Destiny 2: How to Prepare for Shadowkeep

Shadowkeep is upon us. Is there any preparation to do? Should you do anything at all? Ehhh, yeah, there’s a couple of things I guess. Number 1: Materials. Just stock up on them, as many as you can. The cap for a stack of planet materials is
9999 now, so hoarding them is a lot easier. Hoard enhancement cores and do not infuse
unless absolutely necessary because every item is getting boosted to 750 when Shadowkeep
hits. Therefore, it is a waste to infuse right now,
again, unless you absolutely need to for whatever reason. Vanguard tokens, Crucible tokens, mod components,
gunsmith materials, I’m aiming for at least 2000-3000 of each planetary material, obviously
I have a lot of legendary shards since I play so much, I don’t expect anyone but the hardest
of hardcore to hoard this much stuff, but I’d say get whatever you can get. Number 2: Weapon mods. As pointed out in the most recent Bungie update,
if you have a copy of a weapon mod in your inventory, you will be given that mod in Shadowkeep. Weapon mods in Shadowkeep are becoming infinitely
re-useable and swappable as we know, which means there’s no need to have multiple copies
of weapon mods. So, I will be dismantling extra copies of
weapon mods until I have 1 left and then saving those until Shadowkeep hits. I see no reason that you should not do the
same. Note that if the only copy of a mod you have
is in a weapon, that doesn’t count. So if you only have 1 copy of Rampage Spec
and it’s in a gun, you need another one. I would definitely go hit up Ada-1 over the
next couple of weeks and try to snag all of those specialty mods. Number 3: Eververse items. Again, as you probably know, all Eververse
items in Shadowkeep will no longer give Bright Dust when dismantled, but, items pulled out
of the collections that used to cost Bright Dust will no longer cost Bright Dust. Bright Dust will be used to buy things from
the Eververse Store like right now, but will be solely earned through gameplay now instead
of also from dismantling Eververse items as the “free” currency, whereas Silver will continue
to be the paid currency for Eververse. This means that you should absolutely dismantle
every Eververse item that you own that you’re willing to ditch to stockpile as much Bright
Dust as possible. Stockpiles of shaders, old Eververse armor
that you threw in the bank on the off-chance you might find a build for but never did,
ships you don’t use, ghosts you don’t use, sparrows you don’t use, get rid of all of
it and re-buy it when Shadowkeep comes out for shards. If you don’t want to lose your ship for 2
weeks or whatever, just do it the day before Shadowkeep, just don’t forget. Number 4: Hoard experience in the form of
bounties. This is more for the world first raiders out
there, or maybe just for anyone looking for something to do pre-Shadowkeep. Since you level your seasonal artifact through
XP, stockpiling bounties can give you a decent boost at the start of the season. However, there are still some unknowns about
this process. We know that Bungie is culling a lot of powerful
reward sources, but we don’t know which ones. We don’t know if Bungie will just give any
pre-Shadowkeep bounties a reward of 0 XP since they’re old bounties. Weekly bounties give more experience than
dailies for the most part, but a lot of weekly bounties also give powerful rewards. If you open a stockpiled Season of Opulence
bounty in Season of the Undying, the highest gear it will give is 750. And generally speaking, combining old bounties
and new bounties is probably not a great idea for any sort of weeklies that require you
to complete of a bunch of bounties, like Black Armory or Dreaming City. But, is Dreaming City REALLY still going to
be a source of powerful rewards in Shadowkeep? We need to see if Bungie will make an announcement
as to which reward sites will continue to give powerful rewards and which ones won’t,
cough cough. Again, this is more of a hardcore player thing
to go do. Number 5: Fall cleaning. If your vault is anything like mine, it is
a stockpile of potential that never got utilized. God roll weapons, armor that I thought I’d
use in certain builds that I never did, random items that “why did I put that there, why,”
and other oddities. My rule of thumb is: if you haven’t used it
in 2-3 months, ditch it. I would say just delete all old armor that
you don’t use anymore or whatever, but some people are keeping armor 1.0 armor based on
rolls and loadouts and all that, since people with strong gear sets probably won’t swap
to armor 2.0 as quickly compared to those with weaker armor sets. If you’re not racing to level up for the raid
or you just don’t care, then yeah, ditch old armor, but if you do care, maybe hang onto
some stronger gear sets or individual pieces. Reserve and scavenger perks on armor 2.0 are
an unknown in terms of how much ammo they will affect. We don’t know if 2 scavenger perks on armor
1.0 armor would be better than 1 scavenger perk on armor 2.0 armor. Weapons on the other hand, you probably can
start ditching those, I mean do you really need 3 Outlaw/Rampage sidearms? Or that 576 Duke Mk. 44 that you banked and
forgot about? It wasn’t even good, you were just gonna use
it for infusion when leveling and never did. If you have any of your own tips not included
here, feel free to drop them in the comments. The number 1 thing is definitely Eververse
armor, everyone should handle that, next would be hoarding materials, then handling weapon

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