Consumption fairy consuming everything [Battle Trip/2019.09.15]

Yes, so we’ll get the tickets. This station is really big. To buy tickets… – We need to know Chinese characters. / – Right. Two tickets. And… Our destination today is Checheng Station. (Today’s destination is Checheng Station) (Two train tickets, $8.90) Put the money in. Not there. That’s for the credit cards! I’m sorry. You should remove your sunglasses. (Geez, Jimin) (Where does the money go?) – Isn’t it under that? / – Here? Must we? Must we do this in Taichung? 1, 2, 3. (Jumps up) Must we? Must we do this in Taichung? Check your ticket. – So cute, like us. / – It’s so cute. Like the old subway tickets. Now that we’re going to take a train in Taichung, it’s like a trip within a trip. – Overseas. / – Yeah, taking a train overseas… Like we live here. – Like the locals. / – Yeah. Alright, coming through. This is speedy. (It’s time to space out on a train) We’ll get to relax in the outskirts today. Right. How far is Checheng? An hour away. But the views on the way were so pretty. The views keep changing here. (A train trip from Ershui Station to Checheng Station) (The support line starts at Ershui Station) It’s here. (From Taichung Station to Ershui Station!) – Wow! / – We’re here. Wow… Hyunhee, this is the transfer station. – Ershui. / – Ershui. Yeah, Ershui. – We make the transfer here? / – Yes. I love it! I love that we don’t have to walk far. This is where we get on the support line. It was like an old train station. It really does look like an old train station. Like taking a trip back in time. They made this support line to move water when water power became wide-spread. Now it’s for tourists. Is that a train or a subway? It’s a train, but it looks like a subway. You can transfer like you can in Korea. You can get a ticket for the day and make transfers, so you can leave the station entirely and check out the neighborhood. That’s what I really liked. (This train line is popular with tourists) – What a great view. / – Yeah. This is where you feel sentimental. You feel like walking on the tracks. – We’ll enjoy the views on the way. / – Nature. – Now we’ll really get to space out. / – For real. It’s coming, it’s coming. (Choo-choo) So many people! Oh, my God! (Let’s ride on the support line) – So many people here. / – Yes. – They’re all going to the same place. / – Right. How long is this trip? 40 to 50 minutes from here. How often does the train come? – One every hour. / – One every hour? Yes. This isn’t like a subway. It has curtains for long rides. This car must be for kids. Look at that. So picturesque. Palm trees… The views are so diverse here. (An exotic and picturesque view for spacing out) The view looks like a scene from a movie. (Impressed and impressed again) I can’t wait to see what our destination will look like. – You can get your hopes up. / – Okay. I feel like we’re heading into the mountains. (After spacing out and staring at the greenery) (They start to feel sleepy) Checheng Station is coming up soon. (Can I lean on you?) She knocked her hat off. We’re here. (They arrive at Checheng Station, the last stop) – Wow, what’s this? / – What is this place? Isn’t this insane? We’re here. Wow! (She’s impressed as soon as she gets off the train) (So much greenery) It’s so green! So pretty. This is what you see when you get off. Look at that mountain! Wow! This place is incredible! I bet the countryside in Taiwan is really nice. (Decorated with tracks and trains that don’t run) Look, Hyunhee. I think we can take photos here. We can go down to the tracks here. – You can go down there? / – Yes. And take photos. Trains don’t run on that track. (Checheng Station is perfect for spacing out) You know what we have to do. Walk on the tracks. We have to do this. (Wobbly) – This is… / – We’re acrobats. (They’re suddenly tightrope walkers) How long do we have to walk a tightrope? Life is tightrope walking. Father! “The King and the Clown.” We’re here to space out… – But let’s do our cheer first. / – Okay! 1, 2, 3. Space Comedians! Nice. So green. – Wow… / – It’s so pretty. – It’s so pretty! / – Right? – Kangnam… / – Oh, right. Right, right. I’m not nervous at all today. We can have them vote now. Where are we going now? This city was all about the lumber industry. Because they have a lot of trees. – Right. That’s how they made money. / – This village. That’s a museum. – A gift shop. / – We can experience some things. Let’s go check it out. Let’s go inside. Wood, wood, wood. Smell that wood. I love the smell of wood. (A gift shop that smells like wood) (All sorts of things made of wood) I always kept a pen holder on my desk. What’s this? A cell phone stand. You’re right. This is really useful. What should I get? (They start shopping) This is so adorable. Hyunhee and Jason… My gosh. They’re all over the place. Are we not supposed to kiss today? “I don’t want to, I don’t want to.” – Cute, right? / – Look, Hyunhee. You can color this one. And even get your name engraved on it. Really? For just $1.10. You can do it yourself too. Coloring and making things. This is so pretty. Even when it’s not colored. Jimin. – No, I’ll get this for you. / – I’ll get it for you. – You can do this when you get married. / – No. We don’t need this. We kiss all the time. (My gosh) (Too much information…) I want this. (Hyunhee wants the kissing couple) It’s cute. How cute. What’s this? What’s this? The royal inspector… (Choo-choo) Gosh, where’s the train? Is a train here? One more time. This is like a skill. (They love the train whistle) They sell self-defense whistles again these days. Get something. Let’s each get one and get our names engraved on them. (Wooden couple doll, $18.20) (Wooden train whistle, $1.90) – Let’s go work on this stuff. / – Great. You can do everything yourself. (They get safety training first) Don’t touch that. (They watch the instructor’s demonstration) With the grain. Know what’s scary? I have that machine at home. You know… – For real? / – Yes. (Draw with the hot pen along the grain) (Smoking) – Wow! / – Wow. (They’re captivated) – It’ll be hard to go against the grain. / – Yeah. Like making a circle. (It’s their first time, but they work calmly) Nice. Just doing that without thinking is… – Kind of like spacing out. / – Right. (This will put your mind at ease if you space out) “A girl with experience.” It was fun. Jimin is good with her hands. (Finally done) “A girl with experience.” Done. I have experience! This looks good so far. One of my friends is scared of the way home. There are no street lights. I want to give this to her. She doesn’t go home often. Even when it’s late. (Hard to space out with her nonstop chattering) (Super focused) (She’s finally quiet) Like an old whistle. People don’t care about each other these days. That’s why I drew two faces. Neighbors need to communicate. That’s meaningful. Yeah, it really is. Let’s blow our whistles. This looks like a wafer. It sounds nice! You need strong lungs for this. Pass! Pass! Blowing in this is making me dizzy, Jimin. We haven’t eaten anything today. I’m starving. When are we eating? There’s a place I have in mind… Please help me. Help my stomach. – There’s a picnic set. / – Okay! Let’s go eat! Let’s go! Okay!

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