Des héros sont nés (4e épisode)

[Music] [Music] I grown up in the Pacific Northwest very green around here it’s very beautiful massive trees on every side of you a giant forest my eyes wait what you always have music on your head all the time overwatch occupies my brain heroes like Mei Bastian because he’s still unique as a character those types of heroes that you can really be creative with of heroes I’ve enjoyed by water [Music] you hear people being like wow see was the best skin jury or whatever it might be that’s the ego booster I feel awesome but I try to stay away from comparisons like that just because it feels really cocky to be like people really like you and enjoy you’re like oh you’re like popular and fun and it’s like I love my fans and they love the game and they love me or whatever that’s a two-way street love my fans overwatch more so than any other game I’ve played it comes down to like working well as a team because if you are publishing well as a team it’s really tough for individual players to carry [Music] with the production like the overwatch League coming it’s sort of just like that’s when the game’s competitive scene is actually going to start I think we’re gonna see a higher level of gameplay than before super exciting profile respect to do see where it’s all little leaf [Music] yes the overwatch League is gonna be a game-changer bigger overwatch gets the whole competition there is the more awesome the trends become the increased level play gets there too it just it all comes together you

17 thoughts on “Des héros sont nés (4e épisode)

  1. des "heros" virtuels svp la jvois un gros geek a moitié trisomique faire du drift dans la boue… si la sélection naturelle existait encore il serait deja mort l'animal

  2. quand je vois "Des héros sont nés", je m'attend a une série d'animation sur overwatch et non les joueurs :/
    Nan, je joue pas a overwatch, mais j'adore l'histoire des personnages et les animations de présentation qu'ils font parfois alors oui, quand je vois un mec avec sa grosse caisse dans la boue qui joue en manteau, je suis déçus…

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