COULD THESE RETURN? β€’ Battlefield V / 5 β€’ Game Mode Ideas πŸ’‘

Battlefield V is approaching fast. We’re just a few days away from the open beta
and maybe two months from the final release. And when people think “Battlefield”, they
usually think about the large-scale battles, the tanks, the planes, the massive all-out-war. But beside those big players like Conquest
or Operations, there have been other, sometimes slightly more experimental
game modes in the history of Battlefield that grabbed players’ attention. Welcome to my little channel
and today I’d like to talk about three game modes from previous
titles that I would like to see return in Battlefield V. The first one’s from the series’ most recent
installment and came as quite a suprise to me. On paper two armies chasing after a little
winged creature in a cage sounds utterly stupid and almost silly. But as it turned out, Battlefield 1’s
“War Pigeons” mode soon became a personal favorite of mine. If you’ve been following the channel for a
while, chances are you caught me playing nothing but “War Pigeons” on stream for weeks. And for good reason! The game-mode is a fun, fast and focused
change from the sometimes a bit drawn-out or one-sided matches
in the larger scale battles. In “War Pigeons” you’re team actually
can make a comeback and the moment a round starts, you can
never be sure about how it’s gonna play out. As far as I know, messenger pigeons
were still around during World War 2, like the decorated war pigeon “William of
Orange” who delivered a message that saved the lives of more than 2000 soldiers during
the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. So DICE wouldn’t really need to drastically
change the game mode to make it fit the new setting. If they wanted to modernize, though,
they could always replace the pigeon with something like a backpack radio transceiver and instead of having one player retrieve,
write AND release the message, it could be made a two-man task: One picks up the backpack
and has to hold onto it until a stable connection
has been established and another one then relays
the actual message to HQ. Either way, I hope we see a return of “War
Pigeons” in one form or another as it easily became one of my favorite
game modes in Battlefield 1. Next on my list is “Chain Link”, an often overlooked game mode
that was first introduced in Battlefield 4’s “Dragon’s Teeth” add-on. I know it never was the most popular mode
when it came out and nobody plays it anymore but I quite enjoyed it and I think an updated
version on a slightly larger scale could be something pretty cool. The main thing I liked about Chain Link was that
in order to bleed the enemy’s respawn points you had to capture adjacent objectives, which
put a nice emphasize on not only capturing but also defending your flags. Because if you just rush from flag to flag – something that can often be seen
in traditional Conquest games – chances are the enemy will quickly
break your established links as no one stayed behind to defend them. Now in Battlefield 4 it was an
infantry-focused game mode but if the main idea could be
translated to larger maps, including tanks and air vehicles,
I think this could work really well. Especially considering BF5’s newly
introduced fortifications system which could come in handy
for *defending* your flags. And the final game mode I’d like to
see make a return in Battlefield V is “Scavenger” from Battlefield 3. Scavenger was introduced in the “Aftermath”
add-on in November of 2012 and it’s basically “Domination” – but with a twist! You spawn with only a pistol,
one grenade and a knife. You don’t have any of your gadgets like
Ammo Packs, RPGs, et cetera.. and primary weapons can only be
found scattered throughout the map, each with limited ammunition
(usually one extra clip or magazine) and randomized attachments. This random element combined with the limited
ammunition made it so worthwhile and exciting because you didn’t necessarily get
a weapon you’re familiar with and would see yourself running
out of ammo quite often. So you constantly pick up new weapons to keep
up the fight and due to their random nature you’d end up using a variety of different guns
and attachments you might not use otherwise. In BF3 it was set in the aftermath
of a devastating earthquake which explained why everything was in ruins and all the equipment was
scattered around the map. In BF5 I could see it set in the aftermath
of a devastating air strike, something like what we saw
in the Gamescom-Trailer. And the scarcity of ammunition and
lack of equipment would fit right in with BF5’s new attrition system. One change I’d suggest though is the removal
of stationary ammo crates like they had in BF3. It felt a bit counter-intuitive to the game
mode because what usually happened was you found a cool gun that you liked and
then just went to one of those crates, that were always in the same location,
giving you full ammunition, kinda negating the whole scarcity theme. And on top of that they were always
a welcome target for campers. So if there was one thing I would change,
it would be the removal of those crates. But overall this was a great game
mode and unlike BF4’s “Chain Link”, it’s still being played! Even on the 12 year old PlayStation 3! Actually, the gameplay you’re seeing in the
background was recorded just last week. So what do you think? Could those game modes work in BF5? Would you like to see other
game modes make a return? Let’s hear about it in the
comments section below! And before you leave: If you enjoyed this video,
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6 thoughts on “COULD THESE RETURN? β€’ Battlefield V / 5 β€’ Game Mode Ideas πŸ’‘

  1. I do miss some of these modes like ChainLink. The problem is that eventually they die and everyone does back to conquest. I say less modes the better for the game overall. I did love War Pigeons but on PC zero people are playing it πŸ™

  2. I really enjoyed this, surprised I haven't found your channel before along with Bloodhound and others… Prost to our growth and BFV for 2019! πŸ˜€

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