DESTINY 2 NEWS | The Third Subclass Confirmed! Subclass Upgrades & Lost Power Artifacts Revealed!

What’s up guys?
Houndish here. Today I have some very very
interesting stuff to talk about. Some pretty exciting stuff that
may give us some answers to one of the biggest questions
we’ve had leading up to Destiny 2. And that question would of course
be about the third subclass. So just look at this image right here. A lot of people started talking
about this on Twitter and on Reddit over the past few minutes.
We see “Arc Light Stirring.” “Rekindle your lost abilities by defeating enemies and fighting alongside fellow Guardians in Public Events.” It actually says: “[Reward] New Subclass,” and we
can see that there is an arc subclass icon right there. Heads up everybody – this a
Warlock you’re watching right here. So this is pretty interesting. This, to me, suggests very strongly that we’re
going to see the third subclass in Destiny 2 But there is something to bear in mind here. We don’t know, this could be tracking
a milestone for another character. I don’t think that that
is incredibly likely but it’s worth me pointing
that out immediately. That this could be tracking a
milestone for a different character. Although, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Especially on a test build of the game. Of course we’ve had other hints
that these subclasses could return. We saw Ikora Ray using Thunderstrike
in one of the trailers, and on top of this we saw Zavala using the bubble which
we later learned would indeed be a thing. Mark Noseworthy also said: “There are a
bunch of things that we’re not going to reveal before Destiny 2 launches, and that they
wanted us to discover this in game for ourselves.” So, personally, my bet is that this
confirms the Stormcaller for the Warlock, or an Arc subclass at
least not necessarily Stormcaller. And it confirms that we are gonna see
the third subclass in Destiny 2, but again it’s worth taking it with a pinch of salt. This isn’t official word that
we’re going to see the subclass But we see this offering an
Arc subclass to a Warlock. I don’t really know
what else to say. This is actually from
GameInformer’s gameplay. I will leave the links to this
video in the description below Another very interesting thing that
we see is a regional chest being opened by the Warlock and they
actually receive a cracked talisman. And this is described as a ‘Warlock
Relic,’ and again it has the Arc subclass icon right there, and
the blue text ‘Warlock Relic’. And it says: “You have found an
object filled with the lost power. This artifact is one of the keys
to regaining your lost power. It has been added to
your subclass inventory.” So very very interesting right there.
Both of these things put together just really strongly suggest that the Warlock
subclass, the arc subclass is coming. The third subclass
is coming guys. The hype is super real right now. So I didn’t discover this,
this was just all over Twitter. I saw a King Gothalion tweet about it. I’ve seen Reddit posts already,
and I figured people are going to talk about it, so I may as
well talk about it with you guys. So let me know your thoughts
in the comments section. Do you think this confirms the third subclass? I personally do believe that is the case. If you have enjoyed the video though,
a like is very much appreciated. If you’re new to the channel, be sure
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now – have an awesome day.

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