Developer Update | Introducing Wrecking Ball | Overwatch (EU)

Hero 28 is rolling into the lineup in today’s Developer Update. I’m Jeff from the Overwatch team. I’m very excited to introduce to you
Wrecking Ball. Now, you might be wondering
who Wrecking Ball is, so we should talk about
the little guy’s background a little bit. So, on the Horizon Lunar Colony, we already know that experimentation
was happening with animals, which led to our favorite
talking gorilla Winston being not only highly intelligent but able to communicate
with us human beings. On the side,
they were doing experimentation with other animals as well, and Hammond, who is a hamster, ended up growing not only quite large, but also gaining
a lot of intelligence himself. Now, when the apes of the Lunar Colony
went crazy and revolted and attacked the scientists there, we know that Winston escaped. But what we’re going to learn
is that Hammond hitched a ride in an escape pod along with Winston off of the moon. Now, as they were hurtling
towards planet Earth, Hammond’s pod broke off and landed in a different location. We know that Winston ended up landing
at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, where he set up his home base, but Hammond landed on the outskirts
of Junkertown in Australia. Now, while this might have been
an overwhelming challenge to some, Hammond really embraced the moment and he took it as an opportunity
to modify his escape pod into a devastating mech. Now, nobody in Junkertown knew
that Hammond was actually a hamster, and he competed in the Queen’s
Gladiatorial Combat for some time, actually winning numerous times, unbeknownst to anybody
that he was actually a hamster. They just knew him as Wrecking Ball, this devastating force that could win the Gladiatorial Combat
over and over again. Now, Hammond is not a Junker
and not part of the Junkers. He had a lot of fun winning their
championship over and over again. He used his mechanical skills to really modify that escape pod, but now he’s moved on and he’s sort of wandering the planet,
doing fun things. Now, there’s certain things
I should clarify for you. Hammond cannot talk. He does not speak English
or any other language. That would be completely ridiculous,
as we all know. However, the mech, which he highly modified, has communication abilities, so he can speak,
in essence, through the mech. The mech itself has a minor AI in it
that can also communicate. So the mech is not an omnic, and Hammond is not a Junker. These are the most important things
for you to know about his background and his backstory. Hammond is also good friends with Winston. They are able
to communicate to each other. But Winston is not yet aware that Hammond
has made his way back to the planet, so that’s going to be
a bit of a surprise for everybody. Now, what you’re all wondering is,
“What are Wrecking Ball’s abilities?” Wrecking Ball is a tank. I think he’s one of the most fun tank
characters we’ve ever added to Overwatch. The primary thing that he can do
is shift into Ball Mode. So not only can he be a quadruped tank, shooting his quad cannons, which are really devastating, high rate of fire, high spread… …big-impact guns that he has, but he can switch into Ball Mode and then roll around
with devastating impact. Now, while in Ball Mode, he has a grappling hook
that he can shoot out and grasp onto things, that allows him
to swing all over the place and really gain a lot of momentum. For our highly skilled players, you’re going to find
a lot of nuance and fun in mastering this movement ability, that will really get you
into all sorts of unique situations. Now, if you swing up
really high in the air and you use what would be
the crouch button on any other character, it will cause Wrecking Ball
to go into his Piledriver move, which sends him hurtling towards earth
at a rapid speed, and also doing
a lot of devastating damage. He also has an adaptive shield ability
because he’s a tank. The way this works is,
if you just press the adaptive shield, you’ll gain a minimum amount of shield
every single time, but if you do the adaptive shield
while you’re surrounded by more enemies, you gain even more shield. This really encourages Wrecking Ball
to get into the fray, get into the middle of the enemy team, and then use that adaptive shield
to be highly disruptive. Now, his ultimate is a lot of fun. It’s what we call a zoning ability, and it’s Minefield. So, when Wrecking Ball
presses his ultimate, it deploys a number of mines
out in the area. They take a little while to arm, which gives people some time
to get out of the way. They’re very visible
and very audible to the enemy team, but if the enemy team
steps into the minefield, well, devastating explosions happen. Now, the intention for Wrecking Ball
is for him to be a very disruptive, high-mobility tank, and we think he’s a ton of fun to play. We know that we have
a lot of tank players, and we also have a lot of players who
haven’t quite found the tank for them yet, so we’re hoping that Wrecking Ball
brings a new element. We also know how much you like
our Horizon Lunar Colony lore, the story, and characters like Winston, and we wanted to introduce you to more
characters from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Plus, with his stint amongst the Junkers, he also brings in a little bit of that
Junker flair that you guys like so much. So, all in all, we feel like Wrecking Ball is a great addition
to the Overwatch lineup. He’s really something different,
he’s really out there. We think you’ll have
a ton of fun playing him. We look forward to the great things that
you’re going to do playing Wrecking Ball. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Developer Update | Introducing Wrecking Ball | Overwatch (EU)

  1. Overwatch release Hero 29, Coconut with googly eyes.
    Overwatch team : " Ahaaaah ! You didn't see that one coming, did you ?

    Good job, Can't wait to play the Hamster.

  2. That feel when you correctly guessed literally everything based off of the first teaser alone FeelsGoodMan

  3. I love how they drew the line of ridiculousness at a talking hamster 😆 him being a giant hamster is totally fine though 😆😆

  4. The superinteligent hamster from the moon can build a Mech , but he can not speak english….because that would be ridiculous 🙂

  5. I wanna play as a highly intelligent watermelon next time, but it would be ridiculous if it could talk, make it so she can program and analyze language so much that she can create a voice A.I that is able to directly transfer its thoughts.

  6. Can we please not have this 'Damage' category and bring back Offense and Defense. Everything else was fine, but that.. No. No Jeff. Please.

  7. now lets hope brigitte wont destroy this tank too. we tank players finally get another tank, and we still get plummented

  8. What a joke, not the hamster part just another troll hero that has low risk high reward. The mouth breathers have spoken i guess

  9. Starting to feel like Overwatch is becoming a kid's game. Winston was actually pretty cool and well done, but I think this going a bit far and getting ridiculous.

  10. While I don't think the hampster fits with OW lineup so far, I really like the look of those ability and maybe try to main him. I am just really bitter we didn't get jetpack cat. that should be a cat in that ball. cats like to run in wheels too it would be wayyy cuter ….
    Oh well I guess it's hammy for me from now. Maybe next time we can get jetpack cat

  11. Cool!
    new hero we get completely free of charge: check!
    promise of very new and creative ways to play this game: check!
    more diversity in tank play: check!
    funny/comic character idea: check!
    I'd say: Thank you!

    And to the fans of the darker and more serious side of Overwatch: don't fret, there will be a next hero satisfying your taste, I am sure <3

  12. Jeff…. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!


  13. Wait a secound, did junkertown exist before overwatch? I thought that event happend after the overwatch team was formed

  14. You know, these developers updates would be way better if we got some in-game footage to go along with the developer's explanations of the moves.

  15. I've been getting on the PTR, and would honestly play a full game that was nothing but that grapple ball mechanic.

  16. Wow, this sounds ridiculously stupid. I hope this is a joke. You could have at least made it jetpack cat.

  17. Is this game aimed at 3 year olds? Seriously…. this is the most pathetic back story I've ever had to suffer – uninstall incoming.

  18. Once Hammond is out, you're gonna have to change winston a bit I think. They are both mobility "tanks", but hammond seems way more devestating and fun than winston. So, winston will have no reason to be played. Also, please check over Pharas fuel time (perma flight makes her imposible for some characters to deal with). Moira needs to be toned down on the damage front. Diva's missile barrage was a bad move to begin with, if you're gonna keep it, lower the damage and reduce the cooldown instead. Good job on the symmetra changes, she's way more fun now, however her turrets seem to have a wee bit much HP or damage? If you cluster 3 of them, anything but tanks is insta-gibbed by them. No chance to destroy them or flee. Looking forward to some Torbjörn changes, would love for him to be less dependant on his turret, as skilled playes deal with it without a problem leaving him a very very weak character.

  19. I knew its summer, but I doubt and check calendar if its april 1.
    Yaz aylarında olduğumuzu biliyorum, yine de şüpelenip 1 nisanda mıyız diye takvimi kontrol ettim.

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