Developer Update | Beta is Back! (EN subtitles)

What’s up everybody?
This is Jeff from the Overwatch team, we are super excited to be back with
another developer update but even more than the developer update;
we’re excited that beta is back. We hope for those of you
who are in the beta, you’re having
a smooth experience. We are really excited to get
your feedback, we need to know what you guys think
of the game. We need to know what we need
to change before launch, so it’s a very important
process for us. As many of you have probably realized
by now there have been a lot of changes to Overwatch since the last time
the beta was up and running. I’m going to try to cover those
as briefly as possible. First of all, we have
the new progression system. I think there is a lot about the
progression system already out there. We have a really in-depth blog post
you guys can read to get all the details. For those of you who don’t want
to dive right into that blog post, the long and the short of it is: you now
have a player-level in Overwatch. And as you level up in the game,
which you do by just playing matches, you gain experience points. When you achieve those new levels,
you will be rewarded with a loot box. In those loot boxes can be
all sorts of different random rewards and they are all cosmetic.
None of them are gameplay affecting but we think that there are
some really cool ones in there. There’s skins, there’s emotes
for the characters, there’s new voice lines,
there’s sprays so you can put emblems up in the play space for people to see,
there’s new avatars for you, there’s what we call highlight intros,
so if you get play of the game, your character will do
this really amazing animation and I think
it looks pretty amazing. So hopefully you guys like that content,
there’s a lot more to the progression system that
you’ll sort of learn over time, things like unlocking portrait borders
and that sort of thing. There’s infinite levels to it
so the more you play, you can always just sort of level up and it has
no bearing on the competitive landscape of the game and I think that’s
what’s really important about the progression system.
It’s sort of the games way of thanking you for playing without putting
a heavy burden on you that you have to level up
to be viable in Overwatch. So beyond that, we’ve added a lot of
new ways for you to play Overwatch and I’m going to cover some of these
as briefly as I can. One of the ways that we’re
very excited to talk about is what we’re calling
“Play vs A.I.” Really the inspiration for this, for us,
comes from Heroes of the Storm. So Heroes of the Storm,
as all of you Heroes players out there know, has a version of the game where you
can just play in a competitive match, cooperatively with other players
but against A.I. and for a lot of us, there’s a lot of pressure just diving
into a 6v6 competitive match against other players.
We feel like we have to be on our best, we don’t want to let our team down
but for whatever reason it’s more comfortable to play
against the A.I. and also the A.I can be a little bit easier sometimes,
than other players as well. We’ve put a new mode in
when you click on the “Play” button, you now get options;
there’s “Quick Play” as you’re all used to and now there’s “Play Vs A.I.”
which will queue you up with a group of 6 to play
against 6 A.I. opponents. The really cool part about this as well is
you can earn levels and loot boxes
through doing this. So it’s a great introduction to the game,
if you’re learning a new hero or if you’re not feeling
entirely comfortable with a new playstyle or if you just came off a long break
from Overwatch, you can always come back and just play versus A.I. –
that’s going to be in there for you. Now something
you guys asked extensively for was a new game mode
in Overwatch. And we had said in a lot
of the interviews that you’ve heard with members of the Overwatch
development team, we said,
you know we’re always working on new game modes,
they just don’t always work out. Because we feel like it’s important
to have a certain type of gameplay in Overwatch that doesn’t discount the
amazing abilities that the heroes have. Well, the game mode that we’ve
settled on we call “Control.” I think those of you who have been
around FPS communities for a long time will know this mode to be most similar to
what we call “King of the Hill” or FPS vets think of
King of the Hill. The way that this mode works is
there are three different points on each of these maps,
the Control maps that we have. When your team captures a point,
you’re accruing progress towards victory
on that point. Once you’ve captured that point,
you don’t need to stay on it so if you want to put up a front
or go send your Tracer to harass up against the enemy front lines,
you can do that, you don’t need to just sit in one spot
on a Control map. If your team wins the first two points,
the map is over and you’ve won
the whole game. If your teams win the first point
and your enemies win the second point, then it goes
to a whole third new point in the map
so it’s kind of the tie-breaker point. That’s the new game mode
and in this beta patch, you’ll see two brand new maps
that are a lot of fun, we’ve been playing them now for months.
One is Nepal, which takes place in the beautiful Himalaya Mountains
and this is the area where Zenyatta is from. So there are a lot of
cool little lore “easter eggs” in here, for example the room where Genji
stayed with Zenyatta is in this space. And then the other map is called
the Lijiang Tower and this is an amazing skyscraper in China.
It’s one of our most beautiful, futuristic maps. We think you guys
will have a lot of fun playing in the new game mode
and the new maps. Now beyond that, we were reading
a lot of your comments and listening to a lot of feedback
from players in the beta. There was a request,
“hey, we want new game modes” and we’ve got control coming
but a lot of times when the request would come in for a new game mode
it would be the type of thing like “hey, it would be cool if,
like a cool game mode would be only Hanzos versus Genjis”
or “a cool game mode would be that you can’t have two
of any of the same hero.” There’s sort of a semantics issue
going on here because I don’t really think of those
as complete separate game modes but just fun rule sets to play with.
So we did a lot of talking on the development team
and we decided to really change the private game feature.
In fact, we renamed it to “Custom Game” which is more in line with games like
StarCraft or Heroes of the Storm and we really started to blow out the
number of rule options that you have to create your Custom Game.
You’re going to find some really fun stuff in there. So, let’s say
you only wanted 2 heroes of each role maximum on each team, you can do that.
Or if you’ve decided that Junkrat is overpowered and doesn’t belong
in the game, you can make a Custom Game with no Junkrats.
Or, you’re having a really competitive match and you find skins distracting,
well you can make a Custom Game that disables skins. There’s also
some fun embrace your inner game designer features in there as well.
There’s a headshot only mode, you can scale health, and you can
control the rate at which ultimate charge gains over time.
So we’re trying to give a lot of customization and expression
to you as the player so you can experiment with Overwatch. You can say
“hey, for me and my friends this is the really fun way
that we like to play the game” and of course, we as
the development team are going to be watching and keeping track of
what types of Custom Games you guys are doing and if there are
really popular features that we see in Custom Game,
that the community is really embracing, we’ll talk about incorporating that
back into the core game design when it comes to
the “Quick Play” mode as well. You’re going to see a lot of
other improvements to the game, I hope you have a lot of fun
checking everything out. If you have questions,
we’ll be doing our best to answer it on our social media sites
and also on our forums. We want to thank you for your patience
when the beta was down and as always we look forward to
what you guys have to say about Overwatch because we feel like
we’re making this game with you guys. So thanks for everything
and we look forward to our next chance
to catch up together.

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