and this is a trilogy that in my mind is so beautifully written I I don’t even
have words. This trilogy is what got me into stories being told in third person
because typically I’m a first-person kind of reader and these books are
absolutely stunning. The next trilogy that I’ve completed at
a trilogy that I still to this day have not done a review of and it drives me
insane and that is the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. We have Shadow and Bone,
Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising. This trilogy is one of my most favorite
trilogies of all time and it’s the story of Alina Starkov who is a lonely orphan
and one day she discovers that she is in fact a Grisha.
The Grisha are the kingdom’s magical elite, she finds out that she’s a part of
them and the trilogy goes on from there. Alina is one of my most favorite
protagonists of all time I absolutely adore this trilogy I can’t even go into
words about how much this trilogy means to me, it has one of my most favorite
characters of all time, the Darkling. This is a trilogy that’s
very strong it’s very immersive the world-building is so good I absolutely
adore it and I really recommend it. And yes I have read the Six of Crows
duology, but because it’s a duology I haven’t included it. The next trilogy I have to
show you is one I’ve competed very recently and that’s the Remnant
Chronicles by Mary E Pearson. In this trilogy we have the Kiss of Deception,
The Heart of Betrayal and The Beauty of Darkness. this is a trilogy that features
a runaway princess, an assassin and a prince. Lia is a very headstrong
protagonist she doesn’t want to get married she doesn’t want to have this
arranged marriage so she runs away and then she’s hunted down by an assassin
and also the prince that she ran away from. The story goes on from there I
absolutely adore this trilogy and the funny thing is is a lot of people
absolutely adore this book and I typically didn’t, I kind of felt like it
was a bit average it was like oh the princess the assassin and the prince
okay and I felt like I knew exactly where it was going I felt like it was
predictable and I think I only gave it 3 out of 5 stars, and then it ended on such
a cliffhanger I read the second one and then I read the third one and now
absolutely loved them. And because I forgot to say at the beginning the
remnant chronicles is a YA Fantasy trilogy. The next trilogy that I have to
show you is the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor. The first
book is Daughter of Smoke & Bone and I have this really lovely cover. The next
book is Days of Blood and Starlight and the final book is Dreams of Gods and
Monsters this story is a really nice mixture of urban fantasy meets high
fantasy because you have the contemporary world and then you have the
hidden world and it’s a story all about the Seraphim, angels and all these other
monstrous creatures that I cannot pronounce. This series follows our
protagonist Karou who is a blue head art student from Prague and she has a secret
life that nobody knows about. This is a trilogy that I really really love, Laini
Taylor has a very beautiful writing style and absolutely loved the first
book, the second book, but the third book kind of lost its way a little bit for me
if I’m honest but I still really really enjoyed it and I think it’s a beautiful
trilogy. The next trilogy that I want to show you that I’ve read is the Dark
Elements trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout. Yeah I know I only have two
of them but basically these covers are shit and then they redesigned the covers
and they’re even shitter so I didn’t buy it. I didn’t buy the third one I was like
nah. Nah. It was a push to buy these. This is a very unique trilogy, it has a both
demons and gargoyles. Our protagonist Layla is caught up in a love triangle
between this demon Prince Roth and her gargoyle
best friend Zane. It’s actually a very very good trilogy I
have to be honest on the surface it sounds a little bit samey when you take
away the gargoyle stuff but if you ever need a series that you just need to
binge this is the series. The story is actually much more than a paranormal
romance though you’ve got Layla’s own personal journey about her own personal
abilities and I really really like this trilogy. The next trilogy that I have
completed is the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi. The first book is Shatter
Me, then we have Unravel Me and Ignite Me. and I haven’t taken these books out in
so long and I’m like wow look how beautiful you are, my babies. This is a
dystopian romance now I’m saying dystopian romance because it’s it’s more
romance than just dystopian. It’s like a romance in a dystopian setting whereas a
lot of typical dystopian are very heavy on that. I really really like this
trilogy I will say that Shatter Me while I liked it at the time it is definitely in
my mind the weaker of the three novels Unravel Me it is brilliant and Ignite Me
is absolutely amazing. At this moment in time I have read the Shatter Me trilogy
now the Shatter Me trilogy, as many of you guys if not all of you guys will
know by now, is becoming a series. There are more books on the way but at this
moment in time I’ve completed the trilogy. The Shatter Me trilogy follows
our protagonist Juliette. Juliette has a touch that kills she literally touches
people and she kills them and when the story starts she’s been locked away for
287 days…. 264 days. But the story goes on from there there’s a love triangle
there’s a lot of action there’s a really really hot guy called Warner, who
I absolutely love. So yeah read it basically. And the final trilogy that
I’ve read is the Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy this is a new adult
fantasy trilogy by Sarah J Maas, and these books are very hit and miss for me
they involve the Fae the first one is the Beauty and the Beast retelling the
second one is a Hades and Persephone retelling, I have no idea what the third
one is. They are all interlinked together there is an overarching story, and the
first one is A Court of Thorns and Roses. Which I did not like. The second one is a Court of Mist and Fury, which I loved. And the third one is a Court of Wings and
ruin which I felt was okay. I don’t even know. It’s a fantasy story all about Fae and it starts when Feyre is taken by by Tamlin… she killed someone and she had
to pay with her life… I can’t even remember and I don’t even want to go
into it because the chances are, you already know. I just don’t want to waste my
breath because I’m tired at this point and what part of me thought this would
be a really quick easy video to film. I’m a fool fool a fool a fool. So that’s it
that’s the complete set of the trilogies and series I have read that are on my
shelves. Because I have some that I’ve read that aren’t on my shelves for
example like The Hunger Games, Divergent Twilight I’ve read all those but I don’t
have them anymore and I feel like it’s a bit redundant to mention them. So like I
said that’s all the trilogies and the series that I’ve read that are fantasy /
paranormal, urban fantasy all in that kind of realm there’s a lot that I’ve started
that I haven’t yet finished but I figured if I do this then its part 1 and
then in the future I can do part 2. What trilogies and series that I’ve read have
you also read and are there any that you’ve been keen to pick up but you
haven’t yet? Thank you so much for watching please like comment and
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notification because a lot of videos aren’t going in subscription feeds
anymore and I think that’s really sad. Boo youtube. But thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you guys again soon, bye!

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