Developer Update | High Bandwidth Update (EN subtitles)

Hi guys. I’m Tim from
the Overwatch team. And I’m Phil from
the Overwatch team. And if you’re seeing us, that means
we have one thing to talk about: it’s netcode. Dust off
your Pharah cups! Alright, you guys may
have already seen the post some of you just actually
figured it out for yourselves by looking at some of
our in-game statistics most of our servers
on most of the games are running at high bandwidth mode. Right. Originally when we
were launching Overwatch and throughout the
beta of Overwatch our number-one
priority was stability. We wanted to make sure that
we had a successful launch. Now, we’ve kind of had a
back-pocket feature around 60 hz where we put it into Custom Games specifically so that you guys
can enable high bandwidth mode play tournament mode, and
get a higher quality experience a smoother experience. And we’re happy now that we
can actually roll that feature out to the rest of the community. The thing to keep in mind is that not
everyone has a great network connection so part of the tech on
rolling this out was that we had to enable a mechanism to
adaptively figure out whether or not your connection at home
can actually handle the appropriate amount
of packets coming in. So, as part of this feature roll out,
the server will dynamically figure out whether or not you’re syncing
the packets appropriately and downgrade you or upgrade you
as necessary in order to make sure that you have a quality experience, no
matter the quality of your connection. Yeah. The deployment
was important, that this was not like
an opt-in feature. We talked about before, the
responsiveness of the server basically the update rate at which you’re going to receive
data from the server adversely affects you, if
the people shooting at you aren’t getting a high update rate. So, we want to make sure that
everyone gets the high update rate. That’s why, when we enabled it,
we enabled it for everybody and if your specific
bandwidth requirements don’t quite meet
what the game requires it’ll kind of duck you down, and bring
you back to the level of update rate that we had before we introduced
the high bandwidth mode. I want to talk a bit about what
the gameplay ramifications are just kind of recap what we talked
about in the previous netcode video. That’s why we have
the three Pharah’s here. So, remember, in the middle here,
is the authoritative Pharah. This is the Pharah that is on the
server, that has received information about inputs from the client controlling that particular Pharah. This Pharah over here would be the
Pharah that remote users would see. This would be the target Pharah,
if you were shooting at her. In all these cases, we’ve
talked about how your latency and the latency of the person in
question will bring the temporal and spatial distances back to the
authoritative snapshot from the server. When it comes to
a high update rate there are a couple of
things that it affects: So, for the client that
is controlling Pharah they are going to have their
data sent to the server and a response will arrive
quicker back from the server which is going to bring
them closer in time to what the authoritative
server snapshot is. For people shooting at Pharah,
it’s actually double bad. Not only do you get
the update-rate time increase bringing
you closer to reality but on top of that, we are able to
decrease the interpolation delay. The first folks that actually found
about the high bandwidth stuff over the last couple of days noticed specifically, in the stats
indicator in the upper left-hand corner a magical stat called “IND” that
stands for “Interpolation delay”. Usually it hovers around 54-55, if you
have a nice, clean throughput of data but it’s dropped down to 20,
because of that reduction. The net result of this is that you
will be shot around corners less. You’ll be able to predict
escape moves better and the server will
hear about it sooner. So, if you got that Blink off, the
server is going to process that quicker making you less likely
to get hit by hooks. Remember, all of our
stuff is still predictive or the majority of the abilities
you use are still predictive. So, even though this is
bringing you more closely in line with the temporal
authority of the server there still will be cases
where you mispredict If you have a really
high latency, for example. Or even if you have a low
latency and someone actually reacts within a 20 millisecond
window, that prediction will fail. But it should, in general, feel better,
and hopefully you guys have felt that. So, again, ultimately the thing
that you need to keep in mind is that if your connection is not
keeping up, don’t worry about it. We’ll actually downgrade
you appropriately. You’ll see the interpolation
delay increase. Everything is going to work
out perfectly fine on that front. Some other notes: this feature is live
now in quite a bit of the globe on PC. We’re still investigating how
we can roll this out on console and there are a couple of regions
where we’re still rolling this out. So, stay tuned, and let us
know what you guys think. Yeah. Please provide as
much feedback as you can. We are still iterating on this.
We want to make this the best netcode we can possibly make it, and
we’re going to do so with your help. Thank you, guys, so much. Thank you.

47 thoughts on “Developer Update | High Bandwidth Update (EN subtitles)

  1. I dont got the smarts to understand most of the technical details here but they moved the Pharah cups around and continue to develop the game so yay.

  2. Hey guys.
    If you invite us to provide feedback and 'as much of it as we can', please also provide us a place to do so, where we'll actually be heard.

    Thank you.

  3. A huge AAA developer says "high" bandwidth is 60 tick? Calling client sided hit detection "favor the shooter" you guys are full of some right marketing bs.

  4. And here am I risking a season ban because I get kicked out of the game because I "Lost connection to the game server" for no reason.

  5. Great job. After the update I get killed and hooked from around corners more than before it. Nice work, you totally improved the netcode.

  6. Nifty stuff, Networking & Netcode's usually a choice between do you wanna be closer to the rock or the hard place, You seem to have made the right one, Well played Netcode team!

  7. The irony watching this video while getting suspended for being kicked from the server…. I immediatly checked my ping to google I was online their servers fucked up…

  8. Love this. Any Rheinhardt worth his salt can tell you of the many times he's blocked a Tracer up close on his screen, but not at all upon watching the death recap from her PoV.

  9. Okay, what are you two talking about?!
    When grey-guy explains it he's talking about "bandwidth" and "automatically upgrade and downgrade", but the orange guy is talking about latency.
    The two has nothing to do with eachother. You can have 1Gbit connection in Australia, it still wouldn't help your latency with EU servers.

    Bandwidth is only a factor for the server, not the client (at least not for most EU connections).

    Seriously, what am I missing, that would make this video make some sense?!

  10. You know what I heard in this video? Bla bla bla, we are playing with our network, so expect random disconnect in ranked games every now and then…

  11. I know once I was shooting a genji right in the face at close range, for an extended period of time, and he didn't take any damage, when he killed me, on the kill cam, it turns out my character was shooting 2 meters behind him on his screen the entire time ;-; That NZ internet. I am hoping this new update will help with that. I also once had a roadhog hook get me through not just one wall, but two ;-; What regions is this not implemented in? New Zealand tends to get left out a lot.

  12. I'm pretty sure there are like only 4 or 5 people currently working on Overwatch, they sold their game, there is barely microtransaction in game, only few people are left to update the game once a while to keep players coming back…

  13. nice you here you guys are still trying to make overwatch a better game for all gamers that don't have the best Internet

  14. Im getting random 500-1000 ping lag spikes. This isn't a problem in any other games i have. My internet speed is 800mbps internet speed..

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