Dazzling Bulgari jewels sparkle at Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Museum of Natural Science is having its
own red carpet moment, teaming up Bulgari in this dazzling display of jewelry worn by
Hollywood favorites and red carpet stars. Bulgari: 130 Years of Masterpieces opens Friday
at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and runs through October. We are represented 150 pieces. The one that’s
right behind me, is another cabochon emerald that was created in 1969. And you see this
cut here is very Bulgari specialty, it’s called cabochon. The American collection features the stars
and stripes in a very pop design. Jennifer Aniston and Bulgari proved that they
were the very best of friends in 2006 when they lent this stunner for her to wear on
the Academy Awards red carpet. Milla Jovovich wore this amazing bib necklace
to the opening of the 2009 Bulgari store in Paris. Out of all the celebrities to wear Bulgari,
none has worn it more beautifully than Elizabeth Taylor. The connection between Bulgari and
Elizabeth Taylor is so strong that in this exhibit there’s a beautiful room dedicated
just to her and the amazing pieces she wore. Liz discovered the Bulgari store because no
one knew about it. Eventually when Richard Burton was mentioning about Italian, said
that, basically, Liz, despite spending much time in Italy, the only one word which was
Bulgari. Our brand has also an education mission. And
what better than an exhibition in one of the world’s most traffic museums. It’s also very
well connected to Bulgari in the sense that it has the best display of mineral crystals. The public could see actually, in a very,
I would say, educational way, how the very rough natural stone can be transformed into
more crafted pieces and sometimes pieces of art, I believe. For more information, visit hmns.org or culturemap.com.

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  1. Do not care which celebrities wore what… Would you rather have to focus on the pieces of jewelry themselves.

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