D Museum’s Youth Exhibition: Back to the 90s!

Today I’m starting my day really early because we wanna go to the D Museum when it opens So that it won’t be crowded because its a very popular museum right now So I’m here with Soy, she’s asking for directions And a lot of you guys always ask me if she has a YouTube channel or an Instagram account And she finally made one public! So I’ll link it down below Alright so let’s go explore Hannam-dong~ Hi Soy: Hello Soy: I found out where I’m going Okay Such a cool museum already Soy: I heard there’s a lot of 2pacs stuff right here Oh rea– oh yes that’s why we came actually Very LA Oh my gosh youth~ Snoop Biggie! This is like a throwback to our childhood Like everything, from music to skateboards, and TV, all the photos Soy: Its like the MTV era Yeah! Love it! We always go to the best museums together~ Soy what are you doing? We are now gonna get brunch! Soy knows the best brunch spot as well Pancakes original story~ Get brunch here She recommended me filming that time lapse She did Its so nice today~ Soy: The sky is blue today Yes look at that Bye Soy! Soy: Bye! Bye Soy Just had a meeting in Apgujeong and now I’m just walking around Garosugil I think I might check out Indibrand, because there are like 5 Indibrand stores here So lets check out some of them and then head home Here it is~ They always have 50% off on the second floor This shirt is actually from Indibrand But yeah on the second floor they always have 50% off sale, so lets check out the second floor~ I might pick this up because its really pretty Look its where I get all my phone cases Design skin Looks like there’s going to be a new Laneige store There’s one in Myeongdong but not in Garosugil~ Should we check it out? Yes we should Look how cute he is, oh my gosh! He’s everywhere! GD GD And GD So ma– I can’t really film at 8 seconds, usually the workers look at me kinda funny So, that’s a little glimpse of GD’s spring collection I didn’t pick up anything because its not usually like my style, but I love you GD anyway I think I’m gonna go home now, its really hot and I just don’t know what else to do anymore And yeah so lets go home~ Alright guys I’m now going to leave Sinsa I picked up that dress, and I might include it in an upcoming lookbook for my main channel But yeah I’m so exhausted The heat is getting really hot in Seoul now So getting more tiring to stay out longer So I’m gonna end the vlog here, I know it was pretty short I wanted to focus on the D Museum which is a museum that I’ve been wanting to go to check out And youth will be open until the end of this month and then they’re gonna change it up I believe So if you have the time, go check it out now Because it was definitely a very colorful and cool museum And I think I’m gonna try to do more museums now because I will be in Seoul And then next week is the last Wednesday of the month So the museums and movie theaters will all be either free or at a discount price So check out culture day! I hope you guys enjoyed watching today’s vlog And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s Thanks to these people for translating and transcribing my vlogs Oh and also follow Soy on instagram Because she is honestly an amazing photographer, writer, and she has great taste in music and coffee So I’ll link that down below Alright have a good day everybody, bye~

100 thoughts on “D Museum’s Youth Exhibition: Back to the 90s!

  1. places you visit are always soooooo beautiful and aesthetic hehe ^_^ OMG Love Tupac <3 <3 I wanna visit there ~~~~~~~

  2. omg, i am a big fan of museum especially when it has a lot of cool arts. thank you for showing us this museum. also, soy is very adorabl3 😄

  3. I love it when you show us museums in Korea. <3 It's so interesting and fascinating. It's such an amazing option for people who can't travel to Korea, but are still interested in the art there. So thank you so much! I hope you're doing well. 🙂 <3

  4. i'm currently on summer break and i have totally nothing to do, BUT THANKS TO YOUR VLOGS MY BOREDOM IS ALL GONE AWAY 🙂 joanday it is! (lol commented even before watching)

  5. i love how there is always something going on in seoul… tomorrow i'm going to a korean festival and i'm going to try kimchi for the first time and go to a hanbok exhibition i'm excited 😀

  6. i love your eyeliner today!
    pls upload an eyeliner tutorial and best eyeliners video (if you haven't already) 🙂

  7. We love Soy but we also miss Erin! Hope she'll appear in your vlogs soon! Or are you guys fighting? (Typical question haha)

  8. joan i just really wanna say thank you for your vlogs and videos. you're absolutely amazing and i appreciate you editing EVERY SINGLE DAY for us💕 that must be alot! but your vlogs make me so happy because you show me the place i really wanna be but i can't so i can live my vlogs through you:) your vlogs genuinely make my day and your relationship with your brother really inspires me to have a good relationship with my brother💖

  9. omg that brown building next to the gas station in your timelapse was my preschool!! 😄😌 who knew it would make a presence in one of your vlogs?

  10. really digging the music you had in the vlog today. 😍😍this vlog was one of my favs not going to lie

  11. i love your facial skin now! looking great! radiant and glowing 💖 definitely will follow soy in ig💕

  12. Joan maybe you should do 100 things to do in Seoul just like you did in London, it would be so helpful since alot of us here planning to go to Korea after seeing all these beautiful places you've shown in your vlogs.

  13. Man I know how you feel when you talk about how hot it is in Korea now. I went to Seoul and Busan last year during Summer and it was definitely hot! We would go out around 8 or 9am and come back at like 6pm and we just don't go out anymore after that cause we were so exhausted from being out in the sun the whole day and our money were spent on mostly buying water hahaha.

  14. It's a bit sad when you were in Berlin,Germany it was cold but now it's really hot weather here (in Germany) 😅 super nice vlog as always❤️love you joan😘

  15. Joan how could we not love your vlog channel whereby everything is so aesthetically pleasing?1! omg I wish that my country will have more of this kind of artistic cool places to visit but meh… Seoul indeed is such a place where you could pretty much see everything that are aesthetically pleasing ! Need to go seoul one day !!!

  16. Heya Joan, you should try out souffle pancakes, they are delicious! Also, could you make a video on kpop mv reactions?

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