6 thoughts on “Confronting Hate: Put Confederate Statues In Museum, The Rev. Jesse Jackson Says

  1. Jesse jackson is a lying racist race baiter period. Tell this ignorant racist to go back to the old folks home. Lies and racist propaganda from 60s till today. He's purposely trying to convince you to blame white peoples for all the violence caused by blacks it's pathetic and disgusting and so is this loser. Lying and race baiting are old tactics of the liberal democrats I thought obviously lying about race issues was the thing of the past. But this disgusting anti white anti American anti conservative pos still thinks American people are gullible and as racist as he is. Why doesn't he go back home and cheat on his wife with another white woman and stop trying to start a race war. He is the most pathetic racist lying peace of shit America has ever had to deal with 🇺🇸

  2. Jesse "Got no Church, But Get Mystery Parishioners' Tax Free $" Jackson.
    Hey Jesse, How much of that mystery cash you give to your mistresses?!
    Douchebag leech. 👑

  3. Hey Jesse Jackson……you fake sell-out. Do you remember this???


  4. If the statues must go, put them out on the battlefield parks to tell the story of the military defeat of the Confederates.

  5. If you are going to remove all the racist statues then remove all the MLK shit that pollutes America. MLK  never served his country – he never did a day’s honest hard work in his life and used church money to buy whores and whisky to satiate his animal lusts. His OWN SON stated that the reason he was killed was that he was promoting treason ( Communism) against his own country. So MLK can stay in hell where he belongs and send his statues and street signs to him because it makes me ill to see them every day in every town and city across America.

  6. The Rev. Jesse Jackson was a small church preacher when the civil rights movement started. He and those like him got their wealth and influence because of racism.

    Without racism, they would lose their wealth and influence and would have to get a job actually doing something productive. Therefore, racism MUST continue to be a persistent problem.

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