Developer Update 35 | Upcoming Social Features | Overwatch (EU)

Hey welcome everyone. This is Jeff from the Overwatch team. Here’s another developer update. This one’s going to be awesome. I think we’re finally ready to talk about some features that you guys have been requesting
for a really long time. As I mentioned earlier in the year we’ve been working on social features to really improve the gameplay experience for everybody in Overwatch. So we have two of those to talk
about today. Now the first one is super exciting to me because we often talk about ways to punish players
who are behaving poorly and it’s not very exciting to a lot of us. I think more often than not players are behaving
in an awesome way in Overwatch and we just don’t recognize them enough so we’re super excited to introduce
a feature called “Endorsements”. The way endorsements will work is when you’re playing Overwatch
after a match ends, You’ll have the opportunity to look at players both on your team
and the enemy team and recognize them for certain
gameplay behaviors that you want to really show
that they shined in that area. So there are three areas that you can
endorse a player in. The first we call “Sportsmanship”. This is if they were being a really nice,
respectful person, maybe they said,
“Nice shot when you killed me that was really awesome.
I like the way you did that.” Really just good sportsmanship, being a positive influence
on the battlefield so you can recognize somebody for that. The next indorsement that you can give is
for a “Good Teammate”. And now you can’t give this to the
enemy team. This one only applies to your team. Good teammate,
you might recognize somebody for doing something along the lines of you know your team currently
has a Hanzo on it. Your Hanzo player,
you think would be better off switching to another hero and you say, “Hey you know instead of that Hanzo, I think we could really use Mei
in this situation” and the person switches to Mei
and then you win the match and you sort of recognize that that person was a really good teammate. They switched to a role that was needed
for the team at the time and they did a really good thing. Or they respond in respectful ways
when people are asking you know maybe… The Mercy player says,
“Will you get to the edge so I can heal you? I need somebody
to fly up to” and the person moves to the edge. so you can recognize somebody
for being a really good teammate. Playing the game as a team player in a very high and effective way. The final way
that you can endorse someone, and this one is also only for your team,
not for the enemy team is called “Shot Caller”. Now what we think shot callers should be
recognized for is those are the men and women
who end up on our team who end up telling the rest of us
what to do in a very positive, respectful
and effective way. It’s usually the person who says,
“Okay guys, we’re not going to all go in until our Zarya ult is ready
and Hanzo has his ult ready. Once I make the call everybody move in and we’ll have a really successful take
on that point.” Or “Hey we should back out now,
our Mercy was just killed. Let’s back out.” It’s the person who’s calling the targets, calling when to go in and out of the match and generally leading us
on the battlefield and we want those people
to really be recognized as shot callers. So the indorsement system is going to be
very public you’re going to get to see other players and how they’re indorse so when you see other players you’re going to be able to recognize,
“Wow that person a lot of my fellow Overwatched players have said that person is a great teammate
so I know that I can expect a good experience out of them. The system will work in a few ways. It will make sure that you maintain
that indorsement level. Meaning that once you get
to a certain high indorsement level you don’t just stay there forever,
you kind of have to… be recognized by other players
more frequently. So there are mechanisms in place
to make sure that somebody doesn’t get to a good place and just stay there forever. It’s that that person has been
a good sportsman or shown good sportsmanship. It means that they have been
a great shot caller for some period of time. So there is a decay system on it. Also if you’ve been actioned in any way silenced or suspended, you completely lose all endorsements
altogether, you go back to square one and you pretty much have to start over. So we think the system will be great. There are some rewards in place. For example you get a minor reward
for endorsing other people. You can only endorse a very limited
amount of people per match. So it’s not something that you can just do to exploit for experience
or something like that And then also people who hit high indorsement levels frequently we will do these check in moments, where we will reward those people for being awesome
at what they do. So that’s endorsements, that’s coming. We are super excited about it. We think it’s going to have a big impact on showing the Overwatch community just how many awesome Overwatch players
there are and how many positive moments
are actually happening in the game. The next system has been long awaited and long demanded
and that is Looking For Group. We put a lot of time and effort
into designing and implementing this system. Our Looking for Group system will allow you to create a group
to your exact specifications and what I mean by that is
if you’re very particular group leader and you want to insist on having 2 Tanks,
2 Damage and 2 Healers you can restrict those roles in your group and you can
even force the people playing those roles to only be able to play those roles. Of course if you want a wide open group where everybody can play
whatever they want you can do that as well. There are some other options within the looking for group system
that should be interesting like for example if you want to say
to people in your group, “I really want everybody to have voice
chat”, so I’m going to say,
“Voice chat is required for my group”. You can name your group whatever you want
so when it shows up on the list you can say to people, I’m really trying
to get to diamond and competitive and looking for other serious, mature
players to play with me or however you want to name it. You can put that in there to try to
attract the other people who are looking for a similar experience as you are. The whole idea behind Looking For Group like with our Avoid as Teammate feature,
we added a short while ago is to give you more control
over your gameplay experience. We think Overwatch is a team game and you always have to play
with five other people and we think you’ll have
a much better experience if you have some say
in what the other people on your team are doing what sort of play behavior is and if you have some input in interaction
with them. So we think Looking for Group
will be really awesome. One thing to note about it
is it’s not a matchmaking system When you go to look for a group,
you’re either creating a group and showing it to other players or you’re browsing the list as somebody
looking for the group and then committing to join that group. It’s not automatically pulling players in
and putting them into the system. That’s what our basic matchmaking does
right now when you click play on Quick Play or Competitive or any of our
Arcade games. So keep that in mind. It’s more of a system
for finding each other. Then you go into the gameplay system. So that’s Looking For Group,
we think it will be awesome. Now a few minor housekeeping notes on the Looking For Group system, as I mentioned earlier, we have collapsed the Offense and Defense rolls into Damage. I don’t know if you caught that
when I said earlier that you can have Tank,
Damage and Support. We are now limiting the game in terms of number of roles
to only those 3 roles. So previously where we had heroes
like Tracer who is considered an Offense hero and Junkrat who is considered
a Defense hero. All of those heroes are now
in the same role which is simply called Damage. We think this greatly simplifies things. It will really help
the Looking for Group system and we think it makes a lot of sense and those roles were sort of arbitrary
to begin with. It was just to help newer players
figure out what the different heroes did. The other big change that’s coming in regards to Looking for Group system
is that player profiles, we will now give you control over
who gets to see those. You can set it so your profile is private. You can set it
so your profile is friends only or you can set it
like it currently is right now, which is to public. By default, these will not be public
moving forward. Again our theme is give you control over your gameplay experience. We recognize that other players were sometimes giving us a hard time based on our player profile. We think you have the right to decide if you want people to see that or not. Now it’s a huge patch that’s coming up. There is a major Symmetra rework
happening. We’re going to have a great description
of all of Symmetra’s new abilities and everything that’s different
about the hero as has been mentioned before, and some of you know, some of you don’t. She is moving to the Damage category so please make sure to read that update. And also major changes are happening
to the Horizon Lunar Colony map and we’re going to go into great detail. We’re going to post the complete
description of the changes that are happening there as well and we think you’ll find those
really interesting. For example, on point B
on Horizon Lunar Colony you can no longer sort of attack from the defenders spawn room within the safety of the healing zone like you were able to previously. We fixed that issue but we’ve made some really big changes to the map. There’s also some beautiful art
and new lore on the map as well that we we think you’ll be
really interested in. All in all we think it’s a great patch. These two major social systems we think will make Overwatch
a much better experience. We have more social systems on the way
I hinted at this before. Not only are we going to deliver two
early on in the summer, but we have another big feature
coming later on either in the late summer or early fall. These features are brand new. I’m sure we’re going to have to iterate
on them a lot. Please speak up tell us what you like
what you don’t like. We’ll make changes as necessary. Thanks so much and we hope you enjoy
the features.

100 thoughts on “Developer Update 35 | Upcoming Social Features | Overwatch (EU)

  1. Finally I can play competitive games to progress, with people that actually care.. Instead of players that are mistaking it for fancy quick play

  2. Commend a player:
    > is friendly
    > is helpful
    > is a good leader

    Rush point B, no stop ;D

    In all seriousness though, this looks like a really good update!

  3. Where’s the endorsement for Torb building a turret in spawn? I really want to show him my thanks for protecting the spawn base. #givetorbajetpack

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  5. Jeff and the Overwatch team, as much as I love these new changes this seems really, really, really OP. I know no one has played her a lot however this seems crazy I love it but things may need to get tuned down a little bit. She seems to have way too much burst. The honour system I love and this guild type system I also really, really like. The privacy of accounts was expected. Great job Blizz.

  6. the only issue I've had with this announcement is the career profile setting to where it can be private, to which I am assuming that if it is set to private people cannot see your rank, previous season ranks, or character time played (in all modes or comp) the reason I say this is because I have had matches where a specific player throws by going on their least played character (30 minutes on their least played hero to 75 hours on their main on the most recent occurrence) and either feeding actively or passively. Another scenario that comes to mind is a match that while solo healing with 3 dps I scanned our teams hero playtime and there was another healer main on one of the 3 dps roles (in this case it was a mei on our team with a widow, reaper, and orisa on the enemy side.) if we had gotten another support to help we would have easily won the game but even though I pleaded for another support no one swapped and we lost by just a fraction (if you are wondering I was playing ana and moira trying to find some way to make the solo healer work but it just barely didn't). I do understand the harassment that can/has taken place from someone peering into another persons profile and then using that knowledge against a specific player. In my examples at the end of both matches I requested that the enemy team also report the throwers and look at their career page for proof to which they agreed with me.

  7. Finally they bring the LoL honor system. Even though it is kinda stupid and hypocritical – it does work, and people are generally nicer because of it.

  8. I don't like that profile change as well as I don't like not to be able to see how exactly my team performs by pressing tab. These are those "casual" changes which are somewhat expected to make a game more friendly place but don't actually do that because they hide the truth. I think this is the wrong direction – when you perform poorly everyone should see that because otherwise performing poorly I may start yelling at my team for performing poorly. This is a know issue from the very beginning of Overwatch where development team takes too much control over what's allowed and what's not and just makes things worse by doing so. That's why Overwatch is so faceless. Overwatch is basically a "Barbie" – all good but nothing special.

  9. i think it is sweet that we get a system to work against the toxicity. Apart from hero balancing i think a social aspect in such a game is very important. I hope it will make people talk in vc more.

  10. Biggest issue about endorsements – you need to make it easier to do AFTER the match is over, since obviously going through the menus is not something you should waste time while the match is ongoing. Currently you can only do it via "recent players" menu, and its not super-obvious who were in your last team and who were not. I think the group window should be accessible for a while after match is over and before you are queueing to the next match. Currently information about the group is instantly gone after that "win/loss/draw" hits your screen.

    Oh, and I do think that endorsements are utterly meaningless.

  11. defense and damage into single category is… it makes sense but it kind of emphasizes the problems: that the few heroes (tank
    and support) are incredibly important for match success, but Blizz still sort of misleads players thinking otherwise by giving this massive group of dps characters… This probably doesn't help team compositions at all.

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  14. I hope that the decay system won't be taken by real time, but rather taken by a number of matches played or time played, so that even players that can't or simply doesn't play that often would have a chance to keep some of the endorsement "points" for some time, if they get any.

  15. A group rank different than solo players rank (some people have no group to play with), would be awesome, cause right now it's to hard to win solo against groups, basicly the team with the better group won, it would help people to climb the ladder and not suffer from boosters, and make sure everyone deserve his rank.

    Hoping that endorsement system is allowed only to external people from a group too, cause obviously friends in party gonna commend each others after each games and abuse the system.

    Reworking a map is such a good idea.

  16. Nice shot as you said but… Bad people gonna lie all the time about who did what and ask you to change or they will give you bad rep (or just not good rep idk did not yet watch whole video). I don't see it is play what you want anymore.

  17. The Looking for Group and role lock system is exactly what this game needed. I believe it will save the game in the long term. Thank you Jeff and dev team for listening to your community finally – we were desperate for this.

  18. I'd like a "Jeff"-Trophy. For players that are positive, slightly depressed and indifferent at the same time.

  19. Thank you for changing horizon map!!! It was impossible to defend once the enemy team got 2 picks at least because you could never get back to the first point in time to re-defend

  20. i can hands down say overwatch is one of the best games going atm and not for the game itself, but the constant effort and time put into new hero's,skins,maps social changes… it is constantly being updated and maintained and i have only paid for the game ONCE!!! games like this are a dead thing… so much dlc

  21. 2 years take you to relise that "oh maybe putting role management in our team based shooter with heroes is a good idea"
    either way good job

  22. PLEASE don't mess with Symetra's primary gun, what you've basically done is turned Symetra's primary weapon into Zarya's Primary weapon but handheld, if I wanted to use Zarya's gun I'd play Zarya.
    With my lag Symetra's gun allows me to do actually participate in fights because it locks on to enemies, I can't hit anything with Zarya's laser gun because of the lag.

    I like the new ability changes, I just don't like what was done to her weapon, she'll be useless to laggy players if you mess with her weapon. (She's literally one of the only characters I can play as with my lag.)

    Plus lore wise Zarya has to carry this big bulky Russian laser gun that takes both hands to use, what's the point of Zarya if Symetra's gun does the same thing but handheld and there's no bullet drop on the secondary fire?
    What makes Zarya special (Mostly her weapon.) will be meaningless then.

  23. When is this update coming out? I saw someone who got endorsed but when I play the game, it doesn't seem like any of this is in my game. ://

  24. Nice changes…it was about time actually 🙂 Please make LFG matchmaking like WoW and everything will be perfect 🙂

  25. The private account thing is by far the stupidest thing ever. Sorry i'd like to know if our Widow has 20 hours or 20 minutes on her.

  26. Endorsement. Essentially Overwatch's version of the League of legends honor system.
    EDIT: Mind you that League's honor system failed horribly. It wasn't until its rework that it actually works somewhat good. 0/10 to a 4/10 at best. Overwatch will be no different unless, like league. You're forced to honor someone. If it becomes an option then people just won't care about it.

  27. they are trying the carrot but the only thing that works in games is the stick , how about u let players reduce the endorsements by having a thumbs up thumbs down system ??

  28. did i get that right? if a single player mutes me i will lose all my endorsement? sounds like there is big troll potential, especially when that kind on rating is made public

  29. Hm… So slowly we're getting more and more forced into a meta. Awesome!
    Who doesn't love to get cucked and restricted!

  30. soo…if someone doesn't want you to have those endorsements, they can just strip them from you by silencing your for lolz? sure…

  31. Overwatch developers continue to deliver mechanics that enhance the competitive scene in unique and positive ways. I don't see this kind of passion in any other triple A game.

  32. I f-kn hate Blizz for this, cause I f-kn love them for this, if only it didnt take ages to implement something THAT HAS BEEN A STAPLE FEATURE ON TEAM BASED GAMES SINCE FOREVER

    EDIT: If only this put me with teammates of similar attributes…

  33. For Jeff: Please shave those sideburns evenly, like its not that hard, it just looks lazy.

    For the content: Love it.

  34. Endorsements sounds a lot like a bullying tool. "Switch off Hanzo if you want us to endorse you." "Give me Mercy or whole team won't endorse you."

    I'm very disappointed Jeff.

  35. in what gamemodes can you use it? I can't use it in the arcade gamemodes. Or is it because I', in a group?

  36. They forgot to use endorsements as a counter measure to reports. Im a very involved player and while most of the time it turns out well there are always some players that get annoyed and report me.

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