Depth Charge | 2008 Action Thriller | | Eric Roberts | Jason Gedrick

[indistinct chatter]Man on PA:
We’re at 130 feet,
10 degrees down.
You got target zig.Man on PA:
Contact bearing…
Ahh! Whew! [inhales sharply] So– So, Doc, you, uh, think you can make it
so I got a scar? Sure, tough guy.
How big you want it? Not too big.
Just so it’s noticeable. What, is this
for your girlfriend? Well, it’s for all
the future girls. Uh-huh. [groaning] You’re gonna need a story
to go with this. Oh, no, I got a story,
but it’s too painful
for me to tell.Man on PA:
General quarters,
all hands,
man your stations.
Commander Krieg. Carry on, petty officer. Aye, sir. Watch that ladder! Let’s go! Let’s go! Man:
To the forward
compartment! Man: Go! Right full rudder. All ahead three-quarter.
5-degree down bubble. Aye, sir.
Right full rudder. All ahead three-quarter.
5-degree down bubble. Sonar, conn.
What do you have?Man on PA:
Conn, sonar. Contact.
4,000 yards and closing, sir.They’re right behind us.Rig for stealth. Aye, sir.
Rig for stealth. Give me a firing solution,
Commander. Aye, sir.
Give me a firing solution. Aye, aye, sir. Flood tubes one and four. Flood tubes
one and four. Aye. Range? Range 3,400 yards, sir. 10 seconds to stealth,
Captain. Man:
Range? Range 3,000 yards
and closing, sir. Sonar, target bearing? Sir, we’ve lost contact.
Trying to re-establish. He’s gonna turn and hit us. Right full rudder,
10-degree down bubble. Right full rudder,
10-degree down bubble. Aye. Where is that
firing solution,
Commander? We have it now, sir. Sonar, talk to me. Nothing, sir.
We can’t find her. Damn it. We are locked. – Fire one.
– Aye, sir. Fire one. – Fire two.
– Aye, sir. Fire two. Sir, we have
fish in the water, 1,200 yards and closing. Crash dive,
20-degree down bubble. [alarm blares] Crash dive,
20-degree down bubble. Aye. Torpedo range,
600 yards and closing. Time to target?Man on PA:
Conn, sonar.
20 seconds, sir.
port countermeasures. Launch port
countermeasures. Aye. – Come on.
– Man: Ugh.Computer:
Your signal is destroyed.
Simulation complete.Damn! That’s it! That’s it!
We did it, gentlemen. Great work! Great work!
Good work, Bill. Thank you, sir. The most powerful Navy
in the world is now invisible. Yes, it is a bad day
for the bad guys. Son of a…Man on PA:
Conn, commo.
Captain Richards wishes
to speak to you, sir.
This is the captain.Richards:
Captain, this exercise
is terminated.
Congratulations.Everyone in Washington
will be pleased to know that this stealth technology
has been proven effective under combat conditions. Great job out there, Brad.Yeah, thanks.Oh, by the way,
happy retirement. Thanks for reminding me. We’re headed back
to Reykjavik Harbor. Out. Man:
Send fire control party. Think you pissed him off. Yeah, that’s because
I get to play
with this puppy and he doesn’t. Fitting way to end
your career, skipper. Thanks, Bill. Wish I could say the same. You know they’ve got plans
for all of us. Come on. Believe me, I know. You know, most guys would
look at your reassignment to the Pentagon
as what it is– an honor. I’ve earned the right
to have my own command. You know that. Whether I agree with you
or whether I don’t, it’s out of our hands. I don’t mean to put a damper
on your last day, skipper. No, no, it’s okay. I mean, we all have our way
of dealing with change. Indeed we do. Okay, Doc,
so let’s go over
this again. Once you’re
at missile launch,
you’ve got three choices. First, you can just
send that nasty thing
to your target. Second, if you want
to change your mind about
who you want to nuke, you can pick
a secondary target. Or if you want
to disarm it, you just put in the code
and it self-destructs. It’s pretty simple. Yeah, see how simple it is to put the hammer
to 20 million people? Oh, well, if you’re having
second thoughts there, Doc, then maybe you should
just stick to medicine. Just because you’d rather be
home watching some game on high-def on DIRECTV… to me, this is the life. What more you got? All right, fine. Here’s the code book. It has all
the self-destruct codes, but they change every day, so you got to stay up-to-date
before you come on duty. So if you want
to try that one, just put it in, and then it would
self-destruct. [groans] Man:
Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is the fishing vessel
theCypress Point.We are taking on water. I repeat,
we are taking on water. [indistinct chatter] Man:
X.O. on the conn. – Sir.
– You okay? Yes, sir.
Just a bit of a headache. Well, there’s
a fishing boat out there. It’s about four miles away. Apparently,
it’s been taking on
a lot of water. The captain
wants to abandon ship. There’s a NATO patrol boat, it’s about two hours away. We’ll just monitor
the situation
with the fishing boat – until they get there.
– Right. Sir, one of the drills
scheduled for this mission is a rescue at sea. It would seem to me to be
the perfect opportunity to test the efficiency
of reduced crew under an actual
emergency situation. What do you say? I think it’s a good idea. – Hey, Doc.
– What’s on the menu? Shepherd’s pie
with your choice
of creamed corn, string beans,
or cauliflower. Yeah, I think I’ll pass. Doc, uh…how long
are you gonna use my storeroom for your rack? People are
beginning to talk. You know, you’d think
with a crew this size, a man could get
some peace and quiet,
wouldn’t you? Life on a boomer. Wake me when
it’s pizza night. That’s not till Friday. Exactly.
Close the hatch. You sleep tight,
little Doc. Petty officer, let’s get
these people on deck
as soon as possible. Have their captain
report to the conn. [thunder] Let’s get a move on! Every second
we spend on the surface is one second too long. Get these people
to the conn. Man:
Thank you. Sir, captain and crew
of the fishing boat. Captain,
I’d like to welcome you and your entire crew
aboard the USS Montana. Thank you, sir. [guns cocking] Man:
Hey, they got weapons. What the hell
do you think you’re — Not now, Captain. We’re taking the boat. Garrett,
disperse your men. Garrett:
Let’s go! Move! – Hands!
– Steady. – Get up!
– Nobody move! Everybody,
hands in the air! All right, don’t shoot.
Don’t shoot. – Don’t fire.
– Take it easy. Easy. – Do as they say.
– All right. Take it easy. Man:
Go down! I got every single
one of you out here. Down.
Don’t look. Come on. Get up. Get up.
Get up. Ugh. Come on!
Move it! Let’s go. – Go!
– Quick. – Right on.
– You! [indistinct chatter] What the hell are you
gonna do with my men? They’ll be fine. Hey, Garrett,
put them on a boat. But don’t worry.
They’ll have you there
to supervise them. You are out
of your damn mind. I finally have my command. Get this man off my sub. Just a second. I might need this. I’ll see you at your
court-martial. Man:
Go! Go! Move!
Everybody out! Man: Wait for it. – Move!
– Move. Lieutenant,
I believe you have
something I want. That’s it. I’ll take the key. Get off my sub. When you hear
your name called, report to duty station. Campbell, take the helm. Romano, weapons control. Ranovsky, planesman. Rosen, Chang, get that safe open
and get me those
firing keys now. Garrett,
have your men
report to mess to await instructions
once we’re under way. Move along. Move. I got it. I got it. Step up the ladder. Go, next! Next! You. Man:
Stroke. Let’s go! – Yeah, okay.
– Portside. All right,
get up there. – All right.
– Secure it, team. – [grunts]
– Let’s go! Man:
One at a time. Go. Okay. Come on. Lieutenant, let’s get
all these men on board. All right, you heard him. Let’s make sure
everybody’s accounted for. All right. – Sir?
– Yeah? I was able to smuggle
this off the sub. A radio. Great work. Thank you, sir. Man:
What about those
dewatering pumps? – Are they usable?
– We’re down below, sir. To any ship, any ship. This is Captain Daniel Lewis
of theUSS Montana.Commander,
we’re picking up
a distress call from Captain Lewis
and the crew of the Montana. They have a radio? I told you
we should kill them. You were supposed
to check them. Sir, that NATO patrol boat
is heading in our direction. They’re responding
to Captain Lewis’
distress call. Get out of my sight. Mr. Allenson,
take us down
to periscope depth. Aye, aye, sir.
Make our depth 150 feet. [alarms blaring] [alarm continues] Attention,
this is your captain.First, I want to congratulate
you all on a job well done.
We are now the proud owners of the world’s most
powerful nuclear submarine.The only one of its kind,
in fact.
We will proceed
to the East Coast
of the United States,
where we will hold the city
of Washington, D.C.,
for ransom. Our price is $1 billion.That is billion with a “B.”Once our demands are met, we will then proceed
to other sources of income– London, Rome, Zurich.Once we have amassed enough
wealth to buy our safety,
we will then disperse and live the lives
others can only dream about.Each of you has been chosenfor your own
particular strengths,
and I know
I can count on you to do whatever
needs to be done to carry out
and complete this mission. That is all. Commander,
the NATO vessel is demanding that
we surface immediately. I am captain of this sub,
Mr. Gerard, and you will
address me as such. Yes, sir, Captain. Hmm. Mr. Allenson,
bring it up on the board. Aye, sir. Target settings,
the NATO ship
and the fishing boat. Range 1,000 yards. Open torpedo doors
two and three. Aye, sir.
Open torpedo doors
two and three. Sir, is this
absolutely necessary? They have made it
necessary, Mr. Allenson. Fire torpedoes. Fire torpedoes. Fire torpedo two. Fire torpedo three. I’d say we’re off
to a good start. Have you contacted
naval headquarters? Aye, sir.
Your message has been sent. Good. Yes? Mr. President,
we have a situation. What is it? One of our submarines,
theUSS Montana,has been hijacked
by terrorists
led by the sub’s X.O., a Commander William Krieg. Also, a NATO patrol boat
has gone missing
in that same area. We fear she might have been
fired upon by the Montana. Montana?
That’s the stealth
prototype, isn’t it? I’m afraid so, sir. Well, have them take us
to orange alert. Yes, sir. [knock on door] Enter. Sir, this just came in
on the emergency channel. “Emergency aboardUSS Montana.
Possible casualties. Hold your current position
and await further orders.” What do you think that means? I wish I knew. What are you guys
doing here? Get off my sub!Man on radio:
Whiskey 11,
this is Whiskey 14.
OTH is clear, over.[indistinct chatter] – Mr. President.
– Please be seated. We have it, sir. Well, then, let’s hear it.Gentlemen,
I am William Krieg
of the USS Montana.
It is my duty to inform youas of 23:00 hours
this evening,
I have assumed control
of this vessel.
The Navy never saw fit
to give me my own command,
so I have taken it.And since I’m in
the driver’s seat,
so to speak,
I thought I would indulge
myself a little.
I want $1 billionor I’m going to blow the city
of Washington, D.C.,
off the map.As you probably know,the Montana
is a one-of-a-kind
equipped with 24 trident
ballistic missiles,
and, of course,there’s always the matter
of that stealth technology.
$1 billion sounds like
a lot, I know,
but look at it this way–$1 billion, and everyone
on Pennsylvania Avenue
gets to wake up
in the morning.
Not a bad deal, right?It is now 03:00.You have 18 hours.Instructions on how I’d like
the funds transferred
will be forthcoming.That is all.Mr. President, we’re being redirected
to a secure location. The Joint Chiefs are en route and will be standing by for
briefings upon your arrival. – Make it happen.
– Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am.
Right away. Communications room,
respond.Man on PA:
Communications secure.
And, engine room, respond. Sir, I can’t raise
Hernandez or Edwards. Well, send someone down
to check on them. Set the course. I’ll be in my quarters. Aye, sir. Helmsmen, change course
to heading 260. All ahead three-quarters
to off the coast of Maryland. Man:
Aye, sir.Garrett?I’m here, Mr. Allenson. Hernandez and Edwards
aren’t responding. Send someone
to look for them
in the engine room. – Right.
– Got it. Stand by. What happened?
Where’s Edwards? He’s dead. Let’s move out. [knock on door] Enter. Sir, we have a problem. This is your captain.We have one of the original
crew members still on board.
This man is
extremely dangerous.
If you see him, report
his position immediately.
That is all.[grunting] Hey! You were supposed to do
a headcount, Mr. Allenson. I was told everyone
was accounted for. Yes, sir,
and that information
came from Mr. Gerard, chief of the boat. Gerard, you were responsible
for off-loading my crew, were you not? Conn, come in. This is the captain. Get off my sub. Who is this? Mr. Garrett. We’re on it, Captain. Find him
and bring him to me. Yes, sir. [sirens] Atten-hut! Good evening, Mr. President. Area’s been secured. Joint Chiefs are standing by
to brief you, sir. – Thank you, top.
– Aye, aye, sir. [shouts] Atten-hut! At ease. Admiral. Thank you for letting us
into your home, Mr. President. What do we know? He’s got stealth technology, and he’s threatening
Washington, D.C. He’s already torpedoed
one NATO patrol vessel and an unidentified
fishing vessel. What are they actually capable
of doing to Washington? The truth of the matter is the Montana is capable of
outrunning and outgunning everything else in our Navy. There’s a chance that he could
beat our intercept missile, and we wouldn’t
even see it because
it’s invisible to sonar. How fast can this Montana
actually go? 10 knots faster
than anything we got. Don’t we have
safeguards to prevent the launching
of nuclear missiles
from submarines? Yes, it takes two keys
to effect a missile launch. The captain has one
and the weapons
control officer. Yeah, all right. I want all available resources
brought into this area. I want the entire East Coast
blanketed with as many ships and aircraft
as we can muster. Then I want to know
everything there is to know about this Commander Krieg. Is he a lunatic acting alone, or is he part
of something bigger? Call Katie McCallister at the Central
Intelligence Agency. Tell her I need her here
yesterday. She’s already
on her way, sir. Thank you. Assuming you’re correct,
Admiral, let’s get in touch
with Captain Richards
onboard theFlorida.Have him track the last known
position of theMontana.Sir. Good work. Take this
to Missile Control
and stand by. Yes, sir. You know, I’m thinking. Maybe we should give
the President a little show, something that
proves we’re serious
and have the ability and the balls
to carry out our threat. Sir, you’ve already
sunk a NATO boat and torpedoed
yourMontanacrewmates. I think you’ve
made your point. I want to believe you,
Mr. Allenson. I do. But knowing the Joint Chiefs, they’ve got everything
under the sun gunning for us right now. What’s so special
about that spot? Krieg:
Nothing. It’s in the middle
of nowhere. Sir, if we launch
a nuclear warhead, everyone’s gonna know
where we are. There.
Now, prepare to launch. Yes, sir. Weapons? Ready to launch. [beeping] Ready to launch, sir.Allenson on PA:
Prepare for missile launch.
I repeat, prepare
for missile launch.
Ready. Fire. [beeping] Man:
Activating countermeasures. Sir, you’ve been ordered
to find and follow
theMontana.[beeping] Sir? Man:
Air-tac is clear, sir. Is that what I think it is? [man shouting indistinctly] Mr. President? The Montana just
launched a warhead. Our satellites
just picked it up. We’re getting
a lock on it now. – Stand by for the rating!
– Tracking the location! Almost there. Nice! Okay. A 5-megaton warhead
was just detonated in the middle
of the Atlantic Ocean. Oh! Aah! Shut it down. I can’t.
They’ll kill me. I’m gonna ask one more time. Aah! All right. – Shut it down!
– Get away from him. You use that scatter gun,
you’ll kill us both. Is that what you want? You guys need me. I’m the only one that can
maintain the reactor. Go on.
Move out of the way. Keep moving. Follow us, he’s dead. Stay back! I mean,
where’s he gonna go? Just stay back! – Ah!
– Oh! Koenig,
stay with him. Cline. Don’t move.
Don’t you move. [gagging] – Piersall?
– Doc? Damn, Doc.
What the hell is going on? Commander Krieg
has lost his mind. He’s taken over the sub. Have you seen
any of our other crew? Uh, no,
I ain’t seen nobody, but they know I’m here. Everybody’s been
looking for me. Okay.
Do you know how far down
these crawl spaces run? Uh, yeah.
They run all the way down
to the stern almost. There’s two of them.
There’s this one
and the one below. That’s right. Good.
We’re gonna need them
to get around. What are we gonna do? We’re gonna take
our sub back. – Say what?
– You heard me. Come on. Gerard, get me
the President
on the line. I want to make sure
he saw our show. Aye, aye, sir.President:
Mr. President. I hope you now see
I am both capable
and willing of using the weapons
at my disposal. I can just as easily
detonate a warhead over a populated area. Krieg, what is it
that you want from us? Only what I’ve asked for,
Mr. President. I will send you
the instructions for the wire transfer
of $1 billion.Do not attempt to alter
this plan in any way.
That is all. Clear. This way. Oh! Ugh! Ah! – Ah!
– You okay? H-how bad is it? Let’s see.
You’re lucky. It’s a through-and-through. Come on. On three.
One, two, three. – Aah! Ah!
– Over on the desk. Just take it easy.
Take it easy. You’ll be all right. – You all right?
– Yeah. Oh. Yeah, you’ve got a story
for your girl now, I tell you what. Here you go. Ah! Oh! Ah! – Didn’t hurt, did it?
– No more than getting shot. Listen,
I want you to wait here
till the bleeding stops. Where you going? I’m gonna go out there
and raise some hell, see if I can
slow them down a little bit till the Navy finds us. No, man.
You’re gonna get
yourself killed. You know how to use
one of these, right? Yeah, of course. Here. I’ll call you
if I need you, all right? Good luck. Garrett? I’m here.Find him?Garrett:
There’s two of them. One of them went
after the reactor. Dugan stopped them. I want an armed guard in the reactor control room
immediately. Already taken care of. Find them before
they screw this up for all of us,
you hear me? Let’s split up. Cover more ground. Go back to the mess. Call me
if you see anything. Ugh! Cline! Cline! [grunting] – Sir?
– Yeah. We’ve just received another
emergency-action message. More info on theMontana.We’re to continue to plot
an intercept course and pursue. Washington wants us
to keep them informed and await further information. All right. Well, we started
the stealth exercises here. The NATO vessel
was destroyed
right about there. They launched
their missile from there. Now, knowing that
they average about
10 knots faster than us, I’d say that
we should start
looking for them right about there. Well, it certainly looks
like they’re headed for D.C. [panting] [groaning] [panting] Okay. Piersall? What do you want? Listen, I need your help. All right, man,
where are you? I’m gonna come get you. No, no, no.
Don’t worry about that. Can you get near
the communications room
without being seen? Why? We’re gonna reach out
and touch someone. No, man. Look, just stay
where you’re at, and let’s let the Navy
handle this. Piersall…What?We are the Navy. Doc! Doc! No way. [grunts] [gasping] [groans] [panting] President:
The U.N.’s asking to meet. I have no idea
what to tell them. You know, there’s
several prime ministers who would love to have
my head on a platter. – Sir?
– Uh-huh. Ms. McCallister
is here. Katie,
have they briefed you
on what’s going on? Yes, Mr. President. I’m afraid I’m going
to make a bad day even worse for you, sir. Take a number.
What do you got? Well, what I have
is quite interesting. A quick search
of Commander Krieg’s
apartment gives us plenty
to worry about, sir. He is your proverbial
loose canon. Found a journal
written by Krieg. Apparently
he wanted us to find it. It’s a series
of injustices with regard
to his naval career. Also, he is heavily in debt. He is behind
in alimony payments
to his first wife. His second wife
just left him. We’re trying to find her
as we speak. And we found these
in his quarters. What are these? Tilafon, sir. It’s a drug used
to shrink tumors. In particular,
brain tumors. A brain tumor? Yes, sir. And one of
the side effects of Tilafon
is psychotic behavior. [panting] – Hey.
– Hey! Piersall: Yo! I’m glad
you could make it. I couldn’t help myself. – You ready?
– For what? Follow me. Come on. [radio chatter] Get his radio. Piersall:
Did you see that, man? Whoo! That’s straight warfare, man. These dudes don’t know
who they messing with, man! Hey, you’re scaring me. Oh, I’m cool, man.
I’m cool. Watch the hatch. Oh, okay. [beeps] First name? James. What are you doing? Where’s that gonna go? Satellite picks it up, bounces it over
to one of our ships, and they pass it along
to Washington. The President’s
gonna see my name? If we live through this,
they’ll make a movie about us. Oh! I’m up for that. Who you think’s
gonna play me? Denzel? I was thinking someone
more like Sammy Jackson. Piersall:
Oh, that’s cool, too, man. I mean, Sam Jackson, Denzel,
whatever. That’s cool. [grunts] Here we go. [grunts] [beeping] Do it. [beeps] Buoy away. [pinging] Sir, somebody
just launched a comm buoy from the communications shack. [pinging continues] Sir, we’ve picked up the signal
from a communications buoy on our long-range radar. The entry code matches
theMontana’s.[indistinct chattering] Hold our present course. Steady as she goes. Aye, aye, sir. Communications, conn. Communications, conn. Hegan? Hegan is unavailable
right now. Who is this? Get off my sub. Talk to me.
We can work this out. There’s nothing
to talk about. Whoever you are,
listen to me.We will find you.And when we do,
you are a dead man. Your only chance to survive
is to give yourself up. No, you got it backwards,
Commander. I’ll give you a chance
to surrender, and if not,
we’re gonna kill
every one of you. Okay.
If that’s the way
you want to play this. Garrett,
you listening to this? I’m here. Communications shack,
get them. Rosen, Chang,
communications now. [pinging] [pinging continues] Son of a bitch. Very good.
Excuse me, sir. Yeah? We picked up a signal
from a communications buoy. We’re trying to pinpoint exactly where
it was launched from. We’re waiting
for the feed now. I’ll keep you posted. – As soon as you know.
– Yes, sir. Doc:
Watch out!
Watch out! Let’s go!
Clear out! Garrett:
I knew there was going
to be a problem. Every time I think I… – [Garrett sighs]
– [footsteps fade] I’m out. I know. So when are they gonna send
somebody to rescue us? I wouldn’t be thinking
in terms of rescue
right now, James. What? If they find this sub,
they’ll sink it. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. Let me get this straight. We’ve been risking our lives
so the Navy can find us so they can kill us? That’s about it. Well, how they gonna write
a movie about me if I’m not there
to tell them what happened? Listen, we got one chance
at coming out of this alive, and that’s taking control
of this sub. How we gonna do that? We shut it down
one section at a time, and we pick them off
one by one. No, I can’t do that.
I can’t. Sure you can, James. All I know is that
when I got hit, you came out to help me. You can do this. [no audible dialogue] So, come on.Krieg on headset:
We lost them. Mr. Garrett, you are
a disappointment. [sighs] – Commander.
– Sir, it checks out. That communications buoy
was released from
theMontanaitself. By whom? Apparently two
of the original crew
are still on board. Commander,
hazard me a guess. Where is she? All right.
Well, we left her here. The communications buoy
was found right about there. So I would imagine
that she’s somewhere
right around here. And we’re here. Yes, sir. Doc:
They got the reactor
room covered. If you really want
to mess with these guys, we should go after
the electrical switchboards. Let’s go. [chattering] Mr. President? Sirs. I have more information
on Commander Krieg. Apparently,
he sought private treatment in order to maintain
his position in the Navy. He has less
than a year to live. [sighs] Well, what have you got
on the two crew members still on board theMontana?John Ellers,
the ship’s medical officer, and James Piersall,
an electrician’s mate. Ellers is 34 years old,
parents unknown. Raised in a series
of foster homes until he graduated
from high school. He was quite a promising
young athlete and made something
of a name for himself
as an amateur fighter. Huh. McCallister:
Enlisted in the Navy
at age 25. He received two years
of advanced training to qualify as ship’s
medical officer. Performance ratings are
across-the-board excellent. And Piersall? James Piersall,
electrician’s mate. Qualified in weapons control. Enlisted in the Navy
two years ago. Transferred
to submarine service
six months ago. His service record…
also exemplary. Good. Well, let’s do
whatever we can to help
these two heroes by buying them some time. Let’s proceed as planned. Keep theFlorida
tracking theMontana.We know they’re heading
towards the East Coast
somewhere, right? Yes, sir. We still have all vessels
on high alert up and down the coast. Good.
Thank you. Thank you. Clear. Nice. Who are you? [grunting] [panting] – Doc: Damn it.
– You okay? Yeah. Well, here’s the arterial
system for the boat. All right.
What are we gonna do? Let’s cause some chaos. Uh, where should we start? With the control room. You got it. Okay, here we go. Oh, they gonna be mad. Man:
What is it? Sir, we have total
loss of power. Krieg:
Go to auxiliary. Auxiliary is…
nonfunctional. Switch to
emergency generator. It should cross over
immediately.Doc on PA:
Conn, electronics.
How’s it going up there,
Captain? Man:
Don’t worry about it. You can run,
but you can’t hide, mister. We will find you. You keep finding us, pretty soon,
you won’t have a crew. It’s only a matter of time.
Trust me. Send someone up
to electrics. Rosen, Moore,
find Garrett, get up to the electric room,
and find out – what the hell’s going on.
– Aye, aye, sir. Captain… running off the generator
leaves us crippled. We won’t be able
to maintain stealth mode. We’ll be visible on sonar, and we won’t be able
to operate our weapons systems. Our speed will drop
to a crawl. I’m aware of that,
Mr. Gerard, but nautical sonar, it only has range
of 35 miles, and it’s a big ocean
out there. [pinging] Captain, we have
a contact bearing 260. – Range 12,000 yards.
– Sonar? Ident? Stand by, sir. Let’s hope it’s theMontana.Maybe their
stealth went down. Contact identified
as a Russian trawler. Sorry, sir. [sighs]
Come on. Come on, come on.
Where are you? [alarm blaring] [sighs] Go up there, work your way
around the ship. Create as much
diversion as you can. I’m gonna try and make it
back to the control room. Wait– So you want me
to run around
and get shot at? – Yeah.
– I already done that, man. Do you see this leg? Look, we’ve both been shot, but that’s nothing
like being dead, which is what
we’re both gonna be if you don’t
help me out here. Now, come on, get up there. Damn. I don’t like you, man. Doc: I know. [alarm continues] Oh, man. Is she alive? Yes, but she’s hurt bad. Get to work.
See if you can fix
this mess. Where’s Moore? I don’t know.
He was right behind me. Did you hear anything? No. Son of a bitch!
I didn’t hear a damn thing. Get to work.
Find out what’s wrong. – Where are you going?
– To go find Moore. Bunch of…
Son of a bitch. Electric,
this is the captain.This is Rosen, sir.What’s the situation? They cut the wiring
into the control board. It’s gonna take me a while
to straighten it out, sir. – How long?
– I don’t know. A couple hours,
maybe more. How will this affect
the reactor?The reactor’s self-contained,
sir, so it’s not a problem,
but until I can
repair the wire, we can’t use any power
provided by the reactor. All right, move as fast
as you can, Rosen. Yes, sir, Captain. – Mr. Gerard.
– Sir. Go up to electric. I believe Mr. Rosen
requires motivation. Aye, aye, sir. And find out where
my goddamn money is. Yes, sir. Man: Get up there and clear
the forward compartment. Through there.
Yeah.Doc on walkie-talkie:
Piersall, are you there?
– Is that yours?
– No, what was it? – It’s not mine.
– Piersall!Where the hell are you?It’s below us.
Come on, come on! Excuse me, Mr. President. We just got a message
from Krieg. He wants to know
where his money is. I’m supposed
to just wire-transfer
him $1 billion? It’s unbelievable. All right,
I need you to buy us
some more time. Just convince him
that these things
don’t happen instantly. Yes, sir. Any news from theFlorida?Still in pursuit,
but no word. Thank you. [breathing heavily] [indistinct chatter] Sir?
Our long-range scanner’s
picking something up. It’s weak, but it’s big, and it’s moving
southwest. Could be anything.
Stay on course. It won’t be long now. What’s taking so long? What’s taking so long?
Look at this mess! I’m not
the electronics expert. She is. Chang, get to work. You have an hour. [sighs] I’m stepping off the conn. Aye, sir. [groans] Do you have something
to say to me, Mr. Allenson? No, sir.Doc on walkie-talkie:
You know,
you’re beginning
to annoy me. Well, I’ve decided
to let you surface
and get off my sub. I admire your arrogance,
but so far, you haven’t
accomplished much,
have you? No, but we decreased
the surplus population
on the sub. You’re running out of time,
mister. So are you. Sir, we have a fire
in the trash room. – [alarm blaring]
– Garrett! [alarm continues] Come on, come on! Quick, quick! [fire extinguisher hissing] Good job, Piersall. Rosen, go down
to the reactor room
and make sure it’s secure. If need be,
put another man there and get down
to the missile room. Double up on
security there, as well. And what are we gonna do
when we run out of men? Just do as you’re told! I see him!
We’re going after him! Where?
Give me your location. Third level,
near the auxiliary
machine room! Okay, come with me. Doc:
I need your help bad,
Piersall. Come in. You hear that? Piersall? I got him. Doc:
Piersall, come in. Piersall,
I’ve been shot. Come on, he’s hurt. Let’s wrap this up. Doc:
Where are you?
Where are you?Piersall,
where are you?
Where are you?
Come in!
Damn it!
Son of a… Commander,
you have three less
mouths to feed. Son of a bitch. Get off my sub. Mr. President? Ah, you found me. I was just trying
to get some fresh air. What’s up? I’ve been talking
with the Joint Chiefs, and the consensus is
that given the capabilities of a nuclear
submarine equipped
with stealth technology, our chances
of tracking him down
are very slim. So you think
I should give him
what he wants? As much as it pains me
to say so, yes, sir. We can always
track him down later. Damn it. Sorry, Admiral. I’m just–
I’m having a hard time
coping with this. For the first time,
I’m truly at a loss. What do you do when
one of your own turns on you? You blow him out
of the water, sir. Two days ago,
I would’ve said
that Commander Krieg was one of our own
and he couldn’t– he wouldn’t have turned
on his country, but he’s mad as a hatter, and I will not set him loose
on the rest of the world. Yes, sir. I will go on record
as supporting
your decision 100%. I appreciate that, Bob. – More than you know.
– Yes, sir.Captain,
this is the X.O.
Go ahead, X.O.Sir, sonar has a contact
at 27 miles.
She’s going slow.We think it might be
Montana. I’ll be right there,
Commander. Change course to intercept. [panting] Hold it. Give it to me. Got to give it to you,
you’re good. You’re real good. You better hurry up
and shoot me before I kick
your ass again. What? Go ahead,
get it over with. Uh, what are you doing? I’m going to
take him apart. Dugan:
Don’t be stupid. Come on. [grunting] Soft in the middle
like I figured. Having fun? – [groans]
– Come on, hotshot. Get up. This is what you guys
were afraid of? On your feet, hotshot.
Let’s get this over with. Say good night, pal. Good night, pal. Electric,
we’re out of time. 10 minutes, Captain.
10 minutes. Captain, sonar has
a positive I.D. Contact is theMontana.Sound general quarters.
Set battle stations. Aye, aye, sir.
Set battle stations. Battle stations,
battle stations! All hands,
man your battle stations. It’s about damn time. Garrett.
Come in, Garrett. Find as many men as you can
and report back to me. Yes, sir. As you were. – We got him.
– Doc! – Commander Krieg.
– Captain Krieg. That will be all,
Mr. Garrett. So…where’s your partner? I have no idea. If I don’t get
my systems back, I will have failed
in my mission. No, you failed as soon
as you betrayed your crew. They weren’t my crew, Doc. They belonged
to somebody else. You were one of us.
We trusted you. And I trusted the U.S. Navy. The world’s a different
place now, Doc. The terrorists
are calling the shots, in case
you hadn’t noticed. Anyone with enough firepower
can start their own war. We’re competing
on the same field
as savages. This sub can’t
defend itself any longer. You’re crippled, Commander. I will not be defeated. This is my time in history. I was destined for this. Destined for what? Extorting money
from the country that trained
and supported you? Doc, the money
is not important. It’s a symbol. It’s a symbol
of my superiority. My mission has always been
to eradicate terrorism. Every day,
for the past 20 years, that’s been my mission, and now
it’s my ultimate goal. Let there be light. Gerard. Captain, she’s done it. We’re back online. Good work.
Report back to the conn. I’m glad you’re here, Doc. I want someone
who understands the level
of accomplishment here. You will bear witness
to what I’m about to do. Conn, sonar.
We have a contact bearing 180.Range 2,200 yards.Sonar, conn.
Understood. Mr. Allenson,
go to stealth mode. Aye, aye, sir.
Going to stealth. Stealth in 60 seconds
and counting, sir. Sonar, conn.
Can you identify the contact? It’s theFlorida.Major. At ease. So, what have we got,
gentlemen? Sir, theFlorida
has found theMontana
and will engage. I would never have imagined
ordering an American vessel to fire on one of its own. We have no other option. I appreciate that, Admiral. It doesn’t make it
any easier. Give me a firing solution. Flood tubes three and four. Aye, aye, sir. Flood tubes
three and four. Allenson:
20 seconds to stealth,
Captain. Steady as she goes. You’re running out
of time, Commander. They’re gonna shove
a Mark 48 torpedo
right up your ass. We’ll see. 10 seconds to stealth. 9…8…7… We have a firing solution, sir. Very well. Man: Ready?
Flood those tubes. Fire torpedoes
three and four. Aye, aye, sir. Sir, we have stealth. Very well, Mr. Allenson. Captain, sonar contact. Torpedoes.
They’ve launched torpedoes. Sonar, conn. Range? 1,500 yards and closing, sir. Set battle stations. Right full rudder.
20-degree down bubble. – All ahead full.
– Aye, aye, sir. Right full rudder.
20-degree down bubble. All ahead full. Sonar,
estimated time of impact? Sir, we’ve lost
contact again. They’ve gone to stealth, sir. Sonar, estimated
time of impact based on
last target bearing. Sir, time of impact
estimated…20 seconds. Sonar, conn.
Torpedo range? Range 200 yards and closing. Launch starboard
countermeasure. Aye, aye, sir. Ever have that feeling
where every move you make is the right one? You mean like General Custer? Rig for impact. Number two torpedo.
Range 100 yards.75 yards. 50 yards.I think both torpedoes
missed, sir. Evasive action.
Hard left rudder. All ahead full.
Sonar, what do you see? Negative, sir.
She’s gone, Captain. Mr. Gerard,
get me a firing solution. Open torpedo doors
one and two. Aye, aye, sir. Captain,
if we counterattack and miss, these men are not ready
for a shoot-out
with a trained crew. We should use this time
to get ourselves
closer to our objectives and further away
from theFlorida.What would you do, Doc?
Stand and fight? High noon. Meet ’em in the street
head on. See who blinks, Commander. Change course to 060.
All ahead full. Aye, aye, sir. Helmsman,
change course to 060. All ahead full. We’ll see who blinks…
next time. Sir, we’re taking on water
in the aft torpedo room. Garrett, get as many
men as you can to the aft torpedo room. Contact naval headquarters. Tell them anyone comes
within five miles of us, we will launch. Aye, aye, sir. Scared, Commander? Tremble and shake. Lock this man up. Get your ass out of here.
Move. Romano, Chang,
meet me at the torpedo room. Now. That’s good.
Right here. You killed a couple
of friends of mine. They didn’t leave me
much choice. Neither will I. You feel a headache
coming on? Piersall:
Put it down, fool. I don’t like you. Doc. Come on, man. – Move.
– What’s the plan, Doc? Shoot everybody
that’s not me. [indistinct chatter] Mr. President,
in its attempt to destroy
theMontana,sir. and Krieg has said
if anybody else
comes near him, he’ll launch. What do you suggest, Admiral? I think we should recall
all forces except
theFlorida,sir. I believe one vessel
might be able to
strike at theMontanawithout being detected. I agree. But let’s give ourselves
some breathing room here. Contact Commander Krieg. Tell him
we’ll transfer the money
within the hour. – Mr. President —
– Trust me. [indistinct chatter] Sir, message
from Washington. We’re to continue
our pursuit of theMontana.All other forces
are standing down. It’s just us, then? Yeah. Let’s find them…
and kill them. [knocking on door] See who it is. It’s me.
Dugan. – Ugh!
– Look out! – Get over–
– [gunshot] [gunshots] [gasps] Piersall, you know
how to work this? What? How do you work this? I need
to shut it down now! – Uh…
– Come on. – Try the “off” switch.
– Come on, show me. It’s pretty easy
to turn off, but it’ll probably
take about four hours
to reboot. – Do it.
– Uh… – You got to be kidding me.
– [alarm blaring] Come on. [alarm continues] Sir, we’ve lost the reactor. Auxiliary power
is crossing over. – Garrett!
– This is Garrett! We’re taking on a lot
of water here, Captain.We lost the reactor.Get up there,
find out what’s wrong. I’m on my way. Get this fixed!
I’ll be back. Captain, I think it’s time we started to consider
some alternatives. Surrender is not an option,
Mr. Allenson. Captain, the diesel engines
will keep us moving forward, but at a much slower
rate of speed, but more importantly, we can’t go into stealth mode
without the reactor, and theFloridais close by. We can still
defend ourselves. Not without
the torpedo room. Contact naval headquarters. We’re moving
the deadline up. Aye, aye, sir. It’s what we’re doing. It’s what we’re doing… moving the deadline up. Got it?
Give me your hand. [gasps] [panting] Can you make it,
Piersall? – Do I have a choice?
– No. [sighs] Get your weapon.
Come on. Conn, reactor room. This is the captain. They’ve been here
and shut down the reactor. And they killed
three of my men. Well– It will take hours
to have it running again.Romano:
Conn, torpedo room.
Stand by. Captain, we’re still
taking on water down here! Can you fix it? I don’t know, sir!
It doesn’t look good! How many are there with you? I got three down here. Okay, pick one,
get back here, and seal off
the torpedo room. Sir, if I seal
this compartment, these people might not
get out of here alive. It will serve as incentive.
That is all. Aye, aye, sir. Chang, come on! Captain. Washington has agreed
to your demands. I’ll send instructions
as to how we want this done. Mr. President,
there’s a communication patch
for you from theMontana.It’s Krieg. Put him on. This is President Taylor. Thank you
for taking my call,
Mr. President. I can’t help
but feel…flattered. What can I do for you,
Krieg?I am still in charge
of this naval submarine,
and you will
address me as such. And I’m still
President of the United States, so let’s get to the point,
shall we, Krieg? The man was elected
for a reason. I understand you’re willing
to meet my demands. If you mean pay
your extortion,
then, yes, we are. That’s very kind of you,
Mr. President. Thank you very much.I feel I owe you this.I want you to know
why I’m doing this.
At first,
I was a little angry
about being passed over time and time and time again
for command of my own sub, something I richly deserve. Hell, I was gonna be
the best captain
of the U.S. Navy.I wanted the stature,the respect.But that didn’t happen.But now, Mr. President,
I am very, very angry. Angry about what?Your policies.Your predecessor’s policies. They’re all the same– Negotiating with terrorists when you should be
eradicating them. Krieg–Mr. President,people will want to know
what happened here.
They’ll want to know
what went wrong. They’ll blame me, of course. By now, you know
that I’m dying, and knowing that, you know that for me,
it was never about the money. It was always about saving
our great country. It was always
about saving America. Saving America?Somebody’s got to.You’re sure as hell
not doing it.
That is all. [groans] [sighs] People will want to know
what happened here. It falls to you, Mr. Allenson,
and you, Mr. Gerard, to make it clear. – Aye, aye, sir.
– Aye, sir. Mr. Allenson,
take these keys, go to the launch control… be ready. But, sir,
we got what we wanted. They’re sending us the money. I gave you an order,
Mr. Allenson. Yes, sir. Mr. Gerard…stand by. Prepare to launch. Yes, sir. [beeping] [alarm blaring] Sir, we have sonar contact
bearing 309. Range–
just over five miles. Can you identify? Yes, sir.
It’s theMontana.He’s not running stealth. Set battle stations. Battle stations,
battle stations. All hands,
man your battle stations.Krieg on headset:
Mr. Allenson.
Sir. Firing order will be
missiles 6, 9, 11, 15, 18, and 21. Aye, aye, sir. Firing order’s 6, 9, 11,
15, 18, and 21. Target packages
are as follows: Washington, D.C… Pyongyang, North Korea… and Tehran, Iran. Sir, I’m entering
target packages. Washington, D.C… Tehran, Iran… Pyongyang, North Korea. I hear doubt
in your voice,
Mr. Allenson. Sir, I’m just
a little confused. Our objective was to ransom
the city of Washington, D.C. Nothing changed, Allenson. If we get what we want,
all is well.If, however,
we are deceived,
I will indulge myself
in a bit of mass destruction. My God. – Mr. Garrett.
– Here.Report to the conn ASAP.On my way. Sonar, range? Sir, target bearing 320. Range–
five miles and closing. Commander Michaels,
I need a firing solution. Aye, aye, sir. Man:
Noted, target zig. Man 2: Noted. Man, when this is over,
I’m gonna kick your ass, man. You do that. Garrett:
Captain.– Conn, sonar.
– Stand by, Mr. Garrett. This is the captain. Sir, I have
a contact bearing 285. Range– three miles, sir. Identify contact.Sir, it’s a sub.Sound patterns
match the Florida. – Mr. Allenson.
– Captain? Begin launch sequence. Captain,
there is still time. – I gave you an order.
– Captain– They will destroy us
if the sonar shows we’re not
preparing to launch. Do you understand? Open those launch tubes now. Sir. Beginning
launch sequence. [alarm beeping] [alarm blaring] Mr. Gerard,
send a message
to theFlorida.Tell them
if they do not stand down,
we will launch missiles. Aye, aye, sir. Oh, my God. He’s gonna launch. Sonar, range? Sir, four miles. Commander,
I want that
firing solution! I want it now! We’re working on it, sir. Message from
theMontana,sir. “Unless you stand down,
we will launch.” Flood torpedo tubes
one and two. Aye, aye, sir. Get me a direct line
to the President. We’re doing
everything we can. I’ve got theFlorida
on the line, sir. I’ll have to call you back. Put him on. Go ahead, Captain. Mr. President,
we’ve located theMontana.We’re ready
to fire torpedoes.They’re threatening to launch
unless we stand down.
Sir, I need to know
what you want us to do. Captain Richards,
Krieg is out of his mind, and he’s going to launch
no matter what. So fire when
you’re in range, Captain. Yes, sir. Launch tubes are open. Wait here. Clear. You post up here. Anyone comes through,
you tag ’em. Uh, Doc,
when they do the movie, are we gonna die at the end? Are you crazy? No one kills
Denzel Washington. Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean, it’s Denzel, man. People aren’t gonna
stand for that, right? Sonar, range? Three miles and closing, sir. [indistinct chatter] Allenson,
how soon to launch?Allenson:
Sir, if we continue,
there is no way
that we can– Mr. Allenson,
how soon to launch? Three minutes, sir. Initiate launch. Fire missiles 6, 9, 11,
15, 18, and 21. Sir, confirm missiles
6, 9, 11, 15, 18, and 21. – Mr. Gerard.
– Sir. Engage. Gerard! – [hammer clicking]
– Out of bullets, Doc? I’ll see you in hell, Doc. [groans] Oh, no. Oh, come on. Captain, missile launch
from theMontana.Fire one. Fire one. – Fire two.
– Fire two. Estimated time to impact? One minute and counting, sir. I need the code, Piersall. I need the code book. Come on. Got it, got it. Four Hotel Foxtrot
seven three Kilo Lima Romeo one Delta Quebec
nine two Bravo Alpha. Whoo! My man! [alarm beeping] Doc, we got torpedoes
approaching. 500 yards away. Oh, you got
to be kidding me. Okay, take the helm.
Crash dive. Take her down
as steep as she’ll go. Launching
all countermeasures. This is theUSS Montana.
Launch aborted. Sub is secured.
Commander Krieg is dead. Repeat, sub is secured,
launch aborted. Bring her up nice and easy. 10-degree up bubble. Steady as she goes. Blowing ballast.Man on phone:
I can reach you there?
I’ll be here
till this is over, General.Good.I appreciate your concern.Absolutely, Mr. President.All right,
we’ll talk later. TheMontana
has been secured, sir. Oh, thank God. And the two crew members
that were aboard? Alive and well. Well, when they reach land,
you just– You bring them
to me, all right? Will do. Admiral Butler. Yes, sir? Good work. And you, sir. Damn good work,
if I may say so. Ready to get off this sub? [chuckles] Yeah, of course. Thank you. All right. No. I mean it. Thank you. You’re welcome, Doc.

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