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(funky music) (horse neighing) – Hey everybody, welcome
to Internet Roundup. Josh is still getting work done. That’s how the real the show is. – I’ve got to work. – You blasting something out on the wire. On the AP wire? – That’s what I call it when I tweet. I’m blasting something out on the wire. – They still have the wire right? That’s the thing. – Yeah AP is still around, UPI. – But I mean it doesn’t come through on a ticker tape does it? That would be wonderful. – No, I don’t think so. – They would totally do that. – That would slow news down tremendously. – That’d be awesome. – If you went back to that. – The president said,
this is Internet Roundup. I think I said that. That’s Josh and I’m Chuck. We do the Stuff You Should Know podcast. And we round up the internet two at a time and I’m gonna call this episode super interesting thing
and very boring thing. – But it is good tips. There’s some good tips in there. – We’ll see. – And I’ve got honey on this page. – Whew! – I was highlighting and I’m like what is going on honey? – That makes it sexy research. (laughs) – I guess so, on sleep. – So you found this first thing, which is mind-blowing. One of the weirdest, most
fascinating little stories I’ve heard. – Umi and I went to Key West once, and there’s this really
bizarre little museum – So you saw this?
– [Chuck] and some bizarre little, yeah, bizarre little fort. And it is almost like
you get the impression it’s just some dude’s museum that’s kind of the presentation. – Yeah it probably is. – And there is a big exhibit about Carl von Cosel on there. – All right, so… – Carl von Cossler. – Carl Tanzler AKA Count Carl von Cosel, – Cossler. Cosel. – Cosel, yeah. He self named himself. – (laughs) He did. – As a count. – He abandoned his family
moving from Germany to America and was like “I’m a count now.” – Yeah so this was 1927,
just to set this up. He was 50 years old at that time. Moved to Key West. Like you said, he abandoned
his family like a good guy and he was eccentric, let’s just start it with that. – Well he said that he had like nine PhDs and a lot of other credentials that he never could be
bothered to produce in person. – [Chuck] Sure. – So he took a job as
a, I think a radiologist maybe or a radiologist tech. – Yeah, an x-ray tech. – And he also was working in the bacteriological lab I believe. He got a job at the hospital. – In his spare time, he built an airship is what it says. – That’s right and he
made a homemade organ that he used to play. So clearly, the guy had a
little something to him right? – Sure. – And while he was working
at the hospital once, he saw that there was a
beautiful spanish Cuban girl who had come in with tuberculosis, and he just fell in love with her. He said, “I’m going to make you better.” and that didn’t work, so he is like, “I’m going to buy you a bunch of gifts.” And that did kind of work. She is like thanks for the gifts. – Yeah. – He said, “Well you are very welcome. “Let’s get married.” And she was like, “Oh no.” – Yeah he said that a bunch I think. – Yeah. – He asked her quite a few times. – [Josh] Right. – Which she always said no to and he tried various methods to cure her. Electric shock, what they call potions of his own devising, which include specs of gold. – Mm-hm. Might as well. – Why not? – I think he added that
just to impress her. – Yeah, but sadly she passed
at the age of 22 in 1931 and this is where it gets
really, really weird. – So he paid for her funeral, a lavish funeral from what we understand and apparently he just
couldn’t live with the idea that his dear, sweet love
was rotting underground. – Yeah who really wasn’t
his dear sweet love. He was just obsessed with her. – Yeah, well to him it was right? – [Chuck] Sure. – And so he paid to have a
really nice mausoleum built, arranged for her to be exhumed. Her family was like, “That’s
very nice of you. Okay.” – [Chuck] Yeah. – And started hanging out
in the mausoleum at night. And when he was hanging out with her, he realized that over time, he could hear her communicating with him and she was saying like,
“Please I can’t bear “to be alone in this mausoleum anymore.” – [Chuck] Yeah.
– “Take me home with you. “Bring me back to life.” – He built an airship
because that was the dream, in April 1933, he took her to the airship, which he called The Countess Elene. That was her name. – Right. Well her name was Elena. – Well yeah. – He germified it. – And if he is the count, then she is the countess. – [Josh] Right. – If he is the fake count, she is the fake countess. (Josh laughs) He took her to the airship, which apparently he planned to fly her to the stars one day in, and tried to resurrect her
over the course of seven years. He sort of reconstructed her as a mummy of sorts. – I think I get the impression he was not trying to mummify her. He was trying to stave off decomposition. – Yeah. – Because if you’ve ever been to Key West, it is muggy and hot down there. – Whew – Body is not gonna do very well, so little by little he
started kind of like taking care of her with
bandages and paint. – Piano wire. – Yeah. Where her eyeballs used to be, he put in glass eyeballs. He took her hair out and made a wig with it to put it back on. – Aha. – And just kind of slowly but surely kind of tried to
keep her presentable I guess. – Yeah. It said among
his resurrection tools was a one million volt Tesla coil. – Right, so the whole time he is doing this, he is trying to bring her back to life. – [Chuck] Yeah. – But it is not working so he is staving off decomposition
as best as he can right? – [Chuck] Yeah. – Her family finally gets wind of this. And the girl’s sister comes over. Elena’s sister comes over and is like, “We’ve been
hearing some weird stuff. “Do you have my sister’s body here?” – Yeah, is this now a House of Horrors and it was. – He is like, “Yes come see here!” And she goes and tells the
cops and he is under arrest. – Yeah, he gets arrested. The public turns out was very sympathetic. They thought it was a
very romantic gesture of this guy and his true love. He was just trying to hold on to that. And it seems like it could’ve been a little sweet story until things get, – [Josh] From the 70s right? – A little weird in the ’70s it was, well they performed an autopsy on her way back then and in 1972 the results were released. – [Josh] Right. – [Chuck] And it turns out,
how should we say this? – There was some heavy
necrophilia going on. – Yeah, he had been having sex with this sort of
semi-preserved dead body. – For years. – [Chuck] Yeah. – Like she was out of the
ground and in his house and he was sleeping beside her for years. And they weren’t just
sleeping the whole time. – No, I’ll just go ahead and read this. I made the examination
in the funeral home. This is Dr. DePoo is his name. – I know. – Kind of weird. – The breast felt really real. – Really, really, really real. – In the vaginal area I found a tube wide enough to permit sexual intercourse. – Okay let’s just give the
guys the benefit of the doubt. It could’ve been anything. – Okay. At the bottom of the tube was cotton and examination of the cotton I found there was semen. – Oh! So yes. – Yeah. – It was proven. – It took a pretty dark turn from an already dark story.
– [Josh] It definitely did. So this came out in the ’70s right before DePoo I guess
around the time he retired, he performed the autopsy 30 years earlier and just kept his mouth shut about it. – Sure, I bet at dinner parties
he was like, “By the way.” – (laughs) Right, in the meantime, Von Cosel had been let out of jail and he had moved to Zephyrhills. I’ve never known how to say that. – [Chuck] I think that’s
right Zephyrhills. – [Josh] Florida. – [Chuck] Yeah. – Where the famous war is from. And he kind of created a shrine to his lost love who had been taken from him and secretly buried, but he made a wax effigy to show people what she had looked like and there were visitors and he basically running a museum out of his sister’s house based on the notoriety he gained from that episode right? Well they found out later on that that wax effigy was actually her. He gotten her back. – Yeah. – He intercepted her
during her secret burial, paid off the guys who were supposed to secretly bury her and they buried a box of bricks basically and gave the body to this guy. – Yup. And that ends the story. Actually it ended in
1952 when he finally died slumped over the effigy which was not an effigy, – [Josh] Right. – Of his beloved Elena. So boy that is one of the weirdest things. – Yeah, we got this from – Yeah and hopefully
there are pictures of her, – Lots of pictures. – Up there. – Yeah. – I didn’t want to draw attention to it. She didn’t look great. – No and you know when
they did the autopsy, when everybody found out about it and it became public, the undertaker was like, “I’m gonna make some money off this” and started charging people to come look and like 6000 people showed up. There weren’t that many people in Key West at that time as a whole. – [Chuck] Yeah probably not. – Like people came from
everywhere around to see that. – It’s like half the town
was at Margaritaville and the other half was
checking out this corpse. – [Josh] Yeah. – We will finish with this one. I kind of picked this
mainly to make fun of it because it is how to recover
from sleepless nights according to an expert, Dr. Carol Ash. There a few good tips in here. Then there are tips like this. What’s the best way to recover from a night of no sleep? And the answer is take a nap. (Josh laughs). – There’s some other good ones there like if you wake up in
the middle of the night and you want to get back to sleep fast, – Yeah. – Dr. Ash says start relaxing
your muscles one at a time. Focus on relaxing your toe muscles, then your heel muscles and then your, – That will trick. – Ankle muscles, and
then your calf muscles and she says that by the
time you get to your neck, you are usually asleep. – That’s yeah, I don’t
know if I agree with that. If you are having genuine
stress induced insomnia, you get to your neck and you are like, “Yup and that’s where
it is the most tense. “Back to the toes.” – Well she is talking mostly about suffering from sleep apnea. – All right, if you are awakened
in the middle of the night. – Yeah and apparently
like 10 million Americans suffer from it. – I wake up in the middle of the night. How can I fall back asleep fast? Just relax. (Josh laughs) – You took this and liked this article. – I just think it was clearly the product of a corporation coupled with an advertiser. I’m not gonna say either one. – Oh is it? – Oh yeah. – And I fell for it. – Yeah it was… – I feel like a dumdum. – It was commissioned by an airline. – Okay. – And I will go ahead and say not the one that you might be
watching this program on. That’s all I will say. What’s the ideal length of a nap? This is actually decent. 20 minutes. – That’s what I always think. – Nothing over 40 because
that’s when you risk falling into REM sleep which
could leave you groggy. – Why would an airline sponsor
an article on sleep apnea? Any ideas? Like I get if CERT is sponsoring
it or something like that. – It just says it is part of our in-flight office hours on
the importance of sleep. This airline’s passengers ask Ash their most burning sleep questions. – Burning sleep questions. That’s a great adjective. – Answers that Dr. Ash can put to rest, it says in quotes. Get it? – Gotcha. – Rest. Sleep. – Man, I’m really ashamed. – And the thing you can do to, I think everybody knows this. The thing you can do to improve your sleep is to avoid screens. It always cracks me up when I see a young, the social medes (mumbles). – No we aren’t doing that. – On social media, when people say “Ah, 1 AM can’t fall asleep” – [Josh] Right. – You know, you are staring
at a phone and typing. – Casey brought up something that you and me actually
use this too where your screen slowly as the
time gets closer to bedtime, your screen converts from
the blue end of the spectrum to more of like a common
yellow end of the spectrum. – Oh is there an app for that, I guess. – Yeah. – Interesting. – I guess the iPhone might
have a function to it now. – I see Casey nodding. – Well that’s where I learnt it. – So you wake up just like with your phone on your eye and like drool
coming out of your mouth. – I always make this,
there’s a smacking sound as my phone hits my chest because I’ve fallen asleep reading. – All right, that’s internet
roundup for the week. One good one. One bad one.
– [Josh] That was a long one. – It was. (Josh whistles) And we will see you
next week in the studio. (funky music) (horse neighing)

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