December Reading Wrap Up | 2017

[music only] Hey guys it’s Trina and this is my
December reading wrap-up. At the beginning of December I had more of a
chatty type of TBR video that went up where I told you guys I did not know how
much time I would have for filming and reading and stuff this month so I only
put three books on my official TBR because those were the books I was
currently reading and of the three I did read all of them so I completed my TBR
for the month. By the way, if you like my TBR check-ins I’ve got a couple of other
videos that might interest you. I have my 2017 reading goals overview that just
checks in with how I did with my reading goals this year and I also checked in
with my TBR for the entire year and then I also have a video where I go back and
check in with my oldest TBR’s and book hauls and things that I said I wanted to
read and I see how I did on those. So quite a few older books that I didn’t
get to and just checking in with that so anyway those things may interest you.
This month in December I read a total of six books. Two of those were books I
listened to the audiobook of and I do plan on having an audiobook wrap-up
video go up soon. First up I read The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin.
This is the first book in a new series that is a spin-off of her Mara Dyer
trilogy so I do think you need to read the Mara Dyer trilogy first or else
you’re not really gonna know what’s going on at the start of this one so
basically it’s book 4 of Mara Dyer but this time we are following the character
Noah Shaw and in the world of these books the main characters believe that
they have some type of you know like superpowers or gifted abilities and the
first Mara Dyer trilogy was just trying to figure out like was that true
or were they kind of imagining it. Overall I found this book kind of boring.
I felt like not very much happened. We are introduced to a lot of new
characters. I never really felt like I got to know them very well. I didn’t feel
like they were very well developed and the older characters that are around
from the first series, we’re seeing them now through Noah’s lens instead of
Mara’s and so it’s not that I thought that they were changed or anything it’s
just that we’re seeing less of them. Like Mara was the main character in the first
three books in her series and now she is like reduced to a background prop so I
wasn’t really connecting with the characters and I thought the
story was a little bit boring too because the entire book is split between
two locations. Someone’s house and another person’s house and the
characters just go to this house talk a lot, they go to this house talk a lot, go
back to this house and talk, back to this house and talk, and there’s so much
talking about what is going on and for all of that amount of talking I had no
idea what was going on but that’s pretty typical for Michelle Hodkin’s writing. She
will kind of like lead you on. She doesn’t give you the answers right up
front. But even though I thought it was kind of boring, not much happened, not
connected with the characters, it was a very very quick read and it was true to
what the Mara trilogy established. Next up I read Obsidian And Stars when
Julie Eshbaugh which is the sequel to Ivory And Bone. This is a prehistoric
romance series and the first book Ivory And Bone was kind of inspired by Pride
and Prejudice. I really enjoyed that element to it.
The story follows several different prehistoric clans, like these different
groups, they live in different areas of their continent and they each face
different problems like some of them are running out of food, some of them they
need to make marriage alliances between the clans, some of the clans are very
hostile, some of them want to ally and it’s just kind of the politics of that. A
couple of things that I really liked or think are worth mentioning about this
book are that this one is following a different character’s perspective. It’s
still one of the main characters, this one is just following Mya whereas the
first book followed the character of Kol and then the other thing is if you
read Ivory and Bone, parts of that book were kind of told in like a story
framing perspective where some of it was in second person where the character was
telling the story of the story to the other character so it was like, “well I
met you on this day and then da-da-da-da-da” That’s totally absent in this book. It is
not framed that way. There’s none of that second person stuff where the narrator
is talking to another character, it’s just like it’s a pretty straightforward
first-person narrative book. But again I kind of felt like this book was a little
bit boring or maybe a little bit tedious because to me a lot of time was spent
building up like this event and then when it happened it just was over
quickly without the conflict that the reader and the characters were expecting
so like why did we just build all that up?
And then it kind of switches gears and something else takes over and I don’t
know, I think that without the Pride and Prejudice element that I totally geeked
out about in the first book because I could see how it paralleled so well – I
think without that element I just wasn’t as into it. I do think that
the prehistoric setting is pretty interesting to me so yeah I will still
continue reading the series even though this wasn’t my favorite book. Then I read
The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans. I had asked for some holiday
romance recommendations and a couple people recommended this one to me. This
is a story about a woman who is eating lunch at her workplaces cafeteria one
day and a guy approaches her who also works there and he says. “hey I’m single,
I’m not looking for a relationship right now, but it’s almost Christmas time and
I’m so sick of feeling lonely and not having anyone to go to Christmas parties
with and people just judging me and asking like why aren’t you seeing anyone?
What if we pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend during Christmas season so
that we can like go to all the holiday events together and like people will
just shut up and stop asking us about our love lives?” I read this book in one
sitting. Like, I read it in like four hours and I never ever ever read books
in one sitting. I just can’t. I haven’t done it since before I had a
booktube channel. I just don’t like sitting still that long. It’s not the way
that I read but I devoured this book. It’s a very fast read, however as
entertaining and fast of a read than it was it was really like that trope and
the setup that really drove me through it because honestly I don’t think the
writing was all that great. It’s a little bit shallow and I really thought that
the characters lacked chemistry. I needed a little bit more like tension and stuff
between them. So again, it was a fun quick romantic fake relationship trope read
which I did enjoy but like again just not a favorite. Next I read You’re
Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner which is a 2017 debut novel. This book
follows an Indian-American Deaf main character who gets kicked out
of her school for the Deaf because someone has graffitied a slur on the
school building against her best friend and so she covers it up with art because
she’s really in the street art and graffiti, but unfortunately she gets
caught painting over this slur so she’s the
one that gets expelled from her school and now she has to go to a mainstream
school for the hearing where she is the only Deaf student there. Because this
character is so artistic there are several illustrations throughout the
book which are also drawn by the author herself. And I really really enjoyed this
story and one of my favorite things about it is that there is a best friend
character who she’s overweight, she’s fat and she I felt was represented very well.
She breaks and defies stereotypes. Very very small bits of the book do
acknowledge that some of the other students in the school bully her or that
she has internalized a few things like negative stereotypes about herself but
the book never really lets those things go unchallenged
and she overall is just very well-developed beyond this one trait of
what she looks like so I really really enjoyed the fat rep in the side
character in this book. I think this was a pretty character heavy book, it focuses
a lot on the main character, her feelings with her old friend that got her kicked
out of school and then the new friend that she is making who she’s pretty
reluctant to. Even though this was such a character heavy book the character arc
was very strong. There’s also not very much romance in this book at all. Like
the main character has a crush on one person and I think there’s like one
scene where she talks about kissing. That’s it. She’s not in a romance, she’s
not in a relationship so you know if you’re looking for a book that doesn’t
have very much romance I would definitely recommend this one. Like I
said this was a debut of 2017 and it was one of the stronger and one of my
favorite debuts that I read this year. Then I read an advance copy of Beneath
The Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire. This is the third book in the Wayward Children
series. I believe there are gonna be at least four books in this series so it’s
not over yet. This book is coming out in January, I think on the 9th or so. This
book goes back to the boarding school from book 1 so we’re following a bunch
of the characters that we knew from book 1, we get to see them again. We meet a new
character in this book who shows up at the school and is like, “I need your help
fixing something in my world, in my realm.” So they all have to travel through these
different worlds to get to her world and fix the problem that has happened. I
really loved the quest that happened in this. I really loved seeing the different
worlds, getting to know the new characters and the worlds that they were
from even if we didn’t see their world specifically.
Like one of the characters is a mermaid from a world of mermaids and I’m like I
need a book set in that world please! This series is a five star series
overall to me and I really really wish that this book had been five stars
because I so enjoyed it, there was just one thing that I did not enjoy about it
and that was the fat rep. One of the characters whose point of views that we
follow is overweight and that is a fact that we are never ever allowed to forget.
It’s not that her representation or the way that weight was talked about was
malicious or harmful in any way particularly it’s just that like every
time this character is on page her weight is mentioned. Like 85% of her
character development is about her weight and so to me it was a
little bit aggravating. Like let her be more than this one thing. Let her be more
than the kid who’s bullied, who’s the underdog, who everyone thinks eats too
much and especially because this book is set in a world where like literally the
entire world is made out of sugar and sweets – I think it just comes up a lot.
With all that said, even though I had had a little mini rant there, oh my gosh I
still love the story. I still love the other characters and I love this series
overall and would definitely recommend the series, would definitely recommend
this book. Besides that one thing it was amazing, it was wonderful, it would have
been five stars and the series to me overall is definitely a five star series.
And lastly I listened to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on audiobook.
Let me make sure I’m holding up the right book because one month I did an
entire review for like Goblet of Fire while I was holding up Prisoner of
Azkaban the entire time. Yes this is the right book. I listened to Harry Potter and
the Order of the Phoenix in continuing my reread of this series on the
audiobooks so I don’t have a whole lot of new information to tell you guys
about my thoughts on this series. I know I had like a story to tell you about
Prisoner Azkaban and then with Goblet of Fire I had some thoughts on that book
change. My thoughts on Order of the Phoenix are pretty much the same as they
have been the other times that I’ve read this series. I mean, again I am still
really just enjoying getting to experience the story and world and
characters in a new to me format which is the audio. That’s everything that I read
in December. I would love to know what you guys read and what your favorite
read of the month was. I ended up the year reading a total of 88
books. I didn’t really do the Goodreads challenge this year so 88 books is fine
with me. It is much less than I’ve read the past couple of years but I’m fine
with that. I don’t care, you know, my life had some changes in this year and I
wasn’t able to read as much but I would love to know if you guys met your
reading goals or how many books you read this year. Thank you so much for watching
and I will see you in the comments. Bye! [music only]

21 thoughts on “December Reading Wrap Up | 2017

  1. Two books I loved this month were Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand, and Bad Romance. I remember your review of Bad Romance and felt very similarly. It was a difficult read but one I felt passionate about. And I did meet my goal for the year…yay!

  2. The books I have read this month were: Prince Caspan (Re-read) by C.S. Lewis 4/5. Whichwood by tahereh mafi 4/5. I hate fairyland graphic novel vol. 1 (Forgot who the author is) 4/5. Physik by Angie Sage 4/5. Macbeth (For school) by william shakespeare 3/5. Amulet graphic novel vol. 4 (Forgot the author as well) 4/5. Geekeralla by ashely poston 5/5. Gaint days graphic novel vol. 2 (Forgot the author agian) 3/5. And my most recent book I have finished was: Michael vey 6: Fall of hades by richard paul evans. The sixth installment in the Michael vey series. Which I am loving! Sadly, I only have one more book left in that series!

    Anyways, my favorite this month is a tie between: Geekerella by Ashley Poston and Michael vey 6: Fall of hades by Richard Paul Evans!
    Ps. I recemend the Michael vey series if u want more middle grade!(:

  3. 6 books read in one month is actually amazing, especially with everything else you have going on right now =D and wayward sisters series sounds really interesting, and HP is always a good choice to reread 😛

  4. I'm just finishing up #75, which was my goal after I hit my first one. My favourite new to me book that I've read this month was warcross!

  5. You’re Welcome, Universe has been on my TBR since I heard of it but I haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I also need to continue with the Wayward Children series. I’ve only read the first one.

  6. I really want to read Every Heart a Doorway but I'm waiting for the paperback release… Which hasn't been announced yet…
    My favourite book that I read this month has to be either Hamlet by Shakespeare, White Teeth by Zadie Smith or Seraphina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty. I didn't read any YA this month actually… I just realised this… I'm a bit shocked haha.

  7. My goal was to read 50 books this year, I ended up reading 106 (107 if I finish my current read today), so I'm very pleased! 😀

  8. Well done on your overall yearly reads! My goal was 65 books and I managed to just scrape through haha! I'm just saving my December wrap-up now ^^

  9. Great reviews as always Trina. You have genuinely impressed me so much with both your reading, concise reviews and upload schedule this month considering you are soon to have a little person in your life! You are a superwoman! Wishing you the best of luck, and a very happy new year!

  10. I can't wait to watch your audiobook wrap up. I'm pretty sure it's already up but I'm SO behind on booktube videos!! I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this month for the first time. It's my favorite book of the series up to date, I think, but that will probably change every time I read a book of the series. I can't wait to read the last one and start all over again!

  11. Hold the phone. MERMAIDS??? Even more excited to continue that series now! Though that's really disappointing about the fat rep. On the other hand, You're Welcome, Universe sounds great! It's been on my TBR for a while but I think I will be moving it up the list.
    I was really happy with my reading this year! I read 144 books (about 10 of which were rereads) and had quite a few 4-star-or-above books.

  12. i reread the first 2 harry potter's last month too and i passed my gr goal of 50 by 1 haha but i decided to not set one this year 🙂

  13. I saw a hallmark Christmas movie called Mistletoe Promise with the same premise, I bet it was based on that book! Definitely recommend if you liked the trope, I thought the characters in the movie had great chemistry! Thanks for another great video!

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