Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Enable Cross-Save & Battle.Net to Steam Transfer

Hello everyone. This video is a little late, but I wanted
to make sure all the kinks were ironed out and all issues to be resolved before posting. Now that we’re good to go, I’m gonna tell
you how to enable cross-save and how to start the transfer from to Steam, for
those of you on PC. Spoilers, it’s really easy to do. First, what are you getting yourself into
when you enable cross-save? Cross-Save is where you’ll be able to use
your Destiny account across PC, Stadia, PS4 and Xbox. You’ll have 1 central account instead of 3
individual accounts. You will pick ONE of your accounts to serve
as your “main” Destiny account and with cross-save enabled, you’ll be able to use it on those
platforms. This is NOT a merging of accounts, you are
not combining your Destiny accounts into one, you need to pick one. Your other accounts will still exist in the
background, they won’t be erased, but you won’t be able to get to them. If you want to disable cross-save for whatever
reason, you can do that to go back to your split platform accounts, but you won’t be
able to enable cross-save again for 90 days. Cross-Save is not really designed to be turned
on and off though, just supposed to be a one time experience. Cross-Save is NOT Cross-Play, cross-play,
while mentioned by Bungie, seems to be a ways away. Do you NEED to enable cross-save? No, if you only have one account and don’t
plan on playing on any other platforms ever, then you don’t really need to use cross-save. You also need to own the content on the platform
that you are playing on. So, if you play on PS4 and want to play on
PC, you need to own Destiny 2 on PC in order to play. If you want to play everywhere, you need to
own the content everywhere. Buying Silver will also disable the ability
to disable Cross-Save until 90 days after the Silver purchase. Being banned or restricted to the game in
some way will lock your cross-save capabilities until the ban or restriction is over. Enabling cross-save means any silver on an
account that is not turned into the main account will be inaccessible. It will still exist, but you won’t be able
to get to it. Cross-Save is found by going to,
clicking your profile and then going to Cross-Save. What you’re going to do here is log into any
accounts that you have linked to your Bungie account just to reconfirm that you own those
accounts. You’ll authenticate them, then you’ll go to
the next screen to pick which platform you’d like to become your main account for cross-save. I can’t emphasize this enough, please pick
the right one. If you are a PC player, you’ll need to set
up your to Steam transfer before you can set up cross-save. To do that, you’ve probably seen this warning
at the top of the bungie page tell you to do the account preparation. All you’ll do here is verify your
account and your game content, confirm that you know you’ll be able to do it one time
and one time only, log into the Steam account that you’ll be using for Destiny 2 when Destiny
moves to Steam and that’s it. Everything on your Destiny account will transfer
when Shadowkeep launches. Your friends, however, will not transfer. will support Destiny until Shadowkeep
launches. Steam is currently only selling Shadowkeep,
but I imagine will sell all Destiny content like Forsaken when Destiny is on Steam. If you own certain content on certain platforms
and not on others, certain things will be unavailable to you, just keep that in mind. I don’t have an exact list, but while stuff
like armor probably won’t be disabled, other things like destinations may differ. Final note, the last chance to buy Destiny
2, any expansions or Silver on, aka PC, is September 3rd. After that, you won’t be able to until Shadowkeep
launches on Steam in October. That note is mainly for anyone on console
looking to try out Destiny 2 on PC before Forsaken. The only version of Destiny that is purchasable
right now is the complete collection which is 40 dollars. That’s all I got on cross-save, hope it helped. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Enable Cross-Save & Battle.Net to Steam Transfer

  1. Useful for some I admit but what I really wanted was to be able to merge my old PS4 progress with my PC progress. Ahh well :/

  2. So tell me if I am wrong. Do you have to buy destiny 2 on before it’s free in order to cross save. Or can I wait till it’s free and then cross save then pls help just a bit lost.

  3. Anyone else ever watch datto vids even though youve already done “the thing,” just because you want more datto content?

  4. Can we play on your cross saved characters on different platforms now or do we have to wait till shadow keep

  5. So, if I on PS4, and I already have D2 on PC, what should I do first? How I can go from PS4 to PC (Steam, I guess), and where should I buy DLC's for D2, if I already have Forsaken with annual pass on Battlenet?
    PS4 account is prioritized

  6. This shit right here is just gross and the fact he plugged the not complete edition at the end makes it worse, how is it the "complete edition" if there is another dlc coming out. Shills bro, willing to defend anything that earns them money.

  7. So say i get a pc next year. I play on both consoles. Do I make a steam account now and then cross save? Or could I go ahead and cross save without having any pc account?

  8. If someone has a psn account of d2 legendary edition will he be able to play all the content on steam like forsaken or content is tied to the platform?

  9. Dude I fucking hate steam, the interface is ugly af, has no design and it’s horrible in everything, good bye D2 PC I’m switching to PS4 since Xbox is trash

  10. Datto: Spoilers, this is all really, really easy
    Also Datto: You simply need to win 500 crucible games to enable cross-save, shouldn’t take too long

  11. So basically cross save is completely useless and a total waste of time, when you can just go play on the platform you wanted to in the first place. Instead of only having to own one copy of the game which is what this should have been used for.

  12. Idk if I’m ready to overwrite my PS4 account. Obviously I’ll miss my emblems like Laurea prima but also the fact that it remembers who I first raided with in D1 and that it counts as a veteran account is valuable to me.

  13. so does cross saving NOT transfer silver to the main account?
    someone gave me 800 silver to my xbox account on accident, does cross save not make that silver accessible on my pc account?

  14. so if i preorder the digital deluxe on my main active account . and get the standard version on pc, will i get the digital deluxe rewards like the emotes and sparrow on pc too?

  15. So if I have foresaken and shadow keep on Xbox but want to play it on pc sometimes, I have to buy it again on pc?

  16. Why don’t you make a video on how screwed up it is that thousands of us accidentally linked wrong account and now cannot DEACTIVATE our cross save to get our mains back!!

  17. Wait so I want to move to pc and I’m on ps4 now. What does he mean by if your playing on pc that you have to transfer to steam first before you cross save? So can I still cross save my ps4 account to my pc account and then link my account to steam after I cross save?

  18. So I don't own a PS4 anymore just PC but I believe my light is highest on PS4. Can I transfer the last PS4 save to BattleNet then from BNet to Steam once it goes to Steam?

  19. So if I’m moving from Xbox to PC, and I already have the base game on PC but no dlcs, I’ll need to rebuy all the dlcs for PC right?

  20. Since Forsaken isn't going to be free when everything moves over to steam do you think it would better to purchase it now on battlenet because it's "on sale" or wait till it's on steam to purchase forsaken?

  21. I’m trying to cross save from Xbox to pc, it tells me I have to unlink acc and acc, I do that, does not work because I select console as my central acc, and I don’t have any other platform to transfer too bc I had to unlink it. Plz help.

  22. So i have to buy destiny 2 AND shadowkeep again on pc to play? Should i just wait till its free in october THEN buy shadowkeep?

  23. Cross save actually make me want to pay for PS+. I usually keep Pony systems for the Singleplayer games. Xbone & PC is where I have played till now.

  24. whats my best cheapest option for getting d2 with all expansions for pc coming from ps4? I know its going free to play next month but im kind impatient lol

  25. Ye so what you're telling me is that this cross save thing is basically useless, since I need to buy all expansions again, although I already payed for all of them on PC, just because my PC kinda died and I Wanna move to ps4? Great job bungie for introducing a completely useless system…

  26. Ive been playing since yr 1 on ps4. Just switched to pc. If i cross save will i be able to use my ps4 charecters and dlcs on pc.

  27. Quick question guys

    I have a PS4 Account that have all my characters and content
    And I Order shadowkeep also on psn
    I have a destiny 2 just the game without any dlc on pc blizzard Account
    So I can connect them ?

  28. DO NOT ACTIVATE CROSS SAVE IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY BOUGHT SILVER!!!! I am furious because I am an XBL player and I decided I would try out PC for a change but when I authenticated it and activated it, my characters didn’t transfer to PC and my characters weren’t on my Xbox anymore so I decided to deactivate it because my characters have all the pinnacle weapons and solstice armor but when I tried to deactivate it, I couldn’t deactivate it because there was an error saying “cannot deactivate cross save until 66 days because you recently bought silver” I bought silver on the FIRST DAY OF SOLSTICE by now was almost a month ago! And I can imagine than there were very many people who bought silver for the armor glows in solstice and so this is a warning because I can’t play D2 until after shadowkeep releases (22 days after it releases) and I’m pissed. Bungie really messed up, especially because they said NOTHING about buying silver within 90 days of activating cross save. PLEASE FIX THIS BUNGIE!

  29. Hey datto. I would love to see another fashion show video for season 7 because the last one you made was season 5 but I still loved it. Thanks so much

  30. Thanks for walking us through this, I haven't played Destiny 2 since CoO and I really wamted to check it out again but then I heard it was finally going on steam, so I decided to wait a bit. Too bad they don't have a complete edition with all the dlc and expansions or anything, because preordering the deluxe edition was such a mistake on my part because it came with nothing of value for almost $100 bucks.

  31. I keep getting an error when trying to link my Xbox/Microsoft account, giving me this error,

  32. One question I can't find the answer to anywhere is… I already activated the move to Steam and activated cross save. I'm now wanting to play on PC, if I buy forsaken and season pass will it transfer to Steam even though I've already done the move? I should have bought it before hand to avoid the confusion!

  33. A question I play on Xbox one I want to play on ps4 with my friends is it possible to move my Xbox characters to ps4 and Pc sorry I'm still kinda new to this thanks if anyone can help

  34. Hi I'm a returning Destiny player and I got 2 questions.
    1. I have only played and finish the base game this include the raid & strike it had. Destiny 2: Forsaken complete edition is on sale for $39.99(xbox) and the pre order for shadowkeep is $34.99 should I pre order shadow keep or buy the D2F complete edition? Since you mention on one of your video DLC 1 & 2 will be free next month???

    2. Is forsaken a DLC 3 or just a rename of Destiny 2???

  35. Hey. I have a question. So I have d2 with all dlc on pc and Xbox. On my pc I leveled up my titan to 720 and that’s it. I’ve decided to level up my Xbox account because I went flawless year 1 and other exclusive emblems. If I cross save with my Xbox account on pc, will I lose my titan on pc? Or can I make another account to save that titan? Just curious because that would be a lot of money wasted

  36. I play on ps4 and want to try pc. If I cross save my characters to the pc will I still be able to play on the PS4 with my friends and also try out the pc with those same characters? Basically be able to play on both platforms or will only one be the main account?

  37. I built a pc and made a destiny account to muck around on and test PC destiny, and now ive moved my main account over to pc with crossave, problem is, when I look at the move to steam section it says my second account and not my main will be on steam….. don't know how I managed to do this but can I change it so its my main account that will go to steam and not my second??

  38. Heads up instead of spending 40 bucks, D2 and forsaken will be free to play October 1st. It’s listed on Bungie’s website. Save some cash for shadowkeep

  39. Can anyone help me get mindbenders ambition don’t need a god roll just want the gun I’m 744 ps4 “pokerface_jk”

  40. So if i use my ps4 characters that dont have the dlc, and play it on my pc which does have the dlcs. can i still play the dlc on my ps4 characters when im playing on pc

  41. Datto, all you do is bitch about everything. How do you have so many subs!? You arent good at raids, you suck at pvp, and youre whiny af

  42. I play on xbox and I want to cross save to PC. I dont have d2 on pc but will I be able to stream on the xbox app to then play on PC????

  43. I would love my account from pc to steam but since all my rain exotics are on Xbox I’m gonna move that one instead because I get great luck on Xbox but pc no

  44. Who can help, I own all the dlc from blizzard currently but want to move my Xbox account since I payed for it on pc though can I get it for free on steam like they supposedly said or how does this work

  45. Hey, can you get new mods, one of your mods just permabanned me from your twitch chat for no frickin reason, worst thing is I just subbed

  46. Hey datto. Since i don't have facebook or twitter so i guess i am taking a chance on you seei g this. Anthem's cataclysm has been out for about 3 weeks and i am done with solstice of heroes so i picked it up again and have been having fun. So tomorrow new weapons will be dropping tomorrow so if you are done with solstice then check it out. See you around.

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