Dana International documentary – “Bereshit” exhibition (EN Subs)

Everyone’s already here Members of parliament, mayor of Holon even rumors that Sara Netanyahu (the wife of Israeli Prime Minister) is on her way Waiting for the star of the evening which is
supposed to arrive in a moment to the exhibition opening which deals her
25 years of glorious careers Are you excited, Dana?
– No Why?
this is supposed to be a festive event for you I wasn’t interested in it from the first place,
the idea made me sick I do it because I have to For me, it would be an evening of suffering This reaction, certainly in front of the camera,
is really surprising …only if you don’t know her but this is Dana, not counting anyone. So, will you “make a switch” once you get in? I will not make any switch Don’t you plan to act like…? I’m not acting, I am who I am. Even though she looks indifferent and even suffering when the flashes are on, the diva goes onstage. Wow, look, photographers… wow… Flash, take it
– You are a queen Perhaps because she too knows that not everyone in Israeli culture has an exhibition certainly while he is still alive. Thank you, thank you In recent months they have worked hard here they collected items and other details, the dresses she wore, letters she received,
memories of the Eurovision, hundreds of articles and interviews. Covers, articles, interviews, questions,
all kinds. The items displayed in the small rooms in the gallery
try to tell the story of success to understand the unusual character
that has become an icon. When Dana began, people called it “a gimmick” “Is it a drag? a woman? a man?” and very quickly they realized that she is here to stay. The musical style, the unique video clips
that were not here in Israel previously of course, fashion productions in Israel and abroad. All of that creates that admirable character. ♫ there are some girls, there are some girls ♫ ♫ who will go out with just anyone ♫ Early in her career she carried a flag. When she sang “there are some girls”
everyone thought about her sex reassignment surgery when words such as “gay”, “community”,
especially “transgender”, were far less common. ♫ Alora Rola Alora Rola ♫ When she began performing drag shows she became famous in the Tel Aviv club scene of the 90’s she came to the heart of the Israeli mainstream
in Rivka Michaeli’s show ♫ Fe andi sumsum
Come see my sumsum ♫ ♫ Danna International ♫ In the show production,
there were those who objected to bring her but Michaeli vetoed
and every home in Israel heard the story of Dana You once had a Bar Mitzvah, in the past In the past, I do not remember anymore.
Long ago. Were you really locked up in boy’s body? I never felt like a boy I remember myself always thinking I was very feminine and my future was simply to be a girl,
I could not function as a man. The next day, from all sides,
people shouted at me in the streets “Wow”, “You are from the TV show” I felt like a princess walking in the streets and every beep from car and every question
and every person that knows me Wow!
I was no anonymous anymore I told myself – I had succeeded ♫ Saida Sultana ♫ With this song she became famous not only in Israel because of the fact that she combined pop music together with Arabic, Hebrew and gibberish she became a star
even in the neighboring arabian countries and then came the audacious idea –
to produce fashion photos near the pyramids in Egypt. ♫ My name is not Saida ♫ We went to Egypt because of the success of the song “Saida Sultana” I was afraid that they would discover
that I am the singer They sold it quietly under the table. The production was also quiet, they knew that no one in that islamic country would give a transgender model in minimal clothes to be photographed there. It was only a matter of time before they discovered. Just before they left the local police
heard about the rumors about the colorful group in Cairo. I ran away from there, a stone “fell from my heart” and then news was published in Egypt
about the visit and the impertinence. At the end I received a deportation from Egypt
for my entire life claiming that I was an Mossad agent. ♫ Ana mus arfa rashat ala wen ♫ The photographs from the Egyptian adventure can be seen in an exhibition in Holon. The other room shows the dresses. The international standards that brought local culture were not only in the field of pop,
but also in the unusual style. Is it the jacket? This is not the jacket, the original jacket of Jean Paul Gaultier is presented at an exhibition in Paris and we created jackets for the visitors,
both adults and children everyone can measure and photograph
and feel diva for a day. ♫ Viva la Diva, viva Victoria,
Cleopatra ♫ Raffi knew that if he can’t include the feathers jacket he must find at least the dress she actually wore in the performance I asked the designer Galit Levi if she can find the dress, we tried and asked Dana and other stylists who might have taken her over the years unfortunately the dress was not found. I was sure the dress here was somewhere,
I store a lot of things here and surprisingly it was not here I tried to understand where is the dress,
I promised Raffi to find it I started to search it all over the place,
me and the employess but we found nothing. And then suddenly few weeks ago
I suddenly see a bag and I ask, “What is this bag?” I opened it and suddenly see Dana’s dress.
I said “What?!” I immediately called Raffi,
“You do not believe what happened, the dress is here!” Is the dress ready? It is. Winning the Eurovision was the final stamp. “Dana International” is no longer just a stage name,
but a fact. It became a calt the “diva”, the feathers,
everything I represent the winning in the Eurovision,
the great success, my gender change. I got a huge huge huge gift from God and I became who I am. ♫ Wei wei you get down on me ♫ The great gift she got supposted to be
a ticket to international career and she was indeed invited to pride parades
around the world ♫ Children is happiness ♫ She signed a contract with Sony company and “Time” magazine chose her as
one of the 5 most influential figures in the world But Dana International found
she preferred to be “Dana Local” ♫ and he sleeps in my bed ♫ I had a strong longing My love to Israel is something
that can not be explained in words I suffered badly with all the prestige I had around Like a cage of gold.
I was just waiting to return to Israel ♫ I have a regular trick, twice a week
I have a love boy ♫ Israel hugged her.
She produced 13 albums during the years, she was twice elected as “singer of the year”,
and countless performances. By the way, she goes on stages abroad,
just hurries home to Israel. Everytime I went on stage, I felt like… A supreme feeling that can not be explained Thousands of people yell at you, love you You have electric currents in your body and there is
a feeling that it can not be expressed in words and you get addicted to it
It’s really a disease and when you stop doing it you feel lost You are like a hooked woman who is in rehab and you really miss this thing
that I can’t explain in words. It’s not easy to be a pop star
with an happy image when you are almost 50 years old. Dana too knows that it’s time to try new directions such as her new cover to a song from the bible,
for Jerusalem pride parade this year ♫ Who is the man who delights in life ♫ I will never be able to compete with young girls
who are doing a twerking and singing pop songs for children or such things.
I can do things my age to sing more adult songs
but still suitable for the whole family To excite, to be funny and to amaze in ways young girls can’t. when you look in the mirror…?
– I love myself. I love the big nose I got from my father,
memory-of-him to blessing I love the fact that I am not Miss Universe I love the fact that I am not a plastic surgery doll It’s a fact, growing up is a privilege.
Growing up is a gift. We are backing to Holon, the opening evening, everyone is more gracious than the other. In crowdedness and humidity
everyone reminds her that she is an icon I love you very much and really appreciate you Continue to break through and show the right way At the end the rumors were true
and even the First Lady arrived In iconic way,
thanks to the change she brought celebrities and politicians met
gay community people and drag queens You brought a lot of respect to the State of Israel That’s what I wanted to say Thank you for being you
– Thank you A lot of respect and moreover, you are very talented
– Thank you! ♫ I won, I won ♫ Come on, let’s go home ♫ I was the evilest person in the world ♫ So how was it? It was not part of my Top 50 So what can I say? But was it close to Top 50? Not even close. In the end of the day,
even if it’s not part of the Top 50, there is something that really touched her heart. Deep inside she was happy to hear the compliments that she is brave, breaking through and inspiring. But Dana, as always,
wants that it will be under her conditions. It is very heartwarming very embarrassing if it were up to me, I’d rather have them at lunch without the bullshit around.
I would have enjoyed much more. Didn’t you feel the great hug? I felt it,
but I don’t like it being photographed I do not need to be photographed
hugging and loving me I used to need it,
today I want the cameras to stay away from me ♫ I won ♫

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