The 3rd Place for the Top 3 right now A big applause everyone A big applause to give to our players during this fight for the 3rd place First team Adult Gohan / Android 21 / Goku And the other Adult Gohan / Android 16 / Goku The only difference is on one character only Still they both have Androids If you want to get to the top 3 get these characters Keep the in mind Guts made a nice start Indeed he did “murmur” Both of them have enough energy to play Yes you don’t press buttons there Let’s see He’ll use both bars Here’s the 2nd Nice change well done Android 16 the man He got him right in the corner but Goku manages to escape We’re watching a very legit match here Manly down strong Goku maintaining a good distance Continues with his assists He’s about to kill Android 16 And Android 16 is out Let’s see Got him in the air Who’s the best Goku here? And he continues to pummel Goku and win We’ll see how it will fare for him “low voice can’t hear” The life lead is pretty much the same for both of them but now Android 21 has some problems And the problem continues And he finished his 2nd super And was about to extend another combo but He couldn’t He really wanted to but Wow Manly lvl3 I believe we needed that The beam went to another planet Gohan didn’t activate his sparking Will he make it? Hmmm don’t think so Nope He got served for not activating his sparking While Guts lost his Android he managed to make a comeback Character change Steve said that when something doesn’t go right you go at the character select screen trying to relax and recall what went wrong Change colors and stage Not only that you’re trying to think of a plan depending your opponent What kind of style he has Very important Not a change from the characters But we have another stage And the colors, purple and red Guts gets the initiative Guts is the red one Gohan won’t survive from this combo He continues That might have killed He didn’t change his character and he will pay for that Android 21 incoming Wow from behind Smart decision to convert into a nice combo Into the corner with pain and slaughter down strong lifts Android 16 in the air 21 is in right now let’s see how she will fare Very smart decision here Change to Gohan Fighting his frather Nice kameha Defence was successful and COUNTER Nice reactions here And the pressure with Android assist So much pressure Escape is difficult from here but he manages It’s FT3 Sparking from Android 21 Her last trump card Guys it’s FT3 Don’t leave Don’t shake hands You have to win one more, get back here So you can enjoy it even more Steve didn’t seem that very pleased, he was like “I have already accepted my defeat, don’t ruin it” The white towel was about to fall but it wasn’t needed Guts played well Let’s go It was a shame we didn’t get to see his Guts’s match with LOK|SETHIOUSLY in the previous round I would love to see it Let’s see if this will be the final round A slight malfunction from Guts But he didn’t care, he just comboed I’m kind of confused right now All I’m seeing here is beam barrages Android 21 got reckted Most propably Either way they only had one player different so they couldn’t have changed sides He would say that I don’t use Android 16 Anyway we’re here without Android 21 Let’s see Android 16 is about to say goodbye You can see that Android 16 is out Goku Vs Gohan Now they have the same characters I’m sad that I didn’t get to play in this tour Let’s go with the kamehame SSJ3 And Gohan is out My main concern now is that do we know which one is winning? Now with both the same characters is doesn’t matter That’s a rhetorical question then One of these Goku is going to die Maybe we’ll have father vs son He’s switching Going for the super kamehameha All the brothers and fathers here All the Goku family Fun fact: with this ulti In the anime movie they defeated Broly And he made it Told you it would be father vs son Every hit is death now Ok let’s see He can now kill with lvl 3 Not even lvl 3 but lvl 1 Nicely done We gave Steve one more chance And he’s like “Let’s do this” You had one more chance Just because Steve is a man of culture He honored this chance Nice throw He made a great start The moment we gave him the second chance His psychology changed it matters a lot It’s a gift to get on your opponent’s nerves Nevertheless we see Android 16 doing some stuff And now Android 21 vs Android 16 Battle of the Droids Android 16 is in a pinch If you don’t pay any attention for a moment it will change everything Android 21 is in the house Both Gohan and Android 16 are left with almost no health Android 16 won’t leave him like that And he will defeat Gohan Stage swap She screams Android’s 21 scream is unique She’s screaming “help I’m in the corner” Ulti triggered Knockdown guaranteed here He won’t let her tag and will also defeat too Android 16 is on the loose MVP Literally Will it kill? Let’s see Red Goku vs Red Android 16 He went for the grab but he didn’t make it Very nice down strong from Steve Goku vs Goku With full sparking and health Guts got the 1st hit Very nice down strong, he prevails They’re back on ground Let’s see who will activate his sparking 1st Here’s our teleport They’ll duke it out Almost for Steve This is driving me nuts Guts is on the move And the 2nd sparking is activated The war has started Omg the drops So many stuff are happening It’s that moment where you just think and don’t see Going with their insticts -What is going on here?They’re mad!
-Panic at the disco Guts is prevailing in this last round He could kill there This is the end! And the vanish killed 3-1 incredible matches Grats for Guts who got 3rd place And of course to LOK|Stiff Steve for the 4th Place We’re back again And for what? For the Grand Finals of DBFZ 1v1 Tournament Don’t get hyped yet, they’re still checking their buttons Button checks and they’re getting ready Warming up their hands, boil their blood up Getting their adrenaline hyped So when they’re ready Let them be at peace -So about now
-This might also be combo check Let’s make an estimate here We have Nappa/Blue Vegeta/Android 16, a very strong team As for Neptune he is changing his team but as we can see from here he’s going full Goku Will he make it? Blue,Pink and Yellow? Powe rangers team Come on pick the auto They give their hands And 3, 2, 1 1 Oh right they’re choosing their music Grand Finals Ladies and Gentlemen! A big applause everyone! And we don’t skip the intros because we want RAAAAAR For the hype Come on he’s jealous because he can’t get his moustache to become yellow We have pink,yellow,red,blue and Nappa nothing Go go power rangers Now Nappa will get his revenge Up until now LOK|SETHIOUSLY got the 1st hits but Neptune got him now Though he didn’t complete his combo For your information The setups here are connected to PC’s, so there is no lag So our players need to adapt Not only that but the monitors are incredible too The lag is almost 0 as if it doesn’t exist And everyone here didn’t get to adapt in this kind of setup It’s ironic Even though it’s perfect it’s one of our disadvantages now Just because we have to adapt.And because more events are about to happen, we’ll get used to it We’ll have all the time until then And here we can see a destructive combo Neptune’s Goku is bleeding right now, trying to escape and he manages somehow Let’s just avoid saying Goku because everyone is Goku The yellow one then Let’s see will he change? Blue throws yolo super -And a second one
-It’s pretty safe there Only with vanish he could get punished and it wouldn’t be worth it -Nice pressure there
-He got him at the moment he was about to press button He delayed it a little Did you notice the delay?Master level Super kamehame doesn’t connect though Because it doesn’t want, what can I say? Goku is in with assist Goku And the 3rd Goku is replenishing his assist -The commentary of the century
-Tell me about it SETHIOUSLY starts losing some life too Nice pressure, right into the corner Hard knockdown This move is overhead Knocking him down along with a super And it kills Even though LOK|SETHIOUSLY had the advantage he lost his 1st character Yeah, can’t you see how this match is changing? We’re making fun of the 3 Goku but isn’t their synergy amazing? I mean come on, you’re about to make a very fun team and it turns out it’s good Nice throw finish but he gets the tag out with down strong clap clap Nappa Clappa ladies and gentlemen Very nice vanish I believe Android 16 needs to be more aggressive here But he’s scared right now He drops the combo here SMELL IT! Nice vanish but he didn’t need to do it, it wouldn’t kill Wow how did he get there? Strange things are happening, kamehame everywhere Was this Blue’s doing? Not sure Nappa is alive though and he tagged with 16 -Will it kill?
-Yes Hell’s Flash, the slightly hyper version SETHIOUSLY is fighting his way here Even thought he lost one character he’s still a threat And now his opponent is also with 2 characters left Almost the same life lead and bars Yes this match can change any moment now depending on both of them Blue Gokus is trying really hard to somehow hit Android 16 Yes and Android 16 is like “Nope” SMELL IT Nappa is in, Black Goku in the rescue Holy hell Did you see where this down strong hit? From behind It’s not fair and nice teleport from Black He spent a bar but it was worth it If it hits 16 is alone now but you must never underestimate him never do that 16 is an comeback factor It’s amazing how many times Neptune pressed down strong and super dash And it always works It’s true and Android is activating sparking Down strong Come on how did he see this? 1st round goes to Neptune Let me tell you something, with this down strong you don’t need to predict anything Just do it along with one assist just to be sure Most probably it will work So 1st match goes to Neptune I don’t think he will let that slide that easily Let’s see -I like how he mixed overhead with overhead
-Yes that’s right It’s Blue Goku he does that He has 3 overheads I believe He’s an incredible character and many consider him below the top tier All the blue are strong He delayed his other character What is that, I have never seen this before He was like make way so I can get over you Incoming From every direction pressure Pressure all the time Up until now there are few bad tag outs from SETHIOUSLY Yes and it costed him a lot Pressure pressure For the 1st time he got one decent tag out He threw that standing strong like a man Yes but he didn’t get the result he wanted Almost perfect with the life lead of Neptune Yes almost perfect but one standing strong will break his perfect just to change the outcome He dropped the combo He was about to continue but he didn’t get it Goku Black is in He didn’t finish his combo He could but he decided he didn’t need to He wanted to continue with the ground game Nappa Clappa That’s the wei boi Very nice now Black is bleeding Did you see that change? I believe SETHIOUSLY needs to observe these changes He left so many chances where he could punish these changes It really costed him Look the health that Black is replenishing here Oooo down strong dunk him down And again It’s not worth it to use another bar he already did some damage Right there even I knew he would tag out Very nice at least tag him out No he can’t right now Wow inside the kamehame He just wanted to hit someone Master mixups He pursued hard Nice tag out but very risky LOK|SETHIOUSLY is on fire What is going on here? -He brought the balance again
-Oh no lvl 3 it will hit -Was he planting Saibamen?
-Yes he did Not dead yet Shame Yes if it’s a true meaty you can’t even vanish there Only reflect and lvl 3 Reflect is risky in this situation Black Goku here with the most life in this match Sonic heroes if you really think about it Blue,Yellow,Red No not Sonic Forces! No God SonicFox Very nice continuation Do you see?Raw tag and it works It’s as if it’s he’s specialty right now Raw tatsumaki Things are not going well for SETHIOUSLY He doesn’t have much life With just one button Neptune can win this match It’s true Oh, could it be? Delay jabs in air Yes that’s the thing with vanish in sparkingg you need to time it He could continue though Only one inch of health Vanish to vanish for the win Well he needs to defeat 2 more Vegeta has a lot of work to do It was obvious there one down light to kill You know there is something with this game that is remarkable And I think many players have a problem with that and it’s the landing frames The moment you land and you want to press a button it’s really an issue Those frames are stange in this game So we’re now 2-0 with in this final Match point for Neptune Tournament point for Neptune LOK|SETHIOUSLY is trying to get out from this situation He had his chance to get out from there Yup yup that’s right, this is what he needs to do He mustn’t let him press buttons all the time Very nice combo there nicely done Well done nice pressure Good thinking but wrong timing I’m now 100% sure that Neptune has mastered the raw tag Get down! Truth to be told you don’t need to use both assists here save one later for pressure For the 1st time he saw it and defended I have to defend and start pummeling -Safe jump
-How the hell did he block that Just frame at the proper time Yeah bring him down Down! Again tag SETHIOUSLY needs to stay down and bait with down strong Very nice strong If he won’t change he’ll stay with half his life There he jumped, you don’t need to jump with 16 I believe you don’t He doesn’t, he has such an stable ground game that he doesn’t need to jump Yes that’s right Please punish Wow what a drop Ooooh what happened there? Wasn’t the armor activated? It’s not active during the 1st frames Oh really?Didn’t know, I’m still learning from you Nivek sensei Now Nappa is getting his ass kicked Ok he showed mercy -Why?He didn’t need to
-It was really risky there He should cancel it Is it cancelable?Oh yes it is, he can stop it mid air Why did he switch to 16, he should kill Nappa Don’t know But Neptune must have an idea why -Very bad tag
-These tags will be your undoing He was jealous he wanted to press down strong too -Down strong fiesta
-Ballerina strongs He could extend it even more, why isn’t he pressing down light down medium and then standing medium? One of SETHIOUSLY’s biggest problems here is that he’s spending meter on combos that he shouldn’t use -That’s true
-And that’s because he doesn’t use the right combos For example here he will use meter He doesn’t need to do that, yes you can have your opponent close But it’s unnecessary here I believe he’s pretty frustrated here He could combo there and kill but -How many jabs did he make there?
-Well sparking Nice tag Nappa Clappa Will it kill?Please kill.SMELL IT! 1st time he has character advantage No he also got on his 1st match too -Manly punch
-Smell it -Wow both Goku have low health
-Manly punches from Nappa But down strong SETHIOUSLY’s in a bad position Lvl 3 to kill He’ll use all 3 bars he doesn’t want Android 16 in there, nice desicion He’s a threat Blue Veggie and Nappa He also has sparking so it’s in his favor Yes yes raw tag I don’t fully agree but Respect, respect, you need to respect here Now! Backdash strong Manly Punch from the middle of the screen because I can Rescue point -for SETHIOUSLY
-Rescue point?I like that I’ll steal these jigs Not there, not from the middle I believe SETHIOUSLY is pretty panicked right now Blue’s buttons are -Don’t change like that
-He’s panicked because of Blue Goku’s buttons He doesn’t know where to press buttons He can push buttons there He could but his opponent activated his super He punished it and now please kill It didn’t kill Why didn’t he use his other bar? -He’s letting him do all the pressure
-He could throw a gallick gun Still alive Plus frames Both with their last characters Activates instantly his sparking He canceled his rekka and then click! How did the down light reached him He threw the rekka with bar And it was + Yes this was a + SETHIOUSLY’s like “Ok I’ve let you take some matches now it’s my turn” Yup and so we continue and Nappa is already bleeding but It’s Nappa’s turn He changes to Vegeta He has to defend properly and the start pushing buttons He didn’t finish all of his rekka he cancelled it I’m against this bar usage not like that No no no Vegeta has small legs He’s short He timed it wrong he needed to do it a lttle bit earlier maybe God ball and kamehame with half life gone Change to Nappa It was nice He leaves this blank space in order for you to press button He pursued and pressed the jabs He read it Overhead blocked Time for Nappa to pressure That was dangerous 16 to the rescue but doesn’t finish his combo Strong to strong to most probably strong again He god red mad Very nice blocks and down medium He needed to vanish there but let’s see this combo Clutch smell it clutch One more And gallick gun yeah I love that move -Wrong timing again
-Yup I don’t believe it’s because of the timing but because Neptune mixes them up really good He delays the tags He does exactly that and pretty legit actually He got confused from the assist Well they’re all blue,pink, yellow Let’s see I believe he will tag too Oh no he didn’t, he continues This is overhead Oh no he read him there He saw that he would pause so -1 by 1 is leaving
-Yes Nappa is gone And look at Neptune’s health he managed his health perfectly Jabs against the strong punish of Android 16 God Ball and kamehame Instant tag but he gets beat again Down he goes What was that man? i believe he got a little confused Yes he got him He lost his combo He went to catch the assist These lagless monitors man This happens only on tall characters like Android 16 True And 16 is out Just look at this character knowledge from Neptune Again tournament point for Neptune Last character for LOK|SETHIOUSLY Sparking activated He’s trying to super dash but nothing happens -Wow nice reaction
-But he blocks it! Do one small light there please SETHIOUSLY is scared here now He has to find his courage and do something immediately He is in a pinch but he connected a powerful combo It will kill here Will he make a comeback? I’m sweating right now, ready for a heart attack Will it kill?It will! Yes it will! Grats to Neptune for the 1st place and 2nd for SETHIOUSLY of course Yes and one manly handshake Amazing play from Neptune Grats to both players Also SETHIOUSLY gave an amazing fight And it went really great Gratz to SETHIOUSLY for the 2nd place Congratulations to everyone here who was attending this tournament We had an amazing tournament No comments literally Let’s give a nice pass to our president here Of course we will Thank you all from Nivek and Stiif Steve Once again thank you so much, kisses


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