Confessions of a Rereader.

Hoi! I would like to call this one
Confessions of a Rereader. When I was young I used to reread books
all the time. I would say that maybe sixty to seventy
percent of all the reading I did was rereading. And it’s a habit that I’ve found kind of hard to kick. So today I want to share with you some books that I’ve reread more times than I can probably count, some books that I want to reread but I
won’t let myself do that yet, and some books that I really do need to
reread. Here are some books that I’ve read a bajillion times. First of all, we have
The Host. As you can tell from the spine I really
like reading this book. It is quite big a book and by the time I
finish it, all I want to do just start it again. I love the characters, I love the
world. I’m pretty familiar with it at this point. Wouldn’t even mind starting again
today. Short summary for those who haven’t
heard about it yet. It is often described as sci-fi for people who don’t like sci-fi. It’s about an alien race that takes over planet peacefully by implanting themselves into the inhabitants of the
planet and just experiencing life there. So there’s a group of rebels. One of the
rebels gets found. An alien is implanted into her body
/ mind, but instead of fading away which is what usually happens she it sticks around. So now it’s this alien called Wander and a girl called Melanie stuck in the same head. The alien is tasked with giving up as much
information as possible so they can find and catch the rebels.
Obviously Melanie is trying to stop her from doing that. I
think I’ve probably read it at least once a year since the year it came out, which is 2008. Then we have, surprise surprise, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I’ve read this so many times. I
read it before came out because I had a manuscript. I read it when it came out and afterwards probably another two times and I read it for my
dissertation and then I reread it and I think I recently
read for the film came out. So yeah, this is a favourite. Then Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton.
Excellent a literary and historical cartoons. This is one of the funniest things I’ve
ever read. I think I’ve read it three times now. I will probably reread it again next year.
Then we have to Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle which I reread every Christmas. It’s not
one of my ultimate favourite books or anything but
I don’t have a lot of Christmasy books and this one always does the trick. And then of course we have Divergent. I
think I read it one or two times when it just came out. Then I had to reread it before I read Insurgent. Then I had to reread it before Allegiant came out. Never quite got
around to reading Allegiant and then of course I reread it before
the movie came out. This is such a quick read I can read
this in a day, maybe two day, so whenever I just needed a bit of distraction this always works. So now have some books that I am dying to reread but I won’t let myself, because I’ve got too many unread books. First of all, Never Let Me Go. I absolutely love the movie and I also a really really like the book. Just kind of want to sink my teeth into it. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. Obvious choice. Loved this when I read it for the first time. I think it’s made its way into my top 10 favorite books of all-time. I will reread it eventually, but
I’m saving it for later. And then of course Of Mice and Men by
John Steinbeck Which I read pretty quickly the first
time and it didn’t know too much about when I read it for the first time. What I
enjoy most about rereading is already knowing what’s
gonna come, so I’m not that impatience to reach the end and I can pay more attention
to other stuff. And then finally have to books that I do
need to reread. They’re both final parts in trilogies. The first one is Shades of Earth, which is the final part in the Across the Universe trilogy. I only
read this once and I wanted to review it but I don’t
think I remember enough about both my reaction and the actual story. And also this is a pretty quick read,
so that one is on the list. Then of course we have Mockingjay. Same
story for this one. Only read it once. Besides not really liking it, I don’t remember too much about it. So I
will be reading this before the movie comes out. So in the comments let me know how do you feel about rereading. What percentage of the books that you read in a year would you say are you rereads and
what do you think is the book that you’ve reread most? Ff you want to keep up with what I’m
reading you can follow me on GoodReads which is Hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll talk
to you guys later. Doei!

100 thoughts on “Confessions of a Rereader.

  1. At least 50% of my reading throughout the year is rereads. My most favourites to reread have to be, the host (same as you love it!), Harry Potter and anything by Maggie Stiefvater

  2. I used to read a lot more than I do now which I am trying very hard to change! But I always always have the urge to re-read the Harry Potter series! Hahah My goodness I have a weakness for those books, I think I've read them all twice and I always want to reread them again because no matter how many times I watch the films or how much I remember from the books there are always things I forget and it;s a lovely little surprise when I come across them again.
    I also have the never ending urge to reread Dracula. One of my favourite books.

  3. I'm a crazy re-reader. Narnia is probably the ones I've read the most. Then HP, of course. And even A Song of Ice and fire I have read 4 times.

  4. I rarely reread because there are still so many books on my shelves I have never read. I have read Harry Potter a lot of times though.

  5. I very rarely re-read books, there's just too many books out there that I have not yet read but I'm itching to read! However I have re-read The hunger games trilogy 3 times and will be re-reading it for the fourth time before Mocking jay part 1 is out 😀

  6. When I was a kid I used to re-read all the time too, especially Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I've grown out of it as I've got older because there are so many new books I want to read. I do still love re-reading Harry Potter and Divergent. 

  7. I am a rereader. 🙂 I have read Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster so manu times, that i can`t even count. I`m currently rereading a book by Latvian author Ilze Kalnare.
    I want to reread HP series. 

  8. The only books I re-read were Harry Potter ones, the whole series. I love them way too much and I am sure I will re-read them in the future. I also want to re-read is Whitering Hightes (I am sorry if I misspelled the title, I am not familiar with the name in English.) and Price and prejudice. Loved them, but I hardly remember anything.

  9. I feel like I'm the only person here who doesn't enjoy re-reading that much… I've only re-read about 4 books in my life. Definitely a habit I need to pick up.

  10. I love rereading, to me it's just like rewatching your favorite movie and it really doesn't get old! I definitely spend a lot of time rereading books. I've probably reread the Harry Potter books the most. I find that I enjoy rereading series rather than just single books. 

  11. I don't exactly reread book — even I'm dying to reread some of my favorite books like The Black Book by Orhan Pamuk and The Little Friend by Donna Tartt — what I do is abandon some readings and when I come back to finish it, I do not remember what was happening. So, I restart to read the book from the beginning. One book who passes a lot for it is American Gods.

  12. I used to be such a rereader, but then I came across Goodreads and their Reading Challenge (combined with someone's 50 books-a-year idea) and since then I don't think I've reread that many. I suppose I won't let myself reread a book before I've finished the challenge, and this year it looks like I might actually have time to…yay! Of course I reread the HP series books 1-4 over 10 times, 5 at least 5 times, 6 only 2 times, and Deathly Hallows just once. And I've read P&P and S&S multiple times. And I would love to reread Eleanor & Park and Pillars of the Earth. And Paper Towns. Which reminds me I've reread TFiOS this year before the film came out. Which I haven't watched yet. le sigh

  13. 80% of the books I read a year are rereads. I could probably live the rest of my life just rereading the books I've already read.

  14. I don't re-read books very often but when I do it's usually because it's a series and a new book is out and I've forgotten what happened in the last book. There are a few books I've read more times than I can count though, including the Harry Potter series of course! 

  15. If a new book is coming out in a series then I reread from the start of the series to the newest one because I go through so many books sometimes its hard for me to remember what happened so far in the story. I love to reread books I would have to say my favorite books to reread is the Harry Potter series because I always try to find new things that I have missed. I am currently rereading the House of Night series so I can read the newest one. I actually am only rereading the first like 5 books because even though I have kept up with getting the books I just haven't had the time to read them so as I found them at a good price I have picked them up!

  16. I don't re-read that much, but my most re-read books are probably the Harry Potter series. I recently re-read TFIOS as well, because I wanted to read it before watching the movie!

  17. I love rereading but I find now I'm older I find it harder to justify when there are so many new books I want.

    Currently reading Sabriel for the 10th time after finishing Clariel. Not read Sabriel in a long time so the reread is extra good.

    Harry potter needs a reread too. I've read it countless times but not for a few years, same with The Lord of the rings.

  18. I reread books ALL the time. No idea which book I've actually read the most times, but some of the top ones are The Hunger Games triology, the Harry Potter books, the Lord of the Rings triology, Sushi for Beginners and This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.

  19. The amount of times I've re-read the Harry Potter series and the Georgia Nicolson series is just crazy.. I don't think I can count the amount of times I've read them.

  20. I always re-read Pride and Prejudice, and (this is a strange one) On the Beach by Nevil Shute. I had to read it in high school, and for some reason I loved it, and have re-read it several times. I still cry every time, too.

  21. I think I've read the entire Harry Potter series about 4 times… and book 3 and 7 at least 6 times, haha…I've read the series in both Danish and later English… Also, I've read it to my little sister… yep, I really love the characters and the whole universe, and I wouldn't mind reading the series again soon, haha 🙂

  22. One thing that's been really helpful to keep me from re-reading is that I bought a big Moleskine where I write down every single book I read which then encourages me to keep reading something new so I can put it in the ledger. At some point I will definitely re-read my old favorites again, but I do find that reading new books leaves me feeling more fulfilled and accomplished. 

  23. I don't reread as often as I'd like to, mostly because I have too many unread to allow myself to go back and reread too often. Among those I do reread, Perks of Being a Wallflower is the one I always go back to. It's my comfort book and my all-time favorite. 🙂

  24. I read HP series every year (sometimes 3 or 4 times) since 1997. It was the first book i've ever read!!!
    I'm 22 now and every summer I read them again and again, I can´t get enough of them, love them so much!!!!!
    Greetings from Argentina!

  25. I love to reread. I am not a book collector per-say. I generally buy books that I want to reread. I have unfortunately broken my habit a bit. I took the 50 book challenge in 2012 because I realized I was too lazy to find new books. I felt I needed to focus on reading new books (I didn't court rereads in the total). Since then I can't seem to stop reading new books. I miss some of them, but I get so distracted by the newbies.

  26. I think the book I've re-read the most could possibly be Magic in the Weaving in the Circle of Magic quartet by Tamora Pierce. I don't know how many times I've read it. I'll probably end up reading it more because I think that series could make really fantastic movies and I intend to be a filmmaker. I'd love to be involved somehow in transforming one of my favourite books as a child to a movie to share its magic with more children. (it also means that I could make sure it's done right, true to the novel and enjoyable for as many fans of the books as possible) 😀

  27. I think the books I have re-read most are Little woman, Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban and HP and the goblet of fire, and twilight series. But I have outgrown re reading as there is so much to me available since I use kindle! Who has the time to re-read? I only do it when absolutely necessary like when allegiant came out and I re read the whole divergent trilogy

  28. Probably a good 20-30% of my reading is re-reading. I've read Ella Enchanted (childhood favorite) around 8 or 9 times 🙂

  29. Yes! The Host! I love it and could re-read it for the rest of my life along with Never Let Me Go, though that one seems to get sadder the more I read it. I don't think I do re-read that much though only when I have nothing new and I spot something I know I love. The book I've re-read most is probably Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but I do remember when I was young I re-read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King so many times in one year because I was obsessed with its creepiness.

  30. I have re-read of mice and men so many times for my English literature gcse and when I was younger I just kept re-reading Jacqueline Wilson books .my most re-read book is probably bog child by siobhan dowd and it is an amazing book tbh

  31. I have the same rereading addiction! I think about 40% of the books I read this year were rereads, even though I promised myself  I'd focus on my TBR pile. Just couldn't help it!

  32. Harry Potter, of course. I've read through the entire series in order 7 times because I just wanted to reach that number, but the third and seventh books are my favorite, so I've those 10 times. I'm not much of a rereader otherwise, except for books from my childhood that I just want to reminisce about.

  33. I make it a point to reread all 7 Harry Potter books at least every 2-3 years (I'm 20), no shame!! 🙂 So the first HP book is probably the book I have reread the most. I am reading Never Let Me Go at the moment And feel like I will have to reread once I have finished it, as I think I am rushing though it so I can watch the movie. As I have a book before film rule I never ever break!! You also just reminded me about the Mice of Men which I studied in year 9 and want to read again!! 🙂 xx

  34. When I first got into reading last year, I would read all my books, then reread my favourites before I bought new books. Now I barely reread books. I've reread TFIOS so many times, currently rereading The 5th Wave so I read the second book 😊

  35. I used to re-read constantly, too! I've read the entire Harry Potter series over 14 times… oops? I've told myself I'm not allowed for a while but it's so tempting!

  36. I love rereading books that I've loved but in the last years I noticed that I did not get to do this anymore! It might be because I focused on reading new books but I want to try and stop for a little and go back to the books that I really love (Harry Potter, Matched – Ally Condie, When the world was flat and we were in love – Ingrid Jonach, Narnia, etc.)!! 😀

  37. I feel exactly the same about Mockingjay!
    I have read Perks of Being a Wallflower the most…probably about tens times!

  38. Gabrielle Zevin – Elsewhere: this book fascinates me, and I have re-read it countless of times.
    Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice: I usually read this almost every fall, when the teacup and blanket shows up.
    Margaret Mitchell – Gone With The Wind: Classic, and one of my faves.  

    Thats my top 3 re-reads!

  39. As I was reading it, I knew that I would reread nineteen eighty four. I feel as though when I reread I could be reading new things though…

  40. I re-read ALL the time. If I like a book enough for it to stay on my bookshelf and not be passed on or donated, there is a 100% chance it will be re-read. Favourites for any time are Harry Potter, His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper, ditto on The Host, and Deborah Harkness' All Souls trilogy. 🙂

  41. Neverwhere. I re-read it every year since 1999. It's my favorite book of all time and I just enjoy it SO much everytime. Crazy.

    Also, Harry POtter. Re-read them so many times I can't even count them. The third book is the one I've read the most.

  42. I used to reread a lot, but now I have the same thing as you that there are too many books I haven't read yet that are taking precedent. If I could do nothing but read I would definitely re-read my favorite Neil Gaiman book, America Gods, and add Neverwhere and The Ocean at the end of the Lane for good measure. I also really want to re-read the his dark materials trilogy and some of the Thea Beckman books I read when I was young.

    I am slowly re-reading all Harry Potters again, this time in the audiobook form (<3 Stephen Fry) and re-reading the discworld books along with Mark Oshiro who's doing them for Mark Reads. I made a currently re-reading shelf on Goodreads because I am a re-reader. 🙂

  43. I am also a compulsive re reader, especially when the next book in a series comes out. Even if I remember the previous book(s) well enough, I feel the need to refresh my memory regardless. I have gotten better as I've gotten older, but now I want to re read some of the literary classics that I read in high school and college.

  44. I am definitely a rereader too! A lot of my reread books are ones I loved as a kid. The Hunter's Moon by O.R. Melling is probably my favourite book of all time. I've read it more times than I can remember… Maybe a dozen (or more)? Others that come to mind from my childhood are Just as Long as We're Together by Judy Blume and Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. I have reread Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson a bunch of times too, as well as You Shouldn't Have to Say Goodbye by Patricia Hermes, and they both made me cry every time. 

    One of my most read books as a teenager/adult would have to be The Bachman Books by Stephen King. It is a collection of four novellas, three of which I absolutely LOVE (Rage, The Long Walk, and The Running Man). I try to read the other one (Roadwork) every single time I read the book, which has to be at least 10 times by now, but I have only made it through the entire story once…

    I would love to reread anything on the above list (and actually pulled The Hunter's Moon out again a couple of days ago!), even though I have hundreds of unread books. For books I've only read once, but want to read again, I'd have to say Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, so that I can finally read the rest of the trilogy (MaddAddam and The Year of the Flood), as well as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt, and A Widow for One Year by John Irving, which I absolutely loved. I will reread both IT and Lisey's Story by Stephen King one day too, since they are favourites I've only read once each. Where will I find the time? :0)

  45. The one book that I've reread about 10 times is Mao's Last Dancer. I fell in love with the book when I was about 11 years old because I'm a dancer and the book is about a young Chinese boy who escapes his terrible poverty ridden life in China to become a famous ballet dancer. As I was an aspiring dancer at age 11, I absolutely adored the book, and to this day, I still reread it 🙂 😀

  46. My re-reads are a really strange group – the gossip girl books get re-read whenever I feel like something not taxing, I re-read the entire HP series at least once a year in order and then probably reread the third, sixth and seventh books individually over again as well, I love rereading Gone With The Wind, Pride And Prejudice and Wuthering Heights and the past few Christmases I've reread a book called Dickens at Christmas which is a compilation of various stories by Dickens set at Christmas (who'd have guessed?!)

  47. Lovely video! I re-read Palimpsest by Cathrynne Valente and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling every year. My other common re-read is The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop…yea, the whole trilogy. Other than the 2 mentioned before and not counting my herbalism or other non-fiction texts that I reference continuously, I do not re-read much anymore though I did a lot when I was in school. 

  48. Rereading Harry Potter series is always a good idea – reading book 4 at the moment – stopped counting a while ago, so I have no idea how many times I have read the series. 

  49. I mostly reread books before reading a sequel or a movie coming out but there is one exception: the Harry Potter series. I've reread them so many times I've definitely lost count.

  50. I hardly ever re-read books cause I'm such a slow reader! I have so many un-read books that I need to get through too. 🙂

  51. Right now my percentage of re-read books is 0%. I just have too many great books I need to finish before I can re-read them. Although every once in a while I find myself re-reading " The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane " As a kid that book had such a great affect on me, and is probably what started my huge love for reading. 

  52. I like the Host so much better than the Twilight books! I feel like Stephanie grew so much as a writer between projects. How did you feel about the movie?

  53. I have a lot of books that I want to re-read, but unfortunately I barely have time to read books I have never read. The book I have re-read the most as been Pride and Prejudice and I really, really want to re-read the whole Harry Potter series.

  54. I reread so much. I try to do it heaps less too, but I'd say probably still 40% of what I read is rereads. My favourite ones to reread are Harry Potter, Tomorrow when the war began, The mortal instruments, AND THE HOST!!!

  55. I've reread Inkheart proooobably the most. It's a hard toss-up between that, Little Women, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Those three were like my bibles growing up. I'm a chronic re-reader, but I don't see a problem with it. Some stories are just too good to give up. If I enjoyed a book, I will definitely want to read it again in the future. If I loved a book, then it's certainly having several revisits. C. S. Lewis had this habit too, which makes me feel better about it!

  56. Love to re read certain books. It's kinda comforting…….. Agree that you pick up more of the subtleties after the first read when your not so impatient. Currently re reading the outlander series and throughly enjoying it ! X

  57. My all time most read book is also The Host! One time I read it back to back 3 times. My first copy is very well loved. I read tons of new books all the time, but I can't help but go back and reread favorite books/series in between.

  58. I just stumbled across your channel! Really enjoying your videos! My biggest re-read would be Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy

  59. I need to reread the GRRM Song of Ice and Fire series before he releases the next installment.  I think I have a lot of time to do so, though, as I've yet to see a release date announced.  

  60. I have re-read the Harry Potter series (of course), The Lord of the Rings, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Contact and I'm sure a few others.

    But the one I have re-read most often is 'Gone With the Wind'! It used to an informal spring/summer tradition for me. I should try that again next year. I never get tired of it!

  61. I love re-reading books! Especially Harry Potter- I read the entire series every year starting in August. I also love reading the boy series trilogy by Meg Cabot, I've read them a few times each 🙂

    It's quite bad because I've bought so many new books to read, but I like the familiarity of ones I've read before, so I end up reading a new book in between re-reading something I love

  62. I always reread when i don't have any new books to read. It's like a way for me to tell my books that I haven't forgotten them. 🙂

  63. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are series I've read SO many times – and childhood favourites like Ballet Shoes and Noughts and Crosses too. I just reread The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, and let me tell you, it is even better the second time around. I'm a chronic rereader, even when my TBR pile takes up the whole shelf xD

  64. I`m going to start rereading Crusade in Jeans (in Dutch) this weekend, which is the first reread in a VERY long time! I do want to reread books, but then I also already kind of know the story and can get impatient with it, plus knowing that there`s this massive stack of books I haven`t read yet next to my bed and even more books in stores, I just get tense about all the new stories I could be experiencing for the first time instead of rereading an older one. 

  65. 10% of all my reads in a year are probably rereads. There are some books that I absolutely love rereading including all of the Harry Potter series (had replace my poor books after a move 🙁 ), the Song of Ice and Fire Series, I've only been reading them for about two or three years, but I find rereading staves off the hunger pains waiting for Winds of Winter has insued. Of Mice and Men is perhaps my favourite classic to reread and if I find a later installment of any series, I have to re-read the earlier books to be sure I've not forgotten anything.

  66. I've reread the Harry Potter series about 10 times, I went through a phase of reading the whole series, finishing the series and then starting the series again then repeat about 5 times

  67. Hi 🙂
    So the most re-read book for me is easy to say, actually it's a whole series, namely Harry Potter. I re-read this series at least 10 times now.
    Another series I've re-read so often is the Princess Diaries' Series.
    Also I re-read beloved classics quite a lot, I think the last I re-read was A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

  68. Definitely re read mockingjay. I wasn't a huge fan of it the first time I read it became its so different from the previous two but since ive re read the trilogy 6 or 7 times now (the year I first read it I read it four times. I was in love.)  It's now my favorite book in the trilogy and I sob at the end every time. 

  69. I read the Host every year since it came out too! Last year, I listened to the audiobook to shake things up.

  70. I love rereading books! I've reread the Harry Potter series over 8 times! I have a few others that I want to reread also!

  71. I liked that you said you can read divergent in 1 to 2 days because i was actually looking to compare my reading skills to someone, but now my question is. How do you read so fast? I can only read for like an hour straight, max. how many hours are you talking about when you say a day? And do you read all the words or just skim?

  72. Oh my gosh, I've read the Host soooooo many times, and I'm not usually a re-reader. One of my favorites 🙂

  73. my constant rereading actually did me good when I was younger as it meant my mum would buy me as many books as I wanted – she knew I'd get my money's worth!

  74. I kind of get by the whole "I should be reading something new instead because I have too much to read"-feeling by saying "Oh, I'm just going to read this is another language to practice that language!". Since I'm Norwegian, reading stuff in English with that excuse was great when I was younger, but now I usually pick the English version anyways. That means I have to read the books in German instead. For some reason that's a lot more difficult for me to do…

  75. ive reread dash and lily 3 times, im currently rereading let it snow, ive read PJ multiple time, Heroes of Olympus multiple times. Ive reread parts of the maze runner series, and many many more

  76. Every year I re-read: Georgette Heyer Regency Novels, The Abhorsen Trilogy, A variety of chicklit novels, Trudi Canavan Black Magician & Age of Five Trilogy, as well as dipping in and out of the Stephanie Plum Novels. I'd say my reading ratio is 50-50 between first reads and re-reads.

  77. I have re-read " Anne of Green Gables" every other year since I was 9 years old. That equates to about 8 times. I love it. I never get tired of it. I always read it around the very end of summer and I get excited to read it every time. I cry each time I read it. It could be the most beautiful and charming book I've ever read and will always have a special place in my heart. ❤❤❤

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