David Hockney, Contemporary Artist | Met Exhibitions

This is the first full-dress retrospective
for this important artist in New York City in 30 years. What I’m really excited about is the possibility
to show parts of this artist’s career that may be less familiar to the public. One of the surprises for me is how daring
he really was. He, at a very young age, was expressing themes
of queerness and of difference, and displaying them very proudly in his work. We go from very early works into the time
when he moves to Los Angeles and begins to paint these iconic pictures of backyards,
wonderful shimmering pools. And then, the marvelous double portraits. At this point, he’s painting almost life-sized
pictures of his friends and his intimates. There is a wonderful survey of portrait drawings,
and then a moment in the exhibition when Hockney has explored again his love of the artist
Pablo Picasso and Cubism. But what Hockney does is combine the innovations
of Cubism and its distortions of perspective with the marvelously bright colors of Fauvism. The history of art is something Hockney has
paid attention to throughout his life. Even now that he’s 80, he’s still painting
every day in the studio. There’ll be an opportunity to see some of
those brand new paintings in the exhibition too, and I think the public will be wonderfully
surprised at how much this artist still pushes the limit.

3 thoughts on “David Hockney, Contemporary Artist | Met Exhibitions

  1. That is going to be an amazing exhibition for sure. Great to be able to see both his work from a young age and his recent work!

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