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Good morning, everyone! This is Jeff from the Overwatch team. We’re here with another Developer Update. So, one of the things we see you ask for the
most is new game modes. And, now, I remember back at BlizzCon, I think
it was last year, I was once asked: “Are you guys ever gonna do Deathmatch?” And the answer at the time was “no.” We just didn’t think it was right for the
game. Our thought was that, in both Quick Play and
Competitive Play, we always wanted teams focused on objective-based combat, and not
off kind of doing their own thing. Well, things have changed. We introduced the Arcade last year, and
it’s been a really big success for us. But, the coolest part of the Arcade is it’s
opened up our ability as developers to introduce game modes to you guys that wouldn’t normally
feel comfortable putting in the Quick Play or Competitive rotation. So, therefore, the exciting announcement is
that Deathmatch is coming soon to the Arcade. And I think you guys are going to really love
it. So, for those of you who don’t know what Deathmatch
is, it’s probably one of the oldest forms of FPS gameplay, where the simple goal is
to see how many kills you can get on the scoreboard. And that’s right, we’ve built a special scoreboard
just for Deathmatch so you can know how good you’re doing in terms of kills. Now, there’s two different ways that you will
be able to play Deathmatch, and I think they’re both awesome for different reasons. The first, the core mode, that we’re just
calling “Deathmatch” is completely free-for-all, meaning it’s you against seven other players
in a map. You can pick whatever hero you want, and I
guarantee nobody on your team is going to complain about it. All you have to prove is that you can get
the highest score — we usually play to 20 in these Deathmatch maps — that you can get
the highest score before anybody else. You might be wondering, you know, in the Arcade,
does that mean I have to beat seven people every time to get my win to count for my Arcade
wins each week, if I want to get my three loot boxes? Well, the way we handle that is, if you are
in the top half of players in the match — which, in this case, means you’re the top four — you
will get win credit towards your Arcade loot box. But, obviously, you really want to be that
top player. And, I have faith in you guys. I think you can get there. I think you should really try to be that top
player. So, you might be wondering, well, where do
I play Deathmatch — all the maps are built for Escort, or Assault, or Control? Well, we modified a lot of our maps. Not all of them, but some of the Hybrid and
Escort maps and some of Assault maps, we’ve modified portions of them to accommodate this
Deathmatch mode, and we’ll think you’ll find it a lot of fun. The other thing that we’re doing, and perhaps
the most exciting to me personally, is we’re introducing a brand new map built specifically
for Free-For-All Deathmatch. Now, not only does this map have great gameplay
— we’ve put some really cool jump pads, there’s open areas for Pharah to fly around, tight
Reaper corridors for you to mess around with…the gameplay is great — but I think the story
is really cool and the art behind the map is awesome also. So, the map is home to Amélie Lacroix. You might know her better as Widowmaker. Well, previously, before she was married to
Gerard Lacroix, she was known as Amélie Guillard. Now, this is Chateau Guillard, her family
estate in France, and we think you’ll find it amazing and beautiful, and there’s going
to be slight hints about her background and what she’s currently up to in this map. So, we think it’s going to be a lot of fun. You have a new custom Free-For-All Deathmatch
map to play on in the upcoming patch. Now, the other mode we’ve added is Team Deathmatch,
and this one very simple to explain. It’s just like the other mode, except that
you and your team, which is going to be a team of six against another team of six, are
playing to get to 30 kills, and we’ll see who can get to that 30 kills the fastest. Mercy Resurrect does some interesting things
in this mode, it actually takes kill credit away from the other team. So, someone like a Mercy is super valuable
to have on your team. Now, the Team Deathmatch maps use a different
pool, because we did a lot of testing and we found certain things worked and certain
things didn’t in Team vs. Free-For-All Deathmatch. For example, the Chateau is not particularly
fun for us to play Team Deathmatch on, but the Arena maps like Black Forest, Necropolis,
Ecopoint: Antarctica — plus some other portions of other maps that we’ve done before, like
you’ll see some of our modified CTF maps — were fantastic for this Team Deathmatch mode. So, we hope you guys will play these. They’re completely different than anything
we have in Overwatch. I like to think of it as a great area to go
and blow off steam after a really tough night of competitive matches. Or, perhaps you’re just starting the night
and you want to get warmed up for competitive, so you can jump in and have some fun there. The game is completely different, both Free-For-All
and Team will bring different elements to you all. I think a lot of you who played old-school
shooters will really love the vibe that this brings. And more important to me is that I look at
this as just the beginning of what we could be doing with the Game Browser and Custom
Games and Deathmatch as almost a platform. So, obviously we have a very basic rule set
in there. We let you pick whatever hero you want, you
can actually skip the Kill Cam to respawn faster in this mode, which a lot of you will
really like. But, we’re going to be looking the Game Browser
and Custom Games for future iterations of adding cool and new interesting rules. I think some of these will be immediately
available to you guys. For example, one of the funnest playtests
we had, we made everybody go McCree for two minutes, and we played as McCree in Free-For-All
Deathmatch. And then, after two minutes, somebody called
out “Hey, let’s try out Hanzos instead,” and we all went to Hanzos. I’d love to see you guys trying this stuff
in the Custom Game Browser, and maybe eventually we’ll build more rules in the Custom Game
Browser that will allow you guys to create more cool and awesome modes and us along with
you on that. So, anyway, I know at one point I said we
would never have Deathmatch in Overwatch. Well, surprise! Never say never. It’s coming really soon and we think it’s
awesome. Get out there and enjoy it. Thanks guys!

42 thoughts on “Developer Update | Deathmatch

  1. Jeff whould a team be able to spawn camp?
    Spawn camp=waiting for other team to spawn and then emediently shoot them so they died again.

  2. well awesome, more chance for rage salt toxicity and cheaters. overwatches community has made me fall out of love with this game, i dont know what can bring me back.

    whaat ffa in overwatch? whoa.

    you know, maybe, sniff maybe…

  3. Would you be able to add more than 5-6 game modes in the arcade at a time because no limits and 1v1 mystery heroes are my favourite modes and I feel like they're never run the arcade?

  4. Change netcode so if I duck behind cover and not get hit, I don't die. I don't care the other guy is lagging and for him I was standing still. Fix this. Or forget pvp. Anyone using their brains would want to get into cover, no, idiots that stand there playing the typical twitch shooter, outshooting the attacker are still idiots and I don't like them for favoring this type of player.
    Quake and Unreal tournament has deeper gameplay and those are really twitch shooters supposedly.

    Or make pve bots better, more intelligent instead of simply 100% accurate, you can do it, we already saw you do it and properly reward pve players. It's annoying that you only reward extra lootboxes for pvp gamemodes when a ton of players actually like pve more simply because the bogged up netcode is less annoying there – or because they like pve more to begin with.

    I'm pretty sure tons of player like the game as is. I'm only voicing what I don't like and would like.

  5. this game is awesome! It always developes itself better unlike the other games. And ı just can understand people who says this game dying. There is only one point that sucks and it s playing with toxic people in competitive but in every game which has a rank system it's something normal to see.

  6. what about characters with low killability/ survivability such as Lucio, ana, zen and mercy? they can't exactly go up well against other heroes unless someone incredibly skilled with them are playing them. lucio can avoid most damage/ heal it off while dealing lots of chip damage, ana could be versitile but could be easily picked on, zen unless he gets some good damage in gets annihilated and the same with mercy.

  7. I'd like to see a "Ghostbusters" Mode with All Symmetras and the Ghost being a Sombra. If Sombra manages to kill you you will become the Ghost and the Sombra will respawn as Symmetra on the opposing team 😀

    Maybe a game like this could be a Halloween Event someday.

  8. Now that you have Deathmatch… There needs to be a special brawl mode… Reinhardt Only, reduce health and for atttacks Charge only and remove collision damage when 2 Reinhardt Charge each other.

  9. When he says for quickplay/competitive that he wants teams focused on the objective…..lmao people still don't focus on it or know how to. Not his fault or the game….some people just don't know how to play overwatch properly

  10. Great, maybe some people who want to play only DPS heroes can go to deathmatch instead of ruining quick play where people try to practice before playing competitive. Nice change!

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