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Assault on a police officer is a short hand
term for a number of actions that are illegal in Washington D.C. It’s against the law to
assault, resist, interfere with, or intimidate a police officer engaging in his official
duties. A prosecutor needs to prove that you committed
one of these acts against a person who you knew, or should have known was a police officer,
and did so without a justification or an excuse. Because police officers are allowed to use
a certain amount of force in conducting their duties, the standard rules of self defense
do not apply in these cases. Rather, the prosecutor must prove that the
officer used, whats called a reasonable amount of force, rather than an excessive amount
of force. If they do that then the prosecutor must next
prove that you had no justification for your actions. In D.C. it is not considered a justification
that the underlying reason for you being stopped or arrested turned out to be unlawful. Basically what that means is you are not allowed
to resist an arrest that turns out to be illegal in Washington D.C. A lawyer can help you figure out what your
defenses are, investigate the officers reason for using force against you, and discuss with
the prosecutor mitigating factors that could help you resolve your case in a favorable

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