Design Week Milan 2019 Trends | Salone Del Mobile Exhibition | iSaloni | Fuori Salone

Hello Guys, we came here to see the Rho Fiera furniture fair and to check out what’s
happening in the city in this design meeting every year in the first week of
April here in Milan there is a lot of organizations under the name of
designing our first day here we are planning to visit Rivera let’s go and
see together here we are we arrived to rocky era salon as Alma
villain let’s see what’s new inside now they arrived to Pierrot and now we
are trying to see what is in the design parts as I see this year again linen
textures are so much used in Cuba cans like geometrical forms of furnitures and
they’re generally very simple but very sharp in the details and of course
plastic metal and a lot of patterns just
I’m part of them it’s not always about the products
inside but also the fair itself is an interesting place and all the furniture
companies are trying to find interesting and more economical solutions for their
fare steps let me give an example about one of them for example this company has
this kind of effect in its passive and it has a great pattern and it’s very
simple with lighting and with the curtain it’s a kind of linen see but
effect it created is really really interesting and really nice in the end all day passed and we only
could visit 25% of this theorem it is something that should be appreciated
that it’s very big and there is a lot of effort here you should visit if you have
a chance I’m deadly tired but I’m happy inspired a lot as many images in my
brain now hi everybody again now we are at Giordano between Design Week area and
now there’s an explorer this is the most exacting area for the
design bacon I like this one more than the others but anyway biggest mistake for you to
make to come here as we can’t like warm in this weekend
incredibly proud you

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